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Top 7 Best Check Writing & Printing Software

Check writing, printing, and mailing are among the daily activities of every company. It is very helpful to be able to write checks at any time and get them printed yourself, rather than waiting for your bank to send them to you.

Check Print & Mail API

An efficient check printing and mailing service provider can help you carry on with your day-to-day activities smoothly and accurately. These print and mail services are meant to save your time, reduce manual efforts, and carry out all the tasks with precision and security.

As per the Statista report, digital payments' net transaction value is expected to reach $6,685,102 million by 2021. Moreover, you can also use these check writing and printing services to write or draft your checks very smoothly.

Companies are already loaded with a ton of work responsibilities. Writing checks every day or even every month can be hectic and boring. Additionally, manual writing of checks is prone to mistakes. Therefore, it is recommended that companies and individuals use accurate and efficient check writing software that can write, print, and mail the checks on their behalf. This way, companies can also keep a record of their payments, track their mails, and avoid wasted time and effort.

Top 7 Check Printing and Writing Softwares for Your Business

There are many different types of check printing and mailing software available in the market. However, not all types of software programs are good and suitable for your business. There are some check-writing software solutions that stand out due to their brilliant features, smart performance, high accuracy, fast response times, and easy-to-use functionality.

We have prepared a list of the top 7 check-writing software to put all their features together and compare them in order to help you select the best software for your everyday check-writing needs.

1. PostGrid Check Print & Mail Automation Software

PostGrid’s check writing, printing, and mailing software can help you complete your daily tasks in just a few minutes and with doubled accuracy and safety. Check writing requires a lot of attention and detail, and PostGrid can help you keep up with it very easily.

  • With our cloud-based API and platform, you can easily print and mail checks within a few minutes. You can integrate the software with any accounting and CRM system that you use. It also eliminates the need for double entries and reconciliation.
  • There are plenty of customization options for you to choose from. You can design your checks with our in-built templates or build your own HTML templates using our template editor. Logos, graphics, texts, and backgrounds can be edited easily.
  • PostGrid’s easy-to-use software and Check API have a dashboard where all the records and reports are available for you. All the sent checks are stored, and payment entries are automatically made in your system.
  • You can use any ink and printer as PostGrid is compatible with all of them. Moreover, you can write and print checks even if you don’t possess a printer. PostGrid offers you the option of remote printing, wherein the printing part is outsourced. It avoids the need to stock inventory like paper, ink, stamps, and envelopes. You can also save a lot of time in stuffing and enveloping your checks.
  • The software provides various security features like watermarks, chemical reactivity, MICR toner, microprint, and more.
  • Unlike most check-writing software, PostGrid readily provides you with mailing options. It can help you to write, design, print, stuff, and mail your checks altogether. You can also track your checks easily through your dashboard.
  • On-demand and bulk printing and mailing can be done speedily using this software. Furthermore, you can automate your check writing, printing, and mailing process. The software will automatically do everything on time. You can also send event-driven checks to your clients and employees.

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2. Check Builder Pro

The CheckBuilderPro check-making software was founded by some Mac users of the Knappster Solutions company as they wanted such software to be available for Mac devices. A lot of online check-writing software programs are not compatible with Mac devices, making it difficult to write checks for their owners.

Hence, the idea behind it was to develop a type of software that works seamlessly with all Mac devices. One can build and write checks through this software directly or integrate it with their accounting system for doing it. CheckBuilderPro is available as a one-time purchase software and can be used to speedily write your personal and business checks.

  • All the checks can be designed and customized with different fonts, layouts, signatures, logos, and texts.
  • The good thing is that it is not just available for Mac devices, but also for Windows and iOS. It has the capacity to store your check details so that you can use this data for reprinting. This step facilitates writing checks with just a single click.
  • Moreover, it stores every check and manages your checkbook register smoothly. It can help you reconcile the checks with your bank statements easily. You can view and print all your payment reports anytime.
  • When you purchase this software, 140 free check papers are sent to you. After using them up, you can write and print checks on your own blank papers.
  • CheckBuildersPro has introduced an add-on software named the “BatchBuilder” that enables you to import the details of all payees to the software for writing checks in bulk.

