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Mail Forwarding Services: Benefits and Top 10 Mail Forwarding Service Companies

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Top 10 Best Mail Forwarding Service Companies to Look Out For in 2024

How often do we leave our mailpieces unattended on our porch for hours altogether? We are all guilty of not collecting our mail from our doorsteps as soon as the mailman drops them. It can lead to mail theft and other issues but the problem doesn’t end with them.

Sometimes, we receive crucial documents in the mail, like credit cards, invoices, bills, notices, bank statements, etc. Losing such items can lead to other issues like identity thefts, data breaches, and more.

mail forwarding service companies

Companies might also miss out on crucial customer correspondence leading to late replies—affecting client service and integrity.

Luckily, there is something you can do about it! Consider using mail forwarding services so that you can get your mail delivered to you wherever you need.

These services allow you to forward the mail to any address so that you never miss out on anything. You can also avail of several more features, like physical mail storage and international mail forwarding.

Today’s article will walk you through the reasons why you need mail forwarding services. It will also help you know your options and make the right choice!

Let’s get started, shall we?

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What is Mail Forwarding Service?

Mail forwarding is a process where you can reroute your mail to an address different from your actual address.

If you use a mail forwarding service, your mailpieces first arrive at a mail forwarding company and are later sent to you.

Suppose you recently moved to Los Angeles from Pasadena. A mail forwarding service can promptly help you forward mail to your new address.

Usually, such services are used by:

  • Business travelers
  • Ex-pats
  • College students
  • Home-based business owners
  • Digital nomads, etc.

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Benefits of Mail Forwarding Services Company

There is more than one advantage of using mail forwarding services. Apart from getting your mail delivered anywhere you want, there are several more benefits, like:

Receive Your Mail and Packages Conveniently

Suppose you have a home mailing address where you usually receive your mail. But, what if you want to live with a relative for a few months? In cases like this, you must redirect mail to another address.

Mail forwarding services make it possible and allow you to get your mail delivered right to you, irrespective of where you are staying.

Assure Mail Security

Having a friend or neighbor pick up your mail on your behalf can lead to data breaches or other privacy issues. It is especially true while receiving important documents, bank statements, tax forms, credit cards, etc.

Also, there are theft risks if you cannot collect mail from your mailbox or doorstep for a long time. Hence, it is never wise to leave your mail items unattended.

However, mail forwarding services can help you receive mail at a virtual address. You can get it delivered to you later (when you are physically present to collect it).

There is always someone at your virtual address to receive mail on your behalf—assuring that your items are safe and never stolen.

Meanwhile, these services scan and upload the image of your mailpieces for you to view online.

If you also need mail security while sending your items to prospects and clients, use PostGrid’s direct mail services. They are HIPAA, PIPEDA, and SOC-2 certified and can deliver your mail with the utmost confidentiality.

More Space and Fewer Expenses

Most companies have a mailroom to store their mail items. They also use this room to open and scan mailpieces before shredding them (if not useful).

If you use mail forwarding services, you won’t need this room anymore. Most services offer free physical mail storage for their customers. Moreover, they also provide other options like mail shredding.

Hence, you can save office space and cut down costs on scanning and shredding equipment.

Go Paperless

Instead of having huge piles of paperwork on your desk, you can choose to shred them even before reaching you.

You can do all this with the click of a button in about a minute. Plus, some mail forwarding services recycle unwanted mail after scanning and emailing the digital copies to you.

Avoid Getting Junk Mail

Mail forwarding services often discard junk mail automatically. It helps you pay for fewer pieces and receive only essential mail items.

Reply Faster

Getting digital copies of your mail promptly helps you tend to it earliest. This way, you can reply to your partners, suppliers, clients, or customers faster.

Avoid Changing Addresses

It is often daunting to change addresses every time you move to a new location. But, you no longer need to do that if you use mail forwarding services.

You can move to a different address without compromising customer or client communication. Just give everyone the mailing address you register with your mail forwarding service provider.

This way, you can receive all your mail items at one virtual address—before it is forwarded to you wherever you are.

Build Professional Image For Your Brand

Some small and medium-sized businesses are home-based and don’t have an office address per se. It is advisable to use a virtual address with mail forwarding services to present a more professional front to customers in such situations.

It helps build customer loyalty and increase brand reputation. Also, it enables you to keep your personal address private and confidential.

If you want to improve your brand image, there is yet another way to do that! Use PostGrid’s direct mail API to automate mailing campaigns and connect with your target audience.

