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Direct Mail Prospecting: Double Your Leads Generation

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direct mail prospecting

Direct Mail Prospecting - Double Your Leads Generation

They say, if we wait long enough, everything that is old will turn new again. As the ever-evolving digital marketing is reaping the results, direct mail has obtained more than expected. Also, direct mail comes with an advanced old-timer status and stands tall to reclaim its prominence as a communication mainstay.

direct mail prospecting

However, direct mail marketing is quite effective marketing technique (especially when talking about promoting products and businesses). And that direct mail is known to go toe-to-toe with various channels digitally- or, even better yet, they work with them altogether.

Even if you are already focusing on sales with the perfect digital prospecting strategy, you still need to enhance the techniques and approach to achieve better outcomes.

Here, one way to nurture your digital prospecting efforts is by using them in the desired manner. Businesses generally neglect today since it is a little Old School when compared with other available strategies. Somehow, these old-school or paper-based marketing methods are still rising like before.

You can also adapt this approach to your direct mail prospecting by combining it with highly innovative ways, which we will cover below in this guide.

Let us start by asking you something – What does direct mail prospecting provide?

You can send every prospect direct mail materials like brochures, mail postcards, newsletters, or anything else. This way, you will grab their attention and help you convey all the required information related to your brand.

Now, let us ask another question – What makes direct mail prospective the best?

What Is Direct Mail Prospecting?

For most, it can provide a little more than an email. In fact, direct mail shows that you have made efforts for your customers through personalized printed media. And then pour in some more effort by mailing them.

Additionally, direct mail lasts longer than email, and many businesses get flooded with countless emails daily. Here, the new emails quickly get suppressed or ignored easily. Whereas direct mail always stays fresh and is quite relevant as it is a physical marketing asset.

Thus, direct mail marketing is one of the best tools one could go for when it comes to boosting your outreach.

Here, several marketing packages combine with both physical mail items and digital marketing as one. It also allows you to reach your customers on all fronts and be persistent with the marketing strategy of your business. Somehow, the success of your campaign also depends upon how often to send direct mail prospecting campaigns.

Direct Mail Prospecting to Stand Out in the Crowded Marketplace

Direct mail may indeed seem a little outdated, but it is also unique. These days, many businesses like connecting through LinkedIn, email, text, or even sending their prospects direct mail items.

For example, you can share an e-guide or whitepaper and then send a printed version via direct mail. Now, this will provide your customers with an additional way to read the guides. Your customers are generally being inundated with countless messages on their tablets, mobile phones, and more. So, using direct mail additionally increases your chance of standing out in the marketplace.

Understand what type of prospecting direct mail will suit the best for your campaign and how you can supplement them accordingly.

Direct Mail Prospecting: Give Your Customers Something to Remember

Today, your customers want you to connect with them regardless of their location. They also like having the flexibility in both communicating and making the purchase. According to a study by ResearchGate, digital material can be classified as white noise. Human brains respond efficiently to something tangible and real.

Now, this is one of the many reasons to track your digital marketing efforts using direct mail service. Direct mail is more likely to remind a prospect of your service and product. Hanging a mailer on the refrigerator is a stronger reminder than an email your customers read just a week ago.

Understanding What Type Of Prospecting Is Direct Mail Will Suit You The Best

Some marketing strategies work better for direct mail than digital technicalities. Here offer a coupon or loyalty card to your customers or combine your strategies with direct mail software like PostGrid. This unique tool can help to streamline your direct mail prospecting. PostGrid also makes sure that your direct mail is ready to ship right when they receive the email.

You can also include loyalty cards, as it is an opportunity for customers to come back for more. You can also offer discounts to encourage them to make more purchases. Direct mail lets the prospects see through every detail in terms of your products and services.

It also makes it easy for them, they can easily scroll through your website without having to visit your website. Try adding a few pictures, testimonials, and more to add a little more to your campaign.

