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Life Insurance Marketing Ideas

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direct mail marketing strategy

29 Best Life Insurance Marketing Ideas to Uplift Your Business

Selling life insurance can be complex, demanding an empathetic and informative approach that genuinely benefits individuals. Establishing trust is essential for marketing life insurance, as it is for any marketing endeavor.

direct mail marketing strategy

Fortunately, many innovative life insurance marketing ideas are available to attract fresh life insurance clients in your upcoming campaign. These techniques could prove pivotal in bolstering your sales pipeline and expanding the insurance business. Explore the recommended sales tactics in the following read to discover potential avenues for success.

What is Life Insurance Marketing?

Insurance marketers implement creative strategies to promote their insurance products and services. It requires research on new insurance marketing trends and evaluation of customer needs. Agents create creative advertising campaigns to reach their target audience.

They consider the best life insurance promotion ideas to gain their attention. However, agents must consider the latest legal requirements to optimize their campaigns.

There are various complexities of different insurance products. Marketers must accurately portray the product features and benefits. Practical life insurance marketing ideas are necessary to increase sales and improve customer relationships.

Insurance marketers focus on building brand awareness and educating customers apart from generating leads. Partnership with brokers, agents, and other partners is vital in advertising campaigns.

Best Life Insurance Marketing Ideas (29 Ideas)

Use these best life insurance marketing ideas for reference.

Use Local Emergency Numbers

Incorporate local emergency contact details such as the fire department, police, poison control, etc. Also, include your contact information and the claims hotline number. Providing customers with a helpful new life insurance card to carry in their wallet ensures they always have the information readily available. Utilizing referrals stands out as a cost-effective and straightforward approach to marketing efforts for insurance agencies.

Send Press Releases

Reach out to the local community newspaper and use online life insurance awareness month marketing ideas like this one for publication. Ensure you include a link to your website and incorporate plenty of location-specific terms, such as the city, village, or town name, to enhance local search engine optimization.

Whether your agency is experiencing noteworthy events such as hiring a new team member, opening a new location, securing a new carrier appointment, or even making small changes like updating the air freshener in the bathroom, you can craft a brief write-up about it and share it online.

Tell Your Audience What You Sell

Clients often refrain from purchasing additional lines of insurance or referring your agency simply because they're uncertain about your offerings! Although it may seem apparent, failing to communicate clearly with clients restricts their perception of the services to only what they possess. Develop a concise, easy-to-read one-pager detailing all the products, which your producers can review during the new customer onboarding process.

Furthermore, consider creating a corresponding page on the agency website to share via email with existing clients and across social media platforms. These marketing ideas for life insurance ensure that clients are well-informed about the breadth of the insurance agent offerings, potentially increasing their engagement and referrals.

Create an Email Signature For Your Insurance Agent

If you haven't set up an automated email signature yet to promote life insurance policies- you must create one immediately. Ensure it includes comprehensive contact details such as the address, phone numbers, website, Twitter, Facebook, and other relevant information to make your life insurance marketing ideas successful.

Like email marketing, content marketing can do wonders when you do it right. Hence, look into these options for your business growth.

Volunteer Whenever Possible

Giving things leads to receiving. Volunteering presents numerous chances to expand the business. It offers excellent opportunities for positive PR in the newspaper and allows you to connect with other community leaders and business owners. Opt for a non-profit organization aligned with your interests because the more passion you invest, the greater the benefits.

Ask People to Save Your Number

Motivate clients to save the insurance agency phone number in their cell phones for quick access if they encounter a claim or have billing inquiries. These best life insurance marketing ideas ensure they carry the contact details wherever they go.

Having the information readily available makes it simpler for them to refer to your services when discussing insurance with others. Referrals are one of the paramount insurance online marketing strategies.

Use Keychains

Consider incorporating the agency's contact information on the thin plastic tags commonly provided by grocery stores, gyms, and credit card companies for life insurance sales. A target market is likely to utilize it for emergency contact purposes, and having your information on their keys makes it convenient for them to refer to the services at any time.