Never Miss Time-Sensitive Mail

It can be frustrating to miss out on time-sensitive documents and end up paying penalties.

A mail forwarding company helps you prevent such scenarios by sending you mail where you can receive it actively.

Here Are The List of the 10 Best Mail Forwarding Services In the US

Fortunately, several mail-forwarding companies offer excellent services to their customers. We are here to help you decide which one’s the best fit for your needs.

Below are some of the best mail scanning services and forwarding services that you can consider using:

1. Virtual Post Mail

Virtual Post Mail is a mail forwarding service in California that allows you to receive mailpieces on time even when you are traveling. Like other services, it also scans, uploads, and emails you a mail copy accessible from everywhere.

All Virtual Post Mail addresses are commercial addresses, not PO boxes. In addition, customers get permanent mailing addresses to use for tax forms, checks, bank accounts, etc. They can choose to forward or discard their mail items with just a few clicks. The entire process to do so is fast and straightforward. Plus, you can get your items forwarded via any mail carrier.

Virtual Post Mail also guarantees data privacy protection and security, enabling you to receive mail with complete peace of mind.


  • Forward mail to any part of the world
  • Automate check deposits to save time


  • Virtual Post Mail offers limited mailbox locations in California, Delaware, Nevada, and Los Angeles

2. Traveling Mailbox

Traveling Mailbox is primarily a virtual mailbox service that receives postal mail and packages for you. All mail items are opened and scanned by their operators for uploading to your virtual mailbox. But, you may ask them to take a different action, like:

  • Hold the mail items until you get back (if you are traveling)
  • Shred your mail securely
  • Forward it to any address you want

Traveling Mailbox rates start at $15 a month, and there are several plans available for you.


  • It offers quick scanning of mail so that you can view it within 10 minutes of arrival
  • This mail forwarding service for ex-pats or travelers is functional in over 47 countries worldwide
  • Customers get free junk mail filtering and shredding
  • Traveling Mailbox has excellent customer service providing email, live chat, and phone support


  • They might not scan large or irregular mail items sometimes
  • The sign-up process is a little lengthy

3. USA2Me

USA2Me is also one of the oldest mail forwarding services in the US. Once you sign up, you get a US physical mailing address to receive your mail. You can then get your items forwarded to any address you want.

Customers can log into their Mailbox Manager to view their items, forward mail, and discard unwanted mail.

They also offer scanning and uploading services like the other companies we discussed above.


  • Apart from mail forwarding, USA2Me offers several more features like repacking, personal shopper assistance, and fax reception
  • It also offers RV mail forwarding services to help you get your items forwarded to any RV park or marina. Thus, you can receive your mail practically anywhere


  • Hidden charges
  • No option to select a mail carrier

4. USAbox

You can get a US mailing address while residing in any country you want with USAbox. Then, it forwards everything from postcards and letters to large parcels anywhere you want.

USAbox ships through multiple carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS, allowing you to get discounted postage rates and fast delivery. You may also ask them to bundle your packages into one to save up to 80% off your international shipping rates.

Individuals and businesses in the US can also enjoy the benefits of USAbox mail forwarding services as they don’t need a mailing address to receive mail. Instead, they can select a virtual address and get their items forwarded to them whenever and wherever they wish.


  • Assure fast delivery timeframes ranging from 24 hours to five business days for remote areas
  • Get free insurance cover of up to $100 for most mailings
  • You can decide whether you want to keep or discard mail items by looking at the scanned images
  • There are no setup charges


  • Like a Traveling Mailbox, the sign-up process is time-consuming and complicated

5. USPS Mail Forwarding 

The USPS also offers excellent mail forwarding services to its customers. Plus, they can avail themselves of US postal service change address mail forwarding for free most of the time.

All you have to do is walk into your nearest Post Office or fill out the change of address form online.


  • US postal service temporary mail forwarding is much more efficient than other services


  • Unlike several mail forwarding services, you may not be able to select the forwarding address every time you get mail. The address you provide at the time of registration is your default forwarding address

6. PostScan Mail

If you need 24×7 digital access to your snail mail, PostScan Mail can make it happen for you. PostScan Mail scans and uploads mail items on your behalf at secured facilities online. 

You can view them at any time and from anywhere in the world through your virtual mailbox. Plus, you get instant notifications whenever a new mailpiece arrives—making PostScan Mail an excellent service for travelers, ex-pats, and digital nomads.

Customers also get free mail storage for up to 14 days from your item’s arrival date. They can log into their account through any mobile or computer device and select where they want to forward the mail and when.

