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Benefits of Mail Scanning Services

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how to print mail newsletter

Mail Scanning Service: Benefits and Top 10 Mail Scanning Service Companies

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the high volume of mail pieces received by your business? Or, do you have paper-based mail items littered all across your office that leave you confused about how to sift them through?

Well… If so, then you are not alone!

how to print mail newsletter

According to the USPS mailing service, around 17.7 million direct mail pieces are processed every single hour. Traditionally, your company will sort through various mail pieces by hand, which means sorting everything individually.

Here, thanks to technological advancements, it is no longer necessary. Opting for a mail scanning service is the best solution you need to handle mail items and scale up your business-related activities.

Here, digital mail services can help you save a lot of time and heaps of money- That you might spend on sorting or processing hundreds of direct mail items. Of course, some mail pieces are crucial for your business, whereas some are predestined for the shedding machine.

The question is, does it matter if you lose customers and money because you accidentally missed a crucial mail? Here, in this rundown, you will learn all about snail mail scanning services that are the best options to consider in the year 2023.

Let us get started!

What is a Mail Scanning Service?

Mail scanning and forwarding services help you scan, manage, scan, and process physical mail items for you in an automated system. Also, these services enhance your business's operating efficiency. By using a mail forwarding scanning service, you can filter junk mail, forward packages, share your documents, and more with just a few clicks.

Now, are you thinking about choosing to scan my mail service? Or, how will you pick and sift mail items through your mailbox? It is essential not to do that anymore (Shh.. as we are here for you!). 

With mail scanning services, you can access mail from any part of the world and at any point in time because of automation.

Considering our role to guide you, here we are moving ahead with how a mail scanning service works!

When you opt for a mail forwarding scanning service, you get to select a virtual address for your mailbox to receive your mail items and packages. It ensures that your mail will get to you regardless of your location.

Yes, you guessed it right!

You can rest assured that your physical mail is accessible and will stay updated with the relevant information, even if you are on vacation.  You grant your mail scanning service provider access to open and scan your mail once you receive notification that it has arrived. It allows them to scan, process, and send a digital copy to you.

In addition to this, you can filter out unwanted mails and shred them,  only to have the important mail through an automated mail forwarding scanning service.  One of the benefits of a direct mail scanning service is that you can quickly organize your inbound mail into folders to keep track of it. The services don't just deal with mail items; but also help to track packages, as well.

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Benefits of Opting for a Snail Mail Scanning Service

Automation mail scanning and management processes can improve business operations. Here is a list of reasons why you should use mail scanning services:

It Keeps your Workflow Organized & Manageable

Such services can ease mailroom management as companies adopt more digital systems. The chaos created when you receive an overwhelming amount of mail items and packages that arrive in the mailroom can be very daunting. However, a mail scanning service can also help managers or business owners with hassle-free mail sorting and processing.


There are many benefits to scanning your mail, but the most obvious one is that you can access it from anywhere. A mail scanning service makes it easy for you to get your mail, no matter where you are. Consider the scenario where you need to find mail sent in  2020; you can automatically search for a file and can find it in just a few minutes.

It Saves Time

File cabinets with four drawers typically hold 10,000 to 12,000 documents, occupy 9 square feet of space, and cost around $1,500 annually. It is estimated that most employees spend 30%-40% of their day looking for information in mailboxes and filing cabinets at work.

Rather than sifting through an ever-growing pile of mail, you could devote these hours to something more productive. Moreover, hybrid work systems allow companies to keep employees in the loop when working from home or office.

Enhances the Security of Your Documents

Your mail can never be as secure as a virtual mailbox, regardless of how safe your mail storage facility may seem. Documents stored physically are at risk of being stolen or damaged by the environment. Moreover, human error can also lead to documents being misplaced.

By converting documents into specified formats and retaining them for years to come, a mail scanning service increases security with minimal risk of loss.

Provides a Remote Mail Access

A mail scanning and scanning service allow you to access your mail even if you are located in a remote location. As a result, business bottlenecks are minimized, critical decisions are made faster, and boosts productivity. With this service, you can travel with ease without worrying about that one pending bill in your mailbox!

Additionally, an integrated virtual mailroom will keep your communication flowing in situations like lockdowns, physical distancing, and remote working, just like in 2020.

Top 10 Best Mail Scanning Services Providers in 2023

As companies seek to increase operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction, mail scanning services have become increasingly popular. 77 percent of customers recommend a business to a friend after a positive experience, according to HelpScout.

With this guide, we will show you how to take back control of your mailroom with the best mail scanning services. Let's check them out!

Promotion: We would like to self promote our brand PostGrid before we let you know about the Top 10 Mail Scanning Service Companies. Here is a word


PostGrid is a Direct Mail Automation and Address Verification Platform that allows you to automate your direct mail and verify addresses at scale.

PostGrid provides 2 Primary Products:

  • Print & Mail – We allow you to automate the printing and mailing of outbound mails including but not limited to letters, postcards, and checks.
  • Address Verification – Verify, Validate and Autocomplete addresses across 245+ countries globally.

