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EdTech Marketing Strategies in 2024

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edtech marketing strategies

EdTech Marketing Strategies 2024

The education sector is no longer limited to the old conventional classroom. Presently, there is a lot more one can leverage from EdTech solutions. This may include online classes, gamification, learning management systems, and more. Together, this makes the education sector more effective and accessible than ever before.

edtech marketing strategies

In recent market research, businesses spent around 11.5% of their revenue on edTech marketing. So, this means that there is a great tendency for this sector to keep evolving at pace.

Yes, you’re thinking, right?

Schools, colleges, institutes, and business owners are happily bracing themselves for this new normal. Considering the current scenario, many people understand the potential and sustainability of the education technology market.

However, despite these winds at the back of this industry, you still need a well-defined go-to-market strategy to shine bright in the marketplace. Here in this write-up, we will help you understand the best marketing strategies for EdTechs.

This guide will also help you to build a competing advantage to reach or enhance your ROI.

Let’s deep dive and understand the same!

Fuelling up with the best EdTech Marketing Strategies

Here are a few tips to go for when talking about marketing for education companies:

1. Making the Most of Search Engine Optimizations

Many EdTech companies and schools actively seek additional methods to structure online classes, platforms to employ, and more. Such methods may assist in providing the solutions these companies require.

Technology tends to have a significant influence on these decision-makers to find their perfect solution. Somehow, it may also have a sound impact on how to maximize their business and marketing-related efforts.

However, there are various levels of SEO that depend on your objectives and business-related goals. If your website is optimized correctly as per the standards of search engines, it will rank better on them.

Digital marketing for education companies prefers using keyword research, content, and website optimization to optimize and work on it when it comes to SEO.

2. Transitioning Through eLearning

In 2024, eLearning is the best EdTech marketing strategy that can be very scalable. It allows educators to reach people when having on-demand pre-recorded courses at different times.

eLearning is more affordable and easy to access than conventional physical classes. Incorporating e-learning software development solutions into these digital education strategies can further enhance the learning experience, offering more interactive and personalized educational tools. Also, the edTech industry is expected to reach more than USD 370 Billion by 2026.

It is generally confused with distance learning. Though these have a lot more in common, they are not related. Distance learning presupposes that your audience is divided by distance. In turn, eLearning is not limited to distance learning but also involves using various electronic materials and technologies. LMS solutions play a crucial role in facilitating eLearning, providing a platform for course delivery, tracking progress, and managing educational content.

Let’s now consider some eLearning solutions that are generally used by businesses for training employees:

  • eLearning Courses: It represents the complete and well-structured eLearning course material. Make sure that it should include your learning-related objectives, professionally structured content, assessments, and more. eLearning courses are also popular due to their affordability and ease of maintenance or development to enhance teaching efficiency.
  • Video Conferencing: Video tutorials that presume telecommunications for your audience. Here, video conferences help your participants to see and hear each other. The participants can also listen to their lecturers, and at the same time, the lecturers can respond to the students.
  • Online Stimulator: It allows students, lecturers, and professionals around the globe to hone their learning and practical skills. Online stimulation is quite effective when you make the most of the tech stacks available. So, despite the benefits, stimulators are used even because of their high expenses. The reason behind using the stimulator is to provide enhanced security and a learning experience. Many organizations have the resources to acquire such learning training solutions.

Obviously, these strategies are here to stay! It will increase the development of digital technologies that will effectively trigger new tech-related innovations when talking about the education technology market.

3. Social Media Marketing for Education Companies

Social Media Marketing is generally inescapable. The networks available help the Edtech service providers to easily promote their learning services. It means that you will likely grow in the best ways possible while using Social Media Marketing.

The Pew Research Center observed that in 2019, the use of social media was the same among adults in the United States. The famous social media networks like YouTube and Facebook cover 73% and 69% of adult users. On the other hand, Instagram is growing exponentially, with 37% of adults using the platform. Whereas other networks are relatively stable at use levels between 11 to 28%.

Many users and businesses use social media platforms along with community development tools. It is not surprising that lecturers use such networks in significant numbers too. Targeting the leading social media networks like Facebook and YouTube can be one of the best marketing strategies for EdTechs. Yes, it can help you to attract a broader audience.

