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Top 15 Best Virtual Mailbox Services to Use in 2024

Virtual mailboxes allow you to get someone else to receive mailers on your behalf. They can scan and forward these items based on your instructions, which is primarily helpful to people who are only sometimes at home! These people might be ex-pats, digital nomads, or online business owners who want to streamline mail collection. They can use the best virtual mailbox service to receive and store mailers or directly discard them.

Here is a list of the top 15 virtual mailbox companies this year!

virtual mail sorting service

When is it Best to Use Virtual Mailboxes?

You can use the best virtual mailbox services when you are an:

  • Expat: You can use virtual mailboxes to receive mail to your US address while you reside in a foreign country. Since many senders might hesitate to ship items to you internationally, it is the best way to not miss out on any mailers. A virtual mailbox lets you view all mailpieces and decide which ones you want the vendor to forward to your foreign location.
  • Remote worker: The best virtual mailbox service is the most well-thought solution for those working remotely. Also, digital nomads traveling around the country while operating their work from home need it to centralize mail collections. They don’t need to worry about someone stealing their items from the porch while they are away. Virtual mailboxes enable them to be stress-free and ensure their mailers are in safe hands.
  • A person relocating: Knowing “what is the best virtual mailbox service” can help people who want to move or relocate to another location. It helps them store mailers in a safe place while they are busy packing and moving their households.
  • Online business owner: Display residence addresses on public websites can be unsafe. Instead, the owners can buy a virtual mailing address and manage their mail items online. Thus, they can secure their details, streamline mailpiece collections, and operate hassle-free.

List of 15 Best Virtual Mailbox Services

Businesses and individuals can choose their ideal and best virtual mailbox service to receive mail from many options. These are among our top 15 recommendations:

1. iPostal1

iPostal1 has significantly improved and expanded its services since 2007 – when it first started offering virtual mailbox services.

It has among the largest virtual mailbox networks nationally and globally, with 3k+ addresses. You can choose from workspaces, virtual offices, and buildings in any country.

The best part is all locations offer similar features, making iPostal1 the best virtual mailbox service for business owners and individuals.

Also, iPostal1 has partnered with FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL for deliveries. Hence, users can forward their mailers to any address without delays or delivery failures.

Apart from this feature, users enjoy many benefits, including check depositing, permanent street addresses, package forwarding, etc. They can view and manage their mailers from anywhere by logging into their accounts via a phone or computer.

Another reason for iPostal being the best virtual mailbox service is its flexibility. You can add addresses or locations with only one click. And it works well for personal and commercial mailboxes, letting you manage both using a single account!

You can choose how you want the vendor to handle the mailers. Ask them to forward, shred, open, scan, store, or discard the items based on whether you want them.


iPostal1 provides many packages to users, helping them select one based on their needs. There are also many sub-plans to fit your ideal preferences, making this provider the best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats and others!

  • Virtual Offices –  Prices start at $39.99 monthly or $399 annually.
  • Virtual Business Addresses –  Prices start at $9.99 monthly or $99 annually.
  • Virtual Mailing Addresses – Prices start at $9.99 monthly or $99 annually.

The virtual mailing and business address plans are similar. However, iPostal1 displays them as separate packages to highlight that it serves businesses and individuals.


  • The address quality is better than other service providers.
  • Users can view real-time US shipping rates, letting them choose affordable options.
  • BBB A+ accreditation.


  • Global coverage, except in some significant international cities.
  • Additional service fee.
  • The user interface could have been better and simpler to use.

2. PostScanMail

This best virtual mailbox service simplifies scanning, viewing, and forwarding items from any location. You can also ask the vendor to discard or shred the mailpiece, saving you time in dealing with it.

After mail scanning, you can access the scanned copies 24/7. Hence, users refer to them instead of paying for forwarding services.

However, PostScanMail offers mail forwarding for users who need the items. This service provider can forward mailpieces to 600 locations globally and lets you track them in real time.

Also, you can walk into any PostScanMail location to pick up your items. But please remember to forward the mailer to this virtual mailbox before visiting.

The best part is that you can access your account via a user-friendly application on your iOS or Android device, apart from the web dashboard. This easy access lets you control every action without waiting to get home and log in using a computer or laptop.

It is among the primary reasons for PostScanMail to be among the best virtual mailbox services in the US and other countries.

PostScanMail allows you to manage your mailers in one online location. Its mail management capabilities ensure privacy, security, and streamlined operations.

Also, this service stores your items for free for the first month or the first 30 days. You can pay a fee to request an extended storage period.

Since PostScanMail has many locations, you can pick one nearest your residence or office to cut forwarding costs.


PostScanMail offers three primary plans-

  • Starter: $10 monthly
  • Standard: $20 monthly
  • Premium: $30 monthly

Forwarding costs $2 for the first mailpiece and 50 c for every additional mailer.


