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Why Do Hospitality Marketing Strategies Matter After COVID-19?

In any industry, a strong marketing strategy defines the success of a business. With the pandemic ending, the growth of the hospitality industry is skyrocketing again travelers are ready to travel more than ever.

In the digital age, hospitality businesses are transforming their hospitality marketing strategies with omnichannel marketing efforts.

According to an American Hotel & Lodging Association report, hotel occupancy level hit 63.4% in 2022. Thus, hospitality businesses aim to recapture the market and create the best awareness.

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Marketing for hospitality businesses helps establish strategies and connections for promoting products and services in the hospitality and tourism industry. It is essential for attracting tourists to hotels, destinations, and transportation services.

Moreover, effective marketing in the hospitality industry focuses on improving customer experiences and creating memorable experiences for tourists. Most hospitality businesses use digital marketing tools and direct mail services to promote their offerings.

What is Hospitality Marketing?

It is all about finding and implementing the right strategies to improve customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and customer retention and provide the best possible experience. Hospitality businesses seek hospitality marketing trends. It revolves around expanding the target audience and offering customers a comprehensive travel experience.

Effective hospitality advertising enables businesses to increase their repeat customer base. These repeat customers are responsible for up to 40% of a hospitality business's revenue. When using a promotional effort for your hospitality brand, you can include various campaigns, including digital approaches and direct advertising campaigns. For example, a restaurant might run online ads to attract customers with extra discounts, while it can also send coupons through direct mail in a neighborhood area.

Why Do You need to Consider Hospitality Marketing?


Hospitality advertising is essential to any hospitality business, such as restaurants, hotels, homestays, resorts, cafes, bars, and tour planners. These businesses rely on attracting customers and building a solid market presence.

Here are some reasons why you need to consider marketing for hospitality businesses;

Customer Awareness for Trust

Effective hospitality marketing helps businesses create awareness among potential tourists about their products and services. Trust is an essential factor in attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

Standing Among the Competition

The industry has become competitive, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it would help if you had effective hospitality advertising strategies to stand out from the competition and differentiate yourself. Using omnichannel marketing approaches can be a great way to give tough competition to your competitors.

Building Brand Reputation

Robust hospitality marketing strategies are always good for building a solid brand reputation. It is a crucial aspect for attracting new tourists to explore your offering in the hospitality industry.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Every hospitality business wants loyal customers to reexplore its products and services. By following the hospitality marketing trends, you can expect more repeat businesses and more referrals for your hospitality brand.

Revenue Generation

The profit margins are lower in the hospitality industry than in other business sectors. You can target the right customers using hotel marketing trends with the right message. It helps hospitality businesses increase their customer base and contribute to their revenue.

Challenges to Hospitality Industry After the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 global pandemic had a massive impact on the American and international hospitality industry. There has been a significant decrease in the demand for travel and tourism. Customers still need more confidence to dine out or stay in hotels like in the pre-COVID world.

We say an increase in operational costs, supply chain disruptions, contactless services, and labor shortages. Moreover, the pandemic has brought critical challenges to the survival of existing and growth of these businesses. Investing in hospitality marketing trends is also getting more challenging for new companies that must ensure their existence.

These are some common challenges in the hospitality industry;

Increasing Competition Among Businesses

Traveling companies and agencies also operate online and offline with the rising online landscape worldwide. These days tourists have tons of alternative accommodation options. Hospitality businesses need help attracting new customers and retaining their existing ones. Only effective hospitality marketing techniques push these businesses to sustain their existence in the market.

The Evolving Consumer Preferences

The post-COVID-19 world led to a drastic change in consumer preferences and behaviors. It has become challenging for hospitality businesses to understand their behavioral patterns to adjust their products and services. These businesses need help to keep up with the dynamic market demands to provide the ideal experience to their customers. They might need more than a single channel for implementing hospitality marketing trends.

Reputation is Everything

Trust and reputation play essential roles in the hospitality industry. People only spend their hard-earned money on a vacation when they can trust a hospitality business.

No one likes to ruin their vacation or change plans at the last minute because of inconvenience. Thus, hospitality companies must work even harder to impact prospects' minds with hospitality marketing. Testimonials and reviews can help them build a solid market reputation.

The Season Factor

Unlike other industries, the hospitality industry is dependent on seasonality. There could be tons of seasonal fluctuations, which makes it harder for these businesses to use their hospitality marketing strategies. Making consistent revenue throughout the year is another challenge for hospitality companies.

Severe Economic Fluctuations

Travel and hospitality activities are always popular as leisure activities. Thus, the industry is vulnerable to economic downturns and hardships of people. It becomes even harder to sustain a hospitality business with hospitality marketing during such economic times.

Why is Personalization a Critical Factor for Hospitality Marketing?

Hotels, restaurants, resorts, cafes, and bars must be thoughtful while drafting their hospitality marketing strategies. Personalization plays a vital role in hospitality businesses while communicating with their prospects.

These are some notable factors to consider Personalization in your hospitality marketing strategy;

Considering Direct Mail for Marketing in Hospitality Industry

Over the years, direct mail has been disappearing with the emergence of digital media channels like email marketing and social media. Direct mail was the most effective marketing tool for travel & hospitality marketing at the time.

