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Business Address Verification and Validation

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Why Is Business Address Verification Essential to Your Company's Growth?

Do you have an updated database with cleansed records? Are you in a position to make quick business decisions based on your customer data? Maybe, yes! Mostly, not…

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Surprisingly, many companies still don’t use business address verification services to expand their data and reach new prospects! Therefore, they fail to supersede their competitors or increase brand visibility. 

Using business address validation helps you to:

  • Save money by shipping items to the correct addresses. 
  • Save time because you don’t need to check every customer record manually. 
  • Improve customer experience as they get their orders on time. 

Curious to know how to verify business address data and more benefits? Let us find out together!

What Is Business Address Verification?

It includes verifying addresses against an authoritative database for business purposes. This process helps you find errors and fix inaccuracies—making your records up-to-date and mail-ready. 

Address verification services (AVS) like PostGrid allow you to search your database for mistakes, missing entries, etc., using USPS files. If they find a record, your address shows up as ‘valid,’ and you can mail your items to this location. Otherwise, PostGrid’s business address verification API makes the necessary changes to help you resolve the issue!

Top 6 Use Cases of Business Address Validation

You can use address verification for several reasons that can benefit your company, like:

Reduce Mail Returns

Statistics show that over 40 million Americans move every year! And not all of them apply for a mail forwarding service. Most people don’t bother to contact USPS and submit an NCOA request, which is why you should verify your mailing lists.

A business address verification system can help ship orders to correct addresses and reduce return-to-sender items. Thus, you can save tons of postage costs by not being compelled to reship items and pay again.

Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonments

18% of customers leave a website without completing a transaction because the checkout process is too complicated and lengthy. Shopping cart abandonment can lead to massive losses for a business, making it crucial to do something about it! But can knowing how to validate a business address solve this problem?  

Luckily, you can integrate PostGrid’s business address verification API into your Shopify website and validate addresses at the point of entry. This real-time validation process helps you block incorrect data before it enters your system and allows you to have an accurate mailing list.

Conduct Targeted Marketing

Location-based marketing helps you to reach your audience in specific places. For example, restaurants can use business address validation solutions to find details of every customer living in their vicinity. Or retail stores can connect with local customers to promote their new franchise!

A business address verification service like PostGrid enables businesses to modify and correct addresses—and segment them according to several geo-demographics.

Ensure Effective Data Management

Collecting a few prospect records and calling or emailing them may seem simple! But we know most businesses deal with a database of at least a couple thousand customer entries from sources, like:

  • Trade show directories
  • Website inquiries
  • Business cards
  • Social media
  • Purchased lists, etc.

Thus, business address validation is crucial to confirm the accuracy of such primary and secondary data. It also helps you add new customer data and filter out outdated information frequently. Hence, you always have a ready-to-use database at your disposal!

For instance, if you are a healthcare institution that needs to send patient statements from time to time, business address verification can be of excellent assistance! It lets you run a check on every patient address every week or month before a campaign to ensure the highest deliverability ratios.

Prevent Scams or Frauds

Imagine spending 18 hours on the road to reach your dream vacation city and realizing the Airbnb you booked was fake! There cannot be anything more frustrating than such cases where fraudsters create fake listings on a website to collect and misuse people’s credit card information. But, an effective business address verification tool can help you stay safe.

Employing a service to verify business addresses also allows you to create trust and creditworthiness. Platforms or websites using such tools get more customers because of a better user experience. PostGrid can help you cross-check an address's validity in milliseconds and tell you if it is a fake!

Determine Deliverability

Sometimes, a customer shops on your website using a valid address, but USPS does not deliver to their locality. These are non-serviceable places because of weather, distance, lack of amenities, etc. Again, a business address verification solution can come to your rescue and help you determine deliverability before you accept an order!

PostGrid’s online solutions to verify business address enables you to check whether USPS delivers to a specific ZIP code or area on the spot. Hence, you can arrange a private carrier or reject the order as you deem fit—helping you avoid heated conversations with a customer afterward.

How Can PostGrid’s Business Address Verification Services Aid Your Company’s Growth?

Our solutions help you fulfill all the use cases discussed above—at the most affordable rates! Plus, you can verify any number of addresses whenever you need. Our pay-as-you-go feature makes PostGrid one of the most flexible business address verification services!

We pair our solutions with advanced features, like NCOA processing, CASS certification, SuiteLink, geocoding, etc. Hence, you may rest assured that your mailing lists are deliverable and valid before shipping instead of guessing the delivery status. 

Also, we serve many industries, from real estate to financial services! Thus, we are compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, and other data privacy laws. 

One of our business address verification clients wanted a solution to verify and customize address data that can operate alongside their existing workflow. 

Also, TalentReef needed an automated service to check customer details the second they signup on their website. 

Using PostGrid’s business address validation solutions helped them integrate our services into their system and verify thousands of lists. Also, we enabled them to offer a seamless experience to customers who access their website. 

Today, TalentReef searches nearly 1,000,000 monthly to ensure they have precise details and carry out their operations systematically!

Do you want to get on a call and discuss how our business address verification services can fit your needs? Talk to our sales now, and we will get back to you!

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