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International Address Verification and Validation API

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Address Verification Validation API

International Address Validation API Service

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3075 14th Ave. #212, Markham,
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Global Address Verification API: 245+ Countries Address Database

Verify postal addresses from every corner of the world using PostGrid’s advanced address verification API! Streamline direct mail communication with international customers, partners, and vendors.

international address validation api

Why You Need International Address Verification

Direct mail campaigns and communication are often more expensive than online marketing channels. When it comes to international mail, the cost of direct mail communication increases even further. Sending international direct mail without address verification can lead to several problems and hurt your bottom line.

You lose valuable time and money by sending international mail to undeliverable addresses. Furthermore, you also waste paper, ink, etc., on mailers that never even reach their destination. PostGrid enables you to run real-time address verification with its advanced API and ensure the deliverability of your international mail.

Benefits Of Employing PostGrid's International Address Verification API

Address Standardization

PostGrid’s international address validation API doesn’t just check whether the address is deliverable or not. Our advanced address verification system standardizes the global address to the format described by the relevant postal authorities.

As a result, postal service providers in different countries can quickly sort and deliver direct mail addressed using PostGrid. Address standardization ensures that the address is easily readable for the sorting system used by postal service providers worldwide.

Address Autocomplete

PostGrid’s address verification API comes equipped with a powerful and convenient address autocomplete feature. It enables businesses that use PostGrid’s address verification API to set up their landing pages, forms, and even mobile apps with address autocomplete.

PostGrid’s address autocomplete API system automatically detects the data typed in by the customer and suggests verified addresses to them. Combining the features with geo locations enables PostGrid to provide more accurate suggestions. As a result, you get clean and error-free address data right from the data collecting point.

Bulk or Batch Address Verification

Another reason why customers love PostGrid’s global address API is because of its bulk or batch address verification. PostGrid uses a simple system for bulk or batch address verification that even a middle schooler can easily carry out international address verification.

You can download your customer database from the CRM to a CSV file and use it directly for address verification. PostGrid even offers a web interface to upload the CSV file and get a validated address database within seconds.

Geocoding Capabilities

When you use PostGrid for global address verification, you can also access an impressive geocoding API feature. It allows you to get the lat-long coordinates of international addresses. Hence, you can use it to identify patterns in geographical locations and buying habits.

Furthermore, PostGrid’s geocoding even includes an accuracy score and a detailed report on calculating the geocodes. It enables you to identify customer patterns based on geographical area and pitch more relevant offers to your customers.

Zero-Code Integration

PostGrid’s Zapier integration allows you to connect its robust address verification capabilities with more than 1600 apps! Hence, PostGrid is the most convenient way to integrate the address autocomplete feature into your mobile app.

Furthermore, PostGrid also offers a standalone address verification software platform to verify, standardize, and validate your international addresses. It essentially means that you can verify international addresses with a zero-code integration.

All-Around Protection Security And Protection

verified postal code globally
Regulatory Compliance Data Security and Secure Hosting Scalable Solutions
  • Secure and confidential data handling hosted on Amazon web services.
  • Quick and efficient international mailing.
  • Amazon web services enable you to use relevant data while ensuring safe hosting. 
  • PostGrid offers one of the most scalable direct mail solutions in the world.
  • Use PostGrid’s REST API to scale your direct mail communication channel. 
  • Advanced integration capability for easy international address verification.

Why Choose PostGrid's International Address Verification API?

Bulk Data Analysis

PostGrid’s international address validation API comes with a bulk data analysis feature. Businesses or organizations can use PostGrid to analyze their database containing tens of thousands of addresses. Furthermore, all of this happens in a matter of seconds, saving you valuable time and resources.

Delivery Point Verification

PostGrid provides you with the delivery status for every address in your address database. It enables you to send timely direct mail to accurate addresses and boost your sales potential. Delivery point verification lets you confirm whether the mail will reach its final destination.

Matching Technology

Our advanced CASS-certified matching technology quickly detects address matches in USPS’s official address database. Furthermore, PostGrid also sees and eliminates all the duplicates in your address database.

Address Validation

PostGrid’s global address validation web service enables you to normalize addresses from over 245 different countries. It means you can validate all your international addresses using PostGrid and ensure maximum deliverability for international direct mail.

Address Parsing

Address parsing involves splitting a complete address into different components. PostGrid splits an international mailing address into smaller parts such as

Data Cleansing

Our system completely integrates with your CRM solution. It enables you to cleanse your international address database and eliminate misinformation or gaps in the fetched data. Furthermore, our bulk address verification capabilities allow you to cleanse many international addresses within seconds.

CASS & SERP Certification

PostGrid comes with CASS(Coding Accuracy Support System) and SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) certifications. It means PistGrid can access the official address databases of USPS and Canada Post.

Rapid Data Verification

With PostGrid’s rapid address verification, you don’t have to wait around for hours or days to verify your address database. Our automated system verifies thousands of international mail addresses in seconds. It ultimately saves you hours and even days of manual tasks with the click of a button.

24-Hour Customer Support

PostGrid will never leave you stranded without support. Even in the middle of the night, our 24-hour customer support is always available to help you with any questions or issues with our global address API.

How to Verify Your International Address With PostGrid?

address verification and validation api

PostGrid’s international address verification API can verify large numbers of addresses in one go. There is practically no limit to the number of postal addresses you can verify using our robust address validation API.

Using PostGrid’s address verification tool is very easy and user-friendly. The entire address verification process via PostGrid consists of five simple steps.

Step 1:
Create An Account On PostGrid.

Step 2:
Login on PostGrid and access the dashboard.

Step 3:
Add trusted domains and secure your account.

Step 4:
Click on Setting → Addresses → Copy your API keys

Step 5:
Paste the API URL in your browser.

After completing the steps listed above, you will get a successful API call. If you do not get the API successful call or face any difficulty in the process, you can contact us or check our FAQs page.

Does Your Business Need An International Address Validation API?

The primary purpose of the international address validation system from PostGrid is to ensure a clean address database. It ensures that the address data entering your system is correct, error-free, complete, and deliverable.

Apart from this, it also helps businesses check other details such as spam data entering their database and duplicate addresses. However, there are several uses for PostGrid’s international address validation API. The use cases for PostGrid’s International Address Verification API are as follows.

  • E-commerce Sites: E-commerce brands can use PostGrid’s API to ensure their products’ delivery location is verified. It enables them to deliver their products without failure or delays.
  • Healthcare Industry: Healthcare organizations like hospitals and clinics can send everything from patient statements to event invites. PostGrid is also HIPAA-compliant, which means it can process confidential patient data.
  • Insurance Providers: PostGrid allows insurance providers to communicate delicate matters with enterprise-level security and secure hosting. Furthermore, the 99.9% error-free rate PostGrid’s address verification API makes it ideal for international mailers.
  • Financial Service ProvidersPostgrid provides compliance-based communication for financial institutions. Hence, you can use it for marketing their several financial services. Furthermore, PostGrid offers real-time tracking and progress management of your international mailers.

Standard Address Verification Demo’s (US & Canada)

Autocomplete, Verify, Validate, Standardize and Geocode addresses across US and Canada

Address Auto-Complete
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International Address Verification Demo’s

Autocomplete, Verify, Validate, Standardize and Geocode addresses over 245+ countries globally

Address Auto-Complete
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