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automation in healthcare operations

Healthcare Mailing List: What Is It and How Is It Helpful in Marketing?

The US healthcare field consists of nearly 784,626 companies! Using accurate and updated healthcare mailing lists, you can reach and market to hundreds of thousands of companies.

Several businesses need to connect with hospitals, practicing physicians, dentists, home care services, etc., and pitch their offerings. However, they might face several challenges while collecting precise data and contacting the healthcare professionals personally.

automation in healthcare operations

First, you need trustworthy sources that provide data at affordable rates. You also need to ensure that your records are correct and valid—for your direct mailing campaign to succeed.

An effective healthcare mailing list can help you achieve your marketing objectives and drive responses. It also allows you to improve your brand image and grow connections.

But, how can you compile productive, targeted healthcare mailing lists?

What other advantages can a business avail of by using these lists? Keep reading ahead to know the answers to these questions and more!

Let’s start!

What is a Healthcare Mailing List?

A healthcare mail list comprises the names and mailing addresses of institutions or professionals in the health industry. These lists might also have other contact information like phone numbers and email addresses.

You may put together a list of all the medical-related companies in the country or zero in on specific niches of health services. Here are some examples of businesses that require healthcare mailing lists:

  • Healthcare recruiters
  • IT management service providers
  • Medical software companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Business management and billing software providers
  • Medical clothing businesses, etc.

Their daily jobs include drafting strategies to talk to more and more healthcare companies and increase sales. Often, they might contact a mailing list agency to rent custom lists according to their use. These vendors have numerous sources that help them sell quality healthcare mailing lists. Some of these sources include:

  • Trade shows
  • Business directories
  • Forums
  • Webinars and seminar attendees lists
  • Business cards
  • Feedback forms and surveys
  • Government records
  • Journals, publications, magazines, etc.

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Benefits of Using Effective Healthcare Mailing List

Accessing a valid and correct healthcare industry mailing list is beneficial to you in many ways, including:

Increased Response Ratios and Engagement

Using a correct list, you can cut through the noise and get in front of the people looking for your product or service. They are more likely to respond and take the conversation ahead with your sales representatives.

Thus, a healthcare mailing list enables you to engage more prospects and boost responses.

Increased Sales

If you channel your marketing efforts and strategies in the right direction, you can increase your ROI significantly. And healthcare mailing lists allow you to do that!

B2B selling to medical organizations might take more than one touchpoint. It takes eight touchpoints to convert a potential customer. Though it can vary from prospect to prospect, you can expect healthcare organizations to take that amount of time.

Luckily, a well-curated healthcare mailing list can help you contact a relevant audience and bridge the gap between the top and bottom sales funnels. 

Lower Costs

You can save your marketing dollars by mailing potential customers only. Such targeted marketing plans let you get the desired results at low costs. Hence, it is crucial to compile lists that eliminate generic customers and allow you to focus on niche prospects.

Conduct Multi-Channel Campaigns

Naturally, multi-channel marketing campaigns are more effective than standalone plans. They increase brand visibility and reputation. But, you may need to put in extra effort to plan and launch such elaborate strategies. Thankfully, automated direct mail services like PostGrid help you compile targeted healthcare mailing lists efficiently.

Create Better Connections With ABM

Account-based marketing is one of the best ways to prioritize your top clients and fast-track deals. Sending out marketing letters, corporate gift items, package mailers, etc., helps grab your prospects’ attention.

But, these things are possible only when you have a valid healthcare mailing list. Hence, such lists are helpful in all your small and large-scale marketing campaigns focused on different purposes.

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How Can I Get a Healthcare Mailing List?

You have several options to get a mailing list to suit your campaign requirements and budgets. Let us discuss these choices to help you decide better:

In-House Lists

You can compile a list in-house if you have conducted a few campaigns in the past. But, remember to align your marketing and sales teams for drafting effective healthcare mailing lists. You can decide to target the hot leads for quick conversions or conduct brand awareness campaigns by focusing on fresh prospects.

