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Does UPS Deliver to PO Boxes

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does ups deliver to po boxes

Does UPS Deliver to PO Boxes? How to Plan Your Shipping the Best Way?

Did you ever get complaints from your customers that they shopped on your website but couldn’t check out because of an address issue? Imagine this—you create an interactive website and invite customers to shop. They agree. But your mailing options don’t deliver to their location, primarily because it is a PO box address.

does ups deliver to po boxes

Here, the question pops up—Does UPS deliver to PO boxes?

The short answer is no.

But why? Why does one of the most reputed courier companies worldwide not deliver to the 21 million PO boxes in the US

This blog discusses these questions, helping you navigate everything about UPS PO box delivery and other mailing options. 

Let us begin!

Does UPS Deliver to a PO Box?

No. UPS does not deliver cards, letters, or packages to a PO box address. The company has mentioned that it only sends mailers with real street addresses. If your customers cannot provide valid street addresses– they must add their telephone numbers on the labels.

UPS uses this contact information to call the intended recipients and ask them to provide a street address.

Yes, we know! It is more trouble than worthwhile for most customers, who might cancel their transactions altogether.

Hence, learning “Can UPS deliver to a PO box” and taking the necessary steps is vital to managing your mailings hassle-free.

Also, please note that UPS charges an address correction surcharge whenever it calls an addressee and redirects the delivery elsewhere based on the information they provide!

More trouble for customers ordering something online, right? 

It also wastes your time and energy when direct mailing, requesting UPS to complete deliveries faster and not return the items to you. 

When you inquire about “Will UPS deliver to a PO box,” the company might inform you that the addressees can pick up their items from the nearest UPS retail outlet. 

But will your customers agree to it?

They might associate with another company that provides the convenience you cannot.

Why Does UPS Not Deliver to PO Box Addresses?

PO boxes are a United States Postal Service service. This federally-owned institution restricts private couriers, like FedEx and UPS, from delivering mail to PO box addresses.

It is the reason you get a negative response to the question—Does UPS deliver to PO box addresses?

Also, UPS needs the addressee to sign for the mailpiece on delivery. But it cannot do that with PO boxes because of limited access. Hence, the concept of PO boxes and UPS deliveries is different.

However, if you still ask, “Will UPS deliver to a P.O. box,” you might get this answer—

You may use a trick to get UPS to deliver mail to your customers’ PO box addresses.

Ask them to enter their PO street address on your website to get their orders.

But how is it possible?

Individuals can visit their local Post Offices and inquire whether their PO box location comes under the street address program. If yes, the postal workers provide them with valid street addresses for their PO boxes.

They can use these addresses to get mail from private couriers hassle-free.

Here is the difference between a PO box address and a street address for a PO box:

Katie Smith

PO Box 5201

Pasadena CA 91107


Katie Smith

84 Main AVE Unit 5201

Pasadena CA 91107

We hope these addresses resolve your “Can UPS deliver to a PO box” issue to some extent. 

Or you can switch to PostGrid’s direct mail automation solutions to send mail to all address types without worries. Our API helps you integrate into your system and execute mailings anywhere globally—all online!

Thus, you can put the question, “Does UPS ship to PO boxes” behind you and take a better approach to shipping.

What About International PO Boxes?

Many of you might be curious whether UPS delivers to international PO boxes.

The answer is no!

PO boxes in other countries come under the jurisdiction of that country’s postal service. For example, Canada Post manages and delivers to the PO box addresses in Canada. Royal Mail does the same thing in the UK.

UPS is a private courier with restricted access to any service or thing under the postal services, irrespective of the country.

Does UPS Ship to Military Addresses?

Another common question individuals and companies ask is whether UPS delivers to military addresses. You might be surprised that UPS delivers to all APO, FPO, and DPO military addresses.

UPS delivers letters and packages to the authorized military personnel at the gate, who collect and distribute the mailers to the addressed recipients. Hence, you need not think about “Does UPS deliver to PO boxes” when mailing to military personnel.

Can Other Carriers Ship to PO Boxes?

As discussed earlier, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and other private carriers cannot deliver to PO box addresses. 

They don’t have access to enter the location and unlock a PO box to drop off an item. Only the postal workers can complete this job. 

Hence, it would help to consider mailing via USPS to ensure accurate deliveries to PO boxes. Since many people rely on PO box addresses to get mailers to secure their street addresses, it is the best option for your organization. 