Although the software is very useful, it is important to note that it works only for U.S. banks. Furthermore, technical support is not given over a phone call; you need to fill out an online form to get any kind of assistance. You can take their free demo before purchasing the software.

3. ezCheckPrinting

ezCheckPrinting is one of the best check writing software in terms of quick crafting, customizing, and integrating. Its setup is very simple, and you don’t need to use the internet to access its software for writing your checks. You can modify your existing checks with their ability to move or hide the check fields as per your needs. The interface is compatible with WYSIWYG systems, simplifying point-and-click options.

ezCheckPrinting also has a free edition available for check writing. All the features are the same as the paid ones, but the checks written under the free edition have “free trial” watermarks. It allows you to print your checks anywhere on the page – not necessarily on the top or the bottom of the page. Hence, you can write and print any kind of check, including the 3-per-page layout. This software gives you the option of either writing checks from scratch or filling in pre-printed checks.

  • Allows handling unlimited numbers of bank accounts. You can switch and write checks under any account easily.
  • You can integrate it with QuickBooks, Excel spreadsheets, Peachtree, Microsoft Money, ezPaycheck, Quicken, and several others.
  • Several customization options are available for you to add signatures and your brand logo to your checks. You can also add backgrounds as per your choice.
  • Print payslips and checks simultaneously to maintain better records of your payments.
  • The software can generate timely financial reports for you in order to maintain a complete database of your payments. Using this software, companies can keep easy track of the payments made and the due ones.
  • ezCheckPrinting is ideal for every size and type of business and also works great for individuals. You can write, design, and print your checks very flexibly.
  • Compatible with laserjet, inkjet, and MICR printers. Checks can be printed on blank papers and pre-printed checks.

4. OnlineCheckWriter

If you need software that can help you with both small and large volumes of checks, then the online check writer is the one. It can accommodate any number of checks and can accurately carry out tasks on time.

The online check writer software can work on both Windows and Mac devices, which helps both kinds of users to efficiently install this software on their system and use it conveniently. It provides alternatives to drafting and sending checks to the respective payees online or printing and mailing the checks to the recipients.

  • The online check writer software is used by all types of businesses, irrespective of their size, model, type, and industry. Furthermore, even individuals use this software to complete their payments for utility bills, rent, loans, and other things.
  • Overall, today over 1,00,000 people have used this software, and the payments sent through it are worth around $2 billion.
  • If you want to try a demo before actually purchasing the software, they offer an absolutely free 14-day trial. You need not give your credit card details or any set-up charges for taking this free trial. They will ask you to pay only after you are convinced and satisfied with its performance and want to go ahead and purchase it for your system.
  • Its software can be easily integrated with over 1,800 banks and all accounting software, including QuickBooks. It makes it very simple and easy for companies to export their data and use it for writing checks.
  • There are 4,500 in-built logos for you to select from. Alternatively, you can add your own logo to write and print professional checks.
  • Print checks in bulk with just one click. You can print completed and blank checks both in bulk.
  • No downloading is required. Online Check Writer is a cloud-based software for online check writing.

5. VersaCheck X1 Silver

VersaCheck has a lot of different software for suiting various online check writing needs. We are specifically talking about the Versacheck X1 Silver 2020 check writing software. They update their software yearly. Basically, this version emphasizes personal checks, but you can also use it for business checks. VersaCheck is well-known for the security features that it offers with all its checks. There are many optional safety features that you can select and apply for your checks, based on the level of security you are looking for.

VersaCheck has incorporated the concept of DNA secure checks into its software. The DNA secure checks can be verified easily and can inform the payer about it through an email or SMS sent in real-time. Basically, this check-writing program engraves some unique security patterns on the checks. These patterns help in safeguarding your checks against forgery and counterfeiting. Whenever there is any suspicious activity carried out through your bank account, you are notified instantly. Any unauthorized check that does not have these security patterns is rejected immediately. It blocks the person from withdrawing any money from your account using forged checks.

