What is Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct Mail Advertising is the process of sending physical marketing pieces directly to people’s mailboxes. This is done with the intention of reaching out to the masses directly. It is delivered to the houses of people through USPS, Canada Post or other delivery partners. Some of the popular and most commonly used direct mail are:

  • Catalogs
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Letters and much more. 
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In the age of technology where email boxes and social media platforms are filled with posts of a number of companies, direct mail ads help you stand out. It is also widely used in collaboration to digital media marketing to get integrated results and have a broader reach. You can design your direct mail pieces however you want and communicate whatever you wish. There is always a CTA involved in mailing ads motivating people to respond. This form of advertising is used by all types of businesses, big and small due to its wide scope.

A study reported that the recipients of direct mail easily recall the sender company 75% times when they see it somewhere else. This clearly demonstrates the value that direct mail advertising carries.

Why are Direct Mail Still Effective?

Direct Mail have been around since a long time and even before digitalization came in. It is an offline way of advertising and communicating with your audience. There are many reasons due to which direct mail still stand effective and are widely used.

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People STILL love to receive direct mail

In general, people are thrilled to get direct mail. Even though they know it is a direct mail ad, they tend to look at it and read the contents. Direct mailings are created with so much creativity and personalization that recipients can feel the personal touch involved. They strongly stand out among other things due to its design, layout and personal messages.

There are many people who are so delighted by receiving mail that they share it with others initiating publicity. Brands take care to send memorable and interactive mailing ads that create an emotional bond with people which is always cherished. Also, these mail are very useful to connect with people who don’t use digital platforms.

Direct Mail STILL increase brand awareness and popularity

Ads direct mail solutions have been known to improve brand awareness for years. Firms simply reach out and inform people about their services and products. Through this channel, people have branded pieces right at their homes which keeps reminding them about the company. These reminders ought to prompt people to take an action like visit the company’s store or website and actually purchase something they like.

Brands have been using mail ads since decades to always become a part of the daily routine of people. Sending regular direct mail help them stay around in the form of those flyers or brochures. This significantly increases the popularity of brands as they are always fresh in the minds of the audience.

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There is STILL very less competition in direct mail

The internet and social media might have taken over the world. But it is not difficult to admit that it is a cluttered place where not everything is seen by everyone. Some most creative and powerful posts can be lost on the internet. This clutter is created by the thousands of brands that are advertising there. In this scenario, a direct mail ad will have a clearer and smoother way to reach the targeted audience.

The main reason direct mail are still so effective is that they are easily noticed by people due to less competition. One can send samples, coupons, gift cards and surveys too for increasing engagement levels.

Direct mail STILL assure high ROI with its vintage style

A report by DMA said that direct mail are a great option for advertising as they assure high returns on investment with the average being between 15% and 17%. It is important that firms know how to do direct mail ads as they are absolutely classic and contain a lot of integrity. Sending mail to the physical mailboxes of people never gets old, it just gets popular with time.

The overall costing of direct mail advertising is not much as compared to the response rates and ROI that it easily generates. With a correct mailing list and the right pieces of mail ads, the campaign is likely to be a huge success. The right mail should reach the hands of the right people. Handwritten notes can also be included to increase the classiness and get better responses.

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Companies STILL gain trust of the people through direct mail

An offline presence is more valid and trustable than online advertisements. People believe what they see and with what they are constantly connected with. Direct mail ads are a great way to have one-to-one interactions with your existing and potential customers. You just need to be aware how to do direct mail ads and how these tangible materials can increase your credibility.

Advantages of Direct Mail Advertising

 There are a lot of things you can do with a direct mail ad for achieving these objectives.

You Can Use Creativity with No Bounds

You can use as many innovations as you want in direct mail. The designs should be meant to engage the audience and convert them into leads and customers. With direct mailing, marketers can make use of graphics, quotes, vibrant colors and designs, compelling texts and offers to make excellent marketing pieces. Direct mail advertising is quite flexible as the company’s marketing team gets to decide the tone and format and can also test combinations.