You can skip worrying about “Can USPS deliver to a USPS PO box” and focus more on improving customer service. 

USPS offers many delivery options, helping you get your mailers to all intended recipients on time. Some of them are

First-Class Mail

It allows you to deliver mail within one to five business days at only $0.66 per stamp.

One stamp lets you send an item weighing up to 1 oz. 

USPS Forever stamps never expire, even when the rates increase. Hence, you can buy them in bulk once and use them whenever needed at the same rate. 

First-Class Mail is one of the most affordable ways to send postcards, envelopes, and packages up to 13 oz via USPS. It is also eligible for Registered Mail and Certified Mail.

So the next time you think, “Does UPS deliver to PO boxes,” you can take the other route and mail your items via USPS instead. 

Express Mail

Many refer to Priority Mail Express as Express MailIt is the extended version of Priority Mail, enabling you to send heavy-weight envelopes and packages to your customers within two business days. 

Priority Mail offers a next-day to 2-day shipping guarantee with a money-back policy.

And what is the best part?

It helps you mail to all street addresses, PO boxes, and military addresses. USPS services assist you in shipping your customers and other stakeholders without asking—Can a UPS package be delivered to a PO box?

Certified Mail

This USPS mailing service offers secure and accurate deliveries to your targeted audience. 

You can use it when you need a mailing receipt and delivery confirmation. Certified Mail provides senders with electronic verification whenever a USPS carrier attempts delivery or delivers the mailer. 

Ask for a return receipt if you want a copy of the recipient’s signature. It helps you store proof that you sent an item and the addressee duly got it! 

You can pay the Certified Mail fee and add the feature to First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, or Priority Mail Express.

Why is this option better than most UPS services? 

First, it offers safe delivery to your intended recipient, preventing the mail from falling into the wrong hands. Secondly, it lets you deliver to PO box addresses- something UPS cannot do. 

Please don’t wait for UPS to answer your “Will UPS deliver to a PO box” question and get a negative response. Instead, you can use PostGrid’s direct mail services and send your mailers via the Post Office within a few days. 

PostGrid lets you select from First-Class, Standard, Express, Registered, and Certified Mail (with or without the return receipt). 

Head to our dashboard to experience the convenience of printing and mailing items online.

Is There a Way to Get UPS to Deliver Your Mail to PO Box Locations?

Coming back to UPS—you can use two UPS mailing options that cover deliveries to PO boxes. They include

UPS Innovation Service

UPS Mail Innovations helps you send mail to PO boxes without your customers getting calls asking them to provide a street address. 

How does it work? 

This service works in collaboration with nationwide and international postal services. Thus, you can send mailers to PO boxes via UPS as you would with USPS.

So, the next time someone asks, “Does UPS deliver to PO boxes” you can refer them to the Innovations service. 

But please note that this service is costlier than the standard UPS mailing solutions because it delivers to

  • PO box addresses
  • Hawaii
  • Alaska
  • Fleet Post Office (FPO)
  • Army Post Office (APO)
  • Diplomatic Post Office (DPO)
  • US territories

The UPS Innovations service handles your package’s pickup, processing, and intermediate transportation. But the postal services make the last-mile delivery to your recipient’s doorsteps. 

UPS SurePost

Another way to solve the “Will UPS deliver to a PO box” dilemma is SurePost.

But what is it, and how does it work? 

It is a hybrid service between UPS and USPS, allowing UPS to deliver your letters and packages to PO boxes the legal way. 

SurePost is a cost-effective and non-urgent shipping option for low-value mailers only. Individuals and businesses must refrain from using it for critical and urgent mailings. 

UPS handles the mailer’s pickup. Then, USPS takes over and completes the delivery.

Since USPS already has access to most rural and urban places, it saves UPS the extra trip. Also, it allows UPS to offer its customers PO box deliveries.

Here are the steps to using SurePost:

  1. Bring your mailers to a UPS outlet
  2. Pay for the SurePost service
  3. Provide the recipient’s PO box address
  4. Let UPS complete the rest for you by handing over your mailer to USPS

Did you notice how UPS can only give you a positive response for “Does UPS ship to PO boxes” when collaborating with USPS?

Why not switch to postal services completely?

It can save you money, time, and effort! Also, you can ensure more accurate and speedy deliveries using USPS services like First-Class and Priority Mail. 

