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Best Custom Envelope Printing for Your Business: How to Get Started

Many would find custom envelope printing surprising! They might have questions like-

  • How many envelopes types are available?
  • Is it possible to customize them?
  • Who will customize my envelopes?
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Luckily, you have many options to get your business ahead of the competition using custom, printed envelopes. Apart from working with creative designs, you can also experiment with colors to achieve your goals.

Let us dive deep to determine the different envelope types, customization options, and how to get started!

Printing Custom Envelopes to Make Your Mailers Stand Out

Custom envelopes help you create a unique impression, irrespective of whether you send holiday cards, greeting cards, or wedding invitations. People love sending and receiving customized mail for personal correspondence.

However, custom print envelopes also work well for business correspondence!

You can send standard business cards, agreements, sales letters, and transactional mailers. It allows you to give your organization a professional look with your official company name and logo.

PostGrid’s print and mail services can assist you with customized envelope printing to let you add a personal touch to your mailers. You can decide what works best for your brand, and we can handle the rest!

We also enable you to select the paper stock, envelope size, color, and other elements to personalize your mailings. You can rest assured that your envelopes arrive polished and crisp at your recipients’ doorsteps!

Why Use a Custom Envelope for Your Business Mailings?

Promoting your business is a continuous process. You must endorse it well to increase sales, spread brand awareness, and accelerate growth.

Using custom envelopes for marketing and transactional correspondence can make a broad difference. The primary purpose is to motivate recipients to open and ready the mail instead of discarding it.

Here are some reasons custom-printed envelopes are getting popular:

Put Your Creative Hats On

You can make prospects love your brand by adding exquisite designs to your printed envelopes.

Most customers pick companies that put effort into impressing them. And business envelopes allow you to showcase creativity and win their attention. You can pair them with compelling illustrations, fonts, images, and more!

Promote Your Business

A custom business envelope is an underrated promotional tool many companies neglect. But you can embrace this opportunity by adding teasers and helping people know what to expect from your mail.

You may print custom envelopes that allow your brand’s name to be visible to recipients before they open your letter. Thus, you can promote your products and services aside from communicating with the readers.

Differentiate Your Envelope From Other Mail Items

Your quick envelope print can only stand out from the sea of mailers in a person’s mailbox by customizing it. Please remember that the human attention span is declining. Thus, you only have a few seconds or minutes to convert a mail recipient into a lead or lose them.

Your custom envelope printing strategy can turn things around and captivate the audience at first sight. Choosing eye-catching designs and testing their appeal is essential to cracking the code of what your customers like best.

Impactful Personalization

A printed envelope opens doors for personalization for your business. It helps people recognize your brand and remember your messages, simplifying lead generation and acquisition.

When recipients get a well-curated, personalized envelope, they feel compelled to look at it and make purchase decisions. It is something they cannot ignore, like emails or online ads.

You may work with a direct mail automation company, like PostGrid, to print custom envelopes with your postcards, letters, and flyers.

Custom Envelope Types and Sizes

You can choose from many full-color and 1-color envelope sizes based on your needs and mailing goals.

Here are the most popular sizes –

A2 Envelopes

These 4.375” x 5.75” custom-printing envelopes are affordable, appealing, and response-driven. You can print them with your recipient address details, logo, tagline, brand name, and other elements to give them a distinguished look.

A6 Envelopes

These 4.75” x 6.5” print envelopes are inkjet and laser printer-friendly. They go well with event invitations, holiday cards, and anniversary greetings.

You can convince your prospects and customers to RSVP for your events by sending them beautiful invitations in colored envelopes. Also, you can make their day by stuffing birthday, anniversary, and holiday greetings into them. It shows you appreciate your audience and can go the extra mile to make them feel special.

A7 Envelopes

They are slightly broader than A6 envelopes to fit large-sized mailers.

You can use these custom print envelopes to seek attention, create a cohesive appearance, and add a creative touch. They are 5.25” x 7.25”—the perfect size for your postcards, letters, and other mailers.

Some also insert their Spot UV business cards into these envelopes to help recipients keep their contact information handy.

A9 Envelopes

These customized envelopes are 5.75” x 8.75”. They fit 8.5” x 5.5” flat cards and 8.5” x 11” folded cards.

Businesses can tap into customized envelope printing to send A9 envelopes with postcards, announcements, thank-you notes, sales letters, and more.

#10 Envelopes

Their dimensions are 9.5” x 4.125”. They are among the most economical options and are best for bulk mailings.

The #10 envelope type is apt for statements, invoices, checks, notices, contracts, renewals, and tax documents. Some also refer to it as a window envelope that displays the recipient’s address from the outside.

