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Direct Mail For CPAs and Accountants

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CPA Direct Mail: How Can Accountants Benefit from Offline Mailing?

Are you a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) looking to expand your local clientele and increase brand visibility?

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Probably, you already have a website and social media handles but are struggling to attract traffic. Also, we understand how hard it is to step out and get new clients to trust you and use your services! Thus, it is time to use CPA direct mail to achieve your objectives!

It is one of the best marketing strategies for CPAs because it enables them to connect with people personally and establish valuable bonds! Also, CPA direct mailers are super affordable, primarily if you use automated solutions like PostGrid!

Keep reading to see how traditional mail can help you level up your advertising plans in no time!

What Is CPA Direct Mail?

CPA mailers help accountant offices tap into new markets and grow their business. Most CPAs only serve individuals and companies around their neighborhoods. Also, they usually don’t have a specific niche they cater to—to attract more clients. 

However, CPAs' mail marketing helps you curate tailored messages to resonate with their audience’s needs. Thus, you are more likely to get people to respond to their marketing efforts and convert more clients. 

Also, you can increase brand reputation, drive online traffic, and retain more customers using direct mail advertising—that helps fulfill several goals at once!

Types of CPA Direct Marketing Approaches

You don’t need to print black and white letters and send them to every client you know as part of your direct mail tasks. Thankfully, this industry is now more advanced than you think, with thousands of unique opportunities for every business!

You can select any CPA direct mail item you want, design it according to your preferences, and ship them anywhere!

Here are some approaches you can try until you narrow down your preferences precisely:

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Many businesses and individuals can benefit from your services, like tax preparations, financial planning, loan applications, etc. However, you must first let them know about yourself—so they can benefit from your skills and knowledge about these topics!

Thus, using CPA direct mail services helps reach everyone around you, majorly through EDDM. This USPS mailing program allows you to send mailers to every household and business in a specific ZIP code or locality.

The best part is that you don’t need a mailing list to send CPAs mail through EDDM. Select the mailer type and the area you want to target, and USPS helps you deliver to your prospects whenever needed.

Personalized CPA Direct Mail

Though EDDM is incredibly affordable and convenient, there is a downside—you cannot personalize your items. Studies show that sending full-colored mailers with the recipient’s name can increase responses by 135%.

Is this figure enough to convince you to personalize your CPA direct mailers as much as possible? If yes, PostGrid can help you!

Our direct mail API offers variable data printing to help you add multiple variables to add more value to your mailers. Here’s an example of CPA direct mail personalization:

An accountant contacted PostGrid to help them send customized mailers to their prospects! They already had a few fantastic ideas, like sending birthday postcards to people when they are 18 years and motivating them to start financial planning as young adults.

They wanted to send CPAs mail with variable data, like the recipient’s full name, age, and locality. We already offered everything they needed to bring their visions to reality! Thus, they could conduct a fully-custom direct mailing campaign for their target audience and get a 25% response rate!

You may not believe the power of personalization until you use it, so sign up for a free plan, and experience it yourself!

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Successful Ideas for CPA Direct Mail Items

You have numerous options to choose from CPA direct mailers, like postcards, letters, etc. Below, we discuss them in detail to help you select the one that best fits your requirements:


Typically, postcards are your first option because they are the most commonly-used direct mailing items to promote professional services. Also, they are small and compact—to make your message pop and encourage people to respond. You can add a punch line with bright imagery and your offer. Or, you can select another eye-catching layout with your benefits in bullet points. 

Many CPA direct mail postcards are also vertical, giving them a more creative twist than the usual postcards! PostGrid helps you select between several postcard sizes and designs. So, you can design your postcards according to what you have in mind or experiment with new ideas. 

Marketing Letters

We know that you may sometimes need to explain your services in more detail. Thus, we recommend you also give marketing letters a go. Depending on your content, they can contain one or two pages and present your brand in a more professional light!

Also, most people treat CPAs' mail letters as crucial correspondence and save them for future reference. Hence, don’t forget to add your contact details and a straightforward CTA. 


Flyers are more colorful and interactive CPA direct mailers than letters, but they are less personalized. Nevertheless, there is no reason you cannot send out flyers to attract your potential clients and get them to walk through your door!

You can print one-sided or dual-sided flyers according to how much you want to fit in the space. Also, you may add unique graphics, including tables, blocks, images, etc. 


Brochures are informative CPA direct mail items to help your intended audience know about you! You can include your vision and how you help people with their financial needs. Also, you can display your expertise with tidbits of financial advice and your range of tailored services.

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Using PostGrid’s Direct Mail Solutions to Send CPA Direct Marketing Pieces

PostGrid’s direct mail API and automation software can help you send offline mail in a few easy steps, like:

  1. Sign up for a PostGrid account in less than two minutes! Start with our Starter plan and scale whenever you need. You need not worry about long-term contracts or hefty investments. 
  2. Automate a CPA direct mail campaign. Add your business details, design an item using our pre-built templates, and upload your contacts or import a list using CRM integration.
  3. Choose the mailing service and your preferred time frame! Reach your prospects with your CPA direct mailers on any date you wish and monitor your campaign results with us.

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Then, wait for your responses to pour in, and it won't be long before you get a plethora of new business!


Direct mail for CPAs and accountants is helpful to increase your reach and contact new customers. Thus, you get enough business to keep working all year round and not attract clients only during the tax period!

Using CPAs mail marketing, you may also talk about other services you offer—to double your income sources. PostGrid can help you conduct effective CPA direct mail marketing without you wasting your time or investing thousands of marketing dollars in vain. 

Also, we offer many helpful features, like address verification, Zapier integration, enterprise-level security, etc. 

Talk to one of our account specialists now to understand more about PostGrid’s CPA direct mailing solutions!

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