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What Are Direct Mail Letters, And How To Use Them For Growing Your Business?

Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to get a response from your target audience. Most marketers would pick a direct mailer like postcards for their marketing campaigns because they are more affordable and easy to produce.

direct mail marketing letter examples

But on the other hand, many marketers don’t use direct mail because postcards are not viable options. The reason could be the limited space for content in postcards or its lack of privacy. However, you can quickly get over these issues using a direct mail letter.

A marketing letter is much more efficient and more effective than postcards and flyers in many ways. As you read on, you will learn what is different about direct mail letters, why it is ideal for your business, and more.

What are Direct Mail Letters?

Direct mail is a marketing strategy and a favorite for marketers in numerous industry verticals, including real estate, healthcare, insurance, finance, retail, and eCommerce. Suppose you are a marketer or a business owner in one of these industries. In that case, the chances are you are familiar with direct mail marketing.

It involves sending marketing mailers such as thank you postcards, nonprofit fundraising letters, etc., to prospective customers. Simply put, direct mail letters are letters (typically in a sealed envelope) used in a direct mail campaign.

A direct mail letter is the best way for your business to send multiple inserted pieces to the target audience and ensure the privacy of its content. Apart from this, the other reasons why your business should use enveloped letters for your direct mailers are:

  • Ensure the confidentiality of confidential messages
  • The practically unlimited content length by using multiple inserts
  • Looks more professional, which builds credibility and trust
  • Ideal for sending sensitive mail such as patient billing statements from healthcare providers
  • Financial service providers can send documents like adverse action letters, collection letters, etc.
  • Insurance provider to send monthly billing statements, cancellation notices, etc.

Why Should You Use Direct Mail Letters For Your Business?

If we had to give you one reason for using direct mail letters, the list would be too long. You can even combine different marketing materials you insert in the envelopes to create the ideal combo for your project.

For example, you can use a single enveloped letter containing multiple inserts, such as a newsletter, a discount coupon, and a return mail envelope. The inserts you use for a specific letter or campaign will change based on your marketing goals.

Customized Envelopes

At least some businesses are skeptical of using direct mail letters for their business envelopes that hardly reveal their content. Hence, there is a good chance the recipient thinks it is junk mail and throws it away. However, you can resolve this issue significantly by using customized envelopes.

For example, healthcare organizations can print their brand logo on the envelopes when sending patient statements. It lets the patient know immediately who the letter is from and what it’s about. In addition, you can take similar approaches for your marketing letters.

For instance, you can hint at the discount voucher inside by printing something like “Save 50% on your next purchase!” It is enough to gather the target’s attention, raise curiosity, and ensure that your direct mail letter gets opened.

Send Confidential Letters 

When sending confidential letters for your business, the only possible way is to use an enveloped letter. Take the letters sent from healthcare organizations, for example. Healthcare communication is one of the most regulated communications in the US.

HIPAA protects any detail that can reveal the identity of the patient. Hence, if you work in the healthcare industry, you might want to check out our piece on HIPAA compliance. As we were saying, you can’t protect the patient data if you are using non-enveloped mailers like postcards. 

Customized Event Invitations

Event invitations are another direct mail communication where your business might want to use direct mail letters. The envelope makes your mailer look more discreet and professional. Of course, you must fully personalize your mailer to get the desired outcome.

Thankfully, the personalization part is not that hard if you use an automated direct mail solution like PostGrid. But we will discuss more on that later. For now, all you need to know is that a customized enveloped event invitation is significantly more effective than the rest.

Direct Mail Letters With Multiple Inserts 

One of the most attractive aspects of an enveloped direct mail letter is that you can include multiple inserts. Some businesses use up to five components in their enveloped direct mailers, and the inserts in such mailers have:

  • A letter
  • A newsletter
  • A tearable discount coupon
  • A return envelope

Technically, you can fill up your direct mail envelope with inserts until you fill it up completely. However, providing too much information, especially in printed format, can be counterproductive. Hence, it would be best if you found the right balance for your direct mail campaigns.

4 Best Direct Mail Letters For Your Business

The enveloped direct mail letter you use for your business can include different printed materials. Below we list some of the most prominent marketing materials you can use for your direct mail campaigns.

  • Handwritten Letters
  • Newsletters
  • Keepsakes And Gifts
  • Branded Magazines

1. Handwritten Letters

Perhaps the most effective way to generate a response from your target audience is to use handwritten direct mail. Everyone values a handwritten letter more than a generic printed mail because the former is much more personal.

You can even form an individual connection with the target audience with enough personalization. And this applies not only to the letter you send but also to the envelope you put it in. Merely seeing the handwritten address is enough to pique the recipient’s interest and open your direct mail letter.

Furthermore, the effort that goes into writing the letter by hand is also appreciated by the recipient. Luckily for you, advanced printing solutions let you print handwritten postal mailers using special ballpoint printers. It means you can print handwritten mailers without actually having to write them.

2. Newsletters

Newsletters may not be the most attractive marketing material you can use in your direct mail letters. And if we are being sincere, none of us enjoy receiving newsletters, flyers, leaflets, etc. So if you want to make it work, you need to have a striking title that can immediately grab the reader’s attention.

The design part of newsletters is much easier now since there are a variety of software solutions that can help you. Canva, PicMonkey, and FotoJet are among the most popular design tools you can use. The real challenge apart from the title is writing the remaining content for your newsletter.

You can simplify the whole newsletter printing and delivery process by employing a direct mail solution like PostGrid. An advanced system like PostGrid can conveniently print and deliver personalized direct mail letters. You can also use templates for your mailers, but you’d still need to develop the creative content.

