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Direct Mail Marketing Strategy

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direct mail marketing strategy

How to Create a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Strategy in 2024?

Almost every business is trying to leverage the full potential of social media, email marketing, promotional videos, and digital marketing advertisements. However, most forget to consider a traditional and direct marketing medium like direct mail.

In the age of digital marketing, people hate the clutter of online advertising. Instead of interacting with these ads, they often ignore them or use adblockers. Marketers need something more personal and engaging that helps them to stand out from the crowd. Even after decades, direct mail services successfully send the message to the potential customer at the right time.

direct mail marketing strategy

There are still a lot of misconceptions about direct mail among marketing professionals. However, automation tools are changing the face of traditional physical mail. These days, a direct mail marketing strategy can be highly targeted, personalized, and trackable.

This blog is the perfect place to learn how to create a consistent direct mail marketing strategy. We'll also explore its benefits and best practices that help you grow your business.

Please take out your notepads and hold your pens because we will talk marketing!

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

It refers to targeted advertising that uses postcards, letters, self-mailers, flyers, and brochures to spread a marketing message. Businesses use direct mail tools to send marketing materials to their target audience. It helps in boosting conversion rates and revenue.

Direct mail is one of the oldest methods of marketing. Yet, direct marketing continues to be an effective channel even in the digital age. This success is growing with the digital clutter your audience has to deal with daily.

What is a Direct Mail Marketing Strategy?

It is a direct marketing strategy with unique goals like higher response or conversion rates. Many marketers build a comprehensive approach to build fruitful customer relationships.

It also helps them to spread brand awareness, and increase sales figures. But do you need to develop direct mail marketing strategies in the first place? How can your business grow with a strong plan?

Let us explore!

Reasons to Develop Direct Mail Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Successful businesses consider direct mail a more professional, personal, and tactile marketing medium. It can help your business to target demographics that are not available online. Older people, for instance, do not understand digital marketing channels. Gen Z also appreciates the charm and exclusive factor of receiving a direct mail piece. 

Physical Mail is More Powerful than Email Marketing 

Direct mail is more expensive than email marketing. However, statistics show that direct mail pieces get a significantly higher response rate than emails. A well-executed direct mail campaign strategy can boost your sales and conversions.

You can combine direct mail with your email marketing efforts. It will give more qualified leads. As a result, you can reach untapped audiences that do not use email.

Direct Mail Marketing Can Help You Stand Out From the Competition

How many emails do you get daily? And how many marketing emails do you read? Think! 

It is the most challenging problem with email marketing. We live in a world of digital marketing clutter. No one feels comfortable processing a massive influx of digital information.

A direct mail strategy is necessary to stand out from the crowd. Only a few businesses consider direct mail in their marketing plan.

Overtake your competitors with a well-executed direct mail marketing strategy. Remember, people only receive a few pieces of physical mail in their inboxes. It could be your chance to capitalize on this opportunity and distinguish yourself from others.

Mail Pieces Have a Longer Shelf Life

Direct mail pieces are highly tactile. The recipients will be more critical of your mail pieces than digital emails because of the physical factor.

You cannot delete mail immediately as it can remain in your home for days or weeks. Consider sending a 3D mailer, and they will keep it even longer.

It is a Highly Contagious Marketing Channel

If your customers read your email, will their family members also read it? The answer is almost none! A direct mail marketing strategy helps spread the message to an entire household. Everyone will see your message, and you will have a higher reach than email marketing.

How to Create a Consistent Direct Mail Marketing Strategy?

Now, we must assist you in developing your plan. That's the most crucial part of this blog. Follow these steps, and you are good to go;

Stage 1: Understand Your Market

A successful direct mail marketing campaign relies on a thorough comprehension of the target market. It would help if you learned about your target audience to get the maximum out of your direct mail strategy.

Divide your audience based on demographics like age, sex, income, ethnicity, location, and profession. It will help you to add a personal touch to your mail pieces with relevant information and mail offers.

Stage 2: Maintain the Accuracy and Relevance of Your Mailing Lists 

You must have a mailing list where you will implement your direct mail marketing strategy. This list must be up-to-date and accurate. Otherwise, you will be only burning money on failed deliveries or duplication.

We recommend keeping with the latest National Change of Address (NCOA). It is necessary to maximize the deliverability of your mail pieces.

Stage 3: Rely on Your CRM Data for Customizing Your Mail Pieces

Next, we need to customize the mail pieces with the data present in your CRM system. It would help if you considered the needs and preferences of each customer from your database. Customize the mail pieces with appropriate names, addresses, contact details, and other relevant information.

Stage 4: Create an Appealing Design and Engaging Marketing Message

No one likes to receive plain and boring marketing materials. An effective direct mail marketing strategy works with creativity, interactiveness, and engagement.

Unleash your full potential by implementing your branding elements into the mail pieces. It means using logos, colors, layouts, fonts, and custom envelopes. Lastly, you need a crisp, effective marketing message encouraging recipients to act.