Find below the pros and cons of this mail forwarding service-


  • Prices start at only $15 a month
  • Select from among hundreds of US and global locations to receive your mail
  • All PostScan Mail plans include national and international mail forwarding services and remote mail management
  • Customers can also use other services, like mail storage, online archiving, mail shredding, and recycling


  • Some US mail forwarding service reviews say that PostScan Mail is slower if you are forwarding single items.

7. Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is a highly cheap mail forwarding service with prices starting at $4.98 monthly. But, it still offers high-quality services accessible through any device- Mac, Apple, Android, PC, tablet, etc.

Its cloud-based platform allows you to manage your mail from anywhere you want. Plus, like PostScan Mail, you can access your mail online 24×7. 


  • Choose from among real street addresses across major cities, like California, Texas, New York, Colorado, Chicago, Virginia, etc.
  • You can request to open and deposit your checks at the bank on your behalf. Thus, you can save additional time and effort
  • Get unlimited online storage for free


  • The costs can add up on using additional services

8. iPostal1

iPostal1 is one of the best American address mail forwarding services and has been operational since 2007. In fact, it was one of the first digital mailbox and mail forwarding service providers.

IPostal1 offers about 2,200 secure, professionally-staffed, and full-service mailbox addresses in the US. You can choose to get your mail scanned and uploaded and view the images on the iPostal1 website or app or, you can ask them to store, forward, or shred your USPS mail.

iPostal1 also provides virtual office space services that you can use as your virtual business address. There are several pricing plans for you to select from:

  • Green- $9.99 monthly
  • Blue- $14.99 monthly
  • Silver- $24.99 monthly
  • Gold- $39.99 monthly

Below are the pros and cons of this virtual mail forwarding service-


  • Save on shipping by bundling your items together for delivery
  • Discard unwanted mail automatically
  • Receive mail deliveries through a mail carrier of your choice- FedEx, USPS, UPS, etc


  • The cloud storage is only 2 GB, so you may not be able to view older mail

9. Earth Class Mail 

If you are looking for a ‘convenient mail forwarding service near me,’ Earth Class Mail can be the best option for you. After receiving your mail items at a location of your choice, it opens, scans, and emails the copy to you.

Earth Class Mail offers complete control and flexibility over your mail. You can forward your items at any time, combine shipments, choose the forwarding method, etc.

Furthermore, you get options to add insurance, consolidate items, and track every shipment.

Earth Class Mail plans start at $19 a month for personal mail forwarding service. A shared mailbox or premium mailbox costs you $29 and $79, respectively.


  • All Earth Class Mail plans include free unlimited cloud storage
  • It also offers automated check deposit services
  • You can forward important documents and other mail to any national or international destination


  • Though you can forward mail anywhere, Earth Class Mail locations are only available in the US

10. US Global Mail

US Global Mail helps you get a unique physical address in the US for receiving mail. It is a high-tech, inexpensive, and reliable solution that allows individuals and businesses to manage their mail.

Not unlike other mail forwarding services, US Global Mail offers several options to handle mail, like:

  • Consolidating packages
  • Scanning and uploading mail images online
  • Shredding mail
  • Discarding junk mail items
  • Forwarding envelopes and parcels to any address worldwide


  • US Global Mail offers built-in security, and only professionally-trained staff can open and scan your mailpieces
  • It also presorts your items and blocks any junk mail coming your way
  • Plus, it recycles every unwanted and discarded mail item as its mission is to make our planet greener
  • Its Smart Mailbox solutions assure that your address remains private


  • US Global Mail is a little costly compared to other mail forwarding services

Keep reading the next section to know more things about USPS mail forwarding, like:

  • Or, how to forward mail to US postal service?

Mail Forwarding Users

Remote Workers

You need a mail forwarding service if you’re a business person who is always on trips and wants updates about your mailers. Even if you’re away, you can still receive all mail at your address.

Digital Nomades

If you’re an RVer, you’ll need a reliable mail forwarding service that can deliver items whatever you are, irrespective of the place type.

Home-based Businesses

Home-based business owners that use virtual office addresses require a mail forwarding service to get all documents and other items on time.

Frequent Traveler

If you change your address for a short time, you’ll need to sign up for a mail forwarding service to avoid missing any special packages while you’re away.

Business mail forwarding is an easy way to handle parts of corporate communication. With business mail forwarding, entrepreneurs like yourself can work from home without having their personal lives filled with work-related communication.