Here, the main reason for you to consider direct mail is brand recognition. Adding logos, images, and colors could also invoke a feeling that the customer is linked with your brand. With a direct mail piece, you have a chance of attracting customers with unique mail assets rather than just another email they just ignore.

Also, the mailed direct mail prospecting materials tend to provide your customers with an experience they can never forget. It also gives you a better chance of igniting their interest and encouraging them to buy more from you.

Top-Notch Direct Mail Prospecting Ideas

It is possible to create customized, multi-step campaigns that target niche audiences with attractive offers based on the data collected from these tools. Here's how you can do so:

Offer Something Your Customers Cannot Refuse:

Creating an offer that appeals to the customer is one of the basic principles of direct marketing prospecting. Think of the total earnings you will earn by securing a customer for life when creating an offer and sending your prospect direct mail items. Imagine if a physician knows that his/her first-time customers have an 80% chance of returning. Then focusing on getting new clients into the office should be the goal. First-time clients may receive a free consultation, medication, and even an appointment. Would it be possible to spend a certain amount of money on marketing, so the physician could retain the business for a lifetime? Marketers should place a high value on ROI when investing in marketing.

Customer Love Anything That is Free:

Free things are hard to turn down. Offering free services and products is not the only way to offer discounts or even incentives for free. In addition to free reports, educational materials, and tools, businesses can offer them. Consumers spend money on various industries due to the specific skills or knowledge needed to provide those goods or services. Real estate, financial, education, medical, and more fall under such industries. By exchanging a consumer's information with a business owner, they can provide informative free content. Your prospecting database is built using this technique. It is common for people who sign up for product information to be in the market for that product. A company needs to produce a newsletter, free report, or discount membership that can attract prospects. You must focus and position your business as a brand that consumers can trust and respect through direct mail prospecting.

Try to Bring Something Unique and Creative:

Make your brand and company memorable to consumers by setting up a wow factor. Today, businesses can create bulk mail for campaigns by working with fulfillment companies. There are many reasons why customers love it. Lumpy mail, including its texture, shape, feel, and other features. A greeting card or bill that uses technology is drastically different from those that do not.

For example, a company mailing mini versions of their products to its highly targeted customers with a prospecting offer inside. Another great idea would be to highlight a red hot offer with a shiny envelope filled with red hot cinnamon candy. Creating buzz via word of mouth would be possible with direct mail prospecting pieces that are memorable, stand out, and establish a conversation.

Direct marketing is more effective with bulky mail. Is bulk mail a problem? Well, integrate PostGrid with your business solutions and make the most of your direct mail campaign. Streamline and send your prospect direct mail without putting yourself through unwanted hassles.

Be Simple, Loud, and Clear:

You should make it easy, clear, and simple for your prospective customers to claim whatever offer, incentive, discount, or rebate you offer. Ensure that each marketing piece contains only one offer, with clear directions for receiving it. Some businesses have websites or phone lines dedicated solely to specific service offers. In addition to reinforcing what type of prospecting is direct mail to use, a company can track the response rate easily by including the URL or phone number. Getting directed to a specific platform is a pleasant experience for most people. The instructions should be repeated frequently by a marketer.

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Still Not Confused?

That's no problem. It can be stressful and counter-productive to adopt and implement new sales tactics. If your product solves a common problem, it will still sell.

Yet direct mail prospecting and gifting persist as effective marketing methods. It will remain a challenge for digital-only sales teams. It isn't just a case of overflowing inboxes. In addition, you have to cope with more restrictive regulations.

A face-to-face meeting, a video conference, or a phone call has never been more essential. You can put yourself in control and ahead of the digital clutter by engaging your target accounts beyond solely digital channels.

Integrate offline approaches and other direct mail API tools like PostGrid into your workflows to create more authentic connections. And stand out in sales, you need to get physical.

Major Takeaways

  • It is easier than ever before to integrate and scale direct mail with tools like PostGrid.
  • Research shows that sensory stimulation and personalized communications engage the brain more effectively.
  • Delivering direct mail has become more cost-effective thanks to new technology.

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