  • The other security features include INKcrypt technology. This technology enables users to include the INKcrypt QR markers on their checks to prevent them from reaching the wrong hands. You can authenticate and track your checks with the help of these markers easily.
  • VersaCheck gives you the ability to get creative and design your checks in any way you want. With 300 pre-designed templates, you can select and modify any check layout according to you.
  • Their check software comes with special VersaCheck papers for printing checks. However, you can print your checks on any paper and with both laser and inkjet printers.
  • It works on all Windows versions and can help you manage all your personal and business-to-business payments together. With the feature for unlimited accounts, you can always be ready to write checks for any bank account.
  • You can manage your financial activities and reports conveniently using this software.
  • Around 150 blank checks and slips are included with the first-time purchase of this software.

6. Print Checks Pro

For all Android, Windows, and iOS devices, Print Checks Pro is one of the best check-writing software. You can integrate the software with Quicken or other accounting systems effortlessly. This software is readily available for individual persons, startups, small-scale businesses, and large corporations to write and print checks singly and in bulk. Your entire check record can be backed up to your cloud, from where you can access it on any app or device. Print Checks Pro offers some mobile apps for companies and people looking to write checks through their phones that are compatible with their Windows system. It works with all kinds of printers and does not require magnetic ink for printing checks.

  • Use blank check papers or pre-printed checks. All business and personal checks can be written and printed using this check-making software.
  • If you want to use different printers for color and MICR printing, you can opt for the 2-pass printing alternative. It can help you print both types of checks simultaneously. Checks can be printed on the top, middle, or bottom of the page according to your needs. The traditional format of 3-per-page can also be used.
  • Add customization to your checks and payslips with numerous templates offering text, font, logo, and signature options. Print Checks Pro provides various branding alternatives for your checks to select from. There is a check designer available for you to customize your online checks conveniently.
  • Create blank checks or completely filled checks according to your needs. Second copies are automatically printed for record. All second copies of checks are watermarked with the word “copy” for better clarity.
  • They readily provide email and phone assistance for all their customers.
  • Payroll Pro is another product offered by Print Checks Pro for managing your payroll. It allows you to write and print payroll checks from your phone, computer, or Mac.

7. Checksoft

The Checksoft 2008 check writing software is available for all personal and business checks. Its home and business version is quite versatile and works with nearly any accounting software, including Microsoft Money, QuickBooks, and Quicken. It can also write and print your checks independently without any integrations. The other version of Checksoft 2008 – Personal Deluxe, is specially designed for personal checks and can help individuals to track their personal spending. Manage your check payments and get customized reports available for you at any time. This check printing software gives you the option to write checks completely or create blank checks to be filled out later.

  • Checksoft is ideal for all types of customizations, as it offers over 100 templates and 1,000 background pictures to customize checks. Additionally, you can add various graphics and your company logo to brand all your checks. You get 175 free checks in the beginning.
  • The records available on the software can help you track all your transactions. A consolidated view of all the payments is presented to you in the form of detailed reports from time to time, making it an excellent software for managing your check payments.
  • Checksoft has a reconciliation wizard that can help you store, manage, and reconcile your accounting system checks.
  • Store the details of all payees, including customers, employees, and vendors. You can also segment and manage your data for quick payments. This data management allows you to access all the required information speedily while writing checks and avoids the need for double entries.
  • The software also has a schedule that helps you set reminders to complete payments. It can prevent you from missing payment dates and back up all your online check-writing tasks.

PostGrid’s check writing software clearly outperforms the others. The smart automation and mailing options are exceptional features that work accurately at all times. The software is highly versatile and compatible with all devices and printers, making it ideal for all small and large-scale businesses and individuals. The setup is very simple, and it integrates with all accounting software. You can get your checks printed remotely, taking away the hassles involved in always stocking inventory at your office or home.

The in-built templates and the template editor give you complete freedom to design and brand your checks as per your thoughts and needs. PostGrid’s address standardization and verification features are very useful for mail checks making it the best check-writing software available in the market.

How to Choose the Ideal Check Writing Software?