One of the most helpful things about getting help with business mail is that it provides a physical and virtual place to send mail. 

It is primarily handy for freelancers and businesses that work without a physical office address. 

Companies can pay more attention to other aspects of their work when you take care of these things.

It might involve spending more effort and time managing employees, improving business operations, and developing new products. Hence, it leads to better performance and, as a result, more profits for small businesses.

Do You Want to Forward Mail Beyond the United States?

The United States Postal Service can forward your mail overseas for a small charge. If you sign up in person, the cost for USPS abroad mail forwarding service is approximately $21.10. 

However, the online registration reduces the fee to about $19.35. An additional charge of around $21.10 is applicable for each week of service.

The monthly service fee amounts to about $84.40, and you'll need to cover the postage for all Priority Mail products that the USPS dispatches upon receipt. International mail forwarding requires you to pay more than the reasonable cost, making it a less viable option.

Do You Need the USPS Form 1583 to Buy the Mail Forwarding Service?

The primary purpose of the 1583 form is to ensure your safety. Mail-forwarding companies cannot legally handle your mail without all the paperwork. USPS seeks your approval before authorizing it.

United States Postal Service Mail Forwarding

The USPS offers mail forwarding services for people moving temporarily or permanently. These services are beneficial to mailers as they can forward their mail to anywhere in the US hassle-free.

More on the above USPS forward mail services below:

Temporary Change of Address

If you are visiting a relative or traveling, you can reroute your mail for 15 days up to a year. All you have to do is submit a request for a temporary address change at the Post Office or through the USPS website.

Basically, you need to fill out the PS form 3575 to ask the USPS to change your mailing address for some time.

Once a change of address (COA) order is lodged, the USPS starts temporary mail forwarding within three business days. But, it is advisable to allow at least two weeks before you expect mail at your new address.

Generally, a COA order does not provide postal service mail forwarding of Package Services Mail or USPS Marketing Mail.

Below are the items that the USPS forwards:

  • First-Class Mail
  • First-Class Package
  • Priority Mail
  • Priority Mail Express
  • Periodicals (magazines and newsletters)
  • USPS Retail Ground and Media Mail (if the recipient pays the shipping cost from the local Post Office to their temporary mailing addresses)

Permanent Change of Address

Suppose you are moving to a new location forever. In that case, you can change your address in the USPS records by submitting a permanent USPS change of address application.

A permanent COA offers piece-by-piece forwarding of periodicals for up to 60 days and First-Class Mail for one year. Again, you cannot get Package Service Mail and USPS Marketing Mail forwarded.

Premium Forwarding Services

Apart from the above two, the USPS also offers premium address-forwarding services for residential and commercial customers.

These services help customers better control where they want to receive their mail items.

As said above- if you want to redirect all your business mail to a different place, US postal service mail forwarding can help you. Plus, you can manage your mail from any place you want if you wish to relocate or stay over at a friend’s home, etc.

The USPS offers different types of mailbox forwarding services to individuals and businesses. Find the details of these services below:

Premium Forwarding Service Residential

As the name goes, Premium Forwarding Service (PFS) Residential is for residential customers. Residents or individuals can avail of this option to relocate their mailpieces temporarily.

They would need to pay a one-time enrollment fee and the weekly shipment fee.

The weekly shipment fee comprises postage to the customer's temporary or permanent mailing address from the Post Office.

Once you enroll for PFS-Residential, the USPS delivers all your mail items to your address weekly via Priority Mail.

Here are the items that are forwarded to you on opting for PFS-Residential:

  • Priority Mail Express and Registered Mail items are immediately redirected to your new address
  • Priority Mail is immediately redirected or sent along with your weekly box, whichever reaches you faster
  • Periodicals, marketing notices, and First-Class Mail items are forwarded weekly
  • USPS Retail Ground parcels, Media Mail, and Large First-Class Mail items are forwarded for free automatically

Please note: PFS-Residential is not available for Guam and military addresses.

Customers can visit PFS-Residential Online and create a free USPS account to enroll in the service. Take care to enter the correct details while filling out the US Postal Service mail forwarding form.

If you want to enroll offline at the Post Office, remember to take at least two personal IDs to complete the process.

Premium Forwarding Service Commercial

In the case of PFS-Commercial, business or commercial mailers can temporarily forward their mail to a different address. Luckily, they get the option to select the mail delivery frequency (daily or weekly).

But, they need to pay the enrollment fee every year. They also need to pay the postage for trays, sacks, or envelopes (based on forwarded mail volume).

