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Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Attract Today’s Healthcare Consumer

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How To Attract Patients For Your Organisation With Advanced Healthcare Marketing Strategies?

Marketing is rarely easy, and every marketer and business owner knows this. Interestingly marketing from some niches is more challenging than others, and healthcare appears at the top of this list every time. The additional regulation regarding patient data and the nature of service makes healthcare marketing complex.

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However, with the right set of tools and, more importantly, the right strategy, you can quickly implement marketing in healthcare. You must learn these marketing strategies and understand the importance of medical marketing to grow your healthcare organization.

What Is Healthcare Marketing?

In simple terms, healthcare marketing involves any marketing effort a healthcare organization makes to boost brand awareness, attract patients, and cultivate loyal patients. Anything that you use to achieve any of these three goals is a part of your marketing campaign. It can be a personalized postcard, a brochure, an email, or anything else. 

Hospitals and medical institutions use various healthcare marketing strategies to engage with their target audience. The niche of healthcare marketing is different from marketing in most other industries, such as eCommerce. If you are running a healthcare organization, you are already familiar with HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to your marketing efforts too.

It means you can not just use the patient's sensitive information the way it pleases you. Besides, the nature of healthcare marketing and your organization's services can directly impact their lives. That's not all. The healthcare consumer is also rapidly evolving and so are their needs. You must understand your audience before you can come up with strategies to attract them.

Healthcare organizations need to learn and understand the changing landscape of marketing in healthcare and formulate strategies for the same. Moreover, it would be best to be mindful of the latest trends and tools in marketing that can improve your marketing results. It is the only way to ensure consistent growth for your hospital or other medical institution.

Why Do You Need Healthcare Marketing To Attract Today's Healthcare Consumer?

There was a time when hospitals and other medical institutions could sit around and wait for patients to come to them. But those days are long gone. If you wait for the patients to come to you without healthcare marketing, your competition will swoop in and take your prospects away. And you need more than one or two marketing campaigns to get the desired results.

It would be best to have a well-thought-out healthcare marketing strategy suitable for modern-day customers. Healthcare is rapidly undergoing a consumerization process, and patients demand better healthcare services. It means the average healthcare consumer is more intent on choosing a healthcare provider and does their research like any other product.

People no longer choose a healthcare provider solely based on word of mouth. The healthcare consumer checks everything from social media to Google reviews before making a significant decision regarding their care. Employing advanced healthcare marketing campaigns enables you to promote your medical business across various channels.

You can make the best out of the data you already have to target your healthcare marketing efforts to your past and current customers. It includes using existing patient records to categorize demographic and behavioral data and present them with personalized campaigns. More importantly, it ensures that your healthcare brand is recognized and helps you establish trust with the target audience.

It is also worth noting that patients seek more convenience from healthcare services. The growth of telehealth in recent years is a testimony of how much patients crave comfort. Most organizations are keen on implementing advanced healthcare services like telehealth. But at the same time, when it comes to healthcare marketing, they often fall short.

What Are The Benefits Of Healthcare Marketing?

Because they need to understand what they are missing, hospitals and other medical institutions do not prioritize healthcare marketing. They assume that word-of-mouth marketing is still good enough or that people will come to them organically. 

However, this way of thinking needs to be corrected. Once you learn the numerous benefits of marketing in healthcare, you will realize that you can never ignore it. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to use medical marketing for your healthcare organization.

Increase Your Patient Base

If you still need to start using healthcare marketing for your medical organization, you likely have a patient base that's either stable or depleting. You are likely reading this article because of the same problem. Growing your patient base can be achieved through medical marketing. Several marketing strategies can help you grow your customer base. 

Take direct mail, for example. It is an effective way to boost brand recognition and can even help you increase walk-in traffic. Advanced direct mail automation software allows you to combine direct mail with digital marketing campaigns by including a QR code. As you can see, healthcare marketing has come a long way, and it would be a mistake not to take advantage of it.

Boost Physician Referrals 

The best way to boost healthcare referrals for your organization is to increase its local reach methodically. Consider this, for example, assuming that a hospital offers a specialized healthcare service and is the only one (or one of the very few) in the locality. In this case, you have a good chance of getting more patients via physician referral. You can use marketing in healthcare to boost these referrals.

Now, imagine you and your competitor offering the same specialized healthcare service. But your competitor uses healthcare marketing, and you don't use it. In this case, the physician will likely refer their patient to your competitor because no one knows that you offer the same service. And that's why you need to implement marketing strategies for your healthcare services.

