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Direct Mail Postcard Examples for Your Marketing Campaign

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business postcards marketing ideas and examples

Direct Mail Postcard Examples for Your Marketing Campaign

Using direct mail postcards for marketing and succeeding at it is easier said than done. We know direct mail has a significantly higher response rate and ROI than other marketing strategies. But, that doesn't mean using direct mail will always result in a successful marketing strategy.

Drafting the perfect direct mail postcard right is not easy and nearly impossible at times. So, if you are inexperienced at creating them. Even well-versed marketers and copywriters sometimes turn to examples of direct mail postcards that have done well in the past for inspiration.

business postcards marketing ideas and examples

Even professional copywriters have a habit of referring to different marketing postcard examples. The copywriters then save the inspiring postcards they find to a swipe file. For those of you who are not yet familiar with the term swipe file – it is anywhere copywriters store ideas.

By the end of the day, the purpose of postcard marketing is to generate a response from the target audience. So, it doesn't matter where you get your inspiration from as long as your postcards are not plagiarized.

Postcards have some limitations compared to email marketing. This limitation is especially noticeable when it comes to the space available. Finding compelling direct mail postcard examples is also not easy as finding successful social media ads or emails.

The direct mail postcard examples you include in your swipe file must be aesthetic and eye-catchy to grab the reader's attention. In addition to this, the marketing postcard examples you pick for reference must also have an enticing CTA that can push them to take the desired action.

There are several direct mail postcard examples you can find online. However, only a handful of them can deliver the desired results. Distinguishing the difference between a successful and unsuccessful direct mail postcard can make all the difference for your campaign.

By examining the examples listed in this article you can understand the finer details involved in creating a direct mail postcard. We will further analyze what makes these examples of direct mail postcards successful.

For the direct mail postcards to succeed as a marketing tool you will need to go beyond the design or value proposition. We hope to reveal what makes postcards an effective marketing tool by diving into the details of the different examples of direct mail postcards.

The different types of postcards discussed here show you different ways to use or present a value proposition effectively. Furthermore, the article even explains how to rectify the mistakes in the given direct mail postcard examples and optimize them even further.

Direct Mail PostCard Example #1: First Service Discount

The postcard shown below is one of the best direct mail postcard examples for inducting new customers for your business. The best approach you can take for inducing a customer for the first time is to offer them a discount for your first service or purchase.

postcard free

Highlight Your Services

The recipient is unlikely to be aware of the services you offer as they may not have ever interacted with your brand. As you can see in the above example, they have specifically listed out their services. Here, they have used a box format that clearly stands out.

The postcard shown above highlights the services so that it can easily grab the user's attention. So, the reader can judge whether or not your services are required for them (or for later) and decide to ditch or save your postcard.

Discount on First Service

A significant area of the postcard is used to showcase the discount offer for first-time buyers. One of the first things we notice about the postcard is the two offers that together take up half the total area of the postcard. Here, both offers are relevant to the target audience.

One of the offers mentioned in the postcard is for a one-year service subscription. However, most people do not tend to opt for a one-year plan straight away. In the meantime, if the recipient is already looking for a landscape service, then they are likely to take up the first service discount offer.

How to Improve The PostCard

One noticeable thing about the postcard above is that the postcard does seem a bit clustered together. Furthermore, the postcard states explicitly that the recipient can only redeem one offer or coupon when ordering.

A better approach would have been to only provide one coupon code in the postcard. Such an approach would make room for white space and avoid any unnecessary confusion for the customers. The additional space could also make room for more extensive and more clear pictures in the postcard.

Direct Mail PostCard Example #2: Free Trials

Nothing is more enticing to the customer than a free trial of products or services genuinely interested in. So, as long as you can get the timing right, your target audience will likely take the desired action to access the free trial. However, you would still need to make a convincing case for why they should choose your business over others.

For example, let's consider the postcard shown above. The company offers a changing service for dogs and has created a well-drafted postcard. Now let's see what makes the postcard work for their campaign and what doesn't.

Evenly Distributed Content And White Space

One thing that strikes the reader about this postcard is that the content, including the images, is distributed evenly. Furthermore, the images used in the postcard are big enough to attract the attention of the reader.

It is also worth noting that the image used is relevant to the service offered by the company. So, anyone who owns a dog will instinctively check out the postcard instead of putting it in the bin. Additionally, the white space in this postcard is about the right amount, and the mail does not feel clustered at any place.

Font Size And Color Utilization

Another aspect of the postcard that deserves appreciation in this direct mail postcard example is the use of different font sizes. The postcard uses different font sizes to highlight the critical information in it. Even the font colors are purposefully chosen to grab the attention of the reader.

In this example, you can see that the font for “RISK-FREE 14 DAY TRIAL” on the backside of the postcard is a much bigger size. Furthermore, the font also has a different color from the rest of the content. The red color grabs the reader's attention and conveys the message seamlessly.

Workflow Explanation

The postcard has a short yet comprehensive explanation of its business workflow. Although not every business needs to provide this in their direct mail postcards, it is a good choice for this niche. It is because pet care is a sensitive business and their customers often require reassurance from the service provider.

One thing noticeable about the workflow in the postcard is that it uses short headlines, which alone can convey the business workflow. The explanation of the workflow, on the other hand, is smaller and is aimed at audiences who wish to know more about the process.

