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Send Letters As Conveniently As Email

  • A letter-sending service allows businesses to send postal mail using high-tech tools like automation. It is as easy and quick as sending emails, letting companies embrace this traditional channel. 
  • This service helps you quickly sign up, create letters, and process them for printing and shipping. It only takes a few steps once you set up your account and get everything running. 
  • You may use pre-built templates by the online letter service or upload your files. It can prepare and send the items on your behalf whenever you want. 
  • This option is the most advanced version of snail mail! You can send high-quality, branded items via outsourcing without investing heftily or using internal resources.

Why Use the Online Letter-Sending Service?

PostGrid’s letter API assists you in sending hundreds or thousands of envelopes to your intended recipients. Here are some primary benefits:

You Can Reduce Expenses and Manual Work

  • The all-in-one letter-sending service streamlines tasks and cuts individual costs. You can get all direct mail-related features under one roof instead of contacting different vendors and negotiating rates.  
  • Enable your staff to save hours and weeks of their time by automating tasks like printing papers or stuffing envelopes. Direct mailing comprises many minor tasks, like assembling, folding, labeling, and more. Use online solutions to complete them without disrupting your workflow. 
  • Our send-a-letter service improves internal productivity and aligns your mailings with your company’s goals. 
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It Is So… Productive and Convenient!

  • B2B and B2C companies prefer employing the online letter-mailing service over sending mail in-house. It helps them avail of secure, speedy, and affordable solutions that are hard to get otherwise. 
  • The letter-sending service works like a 24 x 7 online Post Office. Users can log in whenever needed, create tasks, and process envelopes with a few clicks. 

Target Your Intended Audiences

  • Automated solutions let you launch targeted campaigns similar to email marketing. These online tools make personalization and location-based targeting possible. 
  • PostGrid’s online letter-sending service enables you to build segmented mailing lists based on your buyer personas. Reach the correct people with tailored messages, boosting responses. 
  • Turn heads by sending high-quality letters to prospects and customers at ideal times to get their attention. Leverage events like holidays, festivals, birthdays, discount seasons, and more.
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Enjoy Online Tools With Offline Mailing.

  • Send snail mail using PostGrid’s online letter service to transform your communications and leave competitors behind. 
  • Variable data printing, HTML templates, real-time tracking, address updates, and metadata tagging are just a few of our many efficient online tools!

Send Any Number of Letters You Wish

  • You may ship on-demand letters whenever you need. Whether you need to send a renewal contract to an old client or a pricing sheet to a high-ticket prospect, do it online. 
  • The online letter mailing service is flexible, helping you send any volume of letters—running up to tens of thousands. 
  • Maintain consistency and quality when sending a letter online to all customers with PostGrid! And get the lowest rates on every order.

Types of Letters You Can Send Using Our Online Letter Mailing Service

Business letters, sales agreements, renewals, forms, documents, and more! PostGrid allows you to ship your letters nationally and internationally hassle-free. 

Here are some examples:

Invoices and Statements

  • Cut trips to the Post Office and redirect your mailings online. Use a letter-sending service to send direct mailers from the comfort of your home or office. 
  • PostGrid lets you send a letter online, like invoices and client statements, with complete accuracy and efficiency. 
  • Upload or compose files, customize, add contacts, and process. Let your customers get these documents on time and make payments faster. 
  • Select B&W or color, single-sided or double-sided, and other options. Conduct mailings based on your needs and goals.

Marketing Postcards

  • Go the extra mile with eye-catching and result-driving postcards. Communicate your marketing messages with your audience using this direct mail collateral. 
  • Use the online letter-sending service to create designs with different layouts, colors, graphics, texts, and images. 
  • Print and mail postcards for
    • Lead generation. 
    • Loyalty programs. 
    • Event meetings
    • Client appointments. 
    • Referral requests.
    • Holiday greetings. 
    • Customer onboarding. 
    • Cross-selling and upselling. 
    • Customer appreciation
    • Re-engagement and re-targeting.
  •  Send portrait or landscape postcards via a letter-sending service to stand out and convert leads. 

