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Unlock the Benefits of Using Direct Mail Templates for Your Business With API

Businesses prefer using direct mail to reach a broader demographic than electronic marketing if their target audience is less likely to use digital channels. This traditional marketing approach is powerful in converting prospects into loyal customers. You might miss this with digital marketing efforts.

direct mail template

Physical mail design is often the main challenge for businesses that want to start offline marketing campaigns. Even a single campaign can include different types of physical mail pieces. It means the company has to put considerable effort into creating the design for each mail piece.

Suppose you also need help with the design. In that case, it is advisable to employ direct mail design templates to increase the pace of your campaign. 

Additionally, the USPS has strict guidelines on design requirements for direct mail. Thus, it becomes essential to take professional help for your direct mail templates. This blog will explore the importance of a direct mailer template and provide some best examples for your business. 

What is a Direct Mail Template?

A direct mail template is a pre-designed format that you can use for creating snail mail pieces, such as letters, postcards, or brochures. It will contain proper placeholders for images, text, and other design elements. You can customize these elements according to your campaign's needs. 

Direct mail templates help in saving a considerable amount of time and effort in the design process. Plus, you are also able to ensure consistency in your marketing materials.

Common Elements Found in Direct Mailer Template


It is the first element that catches the eye of readers. The direct mail template must have an impactful, brief, and relevant headline. You should use a larger font size than the body of the mail to convey the critical message to the audience.

The Body Copy

It is the main text of the physical mail piece and should include all information about the product or service that you are promoting. You can break the data into short paragraphs with bullet points and subheadings. It would make the copy more readable and engaging. The language should be easy and persuasive to promote the benefits of your product or service. Direct mailer templates also let you play with the design of the body copy.

Images and Graphics

A direct mail piece template must be visually appealing to leave a better impression on prospects. You need to include high-quality images and graphics relevant to the product or service that you are promoting. Additionally, incorporating AI-generated images can further enhance the overall aesthetic and modernize the visual elements of your direct mail campaign. It would help evoke emotions and more meaning in your snail mail message. 

Precise Call-to-Action (CTA)

It is an influencing statement that encourages the recipients to take action on the mail piece. The step could be anything from visiting a website, scheduling an appointment, calling for more information, or more. A good direct mail template makes it easier for prospects to find the CTA.

Company Logo and Branding

Direct mail templates make adding your company logo and branding elements, such as taglines, color layouts, font, etc., easier to add your company logo. It helps you establish strong brand recognition and trust among the recipients. The suitable direct mail piece template ensures consistency in preserving the brand identity.

Contact Information

A direct mail piece template comprises dedicated space for contact information, such as phone number, email address, or website. The readers would find it easier to reach your business with this information. You should place this information in a prominent place in your snail mail piece.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Direct Mailer Templates

Direct mail templates help businesses to become more efficient and look more professional in front of their prospects. Here's why you need direct mail piece templates; 

Saves a Lot of Time and Effort

Businesses using direct mail templates save much time and effort with pre-designed layouts. They can easily customize these templates with the necessary information and shoot campaigns quickly. It eliminates the need for hiring graphic designers to create designs for physical mail campaigns. 

Ensures With Your Branding Efforts

With direct mail piece templates, you can ensure all your marketing materials consistently reflect brand image and values. It reinforces brand recognition and builds more loyal customers. 

You Can Customize it Accordingly.

A direct mail platform like PostGrid provides an easy-to-use template editor. It allows businesses to implement their logo, branding rules, images, and texts. Personalization in snail mail leaves a more personal touch to the recipients. It ultimately increases the chances of engagement and conversions. 

Better Testing and Optimization

Every door direct mail templates allow businesses to test and optimize their campaigns. They can change variables such as copy, images, and CTAs to optimize the direct mail pieces. It helps understand what works best and refine their approach for future campaigns.

Faster Campaign Design

You won't spend much time creating and designing your physical mail campaigns. Direct mail templates help you to send mail pieces in no time. Plus, you can save time designing and building new mail pieces from scratch. 

Improvement in Response Rates

Direct mail design templates can increase your mailing response rate by providing a professional and consistent approach. Your mail pieces will resonate with your target audience and make better conversions.

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PostGrid Direct Mail Templates

PostGrid provides you with a comprehensive collection of professionally designed direct mail templates. You can use these direct mail piece templates to create documents such as letters, checks, postcards, flyers, brochures, and more. 

Our direct mail template gallery contains many templates to meet specific industry and business needs. The ease of use makes it easy for users to browse the gallery and select templates. They can customize the template by adding text and images to create professional-looking mail pieces. 

Postcard Template

You can start your snail mail journey using this minimalist postcard template to attract customers. The direct mail template editor lets you customize your postcard with custom images, colors, and contact information.

postcard template

You can edit the following variables;

  • Phone Numbers
  • Content
  • Website Link

Invoice Template

Give your transactional mail a professional look with this direct mail template. It provides a clean and eye-catching design you can customize with your branding.

print mail invoice

You can edit the following variables:

  • Brand logo
  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Product Description
  • Product quantity 

Letter Template

This colorful direct mail template adds engaging design elements to your boring letters. It will help you ensure that your mail gets read. Customize this letter with your branding, signature, and content.

fastest way to mail a letter via usps

You can edit the following variables: 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Headline 

Envelope Template

Make your envelopes more exciting and attractive by using this direct mail template. It helps you get your prospects' attention with a professional design. Customize the template according to your branding rules.

envelope template

You can edit the following variables:

  • Brand logo 
  • Contact information
  • Website 

Tips to Make Your Frontside Layout Stand Out

You can rely on our direct mail templates to include the following:

  • Headline: Use a compelling active-voice statement with less than eight words to create a crisp headline. 
  • Provide Something Valuable: Ensure you provide value with your snail mail piece. You can add an expiration date to make sense of urgency. 
  • Include Contact Information: Your prospects should be able to reach your business through a phone number, email, or website address. 
  • Speak About Benefits: Get their attention and curiosity by speaking out about your benefits. 