Direct Mail PostCard Example #3: Free Products

Offering free products is very similar to offering free trials, but the truth is that they are both unique in their own way. It makes sense to provide free trials to your customers for the service you offer. As it is necessary to show how your service can help the customer. Furthermore, in free trials for services offered, you have the freedom to avoid complex services by categorizing them as premium.

You should take a similar approach when it comes to offering free products like the one in the postcard shown above. Here, the free product is accessible only when the customer makes a purchase. The intention of offering a free product here is to act as an incentive and not showcase the product's advantages like in free trials.

Branding And Image Utilization

As you look at the postcard above, you can see that the brand logo and the product image (a pizza in this case) are highlighted. Such an approach is ideal for businesses if yours is a well-recognized brand among your target market.

In the case of customer reengagement, you may choose to use large brand logos on postcards that easily catch the reader's eyes. Such postcards are also ideal for boosting customer loyalty. The free product offer is enough to make the customer redeem the offer even though a condition is applied.

You will notice that the image of the product or pizza is as big as the brand logo. Image utilization in this postcard is such that it can easily appeal to the target audience. The large size image is bound to connect with anyone interested in the product.

As a result, the reader will pause and check out the postcard before deciding whether it goes into the bin.

Pitching More Than One Offer

Going through the postcard above, you will notice that the offer mentioned on the backside is different from the one on the front. This is a good practice if you want to try appealing to your customers through different approaches.

Pitching your customers with two entirely different offers enables them to choose whichever one is most suited for them. In most cases, the secondary offers serve as an add-on for further pushing the customer to conversion.

How to Improve The PostCard

Did you notice that one thing is missing from the postcard we have displayed above? In the postcard, the company offers “free cheese bread” to its customers. However, there is no image of the cheese bread anywhere.

Considering that “free cheese bread” is the primary value offering of the direct mail postcard, it would have made sense to include an image of it. These are small details that sometimes go unnoticed even by the recipient but are significant for the campaign's success.

Direct Mail PostCard Example #4: Appeal to The Pain Points

One of the fundamental rules of marketing is to appeal to the customer's pain points and offer them a feasible solution for their problem. The direct mail postcard you see above does precisely this. It doesn't matter how big or small your target audience is as long as you can identify their pain points effectively.

However, understanding the pain points of your customers is harder for some niches compared to others. It is relatively easy to figure out the target audience's pain points in this case because they are generic to the services they offer.

Highlight The Problem And Its Solutions

As you go through the direct mail postcard, you will notice that the company has placed the customer's pain points to catch the reader's attention. Furthermore, the postcards smartly use a question format for raising the pain points to the customer.

The question format is ideal for connecting with the readers and if it's relevant to them, a response is made almost immediately. In addition to this, the font color used for raising the pain points is easily noticeable. This ensures that the points quickly catch the eyes of the reader.

The postcard then uses a box to list the services they offer, which also happens to be the solution to the customer's pain points. This way, the reader can quickly assess whether the company can provide them with the specific service they require.

Categorized Offers

An exciting part of this direct mail postcard is that it does not offer its readers a flat-rate discount offer. Here, the company offers three distinctive services to its customers, and they provide a different discount rate for each of these services. This allows customers to choose the right service for them and enables them to know how much discount they can get from the service provider.

Before and After Pictures

Before and after pictures is a classic marketing strategy to showcase the effectiveness of your product/service. However, you must be careful not to exaggerate it using photoshop and keep your expectations realistic. The postcard you see above does an excellent job of doing this, which is evident from its pictures.

How to Improve The PostCard

The brand's logo takes up more than half of the total space on the postcard's front side. This might be fine for well-established brands or if you are targeting a loyal customer base for your campaign. But, if not, it is best to take a more subtle approach when it comes to using your brand logo.

Similarly, another aspect of the postcard that could use some improvement is the use of white space. The postcard here is so congested that there is barely any white space in it. There is a good chance that the postcard could lose its aesthetic appeal when there is little to no white space available.

How Can You Further Optimize Your Direct Mail Postcards?

There are different ways you can optimize your direct mail postcards further. Although there is little you can do on the creative side, you can still use tools to streamline your direct mail process. Typically this means automating your direct mail operations using CASS-certified direct mail tools like PostGrid.


One thing that is lacking in almost all examples of direct mail postcards we examined is personalization. While sending direct mail in bulk, it is hard to personalize each of them separately. However, you can use a direct mail service automation tool like PostGrid to easily personalize your postcards and mail them in bulk.


Using an advanced automation tool like PostGrid does more than just automate the postcard mailing process. Everything starting from personalization to printing to verifying the addresses can be carried out using PostGrid's advanced direct mail API and platform. This way, you can ensure the optimal result of your direct mail campaign along with maximum deliverability.


Even the most experienced marketers and copywriting professionals prefer going through various marketing postcard examples for inspiration. This enables them to create effective direct mail campaigns that can drag on the desired results.

However, using examples of direct mail postcards with a high success rate can only get you so far. In the end, you will have to make something original out of it. Furthermore, you will also need help from some of the best direct mail companies like PostGrid to streamline your operations.

A direct mail automation tool like PostGrid not only allows you to automate your entire direct mail process but also enables the personalization of bulk mails. In addition to all this, the CASS-certified address verification ensures the maximum deliverability of your direct mail with minimal time.

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