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How To Run A Successful Offline Marketing Campaign Using Direct Mail Flyers

Have you ever noticed that sometimes no matter how many digital marketing campaigns you run, it just doesn't boost your reach? If that sounds familiar to you, then it's high time you consider using an offline marketing channel like direct mail flyers. When you focus all your marketing efforts on the digital medium, you miss out on a large chunk of prospects who are not online.

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Furthermore, offline marketing channels like flyers have a better response rate than online marketing channels. There are many more reasons businesses should utilize printed flyers to market their products/services.

This article elaborates on the potential of direct mail flyers as a marketing tool and how businesses can make the most out of it. Additionally, we also explain how you can optimize your offline marketing campaigns with the help of new and advanced software solutions.

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Why Should Your Business Use Direct Mail Flyers?

Sending direct mail flyers is not easy, especially if you don't have a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid. Yet, many companies continue to go through the trouble of printing and delivering flyers to their target audience.

Businesses use flyers for marketing mainly because of their effectiveness in generating responses. However, that is not the only benefit businesses can get from using flyers for marketing. Here are a few reasons you should consider using flyers as part of your marketing campaigns.

Inexpensive Marketing Tool

Flyers are among one of the most inexpensive marketing tools you can find in the advertising market today. When you print flyers in bulk, the cost of a single flyer is negligible compared to what you have to “pay per click” on digital ads.

Furthermore, almost anyone can create a flyer with a computer and make copies of it. There are hundreds of flyer templates that you can download online too. However, a better approach would be to use a direct mail automation tool like PostGrid that lets you print and deliver your flyers.

Simple and Easily Readable

Flyers always use easy-to-understand and straightforward messages. It helps companies to persuade the customers into buying their products/services. Additionally, the limited space also pushes companies to minimize the size of their marketing message and concentrate on its quality instead.

As a result, most mail flyers prioritize their heading. Ideally, your heading should be catchy and convey the content of your flyers in just a few words. Using extra-large fonts is also a great way to catch the reader's attention to the heading as they brush through the day's mailers.

Easy to Make

With advanced marketing strategies like omnichannel marketing gaining popularity, implementing a marketing plan is becoming more complex. Compared to such complex marketing approaches sending a flyer to your prospects is relatively easy.

You can use an online template or create a custom one for your direct mail flyers. Businesses can use an advanced direct mail tool like PostGrid for printing and delivering their flyers. Advanced systems like PostGrid use an automated system for printing and mailing your flyers, making it even easier to send flyers to your target audience.

Provide Incentive to Customers

A flyer is an excellent way to provide some form of incentive to your customers or target audience. Your direct mail flyers can include all sorts of incentives such as discount coupons and even vouchers. Providing such incentives adds value to your mail flyer.

In other words, the flyer is not just a piece of junk mail to the customer as they can get something out of it. Hence, flyers are ideal for attracting customer attention or creating brand awareness among the target audience.

Reach Wider Audience

Direct mail, in general, gives companies access to a broader audience. Albeit, a lot of our day-to-day interactions now happen via online channels. However, a significant part of the target audience is still offline. Marketing channels like flyers help you reach a broader audience that you can not find online.

Even though the targeting capability for offline marketing channels like flyers is relatively low, using demographic data can help your campaigns. As a result, it ultimately helps your marketing campaign reach new and diverse audiences.

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What Are The Different Types Of Flyers You Can Use?

You can use different types of flyers to market a product or service you are selling. Some of the most popular types of flyers you can find are:

  • Handbills
  • Posters
  • Pamphlets

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How To Target Your Direct Mail Flyers?

One of the most prominent concerns marketers and business owners have about direct mail flyers is their targeting capability. Compared to other marketing strategies like PPC campaigns, the targeting capability of direct mail campaigns is not so elaborate.

Targeted Mailing

Targeted mailing can help you solve the problem of targeting your marketing efforts to the right audience to a great extent. With targeted mailing, you can pinpoint specific addresses with a higher potential to generate a response.

There are several ways you can obtain targeting mailing lists for your business. However, the most reliable and convenient targeted mailing lists are the ones you can create yourself with your current and past customers.

Also, B2B companies can use mail flyers to inform their target companies about their offering even without a mailing list. You can also buy high-quality mailing lists, but that would add to your expenses and affect the flyer's ROI.

Take a look at our previous blog, “Building Effective Direct Mailing Lists For Your Campaign,” to learn how to build an effective mailing list.


When sending direct mail marketing materials like flyers, businesses can benefit from an advanced Geocoding API feature. Geocoding maps the addresses in your mailing list to give you a comprehensive view of the demographic trend.

PostGrid offers advanced geocoding capabilities that can help you target your direct mail flyers. You can use the geocoding feature to identify patterns within a specific geographic area and pitch relevant offers through flyers.

Every Door Direct Mail For Direct Mail Flyers

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a postal service offered by the USPS. It helps small businesses in the local community to promote their business at a nominal price. Additionally, it provides you with basic targeting features to improve your chances of getting the desired results.

Map ZIP Codes and Neighborhoods

USPS provides you with an EDDM Online Tool, which lets you map ZIP Codes and neighborhoods you want to target. It even enables you to filter the desired area based on factors such as

  • Age
  • Income
  • Household size

The USPS uses US census data for mapping the ZIP codes and neighborhoods. Hence, the data or mapping process is reliable enough for conducting your marketing campaigns.

EDDM Retail And EDDM BMEU Services

There are two options when it comes to Every Door Direct Mail, and they are

  • EDDM Retail Service
  • EDDM BMEU Service

The EDDM Retail service is perfect for small businesses, including restaurants, realtors, etc. You can send flyers ranging from 200 to 5000 pieces per day per ZIP code. Furthermore, it does not require any special mailing permit either.

The EDDM BMEU service is best suited for large volume mailers. However, it requires you to use a Business Customer Gateway account to prepare and enter bulk mail. The best thing about EDDM BMEU is that there is no volume limit, and you can select multiple ZIP codes. So, if you were looking for a bulk-mail solution for your direct mail flyers, then this is the answer to your problem.

How To Mail Business Flyers With PostGrid?

PostGrid is an advanced direct mail automation tool that eliminates manual intervention in direct mail entirely. In other words, you can set up PostGrid's automation system to schedule, print, and deliver your mail flyers.

Any business that wants to implement bulk mail campaigns should use an automated direct mail solution. It saves you valuable time and effort, which ultimately helps you execute a more streamlined direct mail campaign. 

With a fully automated system like PostGrid, the software system carries out the entire process. All you need to do is press the right buttons, and voila! You have successfully set up your direct mail campaign.


Sending direct mail flyers can become challenging for businesses without the right tools. The EDDM service and the online tool offered by USPS can help you target your flyers better. However, it does not do much to help print and deliver your flyers.

Using a robust direct mail automation tool like PostGrid gives you a one-stop solution for all your direct mail needs. It allows you to print and deliver your flyers or any other mailers to your customers. You can even personalize your mailer by connecting PostGrid's system to your CRM.

Furthermore, PostGrid enables you to implement more complex direct mail campaigns. You can even integrate direct mail to your omnichannel campaigns using PostGrid advanced direct mail automation. In short, PostGrid will do all the heavy lifting for your direct mail campaigns while you sit back and relax.

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