Step 5: Add a Highly Precise and Concise Call-to-Action 

The CTA is the most vital component of a direct mail marketing strategy. After all, you want to convince your recipients to take some action. It could be anything from booking a demo, purchasing products or services, replying to the mail, or contacting your business.

The point is getting them onboard in their customer journeys. Provide your contact information, address, and website URL to solidify trust and credibility.

Step 6: Run A/B Testing to Achieve the Best Results 

You cannot launch your direct mail campaign strategy in a single go. Testing is necessary to learn how your marketing drive will perform. First, establish a more targeted test run by mailing 100 pieces and monitoring the performance.

You can also consider A/B testing to learn what works well and what doesn't. These testing drives will help you find the most effective version and help you tweak your direct mail strategy. Marketers can slowly increase their direct mail campaign size. They only need to measure the success of their previous drives.

Best Practices for Successful Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

Many of our clients use these best practices to improve the success rate of their direct mail strategies.

Leverage the Power of Creative Postcards

It can be a highly creative format that can outperform other channels. You can unleash your creativity with stunning designs to influence your recipients.

Postcards give you concise space to implement your marketing message. Marketers use this idea to impress an audience. Yet, people still find them more interactive and engaging than other formats.

Implement the 40/40/20 Formula

Many successful direct mail strategies consider the 40/40/20 rule to define the purpose of their mail piece. According to this rule, every direct mail marketing campaign has three elements;

  • 40% Audience
  • 40% Offer
  • 20% Creative

The success of your campaign highly depends on the right audience, great offer, and creativity. According to this rule, you must prioritize your direct mail marketing strategy to expect the best results.

Focus on Making the Mail Pieces More Personal

People expect personalization from every marketing or communication piece in today's marketplace. Adding your recipient's name on a direct mail piece can increase the response rate by 135%. At the same time, sending generic messages won't give any success to your direct mail marketing strategy

We recommend you leverage data on demographics and purchasing history. Marketers use it to personalize their marketing materials further. It would amp up the exclusive factor of your direct mail strategy. Variable Data Printing (VDP) can effectively personalize your mail pieces with custom information. 

Don't Clutter the Design 

Many marketing professionals often overdo the design and clutter their mail pieces. They try to incorporate excessive information into a tight space. It makes it harder for the recipient to comprehend the write-up, design, and offer. A creative use of white space should be in the top spot of your direct mail marketing strategy.

Improve Your Envelope Design

You don't need a plain, boring envelope design for your direct mail strategy. Envelopes are the storefront of your mail pieces. It will create the first impression even before people open your mailpiece. You can make your envelopes stand out using engaging text, eye-catching colors, diverse logos, shapes, sizes, and textures.

Take an Omnichannel Approach to Build a Larger Marketing Strategy

A standalone direct mail marketing strategy may not be enough for some businesses. You can complement your existing social media or email marketing strategies with physical mail. It would help you create a multi-layered customer journey with multiple touching points. Many companies use an omnichannel approach with their direct mail marketing strategy.

Constantly Measure the Performance of Your Direct Mail Campaigns 

Being blind to your campaign performance is one of marketers' biggest mistakes. You must define a proper tracking mechanism to measure the performance of your direct mail campaign strategy.

As a practical measure, you can include QR codes, PURLs (Personalized URLs), or coupon codes in your mail pieces. It gives you a vigilant eye into who's opening and interacting with your marketing material. An excellent tracking mechanism should be necessary. Marketers can learn their audience's perception of their direct mail strategies.

Use the Most Popular Formats to Create the Maximum Impact

Marketers struggle to decide what format to use for their campaigns. Here's what you need to know about each form;


It is one of the most cost-effective direct mail formats where you can showcase your creativity without breaking the bank. You don't have to fold them or include any insert.


It is a single sheet of paper with multiple folds (bifold or trifold) into panels. You don't need to buy separate folder envelopes to post them. They also provide ample space to include targeted messages and stunning visual elements.


This format is ideal when focusing on personal storytelling or product showcasing. With an active approach, you can use flyers to impact your target audience's purchase decision.

Use PostGrid Direct Mail API to Execute Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

Do you want to send mail quickly and save money? We have the perfect platform for you.

PostGrid direct mail API is the perfect solution for marketing professionals who need to automate their letters, postcards, and flyers. We provide complete services to create, print, and send your direct mail marketing pieces.

Benefits of Using Our Platform for Your Direct Mail Marketing Strategy;
  • We provide incredible personalization opportunities with a built-in template editor and template gallery.
  • Integrate our API to print and send mail with almost any tech stack, CRM, marketing automation, and other tools. The zero-code integration keeps you from putting in manual efforts.
  • We only take a 2-business-day SLA to get your mail pieces ready for delivery.
  • Get complete analytical reports on direct mail processing, printing, shipping, and delivery.
  • Our platform has a highly compliant and secure print and mail processing partnership. It ensures your data is always safe with us.

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