Direct mail marketing is still relevant in the digital information age.

Physical mail marketing is making a comeback in various industries as a very effective marketing tool. Automation platforms like PostGrid Print Mail API allow businesses to create, print and send direct mail pieces.

Why Direct Mail for Hospitality Marketing?

Businesses in the hospitality industry, like luxury hotels and resorts, pay decent marketing budgets and produce high-quality marketing materials. It gives a more personal and tactile experience to potential customers who might have an interest in traveling.

Additionally, ensuring a smooth arrival process for international guests is paramount, which can be facilitated by informing them about the SG Arrival Card requirement, enhancing their travel experience even before they reach the destination.

Premium Marketing Materials: Hospitality Marketing Trends

Luxury and comfort are your top priorities when planning a nice vacation overseas. You want to relax from every stress in your life. It is only possible when you stay away from all distractions and indulge yourself in the environment.

Crafting beautiful catalogs and travel brochures could be an effective hospitality marketing technique to promote your products and services. It will give an impression of high quality and premium feel. The tactile experience on their hands is ideal for creating a positive brand image and credibility for your hospitality business. Moreover, integrating custom travel software can further enhance the user experience, offering tailored travel solutions and itineraries to your clients.

Each direct mail piece won't end up in the trash. Physical mail pieces spend a reasonable amount of time on coffee tables, bed tables, refrigerator tops, etc. The great ones might even end up in their personal spaces like car gloveboxes.

It shows the effectiveness of direct mail as one of the leading hospitality marketing trends today. You have to provide some valuable information in your physical mail pieces that would encourage them to plan for vacations.

The Right Use of Data for Hospitality Advertising

People often consider direct mail marketing as an expensive form of marketing technique. Yet, if you want to ensure the best results from your efforts, consider retargeting past guests who already had an interest in your hospitality business.

Take full advantage of your existing data to launch a campaign for marketing hospitality. These prospects are more likely to respond to your direct mail piece.

You can further personalize the content in the following ways;

  • Include historical data, such as information about previous stays.
  • Proximity to tourist attractions, historical sites, cultural attractions, and more.
  • Couple-friendly, family-friendly, or customized itineraries based on interests and preferences.
  • On-site or local activities guests can explore during their stay.
Modern Direct Mail Comes with Automation

Unlike traditional direct mail campaigns, you have complete control over your hospitality marketing campaigns with automation tools. They can integrate their CRM to streamline their workflow while sending the right message at the right time to ensure effectiveness.

Recipients are More Likely to Open Direct Mail

Emails and social media campaigns might be too intrusive and overwhelming to people. They might be receiving hundreds of emails in their inbox. Whereas they never overcrowd their mailboxes and check every direct mail before discarding. Thus, hospitality marketing with direct mail has a higher chance of getting a response.

Highly Customizable Medium for Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality businesses can customize direct mail to fit their hospitality advertising goals and business objectives. Thus, they always have a high level of creative control when customizing their marketing campaigns. It is an ideal tool when they have to tailor it according to the needs of their seasonal business.

A Cost-Effective Approach

Since direct mail has a higher chance of success, it is a cost-effective hospitality marketing strategy to fulfill your business goals. New hospitality businesses with low budgets can also consider direct mail marketing in their hospitality advertising efforts.

Measurable with Smart Analytics

Hospitality businesses can use innovative analytics to track their marketing performance in the hospitality industry. It would enable them to tweak the campaigns to make them more effective in the short and long term.

Direct Mail Has Various Formats

Instead of relying on a single format for your direct mail campaigns, you can use postcards, letters, checks, brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc. Thus, you have complete creative freedom with your hospitality marketing efforts. There could be limitless opportunities when you have Various formats to play.

Creating Your Direct Mail Piece for Hospitality Marketing

Using physical mail could be a great idea to promote your hospitality business to tourists and customers. A well-customized and creative direct mail piece will enable you to showcase your expertise, properties, amenities, and services.

These steps would help you to create more effective direct mail pieces that will bring more business to your hospitality firm;

Understanding Your Target Audience and their Needs

Not every tourist has the same persona. Many people travel for business, others for vacations, and some for honeymoons. Each direct mail piece must consider the target audience to expect the best results for hospitality marketing efforts.

You could target couples, families, backpack travelers, or companies as a hospitality business. Each group will have its preferences and requirements from the hospitality business. Consider their fundamental interests and motivations while choosing destinations, hotels, resorts, transportation, etc.

This information would help you to tailor your marketing message and offers for the audience.

Developing a Concise and Compelling Message

Attention spans are already at an all-time low today. Thus, you can only write a few paragraphs to explain your products, services, and business expertise. Focus on highlighting the unique value proposition of your hospitality business and why people should consider you over your competitors.

Effective marketing for hospitality businesses revolves around highlighting the critical factors of your business to attract the most incredible potential guests.