Sales Letters

  • Offline business letters help companies introduce their brand to prospects and take them ahead of the customer journey. Employ a send-a-letter service to give your sales department the push they need to close deals. 
  • Support your marketing activities with well-curated and personalized letters to boost brand awareness. You can create a unique message for every prospect on your list with PostGrid with variable data. 
  • You may send a letter online to leads at every stage of your funnel. It allows them to learn about your company more, respond to offers, and become paying clients in a few days. 

Employee Recognition Letters

  • Improve employee experience by sending appreciation letters or cards. It helps nurture your brand culture, boost workplace morale, and create a valuable team. 
  • PostGrid’s letter-sending service enables employee mailing without manual intervention. So anyone can push a few buttons and ship the letters. 

Professional and Secure Checks

Customer Forms

  • Companies can mail sign-up, survey, and feedback forms via our online letter mailing service in the US and other countries. 
  • It simplifies contacting prospects and clients to establish personal connections and create brand loyalty.
  • Include custom links and QR codes in your letters to redirect recipients to your website. 
  • Or you can send them offline forms with business reply envelopes. They let you get more responses and engagement. 

Custom Buck Slips

  • Draw customers to your brand’s offers by inserting buck slips into your mailers. 
  • A letter-sending service can help you design, print, and ship small-sized slips to customers at competitive prices. 

With Compliments’ Slips.

  • Ship with compliments slips to improve company-customer relationships and grow long-term sales. 
  • Generate better brand publicity and make your audience feel special in a few quick steps with PostGrid!

Integrate PostGrid’s Letter Sending Service Into Your CRM

PostGrid’s API integrations empower you to send letters from the system you currently use for daily functions. 

An excellent example is HubSpot, with over 167,000 clients. Incorporating an online letter service into this tool can simplify marketing for these companies and expand their customer base. 


  • Unlock unlimited possibilities with our integration to link direct mail with other functionalities you already use. 
  • Our online letter-mailing service lets you initiate on-demand, mass or triggered campaigns to connect with your customers promptly. 
  • Use our native and zero-code integration options to save time and complete this task without technical expertise. 
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  • You may use Salesforce to manage your reporting, lead generation, sales, and overall marketing. Integrating our direct mail API can enable you to send letters to selected contacts to put your message directly in front of decision-makers. 
  • Our letter-sending service can fetch customer data within your system, auto-fill mailers, and make your letters ready to go seamlessly. 


  • Improve your workflow automation with an online letter-sending service at your fingertips. 
  • Combine offline and online mailing, follow up with clients via letters, and do much more with our ActiveCampaign integration!
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  • Our API integration lets Klaviyo offer direct mail functionality to its users, which was missing earlier.
  • You may automate letter mailings at a scale using webhooks similar to automating digital channels. 
  • PostGrid’s letter-sending service can natively integrate into your Klaviyo account for new and existing workflows. 


  • Connect with over 1,600 apps via our letter-sending service and Zapier integration. 
  • It helps you expand your outreach, get more leads, and connect offline and online communications for better visibility. 

All Industries Benefit From Our Online Letter Sending Service

PostGrid helps many industries send letters online, regardless of size and type. 

Our online letter service lets them reduce their workload and better focus on other tasks, like providing quality products and services.


Financial Services

  • This industry processes many compliance documents, like adverse action letters, privacy notices, and collection letters.
  • Our online letter-mailing service lets companies save time, effort, and money sending these items to respective clients. Also, they can use our real-time tracking capabilities to stay updated and follow up with recipients.

Retail and E-Commerce

  • Retail and online selling businesses use the online letter service to contact their audience offline.
  • Coupons, order statements, forms, and bills are the commonly-used mailers they send. They also send compliance-based documents to third parties using our letter API.

Real Estate

  • PostGrid’s online letter-sending service lets real estate businesses function smoothly with timely client correspondence. 
  • They print and mail yellow letters, privacy notices, rental agreements, and marketing mailers to their audience.
  • Real estate companies primarily target expired listings, neighborhood leads, out-of-state landlords, and inherited properties. A letter-sending service helps them discuss their services, form relationships, and grow their business.