Buy a Voice Recorder

While driving, take note of commercial vehicles you come across and record information such as the vehicle details and the associated phone number. Later, contact the owner, mentioning where you observed the car, and express an interest in providing an insurance bid at the next renewal opportunity.

Create Sales Videos

Sales videos under life insurance promotion ideas offer immense value as you create them once, and they have the potential to sell insurance countless times. Picture delivering the most compelling pitch to every prospect. Record detailed sales explanations for each product in the brand portfolio, share them on the website and send prospects the corresponding links.

Be Ready With Business Cards

Have you ever encountered a valuable professional contact who doesn't have a business card to share?

While you could provide them with the card for an insurance product promotion, relying on them to initiate contact poses a challenge. To overcome this and use the best life insurance marketing ideas — keep blank business cards on hand.

When you meet someone without a card, take out a pen and one of the blank cards, reassure them by saying,

“No worries. I'm always prepared and carry blank business cards everywhere. May I have your phone number?”

This ensures they will easily remember you.

Attend Local Events

Chambers of Commerce and professional organizations frequently organize networking events, which you can easily stay updated on by subscribing to their mail newsletters and staying attentive. Seize these marketing ideas for life insurance to establish numerous connections and diligently follow up with individuals who can contribute to your unique marketing materials through referrals. Given the abundance of salespeople at networking events, strive to distinguish yourself by assisting others, fostering meaningful connections, and enjoying the process.

Sponsor Public Safety

Firefighters and police officers maintain extensive social networks within the local community. Seek life insurance promotion ideas to garner publicity in the newspaper and cultivate robust friendships with your local first responders.

Effective insurance marketing is essential via offline and digital marketing channels.

You might need these ideas for marketing success.

Get On Television

Seizing a chance for cost-effective exposure can be beneficial. Optimal television marketing opportunities arise during programs tailored to your target audience, especially when they are contemplating services like yours. For instance, using life insurance marketing ideas during programs centered around home improvement or cars could be particularly effective.

Stay Connected

Enhance relationships and increase referrals by actively seeking insights from your professional contacts without coming across as a salesperson. Developing robust connections within the community is a potent marketing tool for an agent. Feel free to inquire about topics you may already be aware of, as this helps nurture relationships, paving the way for referrals and life insurance promotion ideas over time.

You can get a buck for your marketing dollars only when you combine sales and marketing techniques.

Use referral marketing as one of the best ways to promote insurance products.

Speak to Students

Locate informative materials and videos to supplement your discussions on defensive driving with high school students. Additionally, consider conducting a concise class on insurance as part of a “life skills” curriculum for the students. Having a personal connection with someone in the school can enhance the effectiveness of these initiatives.

Wrap Cars

Explore professionally wrapping your vehicle with your insurance agency logo. At the very least, these best life insurance marketing ideas can spark conversations as you enter or exit your car, making traffic delays more tolerable. Alternatively, you can invest in a car magnet to affix to your vehicle whenever parked in a prominently visible location or your parking lot by the road.

Hire Salespeople

In the current market, only a few life insurance agents have the financial flexibility to hire another full-time or part-time producer. However, it could be feasible to onboard a commission-only salesperson. Even if you allocate 100% of the sales commission to them, the renewals, referrals, and cross-sales remain opportunities for you to earn. Posting free life insurance marketing ideas on platforms like Craigslist can help you find potential candidates, especially considering the abundance of people currently seeking employment.

Record Testimonials

There's no one better at conveying the advantages of choosing your agency than a satisfied customer. If you have enthusiastic clients about your agency, take a moment to interview them and capture it on your iPhone.

Opt for a setting where the entire agency is the background, avoiding a plain wall. This approach toward life insurance promotion ideas lends a more authentic appearance to the video, and any lower quality may be less conspicuous.

