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Holiday Season Direct Mail Delivery

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holiday season direct mail delivery

Holiday Season Direct Mail Delivery in 2024

We have all used the USPS services at some point. Businesses either use USPS to complete online orders or send out direct mail items. Not just businesses, but even individuals widely use their services to send out postcards and letters and to receive bills.

holiday season direct mail delivery

The USPS is a government body and has been in existence for many decades. However, there are still a lot of people who do not know answers to questions like “does mail run on Thanksgiving?”

All USPS services are much cheaper than other courier services. Moreover, their service quality is also good. Postal workers work for five or six days a week and sometimes even seven to fulfill high demand. The demand is especially high during the holidays when the USPS sees a sudden surge during the time of Thanksgiving until New Year's.

There are a lot of federal holidays when the USPS workers are on leave, and hence you cannot expect to either deposit or receive mail on that day. Though, sometimes deliveries are completed during these days during fixed hours.

Is Thanksgiving a Federal Holiday?

In order to determine whether “does, mail gets delivered on Thanksgiving?” we should first know whether it is considered a federal holiday in the US. The answer to that would be “Yes,” and almost all schools, banks, libraries, public service offices, and government agencies are closed on that day, including postal services. There are some offices that work according to a fixed schedule on federal holidays. If so, individuals and businesses should be aware of these timings.

The next important question is whether the USPS delivers mail on Thanksgiving. In actuality, it doesn't. Thanksgiving is officially a holiday for USPS workers, but there are certain exceptions.

Although all post offices are closed on Thanksgiving, and no deliveries are made, Priority Mail Express deliveries can be completed. As a matter of fact, mail items sent through the Priority Mail Express service are delivered 365 days a year. Therefore, there are no holidays in the whole year when Priority Mail Express deliveries are put to hold. Hence, it goes without saying that companies sending urgent or important mail can use this service and get their mail delivered at the earliest.

Even when the USPS completes such deliveries on Thanksgiving day, no customers can avail of any USPS retail services in any way on federal holidays.

If you are wondering whether UPS and FedEx deliver mail on Thanksgiving, the answer is again, no. They are closed for deposit and delivery on Thanksgiving day officially. Only the UPS Express Critical and FedEx same-day package services deliver on Thanksgiving. These services are similar to the USPS Priority Mail Express service.

Does the USPS Deliver Direct Mail on Black Friday?

Will mail be delivered on Friday after Thanksgiving? The day after Thanksgiving is a Friday and is referred to as Black Friday. Anonymously, many people think that since Thanksgiving is a holiday, Black Friday is a federal holiday too. But, it is not even though it is considered a state holiday in a lot of states in the US and 80% of the USPS employees have paid leave.

However, all post offices work during regular working hours on this day and the mail services operate normally. Hence, mail delivery after Thanksgiving is completed as per regular delivery schedules.

Other Holidays

Other than Thanksgiving, there are several more holidays when the USPS is not in function. It is important to note down all such holidays to avoid getting into trouble at the last minute.

Direct mail marketers must familiarize themselves with post office timings, working hours, holidays, services, and more. Also, note that stamps are not available for purchase on holidays. From small businesses to large corporations, everyone should know these things if they have ever dealt with mail.

Find below the list of 2024 holidays and check whether the post office is working on these days.

  • January 1 – New Year's Day
  • January 15 – Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday
  • February 19 – Presidents' Day
  • May 27 – Memorial Day
  • July 4 – Independence Day
  • September 2 – Labor Day
  • October 14 – Columbus Day
  • November 11 – Veterans Day
  • November 28 – Thanksgiving
  • December 25 – Christmas

The USPS normally works only on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, President's Day, and Columbus Day. On all the remaining holidays, the USPS is officially closed for business and operations, except for the Priority Mail Express deliveries.

Companies must consider these holidays while drafting their mailing schedules so that they can plan everything accordingly and not face any time-limit issues. Furthermore, they should also consider “Observed Holidays.” Whenever a federal holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is “observed” on either the preceding Friday or the following Monday, respectively.

Hence, for example, if Independence Day happens to fall on a Sunday, it is observed the next day. The primary intention of observed holidays is to save employees from not being able to take an off just because the holiday happened to fall on a weekend. You should also know that Good Friday is not considered a public holiday.

What Affects Holiday Direct Mail Delivery?

Is mail delayed due to holidays? Yes, the huge and ever-growing demand that the USPS is bombarded with due to holidays can result in significant delivery delays. During holidays, the number of mail items that the USPS has to process increases dramatically.

To understand this surge, you need to know what types of mail items are sent during the holidays.

Greeting Cards

While most people have stopped sending greeting cards in the mail, they still remain popular, especially between Thanksgiving and New Year's. In fact, at least a billion greeting cards are sold each year, and most of these are sent in the mail. People expect that their cards will reach the intended recipients before Christmas or New Year's.

Ecommerce Parcels

With more and more people shopping online, the eCommerce industry continues to skyrocket. Thereby, the USPS faces the challenge of transporting eCommerce packages in huge quantities, specifically during the holidays when people shop the most.

Direct Mail

There are a lot of holiday season and end-of-the-year sales that businesses wish to promote during the holiday season. Therefore, direct mail items also form a big part of the postal crowd around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

So, it is clear that everyone from individuals to business owners sends out mail items during holidays leading to the piling up of mail items that in return lead to late deliveries.

The Coronavirus Effect

Undoubtedly, there were always delivery delays during the holidays. But, the global pandemic has caused long-lasting effects on the overall working of the USPS. The organization continues to break its own records and is challenged with fulfilling high demands with the same number of employees. They had to hire thousands of temporary workers to help them with the mail backload.

Businesses that depend on timely deliveries are being affected due to these reasons, but we cannot ignore the fact that USPS employees are now working more than ever. However, it is inevitable that all holiday season mailings are affected as the postal organization is working with a disclaimer “experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19.”

The USPS is continuously working to meet the needs of people, and it is also the responsibility of businesses to mail earlier through a relevant mail class.

First Class Vs. Standard Mail for Holiday Season Mailing

Given that mail deliveries are delayed in the holiday season, it is recommended that all individuals and companies give themselves an additional buffer time. With proper planning and scheduling, direct mail marketers can get their mail delivered on time, even around the occasional USPS slowdowns.

Some fresh factors like the coronavirus and spiked eCommerce business are also responsible for delays. While marketers cannot predict exact delay periods, they can surely mail a few days earlier to be on the safe side. Hence, setting aside buffer time is the way to go. PostGrid‘s print and mail API can help you create and print mail items at the perfect time to mail them out and get them delivered in a timely manner.

An important point to be noted is that the USPS treats different mail classes differently, which in turn affects the delivery times. Obviously, First Class mail items are prioritized over Standard mail items. It is why First Class mail is the least affected during the holiday season, and Standard mail is affected the most. Therefore, many mailers choose to send their holiday season mail items through First Class. If you are wondering how long First Class mail takes to deliver during Christmas, note that the specified time is the same as usual.

Standard mail is always processed and sent out for delivery after the USPS workers complete processing First Class mail and Parcels. While sending out First Class mail, you should deposit your holiday mail items by at least December 14. In the case of Standard mail, drop off your mail no later than December 7.

PostGrid can help companies conduct well-planned and strategic direct mail campaigns without having to worry about pulling off everything in time. With the in-built templates, print and mail fulfillment, tracking options, and more such features, it has become quite simple for businesses to print and mail during the holiday season without facing issues like lost mail and delivery delays.

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