Unlimited Sending Possibilities for Demand Generation

Targeted & Personalised
Direct Mail
Discount Offers
Early Bird Invites
Influencer Postcards
Marketing Letters
Branded Mailers
Promotional Invites
Triggered Direct Mail Options
Strategic Sending Options
Case Studies and
Success Stories
Refresher & Reminder Mail
Thank You Postcards
Referral Invites and Offers
Automated Seasonal Promotions

PostGrid for Demand Generation

Highly Personalized

Personalize every mail easily specific to the individual to enhance response rate, designed for personalization and automation at scale.

Easy Integration

Ensure seamless integration to your stack with zero-code integration with Zapier. Detailed docs and dev support if required

Analytics and Tracking

Equipped with analytics and tracking to measure campaign performance, impact and ensure accurate deliverability

Personalised Messaging

  • Engagement & Response Rate – Generate higher response rate with strategic, personalised and targeted mailing.
  • Unlimited Sending Possibilities – Send letters and postcards that are personalised and automated for every type of campaign.
  • Tracking and Measurement – Ensure accurate rate of delivery and track and measure campaign success by analyzing key performance indicators
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Marketing Automation and Integration

  • Attract & Engage: Direct mail has an open rate of 90% and a response rate of 5%, while the response rate of email is 0.12% – Grab this opportunity and combine your digital and direct marketing channel for higher conversion rate.
  • Triggered Campaigns – Send direct mail automatically in response to events within your CRM
  • Zapier integration – Easily connect with over 1600 apps. Detailed API documentation and custom support available if required

Tracking And Anlaytics

  • Analytics & Reporting – Get regular insightful data and reports of your ongoing campaigns and improve your future campaigns based on the findings.
  • Dashboard Management: Control all of the facets from a single dashboard.
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Unlimited Possibilities

Unlimited Users
Detailed API Docs
Zapier Integrations
Test & Live Isolation
Analytics and Insights
Address Verification
Data Security
Per Piece Tracking
Wide Range of Collaterals
Enterprise level security
HTML Templates
Unified API for all Destinations
PDF Uploads
Merge Variable System
Industry Best Pricing
Industry Best SLA
Dedicated Onboarding
Dedicated Support

Integrates with Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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All teams run on PostGrid

Enhance your team's performance with a unified API. Our solution is designed for on demand or scalable needs. Easily improve your workflow with seamless integration and automate your offline process.

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