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Top 5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail for E-commerce and Retail Industries

Direct mail spendings account for $38.5 billion—the largest segment of America’s marketing expenses. Many eCommerce businesses have recognized the value of this traditional advertising form and incorporated it into their marketing programs! So what is stopping you from using direct mail for eCommerce and retail and growing your business?

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We know how conducting a direct mail campaign can be daunting and expensive, but automation can solve these issues. A turnkey print and mail service provider like PostGrid can help you conduct successful eCommerce direct mail campaigns effortlessly. 

This blog discusses the role of direct mail in online and retail businesses! Also, we will talk about the best practices to perfect traditional mailing and boost responses. 

Let us begin!

Direct Mail for Retailers: Is the Concept Dead Today?

Well, the answer to this question is a No…

If you think direct mail is dead, be ready to know some tried-and-tested facts that can change your mind! Numerous research studies state that direct mailing is one of the most effective ways to win over your prospects and develop a reputable brand image. 

Here are some statistics to help you believe in the power of direct mail for eCommerce and other industries: 

  • On average, US marketers spend nearly $167 per prospect on direct mailing and get sales worth $2,095 per person. An excellent deal, right? 
  • Snail mail open rates are up to 90%, making direct mail for eCommerce a must to reach prospects and drive conversions. 
  • Its response ratios are five to nine times higher than other marketing channels. 
  • Direct mail recipients spend 28% more on a brand’s products and services than people who did not receive the mailers. Thus, direct mail for retailers helps you sell more high-value products and significantly increases your revenue. 
  • Most households save their direct mail items for up to 17 days. Moreover, four in ten Americans love receiving mail so much that they look forward to receiving items in their mailboxes. It is clear people love getting mail even in today’s digital era!

Top 5 Reasons to Use Ecommerce Direct Mail

Your entire business may operate online, but you still need postal mail to get your products to your customers. Therefore, it is impossible to sideline offline correspondence to stay in touch with your customers and operate properly! The same applies to marketing, and here are the top five reasons offline mailing can do wonders for your eCommerce business:

Direct Mail for E-commerce Helps You Bypass the Digital Clutter

It takes 21% less cognitive effort to process direct mail than email! Thus, sending multiple emails is equivalent to mailing a single mailer—that is eye-catching and relevant to your audience’s needs.

Also, it makes more sense to employ direct mail advertising for retailers and eCommerce companies with 57% of abandoned email addresses. It helps you cut through the digital noise and reach the customers personally!

Direct Mail for Retailers Enables You to Build Trustworthiness

A study states that retail sales could reach $1.07 trillion this year! Indeed, it is an exciting year for retail companies, but how do you beat your competition and sell the most products?

There are thousands of retailers online for customers to choose from- so how can they trust a brand enough to buy from it?

The answer is retail and eCommerce direct mail!

Sending direct mailers promoting your online business makes customers believe you are a legitimate company. A well-crafted mail item with your contact information and brand logo creates authenticity and trustworthiness. It motivates people to choose you over other brands they don’t trust!

Pro tip: Try diversifying your direct mail for eCommerce items, like postcards, envelopes, brochures, etc. Postcards and flyers are apt for communicating with customers regarding new products or season offers. However, marketing letters are more personalized and explanatory, helpful for discussing your offerings in-depth with your prospects!

E-commerce Direct Mail Can Increase Traffic Website

We bet you may have thought about questions like:

  • How to get more customers to visit our website and check out our products?
  • What should we do differently to get more website traffic?
  • How can we increase our sales levels and reduce shopping cart abandonments?

Luckily, direct mail marketing for retail and eCommerce companies can help drive online traffic in a short span! Direct mailing is a fantastic tool for customer acquisition, re-engagement, and retention.

E-commerce websites see a reduction of 14% in cart abandonments using eCommerce direct mail for targeted marketing. Additionally, in a USPS study, marketers reported nearly a 400% increase in conversions in a mailing campaign, targeting cart abandoners.

To get such impressive results, make it easy for prospects to respond. Add QR codes, pURLs, etc., to redirect them to your websites in only one step and buy something or complete an old transaction.

Direct Mail Helps You Conduct Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days when direct mail for eCommerce was rigid. You can now launch your campaigns flexibly whenever you need and in conjunction with other channels.

For instance, one of our clients needed to launch a dual marketing program. They wanted to send marketing emails to their target audience the same day the mail items get to their destinations. Undoubtedly, these campaigns improve brand recall rates and increase the chances of getting responses!

Using PostGrid's direct mail services, executing and tracking extensive eCommerce direct mail campaigns is simple and quick. Thus, our client had the resources to conduct an omnichannel program hassle-free!

Direct Mail Promotes Hyper-Focused Targeting and Personalization

Another primary reason to use direct mail marketing for retail is that it lets you personalize your customer interactions. Instead of sending 10,000 marketing messages and waiting for relevant prospects to respond, direct mail paves the way to send out 1,000 mailers only to the correct people. Thus, you don’t need to spend too much while guessing whether the campaign could work out.

