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How to Send Bulk Certified Mail and Ensure Guaranteed Delivery?

Have you ever found yourself in situations when you needed evidence of mailing something? We are sure you would like proof of shipping some crucial documents, like tax forms, notices, circulars, agreements, etc. Thus, today, we will discuss everything you need to know about USPS Certified Mail to help you with it.

The USPS is a significant aspect of the country’s mailing industry and is worth $1.6 trillion. This world-renowned postal organization offers several shipping services for individuals and businesses, including Bulk Certified Mail.

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You might not know what Bulk Certified Mail is if you didn’t ship items in large quantities ever. It allows companies to send their mail items in any volume using the Certified Mail service.

However, you may have to complete some formalities before you can start sending envelopes or parcels using this option. For instance, you need a mailing permit and a business account for sending items in large volumes.

Luckily, direct mail services like PostGrid can ease these steps and allow you to send Bulk Certified Mail USPS effortlessly.

In this blog, we will talk about the use cases of this service and how you can get started!

Let’s dig in!

What Is USPS Bulk Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is one of the secure and effective shipping methods to help you get a mailing receipt. You also get an electronic verification whenever the postal workers attempt or complete your mail delivery.

Sending Bulk Certified Mail has the same benefits as sending individual items. You can collect your mailing receipts and get delivery notifications for every mailpiece.

Here are the primary features of Certified Mail:

  • Provides senders with a receipt of mailing Bulk Certified Mail envelopes or packages to ensure peace of mind
  • Electronic delivery verification that you can retrieve in three ways- 
    • Enter your tracking number on the USPS website to track Certified Mail
    • Call the Post Office and ask for the delivery status
    • Use bulk electronic file transfer if you can provide an electronic manifest
  • The Post Office maintains a delivery record consisting of the recipient’s sign for up to two years from the mailing date
  • USPS certificate of bulk mailing
  • Mailing refunds if you don’t get the Return Receipt within a specified time

Please note: You must request a signature proof while purchasing the Bulk Certified Mail Return Receipt.

You can pair Certified Mail with the following three USPS services:

  • Restricted Delivery: Customers can direct the delivery of their USPS Bulk Certified Mail items to the intended recipients or their authorized agents only. It guarantees that your document or parcel reaches the right hands. This service is helpful if you mail items to a commercial address with hundreds of employees. Also, it is advisable to buy this service when you want to ship confidential documents.
  • Adult Signature Required: You may not want a minor to collect your Bulk Certified Mail piece because they might not pass it to the addressed recipient. USPS understands this concern and helps you assure that only an adult (21 years or older) can collect your item.
  • Adult Signature Restricted Delivery: Customers can limit the delivery of Bulk Certified Mail USPS items to a specific addressee or their adult authorized agent. This service is only available to commercial and online mailers.

Why Would You Need to Send Bulk Certified Mail USPS?

There are several instances where you may need evidence of mailing and delivery for record-keeping purposes. However, sometimes, you have to ship items via Certified Mail to fulfill legal requirements.

Here, we have mentioned some use cases of Bulk Certified Mail to help you understand better:

  • Notifying abutters: Several state laws require individuals and companies to inform the neighbors or abutters of a site where they wish to conduct some construction or other works. Also, sending the notification via a service that gives you proof of mailing is mandatory. Therefore, many businesses use the Bulk Certified Mail option to fulfill these requirements.
  • Sending W2 forms to employees: The federal law requires all employers to send W-2 statements to employees via Certified Mail, irrespective of their earning levels. There are many penalties for not doing so, depending on how late you mail out these forms. Thus, you can use Bulk Certified Mail USPS to mail W2 forms to all your employees in one go. Also, you may avail of this option to send other employee documents, like tax notices, pay stubs, etc.
  • Demolition notices: One of the most basic uses of Bulk Certified Mail is sending demolition notices to all the people likely affected by it. It helps everyone remain on the same page and conduct the demolition process without issues.
  • Medical recall notifications: Often, you may need proof of shipping while notifying affected parties about the launch of specific medical devices. These practices can differ from industry to industry.
  • Past due notices: Companies might send invoice payment letters to customers frequently. It helps them recover unpaid dues and increase their revenue flow. However, they need to send such letters via Bulk Certified Mail. This service allows them to sue creditors if they refuse to pay or delay the payments indefinitely.

There are numerous more used cases for sending compliance and transactional mail via USPS Bulk Certified Mail. Also, this service enables you to send marketing items to high-end accounts. It lets you ensure your items reach your clients accurately.

USPS Bulk Proof of Delivery Program (BPOD)

While learning about Certified Mail, you should also be aware of the Bulk Proof of Delivery Program. It allows mailers to receive signature records for high-volume mailpieces altogether. Thus, they can save a lot of time by not sending requests for individual items.

