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Customer Data Verification: Why You Need It, And What Are Its Benefits?

Do you know what is one of the best things about being a business owner or marketer in today’s age? It is the abundance of data. You can quickly get your hands on customer data today or even buy it online. And if you look far enough, we are sure you will find some free customer data.

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But the thing about such abundant data is that it is usually a double-edged sword because quantity does not equal quality. Hence, customer data verification is of utmost importance for your business organization.

Inaccurate or incomplete data can lead you down a rabbit hole that sucks out a significant portion of your revenue. It is, therefore, vital that your business organization make customer data validation a priority.

You may now be wondering how you can validate your customer data and how it can help your business. Below, we explain everything you need to know about customer data validation, why you need it, and the benefits you can get from it.

What is Customer Data Verification?

Without reliable and actionable customer data, you can’t ensure a memorable customer experience for your business organization. With the help of customer data verification, you can ensure that the customer data is reliable and actionable.

The process of customer data verification involves verifying your customer data by checking it against a reliable source. For example, you can ascertain customer data by comparing the address data they provided with the USPS’s official address database.

Furthermore, verifying your customer data also means that you verify marketing data for your business. And a company that uses verified customer data for its operations doesn’t have to worry about its marketing efforts not reaching the right audience.

Why Does Your Business Need Customer Data Verification?

One of the best things about running a business in today’s world is that data are abundant. However, more doesn’t always mean better. The problem with such large data is that the line separating original and fake data becomes increasingly challenging.

It is the primary reason for employing customer data validation for your business. But, that is not the only benefit of validating your customer data. In fact, once you learn all the practical advantages of validating your customer data, the primary purpose may not seem all that important.

Here are some ways your business can benefit from customer data validation service.

Ensure Accurate Delivery

If yours is a retail and eCommerce business or delivers a product/service to customers, validating customer data could be crucial for you. It is possible that your customer accidentally typed in the wrong address.

Even though you are not to blame in such a situation, the customer will blame you for it. Hence, customer data verification for retail and eCommerce businesses is not just an advantage but a necessity.

If your business delivers its products or services to its customers, ensure that your customer data verification service verifies the delivery addresses. In addition, you should ensure that the address verification solution you use has CASS-certified access to the USPS address database.

Ensure Efficient Communication With The Customers

A good customer data verification process validates all the contact points of customers, including their address, phone, and email. Efficient customer communication is necessary for all businesses regardless of their industry vertical.

Let’s say your business has to deliver products or services to customers. It may still need a customer data verification service, and here is why you need it. For instance, even though an insurance provider does not have to deliver products, it still needs to send monthly billing statements, cancellation notices, etc.

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Using an address verification tool like PostGrid as your customer data verification service enables insurance providers with

  • Claims Processing
  • Claims intake & Customer data recording
  • Fraud detection
  • Data enrichment by recording customer information
  • Finance / Claim calculation
  • Customer onboarding

Implement Targeted Sales Strategies

Perhaps the best thing about customer data verification is that it lets you implement targeted sales strategies. We don’t have to point out that quality data is vital for your marketing strategies. It is pointless to pour all your money into marketing if ut can’t reach your target audience.

Take direct mail marketing, for example. Every industry vertical uses direct mail campaigns, including real estate, insurance, healthcare, and more. It involves sending physical mail to your customers. If you verify marketing data, you can prevent wasting money and other resources on undelivered mail.

Furthermore, some customer data verification tools like PostGrid provide additional features that let you better target your marketing efforts. For example, you can use PostGrid geocoding features to target clusters of potential customers and personalize your campaigns for the local audiences.

Benefits Of Customer Data Verification

Using a customer data validation solution for your business has numerous benefits. At this point, you probably know what data validation can do for your business. Now let’s see how verifying customer data can benefit your business organization.

Boost Profits

As you know, inaccurate or incomplete data can often create problems in core business functions. A single wrong decision can restrict the growth of your sales or profitability. Employing customer data verification for your business allows you to smoothen out your core business function, effectively boosting profits.

Reduce Costs

Quality data leads to better business decisions. These decisions help you improve your products, services, and business processes, including marketing. When you verify customer data, you also verify marketing data, resulting in minimal wastage in your marketing efforts. For example, confirmed addresses let you reduce the cost of your direct mail campaigns by minimizing the mail return rate.

Customer Satisfaction

With the competition being more challenging than ever, it is not easy to satisfy your customers anymore. Employing a customer data validation service enables you to understand better and serve your customers. Advanced features like geocoding allow you to pitch relevant offers to customers within a specific locality and provide a more personalized experience that better suits their tastes.

Boost Productivity

As you know, quality data can impact all aspects of your business and its core functions. For instance, when you verify marketing data, you effectively ensure that your marketing operations run smoothly. Similarly, confirmed data can affect other aspects of your business, including accounting, product development, etc.

Customer Data Hygiene

Despite the many advantages, data hygiene still does not get the credit it deserves. Many businesses still do not understand how to use customer data verification and the clean data it provides. Clean information is a must-have if you want to deliver personalized messages to your customers and create marketing campaigns that connect with your target customers.

Customer Data Verification Through PostGrid’s Address Verification Tool

As you can guess, one of the best ways to verify customer data is to use an advanced address verification tool like PostGrid. Regarding customer data validation, the postal address is perhaps the most critical data you need to verify.

PostGrid offers one of the best address verification tools your business can get. It lets you ensure the validity of your customer data in the most effective way possible. Here are some aspects that make PostGrid’s address verification tool ideal for your customer data verification process.

  • CASS Certification: PostGrid’s address verification solution is CASS-certified. It implies that PostGrid can access the USPS’s official address database for customer data verification. USPS offers the most extensive collection of postal addresses in the US. Hence, it is the perfect choice for verifying your customer data.
  • Geocoding: You can access a geocoding feature from PostGrid’s address verification tool. It allows you to map out your customer’s address and use it to better target your marketing efforts.
  • Address Autocomplete: The Address Autocomplete is a feature that automatically fills online forms with the user address. PostGrid accomplishes this by detecting the user’s IP address and text input to narrow in on possible verified addresses.


Every organization or company needs customer data verification to streamline its core business functions. With the market filling up with more and more competition, you can no longer afford to slack off. It is high time that businesses ensure the validity of their customer data.

There is no question about the numerous benefits of customer data validation and how it can impact your company’s revenue. It is more than reason enough to invest in an advanced data verification solution like PostGrid.

The address verification software from PostGrid can verify marketing data by comparing it against USPS’s address database. Furthermore, it offers features like geocoding and Address Autocomplete to target your customers better.

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