Add High-Quality Images and Graphics

Visuals are the main attraction of hospitality businesses. For this reason, consider adding professional images and graphics to highlight your properties and facilities to potential guests. The lively appeal of the visuals will create a good impression in their minds to gain their confidence in your business. Using high-quality images can enhance your hospitality advertising strategies.

Add an Exciting Offer or Promotion

You might need more than an ordinary direct mail piece to drive business to your hospitality firm. You have to provide some value to the target audience to get their attention and interest in your offerings. Adding enticing offers is one of the best hospitality marketing trends you can use in your direct mail piece.

The offer could be anything from providing discounts on your rooms, complimentary breakfast, or other packages. Yet, these incentives should be relevant to the target audience.

Precise Call-to-Action

Every direct mail piece you send is a part of your hospitality marketing strategy. Thus, it would help if you defined what you are expecting from the target audience to do. Persuade people to book a reservation at your establishment, visit your website, give you a call, etc. Above all – you need to use the right call-to-action button, which must be easy to understand and persuade.

Personalize Mail Piece

There's nothing special about generic marketing messages, you see, and you forget about them. Yet, Personalization in direct mail will give a personal touch to your hospitality advertising marketing efforts. You will impact your target audience better by making the mail piece more relevant and tailored to their interests and preferences.

Continuous Testing and Refinement

Marketing in the hospitality industry is complete with testing and refinement. Thus, it would help if you also considered testing your direct mail pieces before launching them to your entire list. Instead, start testing by launching your campaign to a sample list to test its effectiveness, deliverability, and performance.

PostGrid Print Mail API for Hospitality Industry

If you are in the hospitality industry and looking for the perfect solution to create, print, and send direct mail pieces with automation, then PostGrid's Print Mail API could be the best platform for the job. You can have unlimited sending possibilities to upscale your hospitality marketing efforts and bring more guests to your hospitality business.

With Postgrid's Print Mail Platform, businesses can use the following benefits in their hospitality advertising;

Highly Scalable

Our direct mail solutions are scalable and can fulfill any hospitality business's requirements.

Highly Personalizable

Our Print Mail platform is personalizable, with a template editor consisting of hundreds of creative templates for direct mail pieces.

Smart Analytics

We help businesses track and measure the performance of their hospitality marketing physical mail with intelligent analytics tools. It enables them to measure campaign performance and its impact and ensure the best deliverability.

Easy Integrations

Hospitality businesses often use their dedicated CRMs to manage their business operations. PostGrid Print Mail can integrate into popular CRMs and over 1600 tools to ensure a workplace with smooth operations.

Combining Direct Mail with Email Marketing for Better Results

Many businesses need help choosing between direct mail and email marketing to achieve their hospitality marketing objectives. Yet, it would help if you created a balance between them by complementing each other. According to research, consumers spend 25% more time on a company's site when it uses both direct mail and email.

Each marketing channel can have a positive impact on the other.

Sending Direct Mail Pieces to Email Nonresponders

When implementing hospitality marketing strategies, you must send prospects emails to gain their attention. Yet, many people might need to check or respond to your email campaigns. In fact, according to MailChimp, the average opening rate of emails in the travel & tourism industry is around 20%.

Thus, you must target the remaining market to showcase your business and its expertise in the industry. Introduce direct mail to the target audience if you are still waiting for responses from emails. Even if they ignore your email in the first place, they will have compelling reasons to see your direct mail piece by realizing your marketing efforts.

Using Email to Follow Up a Direct Mail Campaign

Similarly, we can use email to help a direct mail campaign to grow and bring effective results. If you are running a new hospitality business, you might need more email addresses to start an email marketing campaign.

In such situations, you can start your hospitality marketing with a direct mail campaign; then, you can lead them to a landing page of your website. It would help you gather email addresses from people who might have an interest in your business. You can start running your email marketing campaigns.

Combing Direct Mail and Email with Automation

Email drip campaigns are famous for attracting new prospects, nurturing leads, and engaging with customers signing up on your website. Drip campaigns have an 80% higher opening rate than regular email campaigns.

Yet, modern-day marketers are using direct mail in their automation sequence to create diversity and uniqueness in the market. It can help hospitality businesses to show their creativity and initiative to be different. It would help if you used PostGrid's Print Mail API to achieve such automation for your email and direct mail campaigns.

Integrate QR Codes and PURLs into Your Direct Mail Pieces

Adding PURLs would enable you to personalize your direct mail according to customers' preferences and track their response rates. To reach that personalized web page, the recipients must type the address on their web browser.

A QR code will serve the same purpose, but the prospects don't need to type any address. It is a graphical representation of a PURL to reach a specific webpage. Implementing both in your direct mail pieces can help you achieve your hospitality marketing goals.


The hospitality industry has become highly competitive, especially after the COVID-19 global pandemic. Every business owner is rushing to implement the best hotel marketing trend to gain maximum guests and build brand awareness and credibility in the market.

Using a single marketing channel might not be effective in a competitive space. Thus, it would help if you considered using direct mail marketing with an automation tool like PostGrid Print Mail API. It would let you reach your target, expect a better response, and ensure 100% deliverability.

Achieve your hospitality marketing goals by signing up for our platform.

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