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How To Use Direct Mail Fulfillment To Save Valuable Time And Money For Your Business?

If you are considering using direct mail for marketing your business, you have likely heard of direct mail fulfillment services. You may have heard how it can take a load off your work and save you valuable time.

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But, what exactly does marketing mail fulfillment mean? 

What are the things included in the marketing mail fulfillment services? 

How does using fulfillment service help you?

These are all questions that you are most likely asking yourself. Luckily for you, all of your questions about fulfillment services are answered below. Furthermore, we also elaborate on how you can choose the perfect fulfillment service for your business.

What is Direct Mail Fulfillment?

The direct mail fulfillment process includes every step a business takes for sending direct mail to its target audience. It starts right from the point where you ideate the direct mail to the final stage where the client or prospect receives the mailer.

Most of the steps involved in direct mail fulfillment happen during the campaign. Some of the steps in direct mail fulfillment happen even after the clients receive the mailers. For example, direct mail analysis is a crucial part of the fulfillment process, usually after the mail delivery.

However, it would be best to keep in mind that the direct mail fulfillment process can vary based on the desired results. Hence it is essential to choose an expert to ensure you get the best direct mail fulfillment services

Main Steps Involved In Direct Mail Fulfillment

As we mentioned above, there are several different processes involved in direct mail fulfillment. Some of the essential processes involved in marketing mail fulfillment are as follows.

Designing Your Direct Marketing Mail 

One of the vital steps in the fulfillment process is designing direct mail. You can create a custom direct mail design for your direct mail with your in-house design team or hire a freelance designer. Additionally, you can find some marketing mail templates online, but there is no telling about their quality.

However, the most convenient way for designing your direct mail is to use direct mail fulfillment services like PostGrid. Advanced fulfillment services such as PostGrid provide you with a template gallery for your direct mail. And you still have the option to use custom and in-house designs for the mailers.

Drafting The Right Marketing Message 

Drafting the appropriate marketing message is another essential step in marketing mail fulfillment. It is not easy to craft an engaging message for your direct mail. One easy trick you can always use for preparing your marketing message is making it more efficient.

In other words, you must convey your message effectively to your target audience without boring them with long sentences. Try to pique the interest of your target audience with an attractive offer to get the best direct mail fulfillment results.

Learn how to use direct mail to boost your brand awareness on our blog, “Direct Mail to Increase Brand Awareness.”

Branding Your Direct Marketing Mail 

Branding your direct mailers is essentially a part of the design step. However, many businesses often forget or ignore the branding of their direct mail. One of the main reasons companies prefer direct mail for their marketing campaigns is that readers tend to retain more information.

Hence, if you do not design your mailers with solid and recognizable branding, you are wasting a golden opportunity. Proper branding in direct marketing fulfillment ensures that your brand always stays on top of your target’s mind. 

Creating An Attractive CTA

CTA or Call To Action is another crucial part of your marketing mail. The CTA tells the direct mail recipient the next step they need to take after reading the mail. Hence, it would be best to make the CTA prominent enough to ensure that the customer does not miss it.

However, CTAs work best when you offer a reason for the audience to take the desired action. For example, consider including a discount code in your mailer, which the customer can redeem on your website. 

Use a QR code in your fulfillment mail so that prospects can easily access your website and redeem the discount coupon.

Personalizing Your Direct Marketing Mail

Even a beautifully designed marketing mail with a great message copy can end up in the trash if you don’t personalize it. A generic marketing mailer that starts along the lines of “Dear valued customer” will end up in the garbage.

Hence, you must use direct mail fulfillment services like PostGrid to easily personalize your mailers. PostGrid’s advanced direct mail automation API can easily integrate into your CRM for easy personalization. 

Even bulk mail campaigns can easily be personalized if you use a fulfillment service like PostGrid. Remember that the more personalized your marketing mail, the better are your chances of getting the desired response from your target audience.

How To Choose The Perfect Direct Mail Fulfillment Service For Your Business?

The best way to ensure quality direct mail fulfillment for your business is to pick a service provider that can meet all your marketing mail needs. Some of the significant aspects you should look for in a direct mail service provider are listed below.

Direct Mail Automation

Automation in direct mail is not a luxury anymore; it is a necessity. You can’t hope to manually personalize, print, and deliver hundreds and thousands of marketing mailers. Manually doing even one of these tasks can cost you valuable time and effort. 

Your best option is for fully automated mailing and fulfillment services like PostGrid. With complete automation, you can easily send personalized direct mail to your customers without slow and error-prone manual processes.

Quality Mailing Lists

Direct mail marketing becomes significantly more manageable when you have the correct mailing list. Unfortunately, not every direct mail provider offers high-quality mailing lists. Hence, make sure you choose a direct marketing fulfillment service that delivers high-quality mailing lists.

For example, PostGrid offers an advanced address verification tool that you can use for validating your addresses. The SERP-certified address verification system from PostGrid validates your address database and mailing lists against USPS’s official address databases.


Direct mail fulfillment can be a long and tedious process if you do not have the expertise and right set of tools. Companies first need to analyze the mail fulfillment needs before choosing a fulfillment service provider. Ensure that the service provider you select can deliver your direct mail requirements without fail.

Hence, the mailing and fulfillment services you consider for your business must offer sufficient automation capabilities. Thankfully, there are direct mail automation tools like PostGrid that can significantly simplify your marketing mail process.

Furthermore, PostGrid also offers an address verification API that lets you validate your addresses or mailing lists. As a result, you can optimize your direct mail campaigns systematically and get the best marketing results. 

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