3. Keepsakes and Gifts

How can you ensure that your target audience opens your direct mail letters? It is to include a small gift or keepsake in your enveloped letters. For years businesses have employed this strategy to boost their mailer’s open and response rates.

And the exciting bit is that it still works just as well as it did years ago. We know that it might seem like an expensive way to boost your direct mail letters’ open and response rates. But, in reality, it does not have to be costly at all. You can send something inexpensive to the target audience, such as:

  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Keychains
  • Calendars

As you can see, these are primarily inexpensive gifts you can give your target audience. In addition to that, you must ensure that your branding is visible in your keepsakes. Why do you need to do this? Because they act as a gentle reminder that your brand reinforces your brand in their mind.

4. Branded Magazines

Despite what many may believe or assume, the readership of magazines in recent years has increased. The few months of quarantine we all went through boosted the number of magazine readers. But how does this concern your direct mail Letters?

Many industry verticals, such as real estate, can use branded magazines to pitch their business to the target audience. Let us explain how. Let’s say that you run a real estate business and you get featured in a branded magazine. Naturally, you’d want more people to hear about it.

So, instead of sending another flyer to the target audience, you can send the whole magazine. Of course, you must first ensure that the target audience would want to receive the magazine you choose and find it of value. Believe it or not, magazines are one of the most effective real estate direct mail letters you can send.

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Tips For Writing An Effective Direct Mail Letter For Your Business

Writing a marketing letter for your business is not that difficult. With a bit of help and some effort, you may even be able to nail it on your very first try. But, if you are new to direct mail marketing, it is best to keep your expectations down.

Because even though direct mail offers a high response rate and ROI, it may take a few tries to perfect your strategy. Here are a few steps that can help you create an effective direct mail letter for your business.

Tip 1: Give Priority To Your Title

Once the target audience receives and opens your direct mail, it only takes them a few seconds to decide whether to keep it or junk it. It is hard enough to make the customer open your letter. You don’t want the reader to lose interest after opening the letter.

Some quick ways you can ensure that your title is to make it short and easily understandable. And, whatever you do, make sure that the title is always relevant to the main points of your direct mail letter. By the way, you must also avoid using negative words in your letter and phrases like “easy profits.”

Such phrases make your mailer look more like a scam, and it wouldn’t take much time for the reader to throw the letter away. Of course, you must also use a bold and bigger font for your title than the rest of the copy.

Tip 2: Be Mindful Of The Introduction

The beginning of your direct mail letter is more important than the rest of the letter. Even the way you greet the direct mail recipient can significantly impact the letter. Here are some pointers you can refer to when writing the letter.

  • Use the recipient’s name whenever it is available
  • Use the correct Mr. or Ms. in the salutation and never assume it based on the title
  • If you don’t know the salutation, go with “Dear….”
  • It would be best if you personalize your marketing letters for one-to-one correspondence
  • Never write a direct mail letter to a general audience
  • Bring out the best aspects of your proposition at the beginning of the letter

Tip 3: Provide A Clear Description of Your Product/Service

Now that you have the title and the introduction ready for your letter, the next thing you need to focus on is the product description. You can write a great product or service description for your direct mail letter without boring the reader.

  • Make the description clear and easy to understand
  • Avoid using any technical and business terms that the customer may not understand
  • Always list the benefits of the customer instead of the product/service features
  • Use columns or tables to highlight the significant benefits to the customer
  • When listing the benefits, start with the most considerable benefit on top
  • Explain the substantial benefits and how it helps your buyers

Tip 4: Tell The Success Story Of Your Product Or Service

What is the best way to keep a reader engaged? To tell them your message using a story, of course. And the best thing is that the story mode of writing works perfectly for every marketing content, especially your direct mail letters. The following pointers can help you tell your business’s success story effectively to your target audience.

  • Keep it as authentic as possible using real names, numbers, and other details
  • Explain how your product or service worked wonders for your customers
  • Create a story that makes the reader want to know more about your product or service

How To Use Automation For Sending Direct Mail Letters?

Having a well-thought-out plan alone can not make the greatest direct mail sales letters when all is said and done. It would be best if you also had the muscle to keep up with your advanced direct mail requirements, including the printing and delivery of personalized bulk mail.

Manually personalizing your marketing mailers is neither practical nor affordable. It can take hours and hours of manual labor and extensive resources and comes with a risk of error. You can avoid all these issues by employing a direct mail service system like PostGrid.

PostGrid enables you to send highly personalized direct mail letters to your customers by clicking a button. We have helped many companies, including healthcare organizations, to help with their HIPAA compliant personalized communication.

Benefits Of Using Direct Mail Automation

  • It enables you to communicate complex messages
  • You can thank your customers personally with customized letters
  • Direct mail letters stand out from the crowd of digital marketing campaigns
  • It enables you to establish meaningful conversations with your target audience
  • Direct mailers are perfect for industries like real estate and healthcare
  • Use intelligent and relevant headlines to boost engagements
  • Create a single template and use it as many times as you want
  • Customize your direct mail letter envelopes
  • Automation saves your direct mail campaign time, money, and more


In many ways, direct mail letters are much more complex than postcards or envelope-less mail. However, it also offers many benefits to your business, especially if you want to send confidential or sensitive mail.

Personalization is the key to running a successful direct mail marketing campaign which involves letters in sealed envelopes. But luckily, you can bypass many challenges in personalizing your direct mail letters by using a solution like PostGrid.

An automated direct mail solution like PostGrid lets you personalize your marketing letters by connecting them with your CRM solution. You can even print personalized envelopes to significantly boost your response rate and enhance your marketing results.

Furthermore, PostGrid’s HIPAA compliance also ensures that customers’ confidential data always remains protected. Hence, companies should invest in an advanced direct mail solution like PostGrid for sending direct mail letters in bulk.

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