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Postal Address Verification

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postal address verification validation service

Postal Address Verification Service for Businesses

Postal address verification is done to ensure that all the addresses in a database are valid and deliverable. It is a process of comparing addresses with the official database of the USPS and other trusted data sources. Initially, the addresses are parsed and standardized as per the standard format. If an address is found, it is cross-checked to verify whether all the details are correct. However, an address that is not found is declared invalid. Most of the time, the address is found but is incorrect. Postal address verification services help to correct all the details as per the USPS guidelines and make the addresses mail-ready.

PostGrid’s address verification services are meant to validate and verify all your addresses at either point-of-entry or through processing your mailing lists.

Businesses face many issues like bad data and failed deliveries, causing tarnished brand image, wasted time, and high shipping costs. These problems can be solved by using address verification services.

postal address verification validation service

Features of PostGrid’s Postal Address Validation Service

PostGrid has a lot of features to help you provide an outstanding user experience to your customers through good website usability and timely direct mails. Moreover, it can help you in data entry and maintenance without any hassles. Find the extensive features of our platform and API below:

International Data Validation

PostGrid has the capability to solve language barriers, script hassles, and alignment differences – the problems faced by every address verification service provider. Our address verification software and address verification API are both readily available for you to translate addresses and standardize them in the required local mailing format for example international address format uk. With global data of around 245 countries, multiple languages and character scripts, and a database of postal organizations from around the world—PostGrid can validate all your local, national, and global addresses.


Geomarketing, logistics, and online shopping are all made simple with the help of geocoding. It helps businesses from all sectors make use of geolocation to capture their customers’ addresses precisely and deliver orders on time. PostGrid also provides rooftop geocoding with its address verification service for more precise and accurate results. The coordinates are placed right on top of a building to store the exact location. Geocoding enables the tool to capture addresses using the IP address of the users.

Address Autocomplete, Parsing, and Standardizing

The address autocomplete tool reduces the required keystrokes to be entered by a customer while checking out on your website. It automatically completes the rest of the address, splits it into different fields – known as parsing, and standardizes it according to the postal guidelines. These steps are done simultaneously within a second and improve the efficiency of our address verification & validation service. All addresses are validated after PostGrid initially completes these three steps.

Scalable Processes

On-demand and bulk address validation are both available with PostGrid. Our solutions are built to process a million API calls in a second. Hence, you can check thousands of records at once, easily with our scalable API or platform. Now, it is very simple for you to check huge mailing lists and get validated addresses quickly. Additionally, there will be no website crashes or slowdowns, even when millions of addresses are being entered and validated at the same moment.

USPS Recognized

PostGrid is a CASS certified address verification software, which means that all our services are in accordance with the USPS postal regulations and guidelines. Our solutions comply with all the requirements, ensuring you that your addresses are ready to mail by the USPS. You can also qualify for huge postal discounts by standardizing and validating addresses as per the local postal authorities. Overall, PostGrid is known for returning addresses that are valid, deliverable, and accurate.

Data Enhancement

It is always better to identify and classify addresses into residential, commercial, mixed, vacant, and ‘not yet built’ addresses – for shipping accordingly. PostGrid can help you to segment your data as per the type of address easily. Furthermore, you can also segment your addresses according to various demographics for better navigation of your database. PostGrid makes use of the NCOA (National Change of Address) to update all the addresses regularly with fresh details and filter out the addresses that no longer exist.

Installation and Set-Up

Our technical support team is available 24×7 to help you out in case of any issues installing our software or API. PostGrid offers easy-to-install and uses services. However, you can always contact us on the toll-free number; our team will contact you instantly. The quick setup enables you to get started within minutes. Companies can use our services via web services, software, or API.

Data Privacy

PostGrid follows all data security laws like HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-1, and SOC-2. We strictly adhere to privacy regulations and work with the highest standards of confidentiality. PostGrid adheres to all the required compliances and strives to protect your data and privacy always.


You can plugin and start validating addresses on any platform efficiently with our pre-built integrations. PostGrid offers zero-code and Zapier integrations enabling you to connect with over 1,600 apps. It can help you check addresses on any eCommerce platform or online store with our integrative postal address verification services. Hence, you can capture and store addresses through any platform to create new mailing lists and conduct various direct mail campaigns.

Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy matching capabilities help a postal address verification software to identify and correct problems of – missing words and characters, vague abbreviations, typos, switched letters, improper casing, and extra or missed spaces. Oftentimes, entered addresses have these issues that make them undeliverable and invalid. PostGrid can help you solve problems multiple as such – without any difficulties. It makes all these tasks easier for you and helps you out in data corrections.

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Competitive Pricing

You can choose from our customized plans and pay accordingly. PostGrid has many solutions to fit all business types and sizes. There are absolutely no hidden fees. We also offer volume-based transparent pricing for you to select plans as per your exact needs. Moreover, there are no minimum charges. You can use our postal address verification tool for any number of addresses without any minimum requirements. PostGrid does not require any long-term commitments or additional fees. Companies can keep renewing or purchasing according to their needs.