  • Life, health, property, auto, and other insurance companies use an online letter service for many reasons. They employ it for claims processing, customer onboarding, claim calculation, fraud detection, and more. 
  • Sending monthly statements, cancellation notices, and policy declarations via mail is a regular task. PostGrid allows them to complete the job well without trouble or wasting time.


  • Charitable and nonprofit organizations use a letter-sending service to connect with existing and potential donors. They send fundraising letters, receipts, event merchandise, and other items via postal mail. 
  • These institutions rely on an online letter-mailing service like ours to contact volunteers, sponsors, donors, and other parties. 
  • Since they aim to save and raise money for different causes, switching to an automated mailing platform is profitable.

How to Send Online Letters Via PostGrid

Using an online letter-sending service is quick and straightforward. You can start by signing up for an account with a few details. 

PostGrid offers a test mode to all clients so you can try our features and get first-hand experience using our API. 

When ready, you can switch to live mode and send letters to existing or new contacts.

Create letters.

  • Upload your files or use our pre-built templates to create letters. You may use our letter-sending service’s template editor to customize artwork based on your preferences. 
  • Our API integrations make adding variable data a breeze. Hence, you can send custom letters at scale. 

Upload contacts.

  • Add your recipients’ addresses to your account to mail the letters. PostGrid also allows you to send a letter online by creating targeted mailing lists.

Place an order. 

  • Once you make all the selections, you can place an order for the number of items you want to send. Our easy-to-navigate dashboard shows you an overview of your sent mailers with real-time status. 
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Printing and mailing. 

  • Your work is complete once you launch a campaign. PostGrid’s PDN (print and delivery network) takes over from this step to prepare and ship your letters. 

Campaign monitoring.

  • Use our letter-sending service to track campaigns, view delivery status, and check engagement.

Why Should You Choose PostGrid’s Online Letter Sending Service?

PostGrid offers boutique direct mail services to let companies send postal mailings painlessly. They can personally contact their audience instead of sending emails they view over a screen. 

Here are some of our most helpful features:

Your Data Privacy Is Our Priority

  • PostGrid complies with HIPAA, PIPEDA, and other data security laws. Our print and mail partners are also compliant, helping you ensure privacy throughout the process. 
  • Our letter-sending service follows many security measures, like third-party audits, user permissions, and encryption. 
  • We are SOC-2 certified and frequently update our certifications and practices. 
  • Our business associate agreement (BAA) allows clients to send letters via our platforms without worries.

Avail Yourself of Fast Turnaround Time

  • PostGrid’s online letter-mailing service provides a 2-business day SLA. It lets you send critical mailings without delays. 
  • You may schedule your campaigns at specific dates through our API or dashboard. This feature allows you to be flexible, timely, and effective.

Our Solutions Are Adaptable to Your Needs

  • You can send a few or a million letters under the same campaign. Our online send-a-letter service is scalable, adjusting to your needs without slowdowns. 
  • Ship letters to any city, state, or country. PostGrid enables businesses to expand their functions beyond borders and stay connected with global audiences.
  • Pay as you go with our flexible plans. You can start with our Starter plan and upgrade to Enterprise based on your needs. Our letter-sending service makes it effortless to scale up and down.

Work With Direct Mail Professionals

  • PostGrid partners with many reputed printers to let you send high-quality mailers to customers, ensuring a high response ratio. 
  • Our delivery partner is USPS. You can send First-Class, Standard, Certified, and Registered Mail via our platform. Also, we help you presort items, ensuring low postage.

Check Address Accuracy Before Every Mailing

  • Use our letter-sending service to prevent mail returns and ensure accurate deliveries. 
  • We offer free address verification before every campaign to help you send mail to the correct recipients. It saves time and boosts efficiency, allowing you to fulfill your campaign’s objectives. 

Request a demo now to learn more about our letter-sending service and see how it fits your needs!

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