The USPS bundles and reships the mail to the new business address through Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

How Do Mailing Addresses Differ from Virtual Addresses?

A mailing address is primarily helpful for receiving mail. When you wish to receive mail, it is directed to your mailing address and subsequently forwarded to where you reside or work.

Typically, business mail forwarding services can forward mail through traditional postal methods, digitally scan a copy, or retain it for pick-up.

On the other hand, a virtual business address, such as one in the US or Canada, serves multiple purposes. You can use it to register your business, feature on your business cards, and appear in other communications. 

Virtual address services often extend additional offerings such as meeting room rentals and office space if you need to conduct a meeting or event.

Beyond providing a virtual address for businesses, these services may include fax forwarding and telephone answering services.

How Can I Establish a Virtual Mailing Address?

Setting up a mail forwarding service or virtual address is a straightforward process. Select your provider and acquire the service that suits your requirements.

Naturally, your business mailing address or virtual office service becomes operational on the same day.

Better Customer Experience

One significant advantage of using mail forwarding for small businesses is that it helps them build trust. When your organization has an official address—you can get all your mail and letters. It is a fantastic way to attract more customers.


The challenge when starting a business is that you can't predict how it will turn out. You might need to make it smaller or broader for a better customer experience. Sometimes, your business might convert into something completely different than what you expected.

Secure Your Home Address

You wouldn't want everyone to know your home address because it could be risky for you and your family. Getting mail at your office address helps keep your work and home life separate.

Additionally, you might mix the crucial business mail with the junk mailers you usually get. It could lead to accidentally getting rid of significant information with unwanted mail.

Choose the Perfect Mail Forwarding Service

When searching for a mail forwarding service—don't hesitate to ask questions and voice your concerns. What suits someone else may not be suitable for you. Services included in one company's delivery fee may differ from another's. 

Numerous options exist for mail forwarding services, making the selection process challenging. Therefore, please compare and contrast the companies to determine which one is the best fit for you.

Opting for a reliable mail forwarding service to handle your mail is a wise choice. It ensures you receive your mail on time and brings you peace of mind. However, with numerous options available, how do you choose the ideal mail forwarding company? 

Making this decision involves considering several factors to ensure you select the mail service provider that suits your needs.

Here are some essential factors to ponder before choosing your mail forwarding provider. 

  • Can you trust the company?
  • What requirements does the provider have?
  • What is the current exchange rate?
  • What type of mail will you be sending?
  • Does the service allow you to use their billing address?
  • Is there an option for free mail forwarding?
  • How costly is it to forward your mail?
  • What items can you send internationally, and are there any restrictions?
  • How is the quality of their customer service?
  • What is the cost of mail forwarding?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does Mail Forwarding Work?

Mail forwarding offers customers a professional mail management service. The service provider receives your mail on your behalf and forwards it to you.

When Should I Use Mail Forwarding Services?

It is advisable to employ mail forwarding services when traveling or staying at a place different from your usual mailing address. Also, you can use these services when you don’t want to receive mail at your address.

How Long Can I Forward My Mail For?

You may forward your mail for anywhere between 15 days to one year. Some service providers also offer plans with longer durations, or you can extend them at the end of the year.

How to Select Mail Forwarding Services that Match Your Requirements?

Customers can consider the following factors to select the correct mail forwarding service:

  • Package consolidation
  • Email notifications
  • Mail storage
  • Signature on delivery
  • Opening and scanning of mail items
  • Handling unwanted mail
  • Automatic check deposit, etc.

If you need such features in addition to mail forwarding, select a service provider that offers them.

Over to You

Mail forwarding can do wonders for people who want to receive their mail on time but are not physically present to receive it. It is also beneficial for business owners who want to streamline incoming mail in one place and leave anything unattended.

We hope this article helped you understand what a mail forwarding service is and how it can help manage your mail. However, businesses also need to print and mail marketing and transactional items regularly apart from receiving mailpieces. If you need to send out such mail often, try using PostGrid’s print and mail API.

It can help you carry out many mailing activities, like:

  • Designing mail items using our pre-built HTML templates
  • Integrating our API into your system and fetching data in seconds to help draft mailpieces
  • Building new, targeted mailing lists to expand the customer base
  • Verifying mailing lists to make your addresses deliverable and decreasing mail returns
  • Automating the entire process of personalizing, printing, and mailing
  • Tracking every mail item in real-time

Request a demo right away to automate your direct mail tasks and save costs!

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