Other Features

  • Delivery Point Validation: PostGrid’s platform uses the DPV system and API to assign DPV codes to all addresses, stating whether an address exists and is deliverable. The system considers all the details of the address, from the city name to the apartment number.
  • Locatable Address Correction System: Known as LACSLink, this system is used for matching all your data to the database of – addresses that are changed, converted, and modified for emergency purposes.
  • Residential Delivery Indicator: RDI is a feature that allows you to identify and separate residential from commercial addresses.
  • SuiteLink: SuiteLink is used to verify and correct the apartment, suite, floor, and room numbers mentioned in the addresses.
  • Intelligent Mail Barcodes: These intelligent mail barcodes enable you to easily track every individual mail piece and facilitate mail processing visibility.

How Does Postal Service Address Verification Work for Businesses?

You can use PostGrid’s postal address verification service easily through our platform or API. One way is to verify addresses at point-of-entry through our real-time address verification by incorporating our API on your website. The other way is to use batch address validation to cleanse and update your mailing lists. You can upload your lists in excel or CSV formats through our web services or install our platform on your system.

The postal service address verification process is completed in three steps:

  • Standardize: Standardization is done to format all the addresses into the standard format as per USPS guidelines. Also, international addresses are formatted as per the postal requirements of the destination country.
  • Validate: Address validation can be done effectively only after proper standardization to ensure that valid addresses are not marked invalid due to format variations. Validation helps you to check if an address exists and whether it is mailable.
  • Verify: After validation, all the addresses are cross-checked with the official database of the postal organizations and other trusted sources to verify the address components and correct them, in case of any errors.

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Benefits of Using PostGrid to Check & Validate Postal Addresses

PostGrid’s address verification services have a number of benefits other than mailing efficiency. These benefits facilitate the entire working of an organization and help in its growth and development.

Improve Data Quality

It is often quite challenging for organizations to manage their data quality and ensure accuracy throughout the system. PostGrid’s address verification service can help you validate all addresses at the entry stage and prevent bad data from entering your database. You can also cleanse and validate your existing mailing lists. Our API and platform can run quick validation checks on your entire database all at once and return cleansed data with complete precision. This step allows you always to have access to high-quality mailing lists to conduct direct mail campaigns. Also, you can make sure your data is always updated and ready to use.

Expand Your Business Overseas

With an efficient address verifying service provider like PostGrid, you can expand your business overseas confidently. Our solutions are curated to return results from across the globe. It enables you to serve your customers better, no matter where they are located. If you are already dealing with international clients, you might have noticed that international shipping can be expensive. Hence, it is advisable to validate and verify addresses beforehand to avoid any losses due to additional shipping costs. PostGrid’s platform and API can help you validate any international addresses and get the mails delivered smoothly. You can easily expand your business across countries with the help of our postal address verification service.

Increase Conversions and ROI

Improve your website’s usability and help your customers to enter their details quickly. It will help reduce shopping cart abandonment and enable your website to attract more people, increasing conversions and ROI. You can help your customers complete checkout without any frustration and boredom in completing long checkout processes. Besides, you will be able to store their correct addresses easily, which will help you complete more orders in very little time. PostGrid can help you greatly in conducting direct mail campaigns. Our platform enables you to send direct mails to valid addresses and ultimately get more responses due to high delivery rates.

Provide Excellent User Experience

User experience is the key point to consider when choosing an address validation service. Incorporate PostGrid’s API on your website or other ePOS to provide an exceptional user experience to your customers. It can help you reduce address entry and checkout time—making sure that your customers complete entering their details and cart abandonment rates are minimized. The autocomplete can also induce them to complete their transaction. Moreover, you will be able to process orders and get them delivered on time — providing a good shopping experience to your old and new customers. PostGrid’s postal address verification service can assist you in keeping your customers happy and content always.

Save Time, Effort, and Resources

You no longer have to waste thousands of dollars and hours to reship the packages. Using our address validation solutions, your company can save a lot of time and resources spent on sending returned items back to the customers. It is a complete waste of time and money. Also, save yourselves from fraud and spam orders by detecting invalid addresses instantly and canceling the orders. This step can save you a lot of time, effort, and money annually and will allow you to concentrate on other important areas of your business. Save your employees’ time and improve their morale with high delivery ratios and no extra work.


PostGrid’s address verification service can be used on any website, application, e-commerce platform, social media pages, and other ePOS. It is compatible with any internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop, and computer. This compatibility helps you to install and get going with our services on any device easily. Your customers can also take advantage of this compatibility by shopping through any device and validating their addresses across a wide range of platforms. Companies can capture more audiences with our compatible address validation API, which enables them to be active everywhere and provides an excellent shopping platform for people on any website or social media store.


