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PostGrid's postal API or snail mail API is smart, easy to use, and updated. Both businesses and individuals can use it to send mail on-demand or in bulk. PostGrid also allows you to standardize, verify, and validate your addresses using our address verification API before mailing.

  • Automate all direct mail campaigns and document mailing tasks
  • Send event-triggered direct mail
  • Save time and manual efforts
  • Avoid running to the post office and standing in long queues
  • Select mailing options as per your requirements
  • Track every mail easily through your dashboard
  • Know the status of your direct mail in real-time

How Does a Postal API or Snail Mail API Work?

  • Postal API seamlessly integrates with your existing system and imports all the required details for mailing
  • It automates your mailing process with the help of an inputted trigger or your commands
  • Deep customization and personalization features for better impact
  • PostGrid's direct mail API for direct mail solutions allows you to verify and validate your mailing lists
  • After these steps, you can select the printing and mailing options and command the API to fulfill your request. It can handle several API commands in one go, facilitating batch mailing
  • You can track your mail from the dashboard and get status reports from time to time
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Facilitates Address Verification and Cleansing

  • Address validation and verification help customers enter a correct and deliverable address in the address bar.
  • Companies can incorporate postal APIs on their checkout page so that customers can complete their checkout process faster and enter only the correct details.
  • The website or application sends a request using the API to check whether the address is valid and complete.
  • PostGrid's API can make the necessary changes and successfully complete the transaction.
  • Businesses can use these postal address verification services' databases to standardize, validate, verify, and enhance the addresses in their mailing lists.
  • You can always have access to cleansed and updated data for mailing. PostGrid's API readily offers address autocomplete, parsing, enhancement, standardization, validation, and verification for print mail solutions.

Provides Multi-carrier Mailing Alternatives

  • With PostGrid's postal API, there are multiple mailing carriers and delivery options available.
  • If you need to send urgent documents, we can choose USPS's priority mail. Other than that, we also provide FedEx and UPS deliveries.
  • You can select between these alternatives according to their rates and urgency.
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Allows Real-time Tracking

  • Customers want to know about the status of their shipments and the expected arrival time.
  • Postal API makes sure that all the tracking details are updated. Companies can track their direct mail in real-time with this feature.
  • It enables them to keep a complete record of all deliveries and act accordingly.

Easy Integration

  • PostGrid's RESTful API integrates with your CRM, payroll, and accounting software programs seamlessly.
  • With our Zapier integration, you can connect with over 1,600 apps.
    There are no time-consuming documentation and complex integration processes.
  • Companies can develop an accurate and efficient mailing infrastructure right on their website or any other platform using PostGrid.
  • Our documentation is simple to understand, and you can get started instantly using any of your preferred programming languages.
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Better Marketing Opportunities

  • Our postcard API allows you to send postcards to your existing or potential customers.
  • Along with mailing, it can initially also help you with designing, personalizing, customizing, and printing your postcards.
  • You can automate the complete process and conduct both small-scale and large-scale campaigns easily and speedily.
  • You can use our letter API to print and send branded, transactional, and compliance letters and checks API all through one integrated API.

Scalable API

  • You can send one or one thousand direct mail effortlessly with a scalable postal API.
  • PostGrid offers test and live API keys for you to test all the API calls and then use them in the live environment.
  • Our API is in-built to handle millions of API calls altogether – enabling you to send any number of direct mail at a time.
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Detailed Reporting

  • With PostGrid's all-in-one postal API, you can get timely reports and detailed campaign analytics.
  • Our easy-to-use dashboard helps you get all records with just a single click.