Large sizes, folds, add-ons, die-cuts and paper stocks can also be selected from a number of options to increase customization. An absolutely unique, appealing and memorable mailing ad can be made easily ensuring a good ROI. Creative mail are very efficient in driving traffic and increasing engagement.

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You Can Collaborate Direct Mail with Digital Advertising

Direct mail ads can be used as part of a campaign where they drive the audience to online platforms of the brand. This way you can integrate the marketing efforts. Offline and online marketing together can produce great results. They compliment each other very well.

Online businesses can always send direct mailing ads to their audience to extend their gestures offline and reach out to people who aren’t into digital platforms. In the same way, businesses running offline can persuade people to visit their online pages by sending out the mail with links or codes mentioned on them. Hence, direct mail are suitable for all kinds of companies.

You Can Create Personal Bonds using Variable Data

Variable data leads to easy personalization. Direct mailings use personalization to connect with the audience personally and create a bond. This bond is long-lasting, reliable and productive. Brands have been using this technique to show people that they care and want to do something for them.

Personalized notes directly addressing the recipient will make the person feel special and these people are sure to remember your brand. For example, sending a birthday text printed on a branded postcard will get both marketing and connecting done at the same time.

Such frequent mail will definitely create good connections for a brand and land them better sales.

You Can Advertise your Brand in Cost-Effective Ways

Direct Mail Advertising can save a lot of money and time for your company. This is possible by targeted advertising and the high responses that it generates. Also, proper planning with the help of previous campaign analytics enables perfectly structured campaigns to produce more results at least costs.

Bulk direct mail ads save a lot on the printing and postage costs. Overall, it is a cost-effective method of advertising.

Features of PostGrid’s Direct Mail Advertising Solution

PostGrid is a direct mail automation software that assists and guides brands to easily, accurately and successfully conduct direct mail campaigns. The user-friendly features and API are extremely helpful to marketers.

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Easy Integration

  • Empower your software to send personalized letters, cheques, postcards and improve address accuracy – all from a single REST API
  • Integrate with your CRM to automatically send direct mail on your schedule; our API connects with over 1600 apps
  • Detailed API docs and dedicated dev support offered.

Address Verification and Validation

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Ready to Ship with Canada Post in 2 Days

The faster the deliveries, the higher the response rates. Mailing ads are especially designed and sent keeping the time period in mind and the other steps are taken accordingly. Hence, it becomes vital that these mail reach on time. With PostGrid, you can be guaranteed that the mail will be processed, printed and handed over to local postal services for delivery in just 2 days. We have partnered with Canada Post and many other trusted delivery vendors to get deliveries done quickly and safely.

You can easily track the sent mail ads through your dashboard. PostGrid updates all the tracking details as soon as your mail are shipped.

HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant Print Partner Network

With compliant processing in place, we ensure heightened safety and security of your confidential data, all your data is handled in a safe and secure manner. With HTML editor system personalisation and customization is a seamless process ensuring higher impact and response rates for your campaigns. 

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Measurement of Campaign Performance

Companies can easily track the performance of their ads direct mail through unique phone numbers, QR codes, digital-only coupons and AR codes kept exclusively for the campaign. When recipients get the mail and are interested, they will surely use the codes given or dial on the contact number mentioned. The success of the direct mail campaign is tracked by:

  • Number of calls received on the unique phone number
  • Number of times the codes and coupons are used
  • Number of navigations on the personalized URLS or any other ways added.

Conduct Event-Triggered Direct Mail

Event-triggered campaigns are more fruitful than other campaigns planned by a company. This is because reactions on an action are more appreciated. The events that constitute as such actions are:

  • Subscribing to the monthly newsletters or any online programs.
  • Visiting the company website or social media platforms.
  • Bookmarking the company posts.
  • Leaving reviews on pages or groups.
  • Adding the company services or products to cart.

When direct mail are automatically sent to people who are already engaged and are doing any of these things, the response rates increase rapidly. Integrate your files with PostGrid’s API so that all the events are registered and the direct mail ads are sent accordingly.

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Integrates with Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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