You can leverage customized envelope printing and add square or commercial flaps with a small rectangular window. It makes your mail look crucial and professional, increasing its response rate.

6” x 9” Envelopes

You can use a 6 x 9 personalized envelope for catalog or booklet mailings.

Please ensure you select an appealing envelope design that provides a glimpse to readers of what’s inside, keeping them hooked from the start!

9” x 12” Envelopes

These envelopes are best for sending reports, magazines, folders, letterheads, catalogs, and booklets. The opening and the flap are on the long side, making inserting broad-sized documents easier.

You may use outsourced design services for envelope custom printing. It lets you unlock unlimited artwork possibilities to give your envelopes a unique look.

Other related products include remittance, church tithing, and blank envelopes. Security envelopes are also commonly used to send mail with confidential information.

Branded and Custom-Printed Envelopes

PostGrid’s printing and mailing service helps you add your custom design and logo to your envelopes.

Make a statement with your mailers by choosing personalization over generic envelopes. We assist you from start to finish, ensuring you get the desired satisfaction guarantee and high-quality results.

Depending on your messages and preferences, you can print your custom envelopes for business on one or both sides.

Business Envelope Printing Options

PostGrid’s mail printing service and distribution options enable you to get your marketing and business correspondence out the door in two business days.

You can send any marketing material, like

  • Postcards
  • Club flyers
  • Letters
  • Invoices
  • Newsletters

Our API and automation software helps clients who ask—How to customize envelopes?

We let you use a personalized color envelope for your mailings whenever needed. Thus, you don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. Our automated mailing solutions ensure your mailers match your expectations.

Tips for Printing Custom Envelopes

Many organizations don’t pay attention to their envelopes. They stuff them with their messages, marketing mail, or documents and drop them off at the Post Office.

But the envelopes get their own lives once they leave your office or house. They make the difference between the recipient tossing your mail in the trash or placing it in their household for several days.

Here are some tips for using envelopes with color printing to improve their performance:

  • Use unique sizes to make your envelope stand out: Choose A7, A9, or 6 x 9 envelopes to send marketing mailers because they help create a long-lasting impact. Also, these custom envelops have more space to add teasers, taglines, graphics, and CTAs on the outside.
  • Choose full-color printing: You can avail of full-color envelopes at almost the same price as 1-color envelopes. They look more impressive and drive higher response rates.
  • Add your return address: USPS can return your mailers only when you add your correct address. It helps you avoid losing items if the delivery fails.
  • Print envelopes matching your letterhead: Use similar designs, logos, and paper stock options for your envelopes, folders, labels, etc., for better branding recognition. You can also use them to print a complete business identity kit with custom items.
  • Revolutionize the #10 envelopes: Your #10 envelopes don’t need to be plain, white, and boring. Get creative and add colorful graphics on the front and back sides. You may add something to the flaps to set your mail apart with custom envelope packaging.

Get Started With PostGrid’s Automated Direct Mail Solutions

PostGrid’s direct mailing services let you create, print, and ship your mailers with custom-printed envelopes.

You can select your mail size, quantity, template, format, color, and printing aspects. We let you flexibly and conveniently plan your mailing campaigns online, eliminating manual effort and time-consuming processes.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to mail a business partner in New York City or a foreign client in rural France. PostGrid offers national and international printing and mailing services, allowing you to ship wherever needed.

Also, our low costs, high-tech features, and impeccable customer assistance make us one of your best choices!

Request a demo, and let us walk you through how to print custom envelopes and mail items with PostGrid!


Where to print envelopes near me?

You can print envelopes at local libraries or get them from office supply stores. But the best option is to print them with your mail items using PostGrid’s direct mailing API or software. It lets you cut costs and increase efficiency, helping you get the best outcomes.

How do you print logos on envelopes?

The best way to print your company logo on envelopes is to outsource your printing processes. It eliminates the need to buy office printers and spend hours completing the task.

Can you print custom envelopes on both sides?

Yes. You can select one-sided or dual-sided printing based on your preferences.

How do you create personalized envelopes?

PostGrid uses variable data printing to print and mail personalized mailers and envelopes. This feature allows us to use your merge variables to create hundreds of thousands of unique items in one run.

How to get started with PostGrid’s print and mail solutions?

You can sign up and set up your first campaign through your dashboard. Or you can integrate our API into your CRM or website to auto-fetch and auto-fill your customers’ details and prepare custom mailers.

Another option is our direct mail automation software. You can download it on your device, create an account, and you are ready! Our easy-to-use and user-friendly dashboard lets you print and mail items without extensive and lengthy training.

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