You may include other platforms as well. However, it is essential to ensure that your audience has an established presence before moving forward. Once your student enrolls, you can add a bit of personalization by sending them the course material through physical mail. You can integrate Address Verification tools like PostGrid to verify the addresses to do the same.

PosGrid works hand-in-hand with your Salesforce and HubSpot to verify, standardize, and append the data records of your students. The output of it is clean and accurate data for you. You can use the data to establish the best omnichannel marketing for education companies.

4. Adding Marketing Techniques Like PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is the best solution if your website is not producing enough leads. To start with this Edtech marketing strategy, you would first need to spend some greens on a PPC Ad campaign. Remember, there are many PPC marketing providers, and Google Adwords is the most commonly used.

You can settle on a daily budget for various ad-related parameters to generate leads. Know your target audience before creating an advertisement. Also, plan and execute carefully, keeping the time and geography of the ad display in mind as well.

5. Understanding the Basics of Omnichannel Marketing

The omnichannel promotion is no longer an evolving trend or an emerging strategy to promote your business. Instead, it is now widely recognized among marketers to engage with prospects and existing customers. Omnichannel marketing not only allows you to gather feedback but also helps you to promote your services, products, course material, and much more.

The omnichannel promotion is no longer an evolving trend or an emerging strategy to promote your business. Instead, it is now widely recognized among marketers to engage with prospects and existing customers. Omnichannel marketing not only allows you to gather feedback but also helps you to promote your services, products, course material, and much more.

Main Elements of Omnichannel Marketing Strategy for EdTechs

Now, let us look at the main elements of omnichannel EdTech marketing strategy and what makes this concept important for various strategists and marketers in the digital world today.

Direct Mail Marketing:

Always remember an omnichannel strategy is not just limited to the digital world. It is in fact, breaks boundaries in terms of promotions. Direct mail is much older than email. There have not been many changes when it comes to its development and use. Even today, it is known as one of the most effective tools to increase your outreach.

Being one of the industry leaders, PostGrid aims to provide services that have the following attributes linked with the direct mail campaigns, they are:

  • Personalized
  • Engaging and Relatable
  • Establishes Trust
  • USPS-compliant and reliable
  • Tangible
  • 2-Days SLA (Service-Level Agreement)

You can click here to learn more about PostGrid and its contributions to the Direct mail industry.

Remember, direct mail marketing is an effective means of letting your customers know about you. Direct mail is likelier to be opened when compared to email. Also, it tends to leave a long-lasting impression. Your prospects can hold your letters, which provides them with a more personalized experience to cherish.

Email Marketing:

Email is one of the most reliable digital tools available in the market. And, it has proven its efficiency from time to time without falling by the wayside. The permanency, customization abilities, support for various content types, and usefulness. Email marketing contributes to making your promotions more enduring when it talks of digital communication.

While email has its ups-down when establishing the target audience to open inbox and read through it, it also offers a plethora of advantages, and they are:

  • Teachers and business owners can use emails as part of their daily duties.
  • Correctly created email offers a sense of exclusiveness. Well, you can easily convey your message directly to your audience.
  • Email marketing also provides you with a chance to share various types of content and course-related information with relevant calls to action. It will make your email more effective according to the marketing funnel.

You should never overlook emails by considering them as outdated or inferior to other marketing methods. Well, the truth is that emails continue to provide long-term value for marketers in the Edtech industry.

Cold Calling:

Cold calling is quite daunting. If your prospects do not know more about your company, they are unlikely to talk to you. It is simply because your customers have many other things to worry about as well.

However, if you can get past their guards with well-established strategies and pitch them with your Edtech services in a better way.

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Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Yes, there you have it! Some of the best Edtech marketing strategies that will help you boost your outreach.

To sum up, you must see that the Edtech industry is growing technology-wise. Somehow, it will lead to various fundamental upgrades and changes in the coming years. Together, different technologies will make the teaching and learning experience more interactive, accessible, and customized.

It also means that businesses that pay close attention to such transformations and utilize them well will eventually benefit their projects better than ever before. Regardless of the channel you choose or use, every strategy gives you a better chance of success.

However, PostGrid can help you manage the addresses and verify them when dealing with an endless collection of customer-related data. It will ensure you that all your EdTech marketing messages reach out to your customers consistently.

If you’re ready to get your ball rolling through direct mail marketing automation for education companies, PostGrid is all set to help your business. Click here and let’s get started!

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