However, you can compile lists in-house only when your data is updated from time to time. Otherwise, you may have a tough time arranging and verifying addresses yourself.

Rent or Buy Lists

Most companies looking for a quick solution opt for renting healthcare mailing lists. But, you can only use rented lists once or a few times, depending on the terms of usage. Hence, discuss these things with your vendor beforehand and negotiate the rates. Often, you get hefty discounts for buying lists in bulk.

The more flexible option is to buy a healthcare mailing list instead of renting them temporarily. It gives you the freedom to use the lists any number of times you want. Thus, you can launch repetitive campaigns freely and create better compatibility with your prospects.

Use PostGrid to Compile Targeted Healthcare Mailing Lists

PostGrid’s healthcare direct mail services can help you put together segmented lists of:

  • Orthodontists and dentists
  • Osteopathic physicians
  • Personal care and nursing facilities
  • Diagnostic centers
  • Family physicians
  • Health and allied services
  • Neurologists
  • Cardiologists, etc.

You can also group your lists according to the location. Just select the location or ZIP codes you want to target. And PostGrid can help you get a deliverable healthcare mailing list within minutes.

If you already have old or inaccurate lists, you can verify them using PostGrid’s address verification API.

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How Can PostGrid’s Automated Direct Mailing Solutions Help Your Business?

We offer many features that help you block incorrect data from the start and have access to top-notch quality healthcare mailing lists. Below, we will walk you through some of them:

99.99% Deliverability

PostGrid guarantees a 99.99% deliverability ratio on your healthcare mailing lists. So, if you send your mail items via our API, you can rest assured that they will reach their correct destinations.

National Change of Address (NCOA) Processing

The USPS updates its NCOA data now and then to filter out invalid addresses and add the correct ones. This data file reflects the address change details of the last five years. Hence, you can rely on it to update your healthcare mailing lists and access the latest mailing addresses of your prospects.

PostGrid uses the NCOA files to confirm whether your healthcare industry mailing list has outdated entries. Also, it replaces your old addresses with updated records to help make your lists deliverable.

CASS-Certified Addresses

Verify your mailing lists against the authoritative USPS database with our address verification solutions. PostGrid is CASS-certified and cross-checks all your delivery addresses according to the postal guidelines.

You don’t need to worry if your healthcare mailing lists are complete, poorly formatted, or incorrect because PostGrid can complete all these steps in one go!

The CASS certification also covers SuiteLink, DPV, and more. Therefore, you can locate delivery addresses right up to the apartment numbers, ensuring that your mail arrives at its exact destination.


You can collect and store up-to-date, targeted healthcare mailing lists using PostGrid. Our rooftop geocoding capabilities allow you to verify addresses precisely and use accurate lists.

CRM-Ready Files

Companies can download their validated address files in CSV format, ideal for CRM integrations. The process should not take more than a few minutes. Also, you can integrate our direct mail or address verification API into your existing system and directly access the healthcare mailing lists.

Affordable Pricing

Our solutions offer the most competitive rates in the country. Also, we offer several pricing plans for direct mail and address verification. You can choose a plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Dedicated Customer Support

PostGrid’s 24 x 7 customer service team is available to help you if you have any problem integrating or functioning our API. Therefore, you can start compiling your targeted healthcare mailing lists speedily and hassle-free.

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Various businesses rely on healthcare mailing lists to communicate with hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc. But, their strategies cannot work if these lists aren’t valid and deliverable. Thus, they must verify and update their databases frequently to avoid such issues.

PostGrid’s direct mail API can help you prepare a new healthcare mailing list before every campaign. You can now execute mailing campaigns without manual effort or spending extra on buying lists.

You can also use our address verification solutions to process already-existing lists if you have any. Either way, you can cut costs, increase efficiency, and boost results by automating your tasks.

Sign up now or call us to know more about compiling effective and precise healthcare mailing lists using PostGrid!

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