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direct mail crm integration

How Direct Mail CRM Integration Helps Businesses Save Time And Money

If a marketer ever got their hands on Aladdin's lamp, one of their three wishes would be automating all manual processes. And when it comes to manual processes, there aren't many marketing operations that can beat direct mail. Luckily, there is a way to make this wish true for marketers and business owners without a magic lamp. Direct mail CRM integration can change how you view direct mail campaigns forever. Before, you may have associated direct mail with a black hole that keeps on sucking time, money, effort, and labor.

direct mail crm integration

But, now it has all changed, and it is all thanks to CRM direct mail integration. How? You may be wondering right about now. Don't worry. We will answer all your questions regarding direct mail and how you can enhance its effectiveness without ever breaking a sweat.

What is a CRM and Direct Mail Integration?

CRM with Direct Mail integration is the same as any other type of CRM integration for marketing tools. Like any different CRM integrations, you can connect your direct mail tool to your existing CRM system to better manage your various operations.

The chances are that you are already using some form of CRM integration to streamline one or many of your business processes. And now, you can streamline your offline marketing and communication channels like direct mail with a CRM integration.

It is no secret that direct mail marketing or communication is challenging to carry out manually. Furthermore, the chance of error in a long process like direct mail communication is also high. A direct mail CRM integration enables you to streamline your process and minimize mistakes in direct mail.

How Does Direct Mail CRM Integration Work?

Direct mail and CRM integration are almost identical to your email and CRM integration. In other words, integrating direct mail software solutions with CRM enables you to send direct mail as fast as you are like sending an email.  

However, you need to ensure that the direct mail solution has full automation capability. Only then can you confirm that you get the full potential of integrating the direct mail solution with your CRM software?

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Designing Your Direct Mail

Of course, you would still have to design the direct mail for every campaign. But, on the bright side, many advanced direct mail solutions such as PostGrid give you access to a template gallery. Direct mail CRM integration also lets you use custom designs and save them so that you can use them later if needed.

Personalize Your Direct Mail

Most businesses choose to integrate direct mail and CRM because of how convenient it is to personalize direct mail. But here's the most important part! The direct mail CRM integration allows printing providers to access your customers and personalize your direct mail. Hence, businesses can easily personalize their letters, postcards, invoices, and more with CRM integration easily. 

Scheduled or Triggered Direct Mail

As we said, the CRM integration makes your direct mail the same as email. And the result?

You can set up triggered direct mail just like the email that automatically gets sent when the customer completes a triggering action. Similarly, you can also schedule if you want to send direct mail at a specific date/time, and you are worried you'll forget it.

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Direct Mail CRM Integration And Automation

As we all know, the objective of CRM integration is to securely access customer data and relay it to other applications. The same happens with your direct mail CRM integration. After successful integration, the direct mail tool can access customer data from CRM to generate personalized print materials.

Imagine how messy it would be for your business to manually access customer data and individually print them on every mailer. You would have to spend hours and labor to do something so simple. And despite your best efforts, there will still be several manual errors.

Fast forward to using an automated direct mail solution – all of the problems stated above vanish into thin air. The integration between your direct mail and CRM ensures the personalization of your direct mail within seconds. And since the system carries out the process, there is no scope for error either.

PostGrid offers one of the most advanced direct mail automation tools. It allows you to personalize, print, and deliver your bulk mail seamlessly. 

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How Direct Mail CRM Integration Help Enhance The Effectiveness Of Direct Mail Campaigns

The direct mail CRM integration is crucial for streamlining your business's direct mail marketing campaigns. There are numerous ways CRM integration can enhance your direct mail campaigns. Some of these enhancements are as follows:

It Saves You Time

Time is perhaps the most overlooked resource by every business. Think about all the time you can save by automating your direct mail process. Even just signing your business letters takes up a considerable amount of time. 

When you have a direct mail CRM integration in place, you don't have to worry about visiting your printer's website. There is no need for you to configure your product or upload a mailing list. You get to skip not one but numerous time-consuming steps involved in direct mail, saving you valuable time.

It Saves You Money

What makes an ideal marketing campaign? For many, the answer to this question is a high ROI or Return On Investment. We agree that a robust direct mail automation tool may require spending some extra bucks. But does that mean it is not worth it? 

Let us put you at ease by saying direct mail CRM is worth every penny you invest in it. Let us put aside all the money you save on labor costs, inventory, and storage. Error-free direct mail automation ensures that your mailers are sent to the correct address. 

As a result, you can minimize the wastage of resources for the mailers that get returned or go undelivered by USPS. If you are looking for more details on direct mail marketing costs, you can find all the information you need here.

It Ensures Superior Reporting And Tracking Of Direct Mail Campaigns

All mainstream direct mail solutions give you timely updates on major stages in the postal mail process, such as:

  • When the material is processed.
  • When the materials are moved to production.
  • When the printed materials are sent off.

However, direct mail CRM integration goes a step further by including updates on when your mailer is on its way to the target. Furthermore, you can add a QR code, PURL, coupon code, etc., to the mailer to track your campaign effectiveness. 

It also means combining your online and offline marketing efforts to get better results. And suppose the target audience comes to the website through the mailer. In that case, you can use the existing analytics software to get detailed insights.

It Makes Direct Mail More Powerful And Effective

Consider this fact: Direct mail campaigns already have a much higher ROI than most digital marketing efforts. All aspects of your direct mail marketing campaigns are enhanced with direct mail CRM integration. As a result, you can run better, faster, and more effective direct mail campaigns.

Think of the integration between CRM and direct mail as the performance-enhancing steroid that enhances your direct mail operations. But, unlike actual steroids, there are no side effects that could later affect you badly.

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Direct mail CRM integration is something every business needs to optimize their direct mail campaigns. An advanced direct mail automation system such as PostGrid connected to your CRM solution can streamline your direct mail operations.

Direct mail is an immensely complex and time-consuming process if you do it manually. With an integrated direct mail system, you can automate practically every aspect of your postal mail process. It means you can personalize, print, and deliver your direct mail with the click of a button.

However, businesses need to ensure that the direct mail automation tool can handle all their requirements. The best direct mail marketing CRM has a fully automated direct mail automation tool and flexible CRM that can integrate seamlessly with each other.

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