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Mailing Services: Business Mail Services – Guides and Tips

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How Can You Ensure Efficient Business Communication Using The Right Mailing Services?

We often say that mastering mailing services for your business communication are much like riding a bicycle. It takes a particular knack and conscious effort to master the art of mailing, like bicycling. However, there is always an easy way out.

how to promote a new offer

Choosing the right business mailing services is like getting the apt training wheels for your business mailing.

Perhaps, it is even better than training wheels because, unlike the real ones, you never have to get rid of them. Identifying the right mailing services for your business and the tools to complement those services is crucial.

Here, we look at some of the best mailing services you can use to enhance your business's marketing and communication efforts. Additionally, we discuss ways to strengthen your mailing capabilities in the most efficient way possible.

Mailing Service By USPS

USPS continues to be the biggest postal service provider in the US. It has an extensive range of outlets or post offices all over the country. But, its affordability makes USPS the number one choice for sending business mail. USPS offers a mailing service that can fit all your business needs.

If you want to send an urgent or time-sensitive mail, USPS has its super-fast Priority Mail service. USPS also has a Media Mail service which allows you to send media and educational materials at a low cost. Then there is the Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM mailing service that helps small businesses in the local community.

Below are some of the popular mailing services from USPS that you can use for business communication.

First-Class Mail

USPS First-Class Mail is one of the most popular postal services companies use for business correspondence. As far as USPS mailing services go, First-Class Mail is an all-rounder. It is a cost-effective, relatively fast, and reliable USPS service.

It takes USPS around one to five business days to deliver your First-Class Mail. You can get a First-Class Mail Forever stamp at just $0.60 for your 1 oz mailers. And as the name suggests, the Forever stamps can last you forever, even if the mailing service's postage rate eventually increases.

Features of USPS First-Class Mail

Did you notice that Iron Man uses different suites depending on his operations or missions? For example, how he used the hulk buster against the Hulk. Similarly, you may have to use various mailing services with different features for your business communication. 

Doing so can help you get the best possible result for your marketing and communication efforts. Hence, you must assess the features of the mailing service and ensure it is the right fit for the job. Here are some of the salient features of USPS First-Class Mail service.

  • Mail delivery of letters in one to five business days
  • Delivery of small packages within two to five business days
  • The best mailing service for the price for items weighing up to 13 oz
  • Insurance coverage of $5,000 for losses and damage (merchandise only)
  • Access to services for delivery confirmation, including Certified Mail
  • Shape and weight-based pricing

Cost of Sending USPS First-Class Mail

You can not choose the ideal mailing service for your business without first considering the cost. First-Class Mail offers one of the best postal mail pricing you can find for your business mailers.

You can send a standard-size rectangular envelope mailer at just $0.60 via First-Class Mail.

Postcards are even more affordable, and you can send them at a cost as low as $0.44. But sending oversized postcards can cost you as much as a standard-sized rectangular envelope. The mailing service allows you to send large or odd-shaped envelopes starting at $0.99.

Moving up to larger envelopes and tiny packages, the First-Class mailing service can cost you $1.20 and $4.50, respectively.

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a unique mailing service from USPS. It is ideal for small-scale businesses in a local community. So, if we had to compare the EDDM with a Marvel superhero, we'd go with the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. 

The EDDM is one of the best business mailing services from USPS. It lets you send marketing materials, including postcards, menus, and flyers, to the right audience. Furthermore, it is perfect for marketing sales, offering discount coupons, or opening a new outlet for your business.

USPS even offers an EDDM Online Tool to map ZIP codes or neighborhoods. And that's not even the most interesting part. The tool has a filter that lets you map areas by age, income, and household size using the US Census survey data.

Another notable thing about the EDDM mailing service is that there are two ways you can create them, and they are

  • Every Door Direct Mail – Retail
  • Every Door Direct Mail – Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)

EDDM Retail

The EDDM Retail service is an excellent choice for small businesses, such as real estate, restaurants, etc. However, you would still need to send a minimum of 200 mailers per day per ZIP code to qualify for EDDM Retail rates. 

You can send up to 5,000 mailpieces daily using this mailing service from USPS. Furthermore, it does not require a special mailing permit. You even have the option to pay online or at the USPS Post Office.


The EDDM Business Mail Entry Unit or BMEU is better suited for large-volume mailing. You can use a Business Customer Gateway account for sending bulk mail. Unlike EDDM Retail, there is no volume limit for the BMEU mailing service

Furthermore, EDDM BMEU lets you choose multiple ZIP codes for your marketing campaign. However, you may have to drop off your mailers at one of USPS's large mail processing centers. And as for the payment for the mailing service, you can do it with a bulk mailing permit.

