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How Much Does a Forever Stamp Cost

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how many stamps do I need

How Much Does a Forever Stamp Cost: Improve Mailing Efficiency and Reduce Costs!

In 2021, USPS received stamp orders worth $776.2 million

Unsurprisingly, people still use stamps to ship their letters, postcards, documents, etc. With more emails and social media messages floating around daily, it makes sense to use a personal communication channel. 

how many stamps do I need

But how much does a forever stamp cost?

Most people use the USPS Forever stamp rate to send First-Class Mail and other mailers. Their rates are always equivalent to the current shipping prices.

This article discusses everything to know about Forever stamps and their prices. Let us dive in!

How Much Does a Forever Stamp Cost in 2024?

We meet several clients asking about the USPS shipping rates and services with queries like- 

How much does a Forever stamp cost in 2024?

Last year, the Forever stamp rate to send letters and postcards was 60c and 44c per item, respectively. 

One Forever stamp helps you ship a 1-ounce letter only. 

Every additional ounce costs you an extra 24c. 

Buying stamps in bulk allows you to save on postage and ship items flexibly. You can get a booklet of 20 Forever stamps at only $12. And a roll of 100 costs you only $60. 

However, USPS recently declared a price hike for 2024, effective from 22 January! Please find the old and new rates in the table below. 

Mail Item Current Rates 2024 Forever Stamp Rate
1-ounce letters 60c 63c
1-ounce metered letters (for commercial customers) 57c 60c
Postcards 44c 48c
Postcards (global shipping) $1.40 $1.45
1-ounce letters (international mail) $1.40 $1.45

Additional ounce prices will remain the same at 24c per ounce. 

The 5% hike in the cost Forever stamp would help USPS offset inflation and help the organization function uninterruptedly. 

You can save money by buying postage stamps at 60c per item before 22 January. 

Forever postage never expires and enables you to ship your mailpieces without paying extra. 

If you ask how much does a forever stamp costs in 2021, check the past USPS First-Class Mail rates.

Year Forever Stamp Rate Price Hike By
2001 34c
2002 37c 3c
2006 39c 2c
2007 41c 2c
2008 42c 1c
2009 44c 2c
2012 45c 1c
2013 46c 1c
2014 49c 3c
2016 47c -2c
2017 49c 2c
2018 50c 1c
2019 55c 5c
2021 58c 3c
2022 60c 2c
2023 63c 3c

The USPS decreased the cost Forever stamp only once in the past 22 years. 2016 saw a reduction of 2c in the postage rates, which lasted only one year. The prices were back up in 2017 to 49c, which was the Forever stamp rate in 2015!

What Is a Forever Stamp?

Learning about the origin of postage stamps helps you comprehend their usage and save on the prices! Hence, try digging deeper into their introduction when you ask- How much does a Forever stamp cost?

Let us start with what a Forever stamp means!

It is a First-Class Mail postage stamp you can buy from the Post Office for domestic shipping. The good news is that Forever stamps are non-denominational, enabling you to use them forever at the same rate. 

You can purchase them at the current Forever stamp rate for future use when the prices hike. For instance, you can buy a roll of 100 stamps at 60c per piece today and use them post 22 January 2024 without paying the additional 3c to the Post office.

Please note that the 60c cost Forever stamp is only valid for 1-ounce First-Class Mail letters. You may need to pay extra if your mailpieces weigh more. Postage rates also depend on the size, shape, and mailing service.

First-Class Mail allows you to ship postcards, letters, and large envelopes. Businesses use this service to send marketing and official items, including

History of Forever Stamps

USPS unveiled the first Forever stamp on 12 April 2007. It was equivalent to First-Class Mail postage, worth 41c at the time. USPS directs customers to refer to the current First-Class Mail rates if they ask- how much does a Forever stamp costs. Please note that the prices for Priority Mail, Certified Mail, and other services differ. 

Later, the Post Office sold all First-Class Mail postage stamps with the ‘Forever’ tag. 

The first Forever stamp carried the phrase ‘USA FIRST-CLASS FOREVER’ with a picture of the Liberty Bell. USPS only sold these mailing items at the standard Forever stamp rate individually. The Post Office issued the first coil of stamps on 1 December 2010. 

In 2015, USPS enabled senders to pay the base cost Forever stamp to send postcards and other items. 

The Post Office aimed at eliminating the hassles of buying or distributing new postage stamps each time it hikes the Forever stamp rate nationally. Forever stamps also solved the problem of disposing of outdated items. 

Should I Purchase Stamps at the Current Forever Stamp Rate?

Many people consider buying stamps in bulk at the current cost Forever stamp as an investment. Though it is a stretch, hoarding stamps before the rates increase is always an excellent idea. 

Consider how much you spend on postage and its frequency. Remember to count your event invitations, holiday cards, and other mailpieces because these campaigns can be expensive. 

Consider whether your company should make bulk purchases and clear doubts regarding- 

How much does a roll of forever stamps cost?

