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What is Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a method of improving relationships with clients, customers, prospects, and employees by sending them relevant gifts on different occasions.

The gift can be a mug, a t-shirt, a showpiece, or any other item – businesses tend to print their logos on them or customize them by printing the receiver’s first name or a personal message. This practice helps in building recognition and enhancing brand awareness.

So, the next time that person will buy a product or get the services similar to the ones your company offers, they’ll remember you. It increases the chances of your conversion to a great extent.

However, no matter how appealing this method seems, if you decide to do it manually, you may end up investing a lot more time, money, and resources than the returns you’ll receive.

A smart way to do this is by automating all the tedious processes involved in this tradition. With a smart, automated gifting platform like PostGrid, you can choose, store, pack, and ship multiple swags from a computer screen. And eventually, save time, money, and the resources you’ll put into it and increase your final ROI.


Corporate Gifting Statistics

The entire corporate gifting industry is worth more than $125 Billion, which means that businesses invest enormously in this marketing strategy.

But before adding the gifting strategy in your marketing, the most important thing to know is that every gift that a company sends has a huge – positive or negative – impact on its growth. According to the Business Gift Satisfaction Survey report, 57% audience judge a company based on the gift they send. Further, the report adds that having an idea of what to send and how much to spend on these gifts greatly influences the business’s growth.

Furthermore, according to a survey, the easiest and most appealing way to impress the C-suite executives is to send them gifts. The catch? It should be meaningful and must deliver a story to build a personal connection. 94% of the top executives said that personal stories matter, and 80% of the C-suite executives added, “gifts humanize business,” and positively impact the ROI.

When setting your gifting strategy’s budget, you should know that an average of $50-$150 is the best range to spend per gift, especially if it’s for the C-level executives, Presidents, or important clients. Additionally, quality over quantity – always!

The best way to decide how much to spend on whose gift is simply this – if it’s junior-level business companions, then spend around $50-$65 on the gifts; if it’s for your usual clients, the manager level or associates, then invest about $140-$160 per piece.

The next tip is the outer covering. “If you really want them to taste your delicious recipe, don’t forget to decorate the plate.” In the same survey of the business gifts satisfaction, they revealed that unless your gift’s unboxing experience is good, the item within may lose its importance. No matter how much we avoid the fact that outer appearance doesn’t matter, we all know that they do.

Sending gifts with your logo is always compelling, but they’re not received very well. Most people think they’re just a part of businesses’ marketing strategy and are not sent to them because they’re important to you. Even though adding your company’s details is a great way to improve your brand awareness yet, unless you’re sending gifts in masses to announce something about your company, avoid printing them on the gifts, primarily if they’re intended for the C-suite executives.

71% of recipients like to receive gift cards. If you’re having a crazy schedule and still wish to send something out, gift cards are the way to go. However, don’t make it a habit, as they’re far from a personalized gift and get forgotten easily.

The gifts that have the most significant impact on the ROI are the memorable ones, as they build a real connection and gain the loyalty of the customers, clients, prospects, or employees. A unique and memorable gift is the one that’s personalized – for example, a gift customized by adding the first name of the recipient, a personal or social message that’s important to them, a tag of made-in-America and describes value attributes, or others.

Send gifts to employees for their best performance. By giving them recognition for their excellent efforts, you help them improve their future performance in the company and eventually improve the firm’s final results.

Here are some quick but practical tips for making your gifts strategy work like a charm:

  • Always send something useful or practical, or maybe something that the recipient can use immediately. If it’s without your company logo, name, website, or any other details then it’ll be better as those things are the official signs of marketing your brand.
  • If you need to send a gift for just one client to close a deal real fast or perhaps need to book an appointment but it’s not working out anyhow. Try finding out their routine, or what do they regularly buy, and schedule the sending of that particular item at the exact time.
  • Try sending food items along with the main gift, something that’s usually used together. Make it look obvious, practical, and useful.
  • Always send a personal note with your gift no matter what. It tells the recipient there’s a human behind this thing and not an automated machine. And luckily, with PostGrid, you can do that in seconds.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

Customer Acquisition

Take advantage of the fact that businesses are willing to spend $60K+ on customer relationship management, but sending a $20 personalized gift never crosses their mind. Using this old and less popular tradition in this digital era can increase your customer retention rate and repeat business. It can also help you attract new customers through referrals like a charm. And eventually, increase your returns by investing in an automated corporate gifting platform.

B2B Relationship

If you need to develop good relationships with the businesses, it’s important to remember and remind others that behind those company doings are also people just like you and me. So, send them meaningful gifts on different occasions and make their day. People love to feel special and valued. Hence, it can keep you on the top of their minds.

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Brand Awareness

If you decide to send gifts on special occasions like anniversaries or other company’s events, get your company’s name, logo, website, or address details printed on the items beneath the cause of sending the gift. This way, your customers, prospects, or clients will know about your announcements, and some of them may also turn to your website to wish you on that occasion, if valid. However, even if this technique fails to increase your website traffic, it’ll definitely serve the purpose of boosting your brand awareness and increasing the end sales.