Cost of Sending USPS EDDM Mail

You first need to know that USPS considers EDDM flyers, postcards, and other flats as USPS Marketing Mail products. Currently, the cost of sending USPS Marketing Flats through the EDDM Retail advertising service is just $0.187 per piece. And the price goes down even further for EDDM BMEU mailing and costs around $0.182 per piece!

Media Mail

The Media Mail is yet another cost-effective mailing service from USPS. However, unlike other mailing services, you can't send just about anything using Media Mail. You can only send media materials and educational pieces through the Media Mail service.

That's not all. USPS has some clear restrictions on their Media Mail service. In other words, USPS clearly states what you can send through Media Mail and what you can't. Here is a list of items you can send using the mailing service from USPS.

  • Books with at least eight pages
  • Printed test materials
  • Video recordings
  • Sound recordings
  • Manuscript and play scripts
  • Printed educational materials
  • Computer-readable media

USPS's Media Mail offers one of the most affordable pricing options in any mailing service in the US. However, as John Constantine would say, there is always a catch. Despite its significantly lower mailing rate, you can not send advertising materials via Media Mail. However, educational institutions can make use of Media Mail and save a significant amount of money.

Cost of Sending USPS Media Mail

As we mentioned, USPS Media Mail offers an affordable mailing rate for sending media and educational materials. You can access this mailing service from USPS for $3.49 at the USPS Post Office.

USPS Retail Ground

Suppose you are not in a hurry to send a mail and you have an oversized package. In that case, the USPS Retail Ground mailing service could be perfect for you. It is arguably the most economical way to mail your large packages.

Most business organizations often use the USPS Retail Ground service as an alternative to Priority Mail when their package size is too big. You should know that this mailing service is only available at the USPS Post Offices. Usually, the USPS Retail Ground service takes about two to five business days to deliver. However, the service does come with USPS tracking.

Cost of Sending USPS Retail Ground

You can access USPS Retail Ground service at a nominal $8.50. Considering the size of the packages and the standard rate charged by another postal service provider, the price is significantly low. Furthermore, USPS offers a reliable delivery network that can reach practically anywhere in the US. 

Priority Mail

As you can probably infer from the name, Priority Mail is among the more premium business mail services you can use. If you want to send mail with minimum delays, then Priority Mail is the service you need. It ensures the delivery of your business mailers in one to three business days. But you can get a more accurate idea of the delivery time of your mailer from the Priority Mail Delivery Map.

You can also use Priority Mail Flat Rate to ship packages anywhere in the country at the same price. With the Priority mailing service, you can send your mailer to the USPS Post Office or from your home/office via Click-N-Ship.

Features of USPS Priority Mail

Following are some of the most significant features of the USPS Priority Mail service. Assess these features before using the mailing service to send your business mailers.

  • Super fast delivery within one to three business days.
  • Free and secure package pickup service from home or office address. 
  • The service includes USPS tracking.
  • Insurance of up to $100 is available for most shipments.
  • No surcharges (on fuel, rural/resident deliveries).
  • Available in flat rate, regional, and prepaid envelopes.

Cost of Sending USPS First-Class Mail

As we mentioned before, Priority Mail is like premium business mail services you can access from the USPS. Hence, you should not expect the Priority Mail service to be cheap. Nonetheless, USPS does provide you with reasonable pricing for Priority Mail starting at just $8.70. However, you may have to pay an extra fee for non-standard mail sizes. 

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is The Flash among the mailing services from USPS. It offers next-day to two-day deliveries for your business mailers. So, if you want to send urgent or time-sensitive business mailers Priority Mail Express is the way to go. 

Similar to the Priority Mail service, this one also has a Flat Rate option. Hence, you can send packages to anywhere in the country at the same rate as long as the package weight does not exceed 70 lbs. The mailing service also includes the option to collect the mailer from the home or business address via Click-N-Ship.

Features of USPS Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express has features similar to the Priority Mail service but with enhanced capabilities. Here are some crucial components of the mailing service for your business mailers.

  • Priority Mail Express offers the fastest delivery time.
  • Next-day or two-day delivery of mail.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Delivery on Sundays and holidays (additional fee applies).
  • Free and secure package pickup service from home or office address.
  • The service comes with USPS tracking.
  • Insurance of up to $100 is available for most shipments.
  • Proof of delivery signature comes included with the mailing service.


How To Optimize Mailing Services With Business Mail Services?

Regarding business mailing services, it is not enough to pick a postal service provider, especially for bulk mail. You also need the necessary tools to help you make your postal mail operations easy and convenient.

It is like the hammer of a skilled carpenter. Sure they can both make do without their tools, but they can't create a work of art with it. Direct mail automation software like PostGrid is the tool that helps you master the area of direct mail marketing.