BPOD is for mailers using labels comprising a mailer ID number. It means that they need to register in advance to participate in this Bulk Certified Mail service. This mailing option helps mailers in three ways:

  • It frees them from the continuous task of placing the Domestic Return Receipt or PS Form 3811 on every item, if applicable.
  • It enables senders to retain the delivery records for longer because the Post Office saves these files for only up to two years.
  • It provides mailers with a more efficient way to retrieve and manage signature records for Bulk Certified Mail USPS.

You can get bulk proof of delivery files on CD-ROM or signature extra records you can access using FTP/SFTP. The Post Office produces CD-ROMS twice every month on the first and fifteenth. However, the signature extract file for your Bulk Certified Mail records is available weekly.

Bulk Certified Mail FAQs

Before you go to the Post Office to drop off your items, you may have a few more questions regarding this mailing service. We have compiled some frequently answered questions to help solve your doubts:

Can I ship Certified Mail to Post Office Box addresses?

Yes. You can send Bulk Certified Mail items to PO box delivery addresses. Ensure to mention the correct PO box number and other address elements to help the USPS deliver your items promptly.

How long does it take for a Certified Mail item to arrive at its destination?

It usually takes the USPS two to five business days to process and deliver Bulk Certified Mail items. However, you can speed up the process by opting for Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

What is Registered Mail?

Registered Mail offers real-time tracking because the Post Office notifies you every time the parcel moves from one facility to another. This service is suitable for customers sending irreplaceable or valuable items by post.

The USPS uses sturdy and secure packaging for Registered Mail items, making it more expensive than Certified Mail.

What are the differences between Registered and Bulk Certified Mail?

Many people think that Registered and Certified Mail is the same, but there are several differences. Certified Mail only offers proof of mailing and delivery. But, Registered Mail sends frequent notifications to customers to update them about every movement of their mailpieces.

What happens if the recipient is not available to collect the item?

The postal carrier cannot drop Bulk Certified Mail items in the mailbox and leave without a signature. Hence, they instead place a delivery attempt note on the porch or inside the mailbox.

The Post Office holds the mailpiece for 15 days for the recipient to come and collect it. Otherwise, they send it back to the sender.

How much does the USPS certificate of bulk mailing cost?

The Certified Mail fee will be $4 per item, effective from 10th July 2022. Currently, the cost is $3.75. An Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt will cost you $0.90 extra. Furthermore, you can get an offline Return Receipt for $3.25. You may cut expenses and opt for a digital Return Receipt for only $2.

How to Send Bulk Certified Mail?

If you decide to send Certified Mail in-house, there are a series of daunting steps you need to complete, like:

  • Drafting documents: Create documents by fetching the data within your system and filling all the fields manually.
  • Print and stuff items: Next, you need to print your Bulk Certified Mail pieces and stuff them into envelopes. Also, you must stick address labels manually and assemble the envelopes systematically.
  • Attach PS Form 3800: Get the relevant number of copies of PS Form 3800 from a nearby Post Office and attach them to your mail items. Or, you can print the Certified Mail labels online. The next step is to stick the correct postage stamps to every mailpiece for mailing.
  • Take your Bulk Certified Mail items to the Post Office: Present your Bulk Certified Mail USPS at the counter if you want to request proof of mailing. Otherwise, you can drop them off at a local mailbox.

The above steps are for the DIY method to ship Bulk Certified Mail. Below, we have compared these stages to using PostGrid’s direct mail API:

  • API integration: You can integrate our API into your CRM within minutes and without technical expertise. Then, you can draft tons of documents instantly using our templates. Also, the integration helps you fetch data within your system effortlessly.
  • Address verification: Quit dealing with return mail and lost items because of incorrect addresses. PostGrid’s print and mail solutions allow you to cross-check every delivery address before mailing your Bulk Certified Mail USPS.
  • Printing and affixing stamps: We ensure to print your items in the best quality possible through our extensive network of reputed printers. Also, you don’t need to worry about affixing stamps or attaching any forms.
  • Completing documentation: Acquiring a bulk mailing permit to send USPS Bulk Certified Mail can be a hectic and lengthy procedure. Thus, PostGrid lets you mail your items without any paperwork.
  • Tracking: PostGid allows you to access the tracking details for all items via your dashboard. It simplifies requesting and maintaining delivery records for every sent mailpiece.
  • Monitoring and analytics: Senders can also view their Bulk Certified Mail campaign insights and reports by navigating their PostGrid dashboard. Thus, PostGrid helps them plan and execute mailing campaigns without doing anything manually.

We offer several more features to allow companies from different industries to ship their items securely and affordably. Some of the sectors we serve are:

Also, PostGrid offers a wide range of customization options and 24 x 7 customer support, making it the best way to send Bulk Certified Mail.

Wrapping Up

Using Bulk Certified Mail may seem hard, but there are only a few additional steps you need to take. However, the entire direct mailing process can hamper your company’s operations because it is time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, you can switch to using PostGrid’s offline mailing automation solutions to save costs, time, and effort.

Moreover, PostGrid helps you send Bulk Certified Mail USPS 5x more efficiently to help you increase response rates. Using our variable data printing capabilities, you can personalize every item conveniently and place orders instantly.

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