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How Does ISC New York NY USPS help you ensure effective business mailing?

Don't you hate it when you buy something online and try to track your package, and it says something like, “At the northeastern regional facility”? It is almost like they don't want you to know where your package is. You can see a similar message with USPS mail tracking as they often revolve around the term ISC New York NY USPS in many cases.

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If you send or receive numerous postal mail, you will likely come across the term ISC New York NY USPS more than a few times. You may have even noticed it printed on the correspondence you receive. It often pops up when you try to track an international mail or package via USPS.

Here, we will discuss what it means and why it is crucial to track your international mail and ensure streamlined business communication.

What is ISC New York NY USPS?

ISC New York or ISC New York NY USPS is the short form for a USPS facility called the New York International Service Center. You may think of this facility as a massive clearing house because it is where USPS processes every mail or package arriving or leaving the US.

Yes, every single piece of mail or package that your business sends goes through the ISC New York NY USPS by default. Similarly, any international mail your business receives from your customers or partners has to first come through the ISC  facility.

If your business receives numerous mail, you have probably come across the term several times. Your international mail comes with a message that says USPS processed them through ISC New York, NY. If the news never caught your attention, take a better look at your international mail the next time you get one.

The Impact Of ISC New York NY USPS On USPS Tracking And Delivery

The ISC New York, NY USPS facility significantly impacts USPS tracking and delivery. You can't even comprehend USPS's tracking terms or systems without first learning about the ISC facility and its operations. It also has a significant impact on USPS mail delivery fulfillment.

However, to understand this, you must look even more closely at the USPS ISC facility and the US customs process. The first thing you need to know about the New York ISC facility is that USPS uses it to clear or process 60% of international mail and packages.

In other words, the New York USPS ISC facility processes more than half the international mail and packages leaving or arriving in the US. Although we are discussing only the New York ISC facility, it does not mean it is the only ISC center.

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Major USPS ISC centers

As you can see, the ISC New York, NY USPS facility is the main ISC center that sorts most of the international mail and packages. The US covers an extensive area geographically. You can hardly have the same ISC center for all the mail arriving and leaving the country.

USPS has 5 ISC centers all over the country and P&DC in Honolulu. The five USPS ISC center include the following :

  • ISC New York NY
  • ISC Miami FL
  • ISC Chicago IL
  • ISC San Francisco CA
  • ISC Los Angeles CA

You already know that the ISC center in New York is the busiest of all other USPS ISC centers. The New York IDC center serves two functions or goals.

Sorting And Preparation Of Mail For Air Transport From The US

The New York facility is where the USPS sorts and prepares Mail from Northeast regions of the US for air transportation. As discussed above, all the mailers reaching the NY ISC center are international mail.

Sorting And Preparation Of Mail To The US

The other function of the ISC New York NY USPS facility is to process international mail from foreign countries to northeastern America. It is worth remembering that USPS can only process international mail destined for the US once customs give them the go-ahead.

Is The ISC New York Center A Part of The Customs Department?

If you often send or receive international mail, you have probably heard news associating the ISC New York center and the customs. For instance, when trying to track a USPS mailing, you may find that the mail is not moving due to issues with customs clearance. And you involuntarily associate the New York ISC center with the customs department.

Although ISC New York NY USPS aligns with the customs department on specific operations, they are never the same. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is an independent agency whose daily operations have nothing to do with ISC.

Sure, both entities may be in the same building and work for the same boss – the US government but their similarities end there. Furthermore, both organizations have two completely different functions or goals. The role of CBP ends at inspecting all international mail and packages from the airport. In other words, the USPS ISC center has no position in this inspection process.

But the inspection part is where things start to get interesting. You would imagine that while the CBP inspects international mail or packages, the customs has custody of the mailers. However, that's not technically the case. You can understand the difference between USPS ICS and CBP once you understand how the process works after the mail reaches JFK.

Some might think the CBP inspects the right as they land at JFK airport. However, in reality, USPS receives the mail, sorts it, and takes it to the CBP mailroom for inspection. Once CBP takes over the mail, they use a three-step method to scrutinize them and forward eligible mail/packages to the ISC New York NY USPS facility.

CBP's Three-Step Method

The first step CBP takes to inspect international mail is to gather as much information as possible from the package. However, you can review it in a non-intrusive way. Make sure to use a non-intrusive approach to the inspection before handing over the USPS ISC facility.

Sometimes, CBP inspection flags your mail or package as suspicious. And if CBP feels something fishy about your mail, they will take the item to a designated inspection area. CBP can use anything from X-rays to sniffer dogs to examine your mail and forward it to the USPS ISC center.