Below we look at some of the most effective mailing services you can get with an automation solution like PostGrid.

Dashboard For Easy Management

The best way PostGrid's automation solution helps in streamlining the mailing services is by making it easier to manage. You get a dashboard from which you can view all your past mailing operations and track them. You don't have to complete the tedious task of monitoring every individual mail. The dashboard also makes sending bulk mail for your business so easy that it only takes a few seconds.

Easy Personalization

The most significant advantage of using PostGrid's direct mail automation solution for mailing services is easy personalization. PostGrid's REST API can integrate directly with your existing CRM for quickly personalizing your business mailers. All you would need is a letter template and you are all set.

Easy Bulk Mailing via CSV File

Bulk mailing using the standard mailing services is hardly easy. Even putting thousands of letters in the envelopes can take hours of manual labor. With PostGrid's automation tool, there is no need for all this. PostGrid's automated system does everything from enveloping the letters to printing the relevant address onto the mailer.

Standard Mail Tracking

Another way PostGrid can enhance business mailing services is by allowing you to have easily accessible standard mail tracking. It is a great way to ensure that your marketing and communication efforts are on track.

Registered And Certified Mail

Using an automated solution like PostGrid does not mean you can't opt for extra mailing services like Registered and Certified Mail. PostGrid provides you with the option to opt for additional services or even include return envelopes with your business mailers.

Proof of Mailing with Receipt

You can also use PostGrid to access the proof of mailing with the receipt for every mailpiece. Hence, you can always ensure that your essential documents reach their destination without fail. It significantly enhances your existing mailing services and makes them easier to manage.

Advanced Security Compliances

Data security is one concern you may have with using an automated system like PostGrid for your business. You can connect PostGrid to your CRM without fear because it has advanced security compliances, including HIPAA and SOC-2-Type-2.

Why You Should Use Direct Mailing Services For Your Business?

Direct mailing services have a lot to offer for your business mailing process. Above we already saw how automation could streamline the mailing services and improve your business communication. Direct mailing services like PostGrid ensure efficient marketing and communication efforts for your business regardless of size

Small Business Mailing Service

With direct mail, open rates reaching up to 90%, neither small nor large businesses can longer ignore automated mailing services. Hence, small business organizations need to find an ideal direct mail tool to send their business mail cost-effectively. 

PostGrid offers an efficient direct mail solution for businesses of all sizes. We have an affordable price plan that provides the necessary features for ensuring efficient postal mail communication. Our direct mail solution for small companies enhances your business mailing service with the following features and capabilities.

  • 10,000 address book entries.
  • Webhooks and metadata tagging.
  • Mailing history.
  • Standard mail tracking.
  • Template editor
  • Email and chat support.

Enterprise Mailing Service

Mid to enterprise-level companies can not make do with essential business mail services because of their extensive requirements. You can't expect the Hulk and black widow to want the same slices of pizza. Hence, enterprise-level business organizations must ensure that their chosen service can meet their postal requirements.

Direct mail automation solutions like PostGrid offer enterprise-level solutions to streamline the mailing services of companies. Here are some of the essential features of PostGrid that make it ideal for your enterprise-level mailing requirements.

  • An unlimited number of users.
  • A limitless number of address book entries.
  • Easy-to-access  HTML templates and webhooks.
  • Mailing history.
  • SLAs or Service Level Guarantees.
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) Tracking.
  • Template editor.
  • Priority Express Mailing
  • HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC -2 compliance.

Direct Mail Advertising Services

Direct mail advertising services focus specifically on direct mail marketing rather than postal communications. Nonetheless, you can use the same automation solution for direct mail marketing for small businesses and enterprises. 

You only need to ensure that your chosen automation solution can keep up with your direct mail requirements. As we already saw, advanced solutions like PostGrid can work equally well for small and enterprise businesses. PostGrid's print and mail pricing is such that it can serve companies of all shapes and sizes. 

Furthermore, flexible direct mail solutions like PostGrid can mold themselves to fit your unique mailing requirements. As a result, a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid optimizes your business's mailing services and streamlines its marketing and communication efforts.


Ensuring an efficient postal mail process for a business is far from easy. Implementing mail marketing or communication for your business takes a lot of time and effort. However, with the correct mailing services, this can become much easier.

Advanced direct mail automation tools like PostGrid have features and capabilities that make every mailing process easy. It essentially helps you automate direct mail marketing for small businesses and large corporations.

But that's not all. Automations extend to every form of postal mail communication. So, you can automate printing and mailing, even regular mailings like invoices and statements. As a result, your marketing and communication efforts always run at their optimal condition.

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