You can easily access PostGrid’s platform and API from anywhere around the world. It is flexible to use and can be accessed at any time of the day, ensuring that all the addresses entered at any moment are parsed, standardized, and validated immediately—with no time zone limitations or other hassles. Businesses are already involved in a number of day-to-day activities and have very little time to think and plan other things. It is important to have the freedom to validate your mailing lists anytime or plan a campaign in the shortest time possible. PostGrid’s solutions can give you the required freedom with 24×7 operations and the ability to return updated addresses at any time.

Make Better Decisions

Strategic decision-making is made much easier with PostGrid. Our data management assistance can help you have accurate details in hand—to make informed and better decisions regarding marketing and administration. You control your entire management with more accuracy when your data is updated and cleansed. Big decisions like launching a new store or some new products can be easily made when you know your audience, and you can rely on your data to advertise your new launches. Good data can fuel up your management’s decision-making processes and help you move ahead based on real addresses, not invalid, and useless databases.

Speedy Results

Get fast responses with our scalable API—capable of processing millions of API calls in just a second. Validate addresses in bulk and get quick returns with PostGrid’s fast response time. It can help you reduce address entry time to seconds and process orders as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you can process large mailing lists in just a few minutes — enabling you to cleanse and update your data regularly and without any lengthy processes. Speedy results are beneficial in many ways, like reduced frustration, saved time, and quick transactions. Using PostGrid, your employees can process any number of orders for deliveries quickly, which can free up their schedule to complete other essential tasks.

Build Customer Relationships and Improve Brand Image

Improve your company’s reputation with a reduction in the wrong and failed deliveries. Maintain customer relationships with good services on your website and timely deliveries. You can send direct mail pieces to your targeted customers and increase brand awareness. Moreover, you can also build customer loyalty by sending appreciation mails to your regular customers and making them feel important. Customer retention is a very important part of running a long-term business. Hence, companies need to keep tending to their clients with high-quality services and keep up to their image. You can also use PostGrid’s address verification service to segment your audience according to various demographics and advertise your brand accordingly. This segmentation can help you advertise better and improve brand reputation among all kinds of customers.

Which Companies Require Postal Address Check & Verification?

Address validation services are required by all organizations, from international e-commerce websites to local real estate businesses. The applications are spread widely across all sizes and models of businesses.

address autocomplete usa
  • Online Shopping Stores: Online stores and eCommerce websites use address validation services vastly to capture accurate shipping addresses. It helps them complete deliveries smoothly and on time.
  • Real Estate: Many websites offer real estate solutions to people. These websites use an address validator to store and display the correct locations for people to view and select.
  • Restaurants and Food Delivery Partners: Restaurants need to constantly deliver food to their customers either directly or through some delivery partner. In both cases, the customers’ correct addresses must be available to deliver fresh food to people quickly.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Many NGOs send food items, clothes, and others usable to people in need through direct mail. They also have to send copies of their annual reports and project reports to members and donors. Therefore, NGOs need an address validation service too.
  • Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Using an address validator, banks and financial institutions can store customer details, run credit checks, and send documents like statements, checks, letters, and notices.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare institutions need to send medical reports and invoices from time to time to their patients and clients. An address verification software can help them enter patient details quickly and manage their database easily.
  • Salons: Some several spas and salons offer home services to their customers, wherein hairdressers or therapists personally visit them. Such spas and salons require address validation to visit the correct address without any troubles.
  • Schools and Colleges: Schools and university colleges use address standardization and validation solutions to assist them in data entry of student details and smoothen mailing processes.
  • Hospitality: Hotel booking websites like Agoda, Trivago, and Expedia use address validation services to improve user experience by helping customers locate hotels according to accurate location details.
  • Print Publications: Newspapers and magazine publishers send thousands of direct mails to their subscribers and advertisers every month. These print publications are required to store millions of address records – making it necessary to use an address validator for efficient shipping and data maintenance.
  • Public Relations: PR agencies are in constant search of advertising opportunities. In this process, they send out various branded gifts to digital and print media companies.
  • Social Clubs: People get themselves enrolled in various social clubs. All social clubs send out newsletters, coupons, membership cards, and other mails to all their members regularly.

These businesses require an address verification tool like PostGrid to enter and manage their addresses and efficiently send out direct mails without any wasted costs. Also, every company plans marketing activities – like direct mail campaigns. In short, businesses have to mail things for some of the other purposes eventually. Hence, address validation is required by every company, irrespective of their size and industry.

Wrapping Up

PostGrid’s address verification service can help you in many ways- reduced wrong deliveries, saved time and postal charges, better data management methods, database accuracy, happy customers, and increased ROI. Overall, these things can help your brand get ahead of your competitors and make a name for itself. Our services can be used on any platform and from anywhere. It makes it easier for companies to access our platform and incorporate our API easily and speedily.