Retention Marketing

If you’re like any other business with more than one product or service to offer and know that your current customers or clients will need them in their journey, it’s always better to delight your customers in different ways. Sending them personalized and memorable gifts or occasional postcards can help them remember you. So, next time they need similar services or products, the first company they’ll enquire will be you.

different ways of marketing

Renewal Services

If your company works on monthly or yearly subscriptions, or you’re in a SaaS business, then it’s more than essential to be on your customers’ radar. Send them personalized gifts to let them know they’re a valuable addition to your clients’ base, or to keep reminding them of you from time to time. Although the best time to send a gift would be during the renewal time, for example, you can send the renewal message with a personalized and memorable gift to let them know how much you appreciate them being with your company for a year or so. It’ll double the chances of them to renew the subscription and will decrease your customer churning.

Improved Network

No man is an island; similarly, no business can be done without a handful of genuine networks. It makes it very essential to nurture your relationships with other people in the industry. Send personalized gifts to improve your connections.

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Employee Retention

Giving your employees recognition for their excellent performance and best work can encourage them to continue working in that style or maybe better. Sending gifts with their names initial on it can make their day, give them admiration from friends and family, and enhance their attitude about the company. Their improved productivity will affect the overall performance of the company and bring better results.

Increased Sales

With the increased brand awareness, customer acquisition, more referrals, and repeat business, the company’s sales will rise and enhance the final returns. If you’re spending $20 – $160 on gifting per person, and in return, your prospects purchase products worth $500+ from you—it’s a no-brainer that you’ve got impressive returns. Eventually, it’ll favorably impact your overall revenue generation positively.


Features of Corporate Gifting Platform

Dashboard Control

  • Control everything from a single dashboard starting from creating an account, adding your contacts, choosing the type of gifts you wish to send, customizing those gifts, selecting their size, format, range, and everything.
  • Enable the tracking and get the regular updates of your gifts’ exact location – from processing and shipping to final delivery.
  • Finally, set the payment methods and be done with it in seconds.

Run With Your Own Rules

  • Set your own commands for the gifts that you wish to send. For example, you can add your company’s logo on the mailers or send some practical and useful gifts to make the recipient feel valued and not marketed to.
  • Additionally, you can make them personalized and memorable to impress your customers, prospects, or clients. For example, you can send them the pairs usually used together, food items, or anything else that you think adds value to the mailer.
  • Set the price limits on the gifts you want to send to the different segments of the audience. For example, you can choose to send gifts ranging from $100-$160 for your top clients and go for the ones worth $40 when shipping in mass announcing a special occasion.
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User Permission

  • Add employees belonging to different teams and departments using your admin console.
  • Set the permissions based on your priority. For example, you can set which employee can have access to what solutions of the tool.
  • Work seamlessly without any interruption with all of the major employees on board.


  • Send gifts with your logo, website, or company’s name on it. It helps in increasing the brand awareness.
  • Set everything from the dashboard within a few hours, and get them printed without any hassle from our vast network of print labs. And get amazing deals on per print because of our extensive clientele base.
  • Save the settings, so when next time you have to send the same kind of gifts to your audience, you can get it done with a click.
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Send Gifts of Any Size

  • Select the demographic details of your targeted audience from our vast list of addresses and choose the gift you wish to send them – we’ll get it shipped in no time. You can also add a personalized message to it.
  • If you have some specific audiences’ email addresses and wish to send them some memorable gifts, choose the e-gift at the checkout and enter the receiver’s email address. They’ll receive a notification that a gift from [your company’s name] is waiting for them, and they need to send us their shipping address.
  • You can also get your address list verified with our address verification tool and send the selected gifts to the accurate locations.

Contact Details

  • Upload the CSV file or integrate your CRM with our gifting platform, PostGrid, to import your address list. Get that address list checked for accuracy from the official database of USPS with our address verification tool.
  • If you have no address list, you can get one from our system entering your targeted audiences’ demographic details.
  • Segment all the addresses to send a different range of gifts to each of them accordingly. And save the setting. You can also define and set the frequency of sending gifts, for example, how often and on what occasions you wish to send gifts to the different segments you just created.
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Payment Option

You can choose a payment option that’s best suitable for you. For example:

  • You wish to receive regular invoices; we can send them.
  • You want to make payments through a paycheck – not a problem for us.
  • You can also use different modes like a credit line, mail order, credit card points, and other means.

Why You'll Love PostGrid Gifting Platform

  • Great user experience
  • Targeted audience
  • Wide range of swags
  • Great printing deals
  • Client satisfaction
  • Easy-to-use tool
  • Reduced cost
  • Completely secured
  • Increased response rate
  • High returns

Some Use Cases of PostGrid’s Gifting Platform:

You can use corporate gifting for multiple purposes. Some of them are discussed below:

different ways of marketing


different ways of marketing

Making a connection with your prospects through marketing isn’t new, yet it’s the most effective way to get them to know you. But with almost everyone in the world doing it, you got to do something different to make it count.