No Inventory Stocking and Hardware Requirements

  • With a postal address verification API, you don't have to constantly keep stocking inventory like papers, stamps, envelopes, paper clips, staples, and ink cartridges for completing your print and mail processes. 
  • With a reduced need for inventory, you can free up a lot of space at your home and office for other purposes. 
  • PostGrid's API enables you to send urgent direct mail speedily without the need for any inventory at all.
  • A postal API eliminates the need to purchase or rent printing equipment or other machines for stuffing and enveloping documents. 
  • It can be hectic to store these machines.
  • There are no hardware requirements as the API outsources your printing and mailing activities for you. 
  • Reduce the overall costs and maintenance needs. But, there is always an option open for you to print your mail using your own printer.
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Conduct Direct Mail Campaigns

  • One of the prime benefits of a postal API like PostGrid is that you can conduct direct mail campaigns confidently anytime and from anywhere. 
  • All you have to do is integrate the API with your system and start designing.
  • Choose from among the exceptional customization options, and print on any collateral that you want. 
  • From planning to executing direct mail campaigns, PostGrid can assist you in everything.

Automate Everything and Get Complete Mailing Fulfillment

  • Postal APIs allow you to automate the mailing process completely. 
  • You can import your addresses, standardize them, line up your mail, choose delivery options, and finally send out your mail. 
  • In general, there are different postal APIs for every single mailing activity, but PostGrid provides them all integrated. 
  • You can send event-triggered direct mail through the API by setting up certain events or dates. 
  • Along with mailing, most postal APIs also give the option to track your direct mail. 
  • PostGrid makes sure that all your documents, checks, invoices, marketing items, and other shipments reach on time and without any hassles. You can control everything as per your need.
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Avoid Lost mail and Reshipping

  • Manually sending direct mail is definitely a lot of work. Companies waste a lot of their valuable time by allotting this work to their employees.
  • Get rid of the concerns regarding lost mail and the need to reship packages. It can get very expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating.
  • Postal APIs provide address verification software services to help you check and correct every address before shipping your mailpieces.

Applications of Postal API

Postcard API

  • Postcard API is used as a postal API that allows you to print and mail postcards.
  • Postcard printing & mailing solution is an inevitable part of businesses; as they ought to keep sending postcards to their old customers and clients, or send them as part of a direct mail marketing campaign.
  • Colorful postcards with impactful texts and inducing offers work great for marketing.
  • All businesses can use it for marketing, irrespective of their size and industry.

Letter API

  • Letter printing and mailing have become very simple and quick with PostGrid's letter API.
  • It can help a person or a company send personal, business-related, transactional, and complaint letters.
  • PostGrid can help draft the letters easily and get them printed and shipped – everything in an automated way.
  • Healthcare, accounting, law, fashion, tourism, e-commerce, and all other types of industries can make use of our letter API to print and mail their letters online accurately and effortlessly.

Check API

  • For check printing and mailing, you can use the check API.
  • This API typically has the ability to draft your checks according to your bank's standards and print them using the MICR font.
  • It can help you follow all the security protocols while printing your own checks and sending them with complete precision.
  • Businesses that need to make payments through checks can use PostGrid's check API to draft, print, and mail their checks without any worries.

Document API

  • Banks and financial institutions need to send out past-due notices, credit card bills, account statements, TnC change notices, and other documents to their customers.
  • The document API can help print and mail documents in the required timeframe. PostGrid's document API ensures confidentiality and security while printing and shipping documents.
  • It can help you keep track of all your documents and send them automatically as per your needs.
  • Other than banks, many other types of organizations are also required to send documents like invoices, contracts, and notices to their customers or clients.
  • A document API can take care of all these tasks over a single system.

Address Verification API

PostGrid's Address Verification API comes free coupled with any of the above APIs however they can also be purchased as a standalone product if address verification and validation is the sole purpose. Our address verification API is both CASS and SERP certified ensuring higher accuracy.

More About PostGrid’s Postal API

  • PostGrid's postal API allows you to send any of these direct mail swiftly.
  • Our all-in-one solution can help you in every step of your printing and mailing tasks and allows you to complete these processes in a hassle-free way.
  • PostGrid's API is scalable, flexible, and adaptable.
  • It can help you draft your documents, personalize each one of them, verify the recipient's postal address, print your mail, and send them – without you having to stock any inventory and use manual efforts.

PostGrid's postal API is CASS certified and all our partners are SOC-II, HIPAA compliant ensuring a safe and secure processing environment. Get a free trial to see how it works.

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