How to Avoid Deliverability Issues When Using UPS PO Box Delivery Options?

Apart from using Innovations Mail and SurePost, you can take other steps to handle deliverability issues. 

Here are some simple tips you can use to get your mail via UPS hassle-free: 

#1 Use Your Street Address for UPS Shipping

You may use PO boxes to keep your residential address private or for other purposes. Hence, you may inquire, “Can UPS deliver to a PO box.” However, it is better to include your street address when buying something online when the vendor offers UPS shipping. It is the best way to ensure you get your mail on time.

However, your primary reason for using a PO box address could differ. The UPS database might need your street address, preventing it from delivering items to your doorstep. In this case, you can contact UPS, complete the formalities, and manually add your street address to its system instead of worrying about “Does UPS deliver to PO box addresses?”

The best part is that the process is free. Individuals and companies can complete it to add street addresses to the official database.

#2 Check Whether Your Post Office Can Accept Mail from UPS On Your Behalf

Your Post Office might decline this request, but you can at least ask it to accept UPS letters and packages on your behalf. 

You will need a signed document from the postmaster or a manager at your local Post Office. It can help you provide the PO box street address for your UPS deliveries, ending the UPS PO box delivery discussion.

You might still need to add your PO box number as a secondary address, enabling UPS to complete the deliveries officially. UPS can initiate the delivery process and hand the packages or letters to the postal workers, who can drop them off in the PO boxes.

#3 Use a Relative’s or Friend’s Street Address

Since UPS only delivers to street addresses, you can use a relative’s or friend’s address to receive your mailers. 

You can entrust someone close to you to explain your situation about the “Does UPS deliver to PO boxes” issue. Ask them if they are willing to collect and store packages for you. However, it may interfere with their regular mail. So you may also need to provide their names instead of yours. 

This step is less convenient than getting your mail at your address. But it is better than UPS delaying your deliveries and bugging you to provide a different address after charging you the correction fee.

It is also better than going out of your way to visit a UPS outlet. This place might be far from your residence, and you may need to travel the entire day to collect your packages. Hence, considering “Will UPS deliver to a PO box” and making the correct shipping decision is crucial. 

You can also use the addresses of shops around your PO box address. It would help if you spoke to the owner, but they will likely decline. But there is no harm in trying, right?

#4 Look Into PO Box Alternatives

You can opt for virtual addresses to receive your UPS packages. They have many features, like extra security, mail scanning, and forwarding. Research the top ten virtual mailbox services in the US and choose one to avoid trouble.

Many people use virtual addresses to

  • Protect their residential location
  • Operate a home-based business and redirect mail to their official address
  • Separate personal and professional mail
  • Block spam items and only forward crucial mailers to their address
  • Streamline mail management

Buying a virtual address nearby to collect your mail or request forwarding services can help you solve the UPS PO box delivery problem.

It ensures the carrier doesn’t need to return your mail to the sender or delay the delivery by a day beyond its estimated arrival time.

#5 Automate Your Shipping Processes

Businesses can improve their shipping processes by automating them via a direct mail service provider like PostGrid.

Our automation solutions allow you to cross-check customers’ mailing addresses and complete deliveries via USPS. You can select the date you want to schedule your mailings and the postal service.

It helps you stay in control instead of letting the “Can UPS deliver to a PO box” problem disrupt your operations.

We are an end-to-end direct mail automation company, helping businesses prepare and ship offline mailers.

You can sign up here for more details!

#6 Add Your Phone Number to Your Orders

When mentioning a PO box address, UPS instructs users to add their phone numbers on the address labels. But you can do so for every UPS order to be safe, primarily when unsure of the UPS PO box delivery issue.

Whenever UPS workers deem an address undeliverable, they call the intended recipient to decide on a different delivery location.

You can provide the street address of your PO box or details of a different place, like your office.

Please note that any delivery UPS workers make after this phone call does not come under its service guarantee. Also, you must pay around $12 for address correction and other surcharges to have them deliver your item to a different location.

So any tips and tricks you try around “Does UPS deliver to PO boxes” are costly or not worth it!

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UPS is a well-known courier company that delivers letters and packages everywhere. But it cannot be delivered to PO boxes.

Hence, you must find an alternative to ease your shipping tasks.

We hope the tips and tricks in this blog help you streamline your company’s mailings. You can also integrate PostGrid into your system or download our automation software to print and mail online in the comfort of your home or office. 

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