We provide native integration with some of the biggest CRM's such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Activecampaign, and Zapier. With Zapier integration you can integrate across 1600+ applications natively.

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Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is an online mailroom service provider that lets you organize, manage, and automate your mail items. You can make the most of an end-to-end service when using this service provider. In addition to this, you can scan, forward, and track all the mail items and packages. These features reduce the requirements to find more solutions.

You do not need to acquire additional hardware for Traveling Mailbox's  API to integrate with your existing mailroom setups. It is cost-effective for any organization since all you need is your phone to use the app.

Receivers can sign for packages electronically with a digital signature and a photo ID, making contactless mailrooms and delivery possible. You and the recipients are kept safe by not having to touch shared surfaces. Several leading enterprise organizations, such as WeWork, UPS, Xerox, have adopted and used Traveling Mailbox.

Features To Look For:

  • Using the Traveling Mailbox OCR system, you can identify the recipient of each letter without using the folders and barcodes. Additionally, it has a 95% accuracy rate when capturing characters, enabling it to create high-quality documents eligible for publication.
  • Traveling Mailbox makes it easier for you to scan multiple mail items simultaneously. A unique algorithm that prevents the scanning of the same item or packages twice.
  • You can organize and retrieve your mail by preparing and organizing it into folders.
  • The contactless pickup helps keep your mailroom safe.

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USA2Me has been around for 16 years. The service proudly offers a virtual US shipping address with a handy online portal where you can check the received contents of your mailbox, forward items, and more.

USA2Me is an excellent option for those looking to buy or sell in the USA. It offers free shipping and low shipping rates. Using the free plan, you don't have to pay a monthly fee- You only pay for the services you use. Taking paid plans will allow you to take advantage of lower-priced services.

Features To Look For:

  • It takes care of your shopping packages, mail, packages, and faxes.
  • Organizes and consolidates your mail.
  • They will fill orders from the inventories you provide.
  • Establish a presence in the USA to sell your products there.
  • Use an online portal to facilitate the process.

Virtual Post Mail

The Virtual Post Mail (VPM) provides business owners with a paperless snail mail scanning service & solution. Additionally, you can use it as your online postal mailbox by creating a permanent street address. Any package can be delivered to your street address, regardless of its size or delivery method.

You can use VirtualPostMail's virtual mailbox for USPS addresses and services. In addition to storing your physical mail for 60 days free of charge, VPM also allows you to deposit your checks directly into your bank account.

Features To Look For:

  • You will have to pay $10 per check deposited on your behalf.
  • Allows you to store mail digitally in an unlimited amount of space.
  • It gives you your virtual mail address.
  • VPM scans and sends your unopened mails to you. It is to help you decide what to do with them.
  • You can send or upload your mail items in PDF format.


Incfile provides businesses with a virtual address that looks more professional by creating a real-life street address. Regardless of where you reside,  you can work or travel without worrying about losing your mail.

There are 22 states where their service is available. You do not need to install a mobile application to access your mail digitally. Instead, you can access it through their online portal. The information you provide is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Features To Look For:

  • You need an actual, stable street address.
  • We will upload your scanned emails within one business day.
  • You can access them at any time, anywhere.
  • We only accept envelopes of any size. Packages in boxes will not be accepted.
  • Checks from your bank and cards from your credit or debit cards will be sent to you by USPS.

PostScan Mail

PostScan Mail is the best solution for remote workers, frequent travelers, and businesses. UPS, Amazon, and FedEx have all worked with the company. To use PostScan Mail, you need to grant them access to your virtual mailbox address once you receive a notification. Your scanned copy can then be downloaded, archived, or printed.

You can use group junk mail using this service. Using this feature will make it easier for you to separate junk mail from relevant ones to trash. In addition to helping you maintain a sustainable environment, PostScan Mail helps you recycle old paper mail. You can walk into PostScan Mail offices to pick up mail scanning services and store your mail. This is regardless of where you are.

Imagine, for example, receiving mail or a package while visiting New York. You can request that your mail be forwarded to PostScan Mail's nearest physical location in New York, and then pick it up there yourself.

Features To Look For:

  • You can scan and forward your mail using mobile apps.
  • Also, you can forward bulk packages and recycle them for you.

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail enables you to search through your mail as you would email or postal mail by converting it into high-resolution PDFs. A post box is not the only option for small, medium, and large businesses alike. Additionally, there are options for people, remote workers, and frequent wanderers.

Your mail is scanned in real-time by Earth Class Mail, allowing you to choose whether to print, shred, or recycle it. In addition, scanned mail can be stored in the cloud.

Features To Keep In Mind:

  • It is possible to automate the scanning, review, and approval of your mail-in checks for deposit.
  • Syncing the app with your software automates the recording and payment of bills.


iPostal1 is a platform where you can open and scan your mail to view or archive it in the cloud. Digital mailboxes allow you to collect your mail and packages at their locations, which can be forwarded, scanned, processed, shredded, or picked up by you.

Your customers can choose from three different plans – Virtual Business Address, Mailing Address, and Virtual Office. Viewing your mail, redirecting it, and adding additional address locations is easy with this snail mail scanning service.