You can execute healthcare marketing by sending printed marketing materials like brochures to boost awareness of your healthcare services. But, a more personalized approach would work better. For example, you can use PostGrid's automated postcard mailing capability to send personalized postcards to physicians who can refer your healthcare services to their patients.

Involve Your Physicians To Earn Patient Trust

One of the best ways to bring authenticity to marketing in healthcare and thereby earn your patients' trust is to involve your physicians. Involving physicians in your marketing effort does not mean sending them door-to-door campaigns. Here, involvement only means including them in your marketing stories, blogs, and videos.

If you are writing a blog, consider including quotations and sections like “doctor advice” or “expert recommendations” featuring the physician. Adding their photo to the article is a nice touch that can enhance your content's credibility. A better approach is to feature physicians in video and use it across your healthcare marketing efforts.

Promote Your Unique And Most Significant Healthcare Services

Every hospital or medical institution has a healthcare service it is famous for, and you think everyone knows about it. In reality, even if one of your medical services is as good as you claim it to be, only a few people know it. But the good news is that healthcare marketing can help you promote your unique or most significant healthcare services to everyone.

By everyone, we mean everyone that matters. An ideal healthcare marketing campaign is extra careful with its targeting. Accurate targeting ensures that the relevant audience knows about your services. PostGrid's automated direct mail API has advanced targeting capabilities that help the right people hear about your services.

Provide A Seamless Patient Experience 

It might come as a surprise to you, but the truth is that healthcare marketing can help you enhance the patient experience. You can accomplish this by providing the patient by providing the patients with education resources, access to patient portals, Etc.

That's not all. You can also make the transition process more streamlined via healthcare marketing campaigns. For example, you can send a postal mailer to your audience about a healthcare seminar you are hosting. Including a QR code can enable the patient to register for the event effortlessly. 

The QR code can direct the recipient to any desired page for scheduling an appointment. It allows the patient to communicate efficiently with your medical organization. You can use healthcare marketing like this to provide the patient with invaluable information.

Test The Reach Of Your Healthcare Organization

Modern healthcare marketing campaigns create new pathways for patients to reach out to your organization. But you can only know how much you can optimize your healthcare communication after testing it first. And what better way to test the reach of your healthcare organization than your marketing campaigns?

Thanks to healthcare marketing campaigns, hospitals, and other medical institutions share the patient journey and promote their educational content. It provides a way for healthcare professionals to reach the audience directly and establish their brand as a thought leader. Moreover, it enables your patients to turn to your online resources for their healthcare-related queries. 

Additional Benefits Of Healthcare Marketing

There are numerous other benefits to healthcare marketing than the ones above. We can go on endlessly about the small and significant benefits of medical marketing. Here are some additional benefits of employing effective medical marketing for your organization.

  • Get a strategic upper hand over your competitors.
  • Generate more quality leads and boost walk-in traffic.
  • Enable more prospective healthcare consumers to find your brand online.
  • Boost engagement with your healthcare audience and encourage brand loyalty.
  • Connect with the patients across different platforms.

How To Run A Healthcare Marketing Strategy For Your Organization?

Before learning your organization's latest healthcare marketing trends, you must understand how to run them effectively. Modern marketing strategies in healthcare use offline and online channels to impact the audience more. It allows you to target specific audiences to target existing and potential healthcare consumers.

Many new healthcare organizations, including hospitals and other medical institutions, are entering the healthcare marketing circle. Sometimes ignoring marketing efforts is better than implementing them incorrectly. Here are some general guidelines to ensure an effective marketing campaign for your healthcare organization.

Make Your Healthcare Marketing Stand Out

As we mentioned, the number of people in the healthcare marketing game is much higher than five years ago. It means that others could be using the same strategy that you are using. The only way to get an advantage is to make your marketing efforts stand out.

Most healthcare organizations either prioritize or focus solely on digital marketing campaigns. One way to make your healthcare marketing efforts stand out is to be different and focus more on offline marketing channels like direct mail. Advanced direct mail solutions like PostGrid can make direct mail marketing more effective and effortless for your organization. 

The exciting thing about using PostGrid direct mail automation solution is that it can complement your online campaigns perfectly. Combining direct mail with digital marketing can boost conversions and enhance the patient experience. It also means you can implement advanced omnichannel campaigns for your healthcare organization.

Make Your Online Presence Known

Another essential factor you should consider for effectively implementing a healthcare marketing campaign is to establish your online presence. The healthcare consumer expects your marketing campaigns to be highly patient-centric and easily accessible. And the most convenient way to access essential services is through online channels. 

Hence, highlight your online presence in every healthcare marketing strategy you can. For example, include social media handles in your direct mail to reach your prospects. That way, the healthcare consumer can quickly check out your credentials and healthcare services.