Every roll has 100 pieces and costs $60. Otherwise, you can switch to PostGrid’s automated direct mail services to stop worrying about logistics-related questions and focus more on your revenue and sales. 

Please note that the USPS cost Forever stamp is directly proportional to the current inflation rate. There is no guarantee how much the prices may increase or decrease. Whenever inflation rises, USPS requests the Postal Regulatory Commission for a hike. Expect the Forever stamp rate to increase over the next few years, which makes it essential to consider using other solutions like PostGrid to handle your shipping tasks.

PostGrid allows you to send your items to intended recipients at all-inclusive rates. Hence, your staff can spend less time thinking about the query- how much does a Forever stamp cost in 2024?

How Many Forever Postage Stamps Should Businesses and Individuals Purchase?

Try finding the answers to the following questions to determine how many stamps you need:

  • What is the current Forever stamp rate?
  • How many First-Class Mail postcards and letters do we send yearly?
  • What is our mailing budget?

You will spend more money on buying stamps in large quantities after you get answers to questions, like- how much does a book of forever stamps cost?

But, it enables you to ship mailpieces efficiently and save money over some time, say six months or a year.

Your budget also dictates how many stamps for 6oz to purchase from the Post Office. You can consider hoarding hundreds of stamps upfront if you have an enormous shipping budget. Otherwise, try working your way with time, employing other ways to save costs.

Use PostGrid’s direct mail API to save time, money, and effort. It allows you to get the best Forever stamp rate and grab other USPS discounts. PostGrid conducts several steps, like presorting mailpieces, adding barcodes, and dropshipping to help you speed up deliveries and boost productivity. 

How to Use Forever Stamps?

It is easy to buy and use Forever postage stamps. Gone are the days when customers would worry about the question:

How much does a Forever stamp cost in 2024

You can manage your costs and ship your items using several options, making the process smoother. 

Try visiting the Post Office weekly or monthly and inquiring- how much does a roll of Forever stamps costs. Then, you may use them to ship letters, postcards, checks, etc., whenever required. Remember to follow the postal guidelines on stamp placement and address format. 

Always stick your stamps on the top-right corner of your package or letter. Ensure they are in good condition because USPS sorting machines reject items with worn-out seals. 

You may need to pay double the cost Forever stamp if your letters or postcards weigh more than 1 ounce. Try stocking on some denomination stamps to avoid paying extra.

For example, imagine your mailpiece weighs 3 ounces. You may believe it requires 3 Forever postage stamps, costing you $1.89.

But you can save on the cost Forever stamp by using additional-ounce stamps at 24c per piece. They enable you to send your 3-ounce letter for only $1.11. 

Where Can You Buy Stamps at the Current Forever Stamp Rate?

You may purchase postage stamps from grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, office supply shops, etc. These places sell mailing items at the same Forever stamp rate as the Post Office.

Almost all vendors selling stamps have a broad collection to help you select based on your preferences.

You may need to pay the shipping charges over a cost Forever stamp when you order them online. 

Before you purchase stamps on websites like Amazon, eBay, or Target, ask them this question- 

How much does a Forever stamp cost? 

Save on the Forever Stamp Rate and Automate Your Shipping Tasks With PostGrid

As discussed, buying stamps in bulk is the best way to reduce the cost Forever stamp to save on postage. But what if you use an alternative to the manual, hectic, and time-consuming process of shipping items?

Direct mail automation helps you prepare your mailpieces and print them in high quality. It also allows you to stuff them in envelopes, add stamps, and distribute them in an automated way. 

PostGrid’s direct mailing solutions assist clients in increasing efficiency and getting higher campaign responses. These companies can streamline their print and ship activities smoothly instead of trying to find an answer to

How much does a Forever stamp cost?

Here is a breakdown of how all industries use PostGrid to pay less of the cost Forever stamp and conduct better shipping campaigns.

  • Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, dental offices, etc., pay the Forever stamp rate to ship medical documents. PostGrid helps them ditch using these items and automate their processes to save time and money. 
  • Real estate: The real estate industry prints and ships rebate notices, purchase agreements, contract renewals, etc., to clients. It uses PostGrid’s direct mail API to draft its documents using our pre-built templates and ship response-bearing mailers. 
  • Insurance: PostGrid allows life, health, auto, and other insurance companies to mail accurate documents to their target audiences. Businesses can verify their client addresses via our automated solutions and avoid mail returns. 
  • Retail and eCommerce: Companies can acquire and retain their customers using PostGrid. They can print and ship eye-catching marketing mailers at the standard Forever stamp rate and drive engagement. PostGrid also helps them send professional documents to stakeholders, allowing them to create an excellent impression. 
  • Financial services: Send collection letters, invoice notices, policy change letters, bank statements, etc., at the current cost Forever stamp with PostGrid’s direct mail API. Our services help them avail of all-inclusive pricing plans to pay discounted rates. 

Request a demo to see how PostGrid assists you in learning about how much does a Forever stamp costs and reducing shipping expenses!

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