Also, direct mail for eCommerce businesses helps you make your customers feel special. Many people feel special getting a direct mail item; imagine adding their name to it and offering a tailored solution to their needs!

Best Practices to Improve Your Retail and eCommerce Direct Mail Campaigns

You cannot perfect your campaigns unless you add some essential elements like appealing artwork, response mechanisms, etc. However, there are some other additional things you can consider to make your campaign a sure-shot success.

Below, we discuss some tips to help you craft ideal mailers to send to your existing and potential customers:

Building Custom Mailing Lists

Targeted mailing lists are the soul of a data-driven eCommerce direct mail campaign. It allows you to narrow your audience and focus on the most relevant leads. For example, imagine your customers are of the age group of 15 to 45 years. Wouldn’t it be better to only mail people within this category and expect results?

Segmented mailing lists help you do just that—it allows you to target relevant prospects who are most likely to respond. Fortunately, PostGrid helps its clients build such lists from scratch. It means you don’t need to possess anything to think about launching direct mail for eCommerce campaigns.

Add Exciting Offers

Customers prefer shopping with brands that send them retail coupons. For instance, suppose two eCommerce brands sell the same thing at the same price on their respective websites. A customer would prefer the company that sent them a 15% off coupon last week under an eCommerce direct mail strategy! It is how brands entice people to buy from them and ditch other businesses.

You don’t need to offer a discount every time to get someone to purchase a product. Some eCommerce businesses provide cashback or redeemable points to get repeat orders!

Include Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials, ratings, etc., are among the most impactful marketing tools that most businesses overlook. Including them in your direct mail for eCommerce mailers can help you gain your audience’s trust and establish genuine relationships.

You may add one-liner reviews with your customers’ names or include links to video testimonials. Either way, your goal should be to make people relate to your existing customers and build confidence in your company. Not surprisingly, direct mail for retailers is the best option for doing so; you only need to get it right!

Add Your Contact Information

Your contact information is not only your phone number and company name. Some eCommerce businesses skip adding their commercial address to their eCommerce direct mail items, which does not have a terrific first impression.

Thus, try adding your mailing address, email address, contact number, brand name, website link, and logo. You can also print your social media handles to let people visit your profiles and follow you—increasing online visibility and reputation.

Have an Upfront Call to Action

Sure, the old-school line ‘Give us a call to know more may still work, but you must do much better than this!

Add a straightforward and easy-to-complete CTA to your direct for eCommerce mailers that make people pick up their phones and respond to you. Try adding QR codes, so prospects can quickly scan them and reach your products’ page. Or add a link to your eCommerce direct mail items where customers can sign up and look for their favorite products.

Adding a coupon code to your postcard, letter, etc., is an excellent idea to start with, but ensure to add sentences like:

  • Use this code at checkout to get a 10% discount on your next order.
  • Enter the five-digit code while signing up to get 100 free welcome points.
  • Buy one and get one free by entering THANKSGIVING1+1 at checkout.

Using PostGrid’s Direct Mail Solutions to Make the Most of Your E-Commerce Direct Mail Campaigns

Our direct mail API and automation software are in-built to help you launch compliant, data-driven, personalized campaigns. 

You can integrate our API into your existing CRM or install the software on your device to start shipping direct mail for eCommerce marketing items immediately! Our features include everything you need to launch an impeccable mailing campaign, like address verification, metadata tagging, tracking, design templates, etc. 

Here, we have mentioned some of the most helpful features PostGrid offers to level up your direct mail marketing for retail campaigns:

Presorting Items

PostGrid can help you avail of significant postal discounts by presorting your items for shipping items in bulk. The process involves segmenting your marketing items according to their ZIP codes, which seems simple but takes several days and weeks of your time. And PostGrid helps you do that in as less as two business days!

Intelligent Mail Barcodes

Attaching IMBs to your eCommerce direct mail items lets you track your mailers to their destinations. Thus, you get a more accurate campaign schedule—letting you conduct timely follow-ups and stay updated on your program’s progress!

Innumerable Variables

You may add variable data, like your recipients’ names, addresses, gender, age, location, etc., to your mailers. PostGrid makes it simple to include as many variables in your direct mail for eCommerce campaigns as you need without making complicated adjustments. 

HubSpot Integration

Integrate PostGrid into HubSpot and get new leads for direct mail marketing for retail targeting. Our integrations let you incorporate direct mailing into your existing workflows and add more apps, contacts, etc., to broaden your reach! Thus, you can send letters to new customers, ship holiday coupons, re-engage old clients, track analytics, etc.  

Registered and Certified Mailings

Businesses can send their eCommerce direct mail materials via Registered Mail or Certified Mail to get proof of delivery. It costs a bit more, but PostGrid helps you get the best rates on commercial mailings—helping you get all the benefits at the least rates!

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