You can also use QR codes to make the transition even more seamless for healthcare consumers. You can include the QR code in offline and online healthcare marketing efforts. According to the data from NBC news, 80% of potential healthcare consumers check online for specific medical problems. The data explains why it is so crucial to establish your online presence.

The Best Healthcare Marketing Strategies To Attract Modern Healthcare Consumers

There are numerous healthcare marketing strategies that you can use for your healthcare organization. Choosing the best marketing strategy for your healthcare organization requires consideration of several factors.

Below we discuss some of the most promising healthcare marketing strategies you can use for your organization. The following list considers the latest marketing strategies and trends in healthcare and highlights the best among them.

Boost Your Engagement And Conversions With Personalized Direct Mail

Personalized direct mail is one of the best healthcare marketing strategies to attract today's healthcare consumers. The communication channel may sound like an old-fashioned marketing method, but it is still effective. Moreover, unlike traditional direct mail campaigns, you can quickly personalize your mailers using PostGrid's automated solution. 

With a 90% open rate, direct mail is the best chance to ensure that the target audience opens your marketing message. The emotional impact it generates makes postal direct mail ideal for healthcare marketing. In most cases, the only reason direct mail is not a popular choice for hospitals and other medical institutions is the time it takes.

However, slow and ineffective direct mail is no longer a concern if you use PostGrid's direct mail API. The healthcare consumer feels you care about them when you send a personalized mailer instead of a boring email. Following are the significant benefits of using direct mail for your healthcare marketing campaigns.

Boost Walk-In Traffic

Most healthcare marketing strategies aim to increase the walk-in traffic to the healthcare facility. Direct mail can help you with this by sending highly targeted direct mail to your audience. PostGrid's direct mail API can integrate with all major CRM solutions, including HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

The personalized nature of the letter enables you to address the pain points of specific patients or groups of patients. And you can make a lucrative offer incentivizing hospital visits, such as a discount on consultation charges. You can also use it for healthcare marketing strategies which involve inviting the customer to an event you are hosting, such as a seminar.

Flexibility Of Choosing The Ideal Direct Mail Format

With direct mail, you don't have to limit yourself to a specific format because they come in all sizes and shapes. There are different formats of direct mail that you can use for your healthcare marketing campaigns, depending on your specific goals. For example, if you want to send a highly-personalized letter that includes sensitive healthcare information, you need an envelope.

A HIPAA-compliant mailing solution can quickly send your marketing materials without compromising data security. And if you want to send a short message like a welcome letter, you can use a self-mailer like postcards. People often enjoy receiving postcards. It also lets you add attractive images. Some other popular direct mail choices include brochures, catalogs, self-mailers, Etc.

Easy Personalization Of Mailers To Generate An Emotional Impact

The most significant factor that makes direct mail an effective healthcare marketing strategy is personalization. Without personalization, direct mail fails to generate a response from the target audience. PostGrid direct mail automation tool supports superior personalization for your marketing mailers. You can tailor a unique mailer with a customized design and copy for your mailers.

Our HIPAA-compliant direct mail solution has a free template gallery and editor that allows you to create unique mailer designs. You can also upload custom designs and templates for your marketing mailers. PostGrid's direct mail API connects with your CRM solution and database to accurately personalize your mailers. Once you create and set up a template, you can use it any time for bulk mailing.

Earn The Trust of Your Audience With Reviews, And Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are excellent ways to earn the trust of your healthcare consumers. You can make all the tall claims and list your accomplishments. The consumer will still prefer a stranger's opinion online. Including positive reviews in your healthcare marketing campaigns lets you quickly earn the audience's trust and makes conversion easier.

Another advantage of pitching the reviews and testimonials via direct mail is that you get to choose specific patient reviews. It allows you to highlight the most relevant and positive reviews depending on the audience. 

You can enhance the effectiveness of the healthcare marketing list campaign by including a QR code in direct mail. The QR code can direct the recipient to any desired page, including your reviews.

Get More Leads And Conversions With Data Targeting

Another advantage of using advanced direct mail solutions for marketing in healthcare is data targeting. Our automated solution allows you to utilize valuable demographic data for better targeting your marketing efforts. It will enable you to categorize your audience into groups depending on factors like age, gender, location, Etc. 

The reason why many healthcare marketing strategies fail is that their targeting needs correction. But you can avoid that from happening to your direct mail campaigns with the right tools. PostGrid also offers address verification software which you can use to validate patient address data. It even provides additional capabilities like geocoding, which is ideal for your medal marketing efforts.