Tips to Make Your Backside Layout Stand Out

The back of your physical mail is also essential for additional information about your business and its offerings. Consider adding the following to our direct mailer templates;

  • Use a Backside Subheading: Mention the main benefit of your business for your customer with a subheading. 
  • Rearside Copy: Tell a convincing story about your business. Instead of focusing on your sales pitch, convince the reader of your brand values and mission. 
  • Effective Call-to-Action: Create a compelling CTA that encourages your readers to take action when they read the entire mail. 
  • Include Contact Information: You can add contact information so readers can contact you quickly. 
  • Include an Offer: Highlight an offer on the direct mail template. They would take instant action on compelling offers. 
  • Reviews or Social Proof: People look for good reviews before purchasing. Add reviews and social media comments to the direct mail template
  • Add Interactive Elements: You can add QR, promo, or text codes to make your physical mail piece more interactive. 

What is PostGrid Template Editor?

The PostGrid template editor allows users to design and customize documents such as letters, invoices, checks, reports, etc. It features an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to create and edit templates with ease. Even users without coding can use this editor to customize their direct mail templates

They can add dynamic fields, images, and conditional logic to their direct mail piece templates. It also allows data merging and automation to integrate data from various sources such as databases, APIs, and spreadsheets. Thus, businesses can create personalized documents at any scale to save time and improve efficiency. 

PostGrid Template Editor Features

Key features of the template editor that you can use for your direct mail templates

Drag-and-Drop Interface

The editor features a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets users easily arrange elements in their direct mail templates. Thus, they can create professional-looking documents for snail mail campaigns without any coding knowledge. 

Conditional Logic

The template editor allows users to add conditional logic to their direct mail templates. They can show to hide elements based on specific conditions. It could benefit direct mail templates that need to show different data. 

API Integration

PostGrid can easily integrate with various tech stacks, CRMs, and over 1600 tools. Thus, you can populate your templates with data from multiple sources. It could save you countless hours in the document creation process. 


The direct mail template editor has complete support for multiple languages. It is useful for translating direct mail piece templates for different regions. 

Collaboration and Sharing

It supports real-time collaboration between teams. Multiple users can work on the same direct mail template simultaneously. They can also use a secure link, email, or API with a group or external collaborators. 

Dynamic Fields

The direct mail template editor allows users to personalize the content of their templates. They can easily edit the recipient names, addresses, and order details. You can also use simple tags to insert dynamic fields in each document. 

Version Control

It also includes a version control feature, which enables users to track changes made to a direct mail template over time. They can revert to previous versions if necessary. Maintaining a consistent design and messaging could be a handy feature.

Using PostGrid Template Editor to Customize Your Direct Mail Template

The direct mail template editor allows users to use HTML code format to fully customize the templates. PostGrid's built-in editor can help you edit your template with a drag-and-drop template. 

If you want to use the direct mail template editor, log in with your PostGrid credentials. 

  • Go to the ‘templates tab under the ‘resources section.

  • Click the ‘Create Template' button to create your direct mail template
  • Write a short description of the template as per your wish.
  • Click on ‘Create' to start building the template. 

  • Before editing with the direct mail template editor, you must select a collateral type. Click on the ‘Start Editing' button to begin.
  • You can now use our direct mail template editor with simple drag-and-drop operations.

Adding Text to Your Direct Mail Template
  • Click on the ‘text' tab to get started.

  • You will find a few examples of text elements that you can add. 
  • You can choose between header, subheader, or body text.
  • Click on your favorite example to add a text element to your direct mail template. Now, you can edit the text according to your preferences. 

  • Click ‘My Fonts' in the top-left corner to sideload alternative fonts. Then hit the ‘upload font' button to start with an alternative font. 

Adding Images to Your Direct Mail Template

Apart from text, you will also want to add images to your direct mail piece template. Navigate to the ‘photos' tab present on the left-hand side. 

  • From here, you can select a picture to add to the canvas.

  • Now, you will also get some tools to edit the image accordingly. It is possible to flip, fit it to the background, and crop it. You can access the crop tool by double-clicking on the image. 
  • Also, you can upload any image of your choice to the direct mail template. Go to the ‘upload' tab on the top left and click the ‘upload image' button. You can use the search option on the ‘photos' tab to locate an image.

Adding Icons

You can also add icons to your direct mail template. Go to the ‘Elements' tab to select different customizable icons.

  • You can also add a particular icon to your direct mail template. Use the search bar to find the respective icon. 
Sideloading Your Direct Mail Template

If you want to avoid using our template editor from scratch, you can also upload custom templates. Go to the ‘upload' tab and click ‘upload image' to sideload your image. 

Changing Background Image

You can also change the background image of your direct mail template. Go to the ‘background' tab to select a respective image from the gallery. 

PostGrid Print & Mail API is the Ideal Solution for Direct Mail Templates

Do you want to save time and effort designing your direct mail pieces? PostGrid Print & Mail API helps you to create professional-looking direct mail templates for your campaigns. We have an in-built template editor that allows you to customize your templates with ease.

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