Suppose the x-ray reveals something suspicious to customs. The customs officers would open and inspect the international mail in that case. After customs clearance, the USPS ISC center takes over the process entirely. It proceeds to sort and forward the mail to relevant Regional Facilities.

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What Is The Meaning Of "Processed Through Facility ISC New York (USPS)"?

Whenever USPS processes a mail or package, it provides the necessary tracking details to its customers. This practice applies to domestic and international mailings and shows the latest processing status to the customers. You are probably wondering what this has to do with New York ISC, or maybe you already know.

There is a good chance that in one of the USPS tracking messages, you say, “Processed Through Facility ISC New York NY (USPS).” Most people don't understand this message because they don't know what it means.

It won't surprise us if you read this article because you recently saw the tracking message yourself. The most significant thing to note is that the ISC New York NY USPS tracking message is only after customs clearance.

Think about it. The mailing arrives at the ISC New York facility in containers. You don't get to wave a magic wand to get all mailings out of the container and sort them. Once the container reaches the US, the planes unload them and send them for customs inspection or clearance.

In other words, if the ISC New York tracking message is confusing to you, think of it as the stage after customs clearance. As for the mailing location, it is clear from the tracking message that it has reached USPS's facility in New York.

What Does “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” Mean?

Another tracking message similar to the ISC New York NY USPS message is the “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” message. However, this tracking message does provide some context as it says, “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility.”

You may still find the message confusing because the “Regional Facility” could be anywhere. Some may think that the Regional Facility is your local post office or a unique state-wise facility. But neither of them is true. The “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” message means that your mail piece left the ISC New York facility.

After leaving the ISC New York facility, your mailpieces reach another sorting facility. The only difference is that the sorting facility, in this case, is the “Regional” one. As you can guess, USPS scans the mailpieces once they reach the Regional Facility.

You can get the tracking message only after the mailer leaves the ICS New York facility. Furthermore, the mail or package must reach the Regional Facility, and someone has to scan the mailpiece to get the “Arrived at Regional Facility” tracking message.

What Does “In Transit To Next Facility” Mean?

If the tracking message you receive says “In Transit to next Faculty,” the package is no longer at the sorting facility. At this point, your mailpiece may be far from the ISC New York facility because it is already two touch points away.

Of course, if the destination of the mailpiece is in or around New York, it wouldn't be too far from the ISC New York facility. After the sorting at the Regional Facility, your USPS may bring the mail directly to your or your closest local post office.

Hence, the tracking message “In Transit To Next Facility” means that the mailer is on its way to you or your nearest post office. Sometimes it is also possible that the tracking status from USPS remains unchanged. If that is the case, your mail is likely still at the ISC New York facility because of some hold-up from Customs.

How To Check If Your Mail or Package Is With The Customs?

If you are worried that the mail never arrived at the ISC New York NY USPS facility from customs, you will get a confirmation soon. Whenever CBP holds or detains a package, it sends a letter to the recipient. Typically, the recipient receives the letter from CBP within a few days.

The letter will also explain why CBP detains your international mail or package. More importantly, it explains what you need to do to release your mail or package. Here are some common reasons why CBP might hold your mail/package and not forward it to the USPS ISC facility.

  • Incorrect, inaccurate, or missing paperwork
  • Goods that are wrongly declared
  • Prohibited items
  • Non-payment of customs fees
  • Issues in getting in touch with the consignee
  • Shipments exceeding the maximum allowable value

Why Is Your Mail Or Package Stuck In The ISC New York NY USPS Facility?

The most likely reason your business mail or package might not be moving from the ISC New York NY USPS facility is processing delay. As you know, the processing time for mail includes passing it through the ISC facility after customs clearance.

The USPS ISC facility works pretty efficiently. As we mentioned, the only chance for processing delays is due to customs clearance. It is routine for the customs office to inspect and flag suspicious mail items.

Hence, you might want to try and wait around for a bit until CBP sends you their letter. However, if you are worried about your mail getting stuck in the USPS facility, you can always seek help from USPS. There should be no holdbacks from the USPS ISC centers as long as the mail/package complies with customs rules and regulations.

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How Long Can USPS ISC Centers Hold My Mail Or Packages?

Now you know your international mail can sometimes get held at one of the USPS ISC centers. At this point, you are probably wondering how long ISC can have your mail. You will not like the answer to this question as a business organization.