Set-Up and Installation

The set-up of the software has to be easy to install and straightforward. Lengthy set-up processes can be tiresome. Moreover, it will require a lot of technical expertise. A good check writing software will be able to get you up and running within minutes and without any difficulties. The interface should be easy to use. Additionally, you should consider the set-up costs and minimum monthly fees to be paid to the software.


Another thing to be noted is its capability to integrate with other systems. Some of the software programs are simply standalone programs for online check writing. Though these software pieces are good, they make it very difficult to import the details required to write checks. You will have to enter each and every detail for writing your checks manually. It can store your bank account details.

But, every time you want to write a check, you will need to type the payee's details manually. Bulk check writing is impossible with these types of software. Companies and individuals should select software that can easily integrate with their accounting and CRM systems for quick and easy processing.

Customization Options

While using a check writing program, customization options matter a lot. Even if you want to write and print the most simple-looking checks, you will need to edit the font or the signature at some point in time, which makes customizations a must-have for all check writing software. Firstly, the software should have in-built check templates. Furthermore, there should be various backgrounds, logos, and text options available. If you need to write and print checks in bulk, it is recommended that you select software with the option to print multiple checks per page.

Printer and Ink Requirements

Always check for the printer and ink requirements of the software. Arranging special types of printers to work with the software is expensive and unnecessary. Some check-making software programs are compatible only with magnetic ink and MICR printers. You should take care that the software you select has no such specifications and can be printed using any ink and printer.


It is important to make sure that the check printing software is compatible with your device. Some software programs are compatible with all types of devices, but many of them offer services only for selected devices. Hence, considering the compatibility of the tool with your system is an essential part of choosing the right check-writing software. You also need to check whether the software works with multiple national and international banks. This step is absolutely necessary for those companies who deal with foreign clients. The ideal software should be able to accommodate multiple bank accounts and convert currencies for completing international payments.


The security of your bank accounts and checks matters a lot. Hence, you should enquire about the security features offered by the software beforehand. Securemarks, micro prints, padlocks, watermarks, and encryption are some examples of security features usually provided by different check writing and printing software programs. You should choose software that fits in with your security requirements.

Check Register

A check register is a record of all the sent checks. The best check-writing software will definitely have a check register – to store all checks and maintain reports on all your transactions. If this feature is not available, it will cause problems in tracking and maintaining proper records.

Additional Features

The additional features you should be looking for in software for online check printing depend on your requirements completely. If you require software that writes, prints and mails your checks, you should consider the mailing feature. Alternatively, if you require to send checks online, you should consider the software's ability to do that task.

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Wrapping Up

It is not very difficult to choose the best check writing software as the results speak for themselves. The right one simply has all the required features, integrates with most platforms that you use every day, and gets the work done with cent percent accuracy. It can help you free up your mind and time for other important things regarding your business.

PostGrid, undoubtedly helps you in everything from check writing, storing, printing, stamping, folding, stuffing, sealing, mailing, and tracking. It assures you that all your checks are smoothly printed and mailed so that your payments are completed on time, and you don't have to worry about your financial communications. With PostGrid, you can quickly draw and print checks for any purpose and get them mailed to the correct address without any hassles.

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How does check writing software work, and what are the benefits?

A check-writing software uses your bank account information and stores it to write checks from time to time. These checks are in accordance with your bank's standards and can be used to make payments. The benefits include easy editing, designing, accuracy, and bulk processing of checks. Some software programs also maintain records and provide reports.

Can I send my checks online or mail them physically?

Yes, some check-writing software pieces allow you to digitally send e-checks to email addresses or physically mail the checks to the recipients.

What is the difference between blank checks and blank check papers?

Blank checks are similar to pre-printed checks and contain all your bank account details, including your account number, routing number, and name. The payee's name and the amount can be entered later. On the other hand, blank check papers are empty papers on which checks of any bank account can be printed.

Can I connect the check-writing program with my accounting software?

Yes, you can connect your accounting and CRM systems with your check accounting software to quickly import information and fast processing of checks.

Can I customize my checks?

Yes, you can customize your checks with different formats, background images, logos, texts, fonts, and signatures. You can also brand your checks, adding some extra graphics and personalized texts.

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