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How Sending New Patient Welcome Letters with Direct Mail Can Boost Your Practice?

Most healthcare institutions do not typically send welcome letters to new patients following their first appointment or visit. Yet, sending medical new patient welcome letters could be an inexpensive and easy way to differentiate your healthcare business from competitors. 

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These letters add value and create high anticipation for the new patient. A healthcare business should write new patients welcome letters with warmth and care; it means working on each word and sentence in the letter with great precision and creativity. 

In this blog, we will learn what a medical new patient welcome letter is and how direct mail can help you send them to your patients. 

What is a New Patient Welcome Letter?

A new patient welcome letter helps healthcare organizations express gratitude for doing business with them. It can also provide information about the expertise of the healthcare institution and information on upcoming appointments.

Importance of Patient Welcome Letters

In healthcare businesses, crafting welcome letters for new patients is crucial for establishing a favorable initial impression and fostering enduring patient relationships.

These letters are usually sent to new patients once they have scheduled their first appointment with a healthcare institution. A new patient welcome letter helps patients learn about the expertise of the healthcare professionals of the organization and information to prepare for their first visit.

The following are some reasons why healthcare organizations should consider sending clinic welcome letters to new patients;

Patients Feel more Valued and Welcomed

Patients are also customers; thus, they search for businesses that provide a more welcoming and satisfying experience. Healthcare organizations sending new patients welcome letters can leave the impression of higher commitment to provide the best possible patient care. Patients also feel that the organization cares about their well-being and satisfaction.

Consists of Useful Information

A new patient welcome letter might contain helpful information on the healthcare providers' expertise and practices. It could be a tremendous educational and brand awareness tool to gain the faith of new patients. Besides, your healthcare business can also include office location, office hours, and things to expect on their first visit. This valuable information might be critical in the decision-making of your patients.

Prepare's Patient for the First Visit 

Let's admit it; no one likes to visit a hospital or clinic. Some people are often skeptical and have anxiety about visiting any healthcare institution. Your healthcare business can use patient welcome letters to prepare patients for their first visit and avoid such complications. A new patient welcome letter informs patients about things to bring for the appointment, specific outfits to wear, precautions to take, or what to expect during the visit.

Defines Expectations from the Organization 

Medical new patient welcome letters help organizations to set expectations for the patient. The healthcare provider can define its philosophy, principles, types of services, and what patients will get from the treatment.

Builds Credibility and Trust 

It is the most significant factor in the healthcare industry to onboard new patients and keep the existing ones. A medical new patient welcome letter can help businesses build trust and credibility among patients by providing valuable and educational information. You must know that patients feel more confident and comfortable seeking care from healthcare providers focusing on building trust.

How to Write a New Patient Welcome Letter?

Writing and sending a patient welcome letter is critical to creating a positive first impression. It can allow your healthcare business to introduce itself and its practices and define a tone for the patient experience.

You can consider following these tips to write an effective new patient welcome letter;

Introduce Yourself and Your Practice 

You should begin the patient welcome letter by introducing yourself and your practice. Give a brief overview of your services, yourself, qualifications, recognitions, and the name of your practice. Let the patient know you have the excitement to provide the best services.

Show Gratitude 

As a healthcare business, you must thank your patients for choosing your practice. Assure them that you value their trust and will do everything to maintain high standards of healthcare services to provide the best care possible.

Include Contact Information 

When sending patient welcome letters, you must include contact information so that your patients can reach your business for further queries. Your clinic welcome letter to new patients can have your office phone number or email address. Make the patients comfortable so they can reach you to ask questions or concerns before their appointment.

Educate them About Practice Policies. 

A new patient welcome letter must educate patients about your practice policies, including your cancellation policy, payment options, and insurance information. This critical information about your healthcare business would help the patients to understand what they can expect from your practice.

Explain the Importance of Healthcare History 

Your medical new patient welcome letters should encourage patients to provide their complete and accurate health history. Ask patients to share their information with you to facilitate optimal care. Creating effective welcome letters for new patients may encourage them to disclose potential health concerns.

Address Patient Concerns 

New patients might have so many concerns about their health or your practice. Thus, it would help if you assured them that you are here to help them and will do everything possible to provide the most positive experience. Such assurance notes on the new patient welcome letters build trust and credibility.

Provide Extra Resources 

The new patient welcome letter may cover only some information about your healthcare business, its professionals, and its practice; you can consider adding extra patient resources, such as a website or patient portal. It would help them to find more information about your healthcare business, their health concerns, and your practice.

Sign Off the Letter 

You can sign off the new patient welcome letter by showing excitement to meet the new patient in person. Healthcare businesses can write a quote or creative message to welcome them to your medical practice. Include your signature and contact information at the end of the letter.

New Patient Welcome Letter Template

The welcome letter should have a friendly tone and make you feel like you are conversing with the new patient. It must be simple to understand and avoid feeling like signs showing prison rules and regulations.

The main focus of the new patient welcome letter should be building more trust between your team and new patients. It should be effective enough to add to the anticipation for their upcoming visit to your healthcare facility.

You might write a new patient letter without logos or graphics on plain paper. Yet, it is essential to consider that it is a letter, not an invoice. These days invoices are also becoming creative with branding and personalization.