The processing time for your mail at a facility like ISC New York NY USPS is very unpredictable. For one thing, there is a countless mail that a busy ISC center like the New York ISC processes daily. Furthermore, this mail comes from all nooks and corners of the world.

No business organization wants to deal with this kind of unpredictability. Hence, using an automated system like PostGrid for your business communication is always a good idea. Automation minimizes errors in your mailing process and ensures more streamlined processing at the USPS ISC facilities.

What Is The Processing Time In USPS ISC Facilities?

As stated above, the processing time for a USPS ISC facility is somewhat unpredictable. However, you can generally notice that mail or small packages arrive at their destination within a few days.

On the other hand, if the package is large, customs can hold it for around four or three days at the ISC facility. Hence, it is better to use smaller mailing packages for international mail and ensure shorter USPS ISC facilities' processing time.

On average, the waiting time for a package at the ISC facility, including the ISC New York NY USPS facility, is seven to ten days. However, you may often find people claiming that their international mail or package remains dormant for fourteen days or more.

What Are The Elements That Affect The Processing Time At USPS ISC Center?

Several factors or elements can have a significant impact on the processing or waiting time on waiting time for USPS ISC facilities. However, here are some critical aspects that could affect the processing time of your business mail.

  • The declaration for the envelope/package and its content.
  • The description of the contents.
  • The final destination address or the return address.
  • The package or envelope size.

What Should You Do If Customs Detain Your International Mail Or Package?

The first thing you need to understand is that it is perfectly normal for customs to hold or detain your mailpiece at the USPS ISC facility. It is no stranger to getting a parking ticket because you may get one every once in a while regardless of how careful a person you are.

As we mentioned, if customs are suspicious about your mail or package, they will process it. However, that does not mean the CBP will tear into your mail like a 4-year-old opening Christmas presents. In most cases, the inspection happens without even opening the package. Hence, you don't have to worry about the safety of your mail at the ISC New York NY USPS facility.

Suppose the customs department has to open your package. In that case, the CBP will attach a notification to the parcel after resealing it. Ensure that the tape on the box is US customs tape to ensure that no one else opens your package. It is an easy way to ensure that your mail did not leave the ISC New York NY USPS facility.

Here are the steps you can take if the customs department holds your package at the USPS ISC facility.

Wait It Out

It may not sound like excellent advice, but hear us out. If your mail is not moving from the ISC New York facility, it is best to wait it out. Why do we advise this? Because, more often than not, the ISC facilities take around 72 hours to leave the ISC facility.

There is no need or use in panicking if your mail takes three or four days to get processed through the USPS ISC facility. Hence, it is probably best for you to wait this time out before moving to any substantial efforts like talking with the USPS or filing a complaint.

Contact Customer Service 

Your mail's tracking status sometimes does not change even after four days. In this case, you can try contacting USPS's customer service. Although the delay is from customs clearance, your international mail is still within the USPS ISC facility.

And USPS is still answerable for your mail or package. USPS customer service can tell you the hold up with your mail or parcel and point you in the right direction.

Check If Your Mail Is Back On The Move

If or when the ISC New York NY USPS facility processes your mail/package, you will receive an update on your tracking data. Hence, before you call up USPS and create a big deal out of it, you may want to try updating your tracking information.

If the updated tracking information reads, “Departed ISC New York NY (USPS),” it means your mail or package is on the way. Sometimes, it is also possible for the tracking message to read “In Transit,” which means the same thing. So, if you get either of these tracking messages, you can be sure that your mail is no longer stuck or detained at the USPS ISC facility.

How Can You Ensure The Easy USPS ISC Processing Of Your Business Mailer?

Automating is the best way to ensure that there is no human error in printing and mailing your business mailer. Advanced direct mail automation tools like PostGrid let you print domestic and international addresses in a standard format. The standard format enables the USPS ISC facility to process your mail faster.

Furthermore, you can also choose the standard size and dimensions for your business mailers. Also, USPS's high-speed sorting machinery can efficiently process your business mailers. As you can imagine, this can also enhance the USPS ISC processing for your mailers. 

And that's not all. As you can see, the ISC New York NY USPS facility is a crucial part of tracking your business mailers. With PostGrid, you can access an advanced tracking and analytics feature to ensure the whereabouts of your mailers. PostGrid further sweetens the deal for you by offering several additional features and capabilities, such as:

  • Mailing history
  • Standard mail tracking and IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) tracking
  • Sample templates and template editor
  • Bulk mailing via CSV files
  • Registered and Express mailing options
  • And much more

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