Utilize Personalized Thank You Cards To Encourage Dedication

Loyal customers are a must for the long-term growth of your healthcare organization. But creating loyal customers is a challenging task. Fortunately, direct mail's emotional impact on recipients can help you encourage customer loyalty. Sending personalized thank-you cards is an excellent healthcare marketing strategy to cultivate loyal customers.

A personalized postcard feels much more personal than an automated message you send through text or email. It significantly impacts the audience, and you can use it to check in on the patients after they leave your care. Including an incentive for their next visit creates an even more significant impact on the recipient using this healthcare marketing strategy.

Optimize Your Healthcare Website For Organic Traffic

The best healthcare marketing strategies are the ones that bring in organic traffic to your business. The best way to accomplish this is via SEO or Search Engine Optimization. However, you will find that SEO for healthcare is slightly more complex than regular SEO. 

Healthcare content comes under YMYL or “your money or your life.” YMYL content must have a high standard and high accuracy. Besides that, there is also the new Google helpful content update, which can hinder your healthcare marketing efforts if Google finds your content irrelevant.

Make Sure To Add Relevant Internal And External Links

Adding relevant links is one of the most important aspects of getting your healthcare marketing rank high in Google results. Internal links help you gain more traffic to your website pages. But what gives credibility to your healthcare business are the external links from reputed brands. Seeing your healthcare brand associated with reputable brands can help you raise brand awareness and trust.

Optimize For Local Search With A Google Business Profile 

Optimizing your healthcare business for Google local searches is a must, especially since your primary target is people within your vicinity. But, to execute this healthcare marketing strategy for your business, you must create a Google Business Profile first.

Local searches typically end with phrases like “near me” or “in New York,” and the local search results appear soon after the Google paid ads. Including this strategy in your healthcare marketing efforts can help you rank higher than organic results. 

Use Attractive Media Content To Boost Engagement

Media content includes videos to infographics and is an effective way to drive engagement across social media platforms. You can upload an informative video on YouTube, repurpose snippets of it, and use it across social media. It is the easiest way to raise engagement for healthcare marketing content.

Provide A Frictionless Patient Experience

Ensuring a friction-free patient experience is a must to attract more people to your healthcare organization. Offline marketing in healthcare, like direct mail, is most effective when you combine it with a digital experience. Furthermore, this transition must be seamless and meet customer expectations. Some ways you can provide a frictionless patient experience are as follows.

Ensure Accessibility To Your Healthcare Organization Online

You must ensure that your healthcare organization is quickly accessible online. Start by providing your organization's contact details across all digital platforms. It includes everything from your website to social media profiles and making it public. Besides that, your healthcare marketing should also provide the audience access to any telehealth services you offer.

Highlight Value-Added Patient Experiences 

Value-added experience in healthcare includes everything from online appointments to access to information about your healthcare services. One of the most efficient healthcare marketing strategies is providing value-added services and highlighting them in your message. However, to make the patient experience memorable, you must also optimize your website and its flow for the best results.

Showcase Your Expertise And Earn Trust Via Content Marketing

The healthcare industry depends on informative and educational content to ensure quality engagement with the target audience. It continues to be the most effective healthcare marketing method to attract organic traffic. 

People often search for their healthcare symptoms online, and you could be the one to answer their queries. By accurately answering patient questions, you can boost engagement and earn credibility. Some of the best ways to employ content in your healthcare marketing are as follows.

Target Keywords And Phrases Your Target Audience Is Searching

Using advanced keyword tools like SEMrush and extensive research, you can find the keywords and phrases your target audience is searching for online. You can create content based on the study and implement healthcare marketing strategies across different platforms, including social media. Once your content ranks high enough, customers will come to your website organically, seeking answers to their queries.

Make Your Content Credible With Expert Content

As we mentioned, healthcare content comes under YMYL, which requires it to be highly accurate. More importantly, you must ensure that your content seems credible to the target audience. Your content can contain expert opinions from physicians and dietitians. But make sure to add a picture of the expert and a brief description to enhance the credibility of your healthcare marketing content.

Boost Content Reach And Engagement With Direct Mail

Your healthcare marketing content may not get the desired reach despite you following every guideline by the book. In such cases, you can push your healthcare content with the help of direct mail. 

You must include a QR code in the direct mail and target it to the most relevant audience. If the audience finds your healthcare marketing content relevant and helpful, they will likely scan the QR code. But make sure to add an attractive CTA to maximize the chance of a response.

Want to learn more innovative ways to use PostGrid's direct mail solution for your healthcare marketing campaigns? Talk to our experts!

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