You can follow the following template to create welcome new patient letters;

Drear Mr/s XYZ

It was nice talking with you today over the phone call.

First, thank the patient for choosing your practice. Write a short sentence about your practice and include a professional picture of your healthcare team.

Thank you for trusting our professional team to provide the best healthcare.

XYZ Healthcare is famous for providing high-quality healthcare services in (insert location) since (Insert a year) and is now the (mention an achievement) healthcare practice in the (insert region).


Next, you should provide the proper address of your healthcare facility in the new patient welcome letter. Rather than formally listing the addresses, consider using conversational language and informing patients about available parking options and public transportation modes.

Add a professional photograph of the outside of your healthcare facility, along with a good map.

After this, you should discuss preparing the patients for their first visit in the new welcome letter. Your healthcare organization might want its new patients to complete their medical history ahead of time.

Here's how you can request medical history through the new patient welcome letter;

Before Your Visit: 

As promised, to help you prepare for your first visit, I have attached a copy of our helpful questionnaire and medical history form for you to fill out before your visit.

You can also build a sense of excitement and anticipation for the new patient on their upcoming visit. Include a couple of significant points to differentiate your practice from other practices.

Your healthcare organization can provide guided tours of your facility, explaining the benefits to your new patients before they spend time with you.

At Your First Visit: 

We will start your first visit with a tour of our facility and practice so that you will know where everything is.

We'll also spend some time before you see your doctor to learn what you can expect from XYZ Healthcare. It would also help us make your visits better than ever imagined.

Please bring your medical records and any health insurance details with you.

And the Money: 

It's good to be clear about the payments to your new patients in the new patient welcome letter. Yet, you should include payment information subtly. You can use the following statement in your welcome new patient letter to clarify payments and insurance;

Payment Options: 

XYZ Healthcare accepts all healthcare insurance companies, and we have a dedicated facility for you to claim for your appointment directly on the spot during each visit. Please bring your health insurance card to each appointment at our facility.

We accept all cards with no transaction surcharges. For the best convenience, we provide various affordable and accessible payment plan options, so you will never need to worry about putting off the healthcare treatment you need.

Concluding the Welcome Letter: 

You can conclude the letter with a personal sign by the individual who took the phone call and made the appointment for the patient.

As a healthcare business, you must ensure that you are already building a positive relationship with your patient. Thus, a personal sign-off is essential in your new patient welcome letter.

The letter should have the sign of the individual who had the call with the patient (with their designation):


Patients Liaisons

Using Direct Mail to Send New Patient Welcome Letters

Digital marketing approaches like email marketing might be popular in the healthcare industry. Yet, direct mail still promotes trust, confidence, and accessibility. 

In the age of email inboxes overflowing with information, direct mail provides a nice break from the screen. It is a physical reminder that a healthcare organization could use for sending new patient welcome letters. 

Using direct mail can be the most effective way to send new patient welcome letters for the following reasons;


The new patient welcome letter can't be plain without design aspects. You are sending a welcome letter, not an invoice. Thus, a direct mail platform makes it much easier to personalize the letter with the patient's name and other relevant information. This effort would make the new patient welcome letter more personal and welcoming for the new patients. 


Unlike digital communication mediums like email marketing, direct mail gives you a tangible piece of mail that your patients can physically hold. It would help your healthcare business to create a better and long-lasting impression. 


Healthcare businesses prefer direct mail to grab the recipient's attention far better than digital communications. Patients give more attention and importance to physical mail. Thus, using direct mail for patient welcome letters could be a great strategy to create the best first impression for your practice. 

Support in Branding 

Your patients might forget or ignore emails in a matter of seconds. Yet, they must recognize physical patient welcome letters. It could be a great branding opportunity for your healthcare business. You can include your logos, branding ethos, and design elements in the letter to create a positive image for your practice. 

Better Response Rate 

Medical organizations send new patients welcome letters to get medical records and inform patients about various procedures. Using email communication might provide you with a poor response rate. In contrast, physical mail can give you higher response rates. According to Newswire, direct mail have an average response rate between 2.7% to 4.4%, compared to email's response rate of 0.6%. 


If you are running a healthcare business and want to send proper new patient welcome letters with full automation, then PostGrid direct mail platform is the perfect solution. 

The PostGrid Print Mail API helps healthcare businesses to share patient welcome letters with complete confidentiality and security. Its automation platform and partners follow HIPAA and PIPEDA standards to assure you of superior direct healthcare mail capabilities. 

Features that make PostGrid's direct mail platform ideal for sending welcome new patient letters; 

Personalization Capabilities 

PostGrid provides customization options with a template editor and variable data printing for healthcare businesses to personalize new patient welcome letters. 

Enterprise-Grade Security 

Our platform can help your healthcare business to secure and maintain activity logs by complying with HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and SOC-2 standards. It enables you to ensure high-level security while sending patient welcome letters. 

Smooth Integration Abilities 

Your healthcare business might already use a software system or CRM to manage its operations. Integrating PostGrid Print Mail API into your existing CRM or over 1600 tools is easy. We also provide detailed API documentation with complete dev support. 

Automation Tools 

You might already be busy with your healthcare business but still want to send new patient welcome letters efficiently. PostGrid allows you to send automatic direct mail in response to the events from your CRM. 

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