Such creative marketing is a great way for life insurance companies and agents who need ideas!

Gather Free Publicity is a complimentary service linking reporters with experts available for interviews. Upon registering as an expert, you'll receive three daily emails featuring opportunities to serve as the “insurance industry expert” for reporters seeking insights for their stories. If you're interested in being interviewed, prompt responses are crucial—assertively emphasize why you would be the most fitting expert for the interview.

Feature on Online Maps

The trend of using mobile devices to discover local businesses is on the rise. When individuals are actively searching on a map, it indicates a genuine interest in finding a local company. You have two options when enhancing your agency's visibility on the map: take the DIY route or enlist a company to improve your rankings.

Achieving solid search engine and online life insurance marketing ideas is one of the most effective ways to position your agency in front of potential insurance shoppers precisely when they are in need.

Sponsor Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle riders typically make excellent insurance customers except for the occasional adrenaline enthusiast. They demonstrate safe driving habits on two and four-wheels, and today's motorcycle owners often have diverse insurance and financial service needs. Marketing motorcycle insurance is a valuable gateway to promoting other lines of insurance.

Create Positive Impressions

When someone pens a letter, sends a mail, or shares a positive comment online about your agency, use life insurance promotion ideas to print it out and display it prominently. Prospective customers often seek guidance from the experiences of others. Showcasing numerous commendations highlighting the knowledge, care, and protection your agency offers will undoubtedly enhance their perception of your business.

Buy Phone Numbers.

If local agents are closing down their agencies, consider the possibility of acquiring their phone numbers once they cease operations. These life insurance marketing ideas can lead to a substantial influx of calls from individuals accustomed to the previous agency's contact information. While some may be calling for the other agency, you can still effectively assist them with their needs as competently, if not more so.

Invest in Merchandise

Purchase quality shirts prominently featuring your agency's name and wear them regularly, particularly at school and community events. If your staff is willing to wear them publicly, consider providing them with shirts to amplify the branding effect. While shirts may be costly to distribute to clients under life insurance marketing ideas, reserve them for those clients you believe may be inclined to refer your business.

Create Surveys

Conducting customer surveys on service quality helps identify areas for improvement and communicates to clients that their opinions are significant. Additionally, positive ratings from customers serve to reinforce the value of your agency in their perception and yours.

Use Fishbowls

Place a fishbowl on the counter of a business frequented by your prospects, accompanied by a sign announcing a draw for a gift card to that establishment. Utilize the collected cards as leads. Additionally, consider reaching out to those who didn't win and gift them a $10 gift card to the store to get a free insurance quote. This way, everyone gets a benefit, and you can use life insurance marketing ideas to get sales!

Write Pieces

Creating content for the local newspaper can offer greater visibility than traditional advertising. Many papers face financial challenges and may be open to featuring your advertorial content. If possible, consider placing a prominent ad for your agency on the same page where your article is published.

Print Discount Cards

Collaborate with several local businesses under life insurance promotion ideas to develop a mutual discount card, allowing each participant to provide their customers with discounts across various services. While the insurance price may remain fixed, consider offering a complimentary gift with a quote. Alternatively, take the initiative to organize the project, enlisting other businesses to contribute discounts for the collective card.

Promote New Insurance Products in Church Bulletins

Church bulletins typically aren't substantial generators of insurance leads, but leverage your financial support to engage with the church leadership. Propose conducting seminars on topics such as insurance, defensive driving, fire safety, and financial planning as a marketing campaign to foster community education and engagement.

Promoting life insurance poses challenges, but it's certainly achievable. If you need a marketing plan, use this best strategy to sell life and auto insurance policies. Businesses can spread brand awareness by leveraging the tactic to motivate others who need insurance services. They need it to take buyers down the funnel and generate higher sales.

Utilizing these life insurance marketing ideas enables you to establish a professional image, deliver valuable content, and engage authentically. This approach makes it feasible to provide individuals with a positive experience while remaining attuned to their concerns.

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