Sending prospects gifts on different occasions is a great way to build a good impression and forge a new relationship. The different occasions that you can use to send them some branding items are:

  • Thanking them for joining your subscription list or maybe attending an event that you hosted.
  • Sending them anniversary gifts.
  • Sending them different personalized gifts as they move forward in their buyer’s journey.
  • Sending them presents if they referred your company to someone.

And the list goes on and on and on.



If you want to increase your sales, press harder on the emotional trigger. According to the endowment effect, when people receive things that belong to them, they feel extremely valued, despite the market value of the item they just received.

Hence, if you add sending gifts to your prospects in your marketing strategy before or while they’re making their final decision, it can double your sales chances. You can personalize the gift you’ll send to your prospects for a better experience, informing them about the next step after the demo or saying thank you for booking a demo with you.

You can also send them an e-gift to improve your relationships with them, or a thank you or welcome gift, once they close the first deal with you.

personalized gifts

Corporate Gifts

personalized gifts

As your clients move forward in their buyer’s journey, it’s your responsibility to delight them if you want more repeat business and increase your brand’s awareness by the word of mouth marketing.

The best way to delight the existing clients is by nurturing the relationships with them. One of the most popular ways to do is by educating about their problems and their consecutive solution – but to make that work – they need to have a problem. The second best way to stay at the top of their mind is by sending them personalized, useful, and memorable gifts.

If you don’t want it to look like a part of your marketing strategy, try keeping your logo printed only on the outer side of the box or gift wrap and mark the gift free of a sales pitch. Some of the things that you should keep in mind while adding a gifting strategy are:

  • Make a budget.
  • Segment your audience and set the gifts’ range for each of them.
  • Set how often you want to send gifts – a good automation tool like PostGrid can make things easy and effective.
  • Personalize each of the corporate gifts with minimum efforts with the help of PostGrid.
personalized gifts

Personalized Gifts

personalized gifts

Increasing your returns can be easier if you continue to tell your existing customers or clients that not only their business but they, themselves, matter to you too. That’s why personalizing the gifts you send by adding the initials of your clients’ names or a personal handwritten note can do wonders.

Your clients and customers’ would feel valued, and it’ll help you keep these networks for the years to come. You can send them gifts on holidays, or maybe when they achieve a milestone. You can also send e-gifts – however, tangible gifts have more impact on human psychology.

You may not realize it, but these little things can significantly increase your customer retention rate and final sales. Most businesses invest thousands on their marketing without realizing that customer retention is easier than luring a stranger into buying from you.

  • Scalable sending of automated transactional mails
  • Integrate with your accounting and finance platform
  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming mailing systems
  • Address verification and validation for 99.99% mail deliverability
targeted direct mails


targeted direct mails

If you have unengaged employees in your company, you need to do something real quick. If employees don’t feel about the work or the firm strongly, chances are they’ll hardly put all of their heart into the job that needs to be done.

It’s a no brainer that giving them a raise is good, but it’s not possible regularly, plus, there’s no point in providing promotions for no reason too. So, the best way to get your employees to work harder willingly for your firm is to give them recognition for their good performance. You can also do it when they achieved a milestone, have made any progress either personally (like buying a house, getting married, etc) or professionally (like getting promoted, completing a project successfully, etc).

Why Use PostGrid Corporate Gifting Platform?

  • Send tons of swags with a few clicks without putting enormous hours, wasting a tremendous amount of money, resources, or human potential.
  • Personalize all of your mailpieces in seconds.
  • Streamline every task by a single dashboard.
  • Get all the customized gifts sent to the accurate addresses with our address verification software. It means no more money wasted on the lost or returned gifts.
  • Keep track of the sent items by receiving regular notifications on the exact location of each mailpiece. Either your mailer is in processing, getting customized, shipped, or delivered – we inform you about every minute detail.
  • Get access to tens of thousands of swags without running back and forth to different vendors. PostGrid provides a number of vendors readily available; you can access them by signing in to your dashboard.
  • Segment your audience, select the different ranges of gifts to be sent, and a lot more by your dashboard.
  • If you have no list of prospects, no problem. On PostGrid, you can get a highly targeted list just by entering your prospects’ demographic details.
  • With our PIPEDA, HIPAA, GDPR & SOC-2 Compliant system, you can trust PostGrid for security purposes too.


What are the good corporate gifts?

Some of the best corporate gifts you can send are coffee or a tea blend, calendars, kindle, a donation, a gift card, a professional notebook, a coffee mug, a beer brewing kit, headphones, or a handwritten note.

What are the best corporate gifts for employees?

Some of the excellent gift items that you can send to your employees can be desk items, t-shirts, coffee mugs with their name or a phrase on it, e-gift cards, etc.

What are gifts in business?

When a company sends some valuable and memorable gift items to different audiences, viz., prospects, clients, customers, or employees for recognition or appreciation, they’re known as business gifts.

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