Features To Look For:

  • There are more than 2000 Real Street addresses to choose from worldwide.
  • You can get a virtual office, virtual business address, and virtual postal address with this mail forwarding scanning service.
  • A digital mailbox is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • There is no charge for the app.
  • You can store your mail and boxes here.
  • You can also forward your mail on-demand.
  • Free shredding and recycling.

Anytime MailBox

Anytime Mailbox is one of the most affordable digital mail services. Businesses can use it to scan, recycle, shred, and forward their mail. If you need to pick up your mail, you can go to any of the 1,215 Anytime Mailbox locations across the United States.

You can access your mail from any internet-enabled phone by downloading their Android, iOS, and Web applications. A text alert option is also available at no additional cost. Here, the pricing may differ, depending on your location.

Features To Look For:

  • You can access your mail 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Compatible with all devices.
  • Real addresses worldwide can be found in our database.
  • It notifies you of incoming mail.
  • Emails you scanned mails in PDF format.

US Global Mail

US Global Mail is a renowned name of the industry that provides a virtual mailbox. Being a leading company in the industry for over 20 years, Us Global aims to make the planet a safer and greener place to live. It provides virtual mailbox solutions for individuals, small businesses, enterprises, and ex-pats.

US Global Mail is a highly used and recommended virtual mailbox requirement. Your mail items are scanned, processed, and sorted according to your mail scanning service.

Features To Look For:

  • You will have your checks deposited with your bank by them.
  • For a limited period, get free email storage.
  • You can scan up to five exterior pages for free with each plan (interior pages can cost up to $3.50 per page).
  • Physical boxes can store mail items for 30 days for free.
  • You will receive scanned mail within two to six hours.

Frequently Asked Questions When Choosing a Mail Forwarding Scanning Service

What are the processes involved in a mail scanning service?

A Mail scanning service involves a business opening and scanning customers' mail on their behalf. All mail items and packages sent to you will be delivered to your physical mail address. But, when talking about scanned mail items, you will receive them in a virtual mailbox if you opt for one.

The mail is scanned and converted to a digital copy through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology when it is received. All the documents are scanned into images for storage. But, with OCR, the text in a scanned format becomes searchable and editable.

Moreover, mail scanners are the best in overcrowded mailrooms for quickly identifying packages. Each item that needs tracking is barcoded. Throughout the process, barcodes can be scanned using automatic equipment or portable trackers used by delivery staff. Here, a service provider like PostGrid enables you to scan barcodes to identify mail items without additional hardware.

Can I see a Mail Before it is delivered?

It's possible to view your mail before it arrives by requesting a digital preview before it reaches you. With Informed Delivery, the United States Postal Service (USPS) lets eligible residential consumers know when their incoming mail will arrive by displaying a digital preview. You can only access the information on the envelope, not the letter’s content.

Mail scanning services will open and scan your mail for you before it is delivered to you. As well as identifying junk mail quickly, you can request it be discarded. In addition, you can take care of time-sensitive mail before it is sent.

How To Scan a Direct Mail to PDF or Email Through a Snail Mail Scanning Service?

Scanning documents to email can be done with digital mail services. The company scans and sends your inbound mail to the designated PDF or email address of your choice after you grant open and scan access. The scanned copy can also be stored and accessed in the cloud.

In addition to this,  you can also opt for a manual method using your mobile phone once you receive your mail. Mobile applications or cameras can also be used to scan documents. However, these do not differ much from manual options and are time-consuming. Multiple scans of the same document can lead to errors if your organization receives a large volume of mail. Lastly, mobile cameras produce poor-quality results, making OCR technology that automates the scanning process essential and recommended to use.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

Virtual Mailbox addresses are real street addresses with a personal box number that can be used for receiving, forwarding, picking up, and more. Virtual Mails work as follows:

  • Creating an account and choosing a plan is necessary based on your requirements.
  • Once done, you must select a private mailbox address for receiving mail and packages.
  • You are then assigned a unique mailbox number.
  • Lastly, you will receive and manage their mail items from a computer, tablet, or smartphone after receiving a unique mailbox number.

Last Words

In conclusion, after reviewing Virtual Mailbox Services, we can state clearly that PostGrid, PostScan Mail,  Earth Class Mail, iPostal1, and others offer you the best features when talking about the best mail scanning service.

You can find business addresses of over 2000 global locations through iPostal1 and 1,308 addresses through Anytime Mailbox. US Global Mail, Earth Class Mail, and VirtualPostMail provide the feature of depositing your checks for you, which can save you a lot of time.

PostGrid mail scanning and forwarding service let you scan, convert, and sort your items without worrying about downloading an external app to work on. Apart from this, you can automate direct mail campaigns and send bulk orders in just a few clicks.

Thus, we can say that PostGrid is a platform of great benefit and helps you grow by managing your crucial tasks more efficiently. In addition, PostGrid helps your customers experience a positive interaction with your business. You can effectively reduce junk mail and access information about direct mail by using mail scanning and forwarding services.

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