  • You can add many users to your account and assign each of them their mailboxes.
  • PostScanMail offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence, you can try out the features and decide whether to extend or terminate your membership.
  • Another reason PostScanMail is the best virtual mailbox service for business is its filters. You can set them to archive, scan, or discard mailpieces automatically.
  • Hold and combine mailers to save forwarding expenses.


  • The vendor doesn’t offer check depositing solutions.
  • It charges extra to hold items for more than seven days.

3. BusinessAnywhere

We recommend this solution if you need the best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats and business owners. It lets you pay one price for all received envelopes and packages monthly.

BusinessAnywhere scans documents for free, which isn’t the case with most virtual mailboxes. You might pay a significant amount for scanning mailers to other providers, primarily if the volume is high.

Users can use this digital mailbox to consolidate the mailers they receive at different addresses. It scans and uploads all mailpiece copies to your dashboard within two working days since the carrier delivers them!

This best virtual mailbox service helps you access the account via any device, including tablets and phones. You can complete the necessary actions anytime through the online dashboard, streamlining mail management and saving time!

Select any shipping service for forwarding envelopes and parcels. It lets users decide how much they want to pay and when to receive their items.

BusinessAnywhere is among the best virtual mailbox services because it provides unlimited scans, packages, and mailers. Furthermore, it offers worldwide forwarding and restricts junk mail.

The only disadvantage is that the vendor only has physical addresses in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Florida, and South Dakota. Though limited, it works well for businesses and people looking for straightforward services.

Also, BusinessAnywhere assists you in setting up an LLC. It can act as your registered agent anywhere in the US. These are uncommon features that make BusinessAnywhere the best virtual mailbox service provider.


  • Basic: $20 monthly
  • Premium: $30 monthly
  • Advanced: $65 monthly

The basic plan only lets you add up to two recipients, whereas the premium package helps you include up to five.

However, businesses that want to add up to 20 users should use the advanced plan. Also, please note that BusinessAnywhere bills all packages annually.


  • BusinessAnywhere prioritizes scanning and uploading mailers to your dashboard, reducing delays.
  • You can link many addresses to consolidate deliveries and save on costs.
  • It lets you pay one standard monthly fee for all services. You don’t need to worry about additional charges for every solution.


  • BusinessAnywhere only offers chat and email support. You cannot talk to its representatives over a call for better clarity.
  • It is only available in six US states or territories.
  • Zero free trials.
  • You can only cancel plans at the term’s end. Also, you cannot claim refunds on annual packages.

4. Anytime Mailbox

It is the best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats, freelancers, entrepreneurs, travelers, and others who need an affordable option.

Anytime Mailbox provides much more physical addresses compared to other vendors. You can sign up for a virtual mailbox in most US locations, with some places in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and other continents.

The good news is that this service is affordable, starting at only $5.99 monthly. Thus, newly established businesses or large corporations that want to cut expenses can rely on it and secure digital mailboxes anywhere they need.

This affordability makes it the best virtual mailbox service for business owners and organizations.

The process to sign up with Anytime Mailbox is straightforward and quick. You can select a plan and location! Voila!

We recommend Anytime Mailbox because it offers fantastic features, like mail opening and scanning. It ensures you get access to digital copies at the earliest, letting you stay informed.

Also, it provides users with a valid street address to maintain their brand reputation. People can ship items to this location hassle-free, making Anytime Mailbox among the best virtual mailbox services in the US.

It provides unlimited digital storage to help save copies of all items you receive. You can access these files from any device and location. Additionally, Anytime Mailbox lets you forward envelopes and packages anywhere without complications.

It offers many additional benefits, like check depositing, shredding, recycling, and local pickups. You can select from USPS and other postal services globally, depending on where you want to forward the items. Or you can choose among private couriers, like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and others!


The rates vary for different locations, but some plans start at only $5.99 monthly. You can get most US addresses for only $9.99 monthly.

However, these are the standard and lowest costs. Prices can increase based on how many documents you ask the vendor to open and scan. Also, the number of recipients and monthly mailers decides the costs.

Please consider these factors when asking, “What is the best virtual mailbox service?”

Fortunately, the 30-day guarantee lets you try any location for free. You can claim a full refund and stop the subscription if you don’t like the features.


  • You can avail of the local pickup option in many places.
  • It offers free physical and unlimited digital storage for 30 days.
  • Anytime Mailbox offers addresses in all US states and territories except Rhode Island.


  • Only select stores offer check depositing.
  • You only receive the unlimited shredding service by buying a high-priced plan.
  • All features and costs vary according to the location.

5. US Global Mail

This best virtual mailbox service provider gives you a permanent US delivery address. You can use it for an extended time, irrespective of how often your organization switches office locations.

It helps you maintain branding consistency by displaying the same address on your official correspondence. Also, it is helpful whenever you want to expand operations to different locations but streamline mail collection.

You can integrate this best virtual mailbox service for business organizations with Quickbooks. It helps organize your payments and invoices.

The best part is that you can save up to 80% of shipping expenses when forwarding envelopes and packages to different locations. US Global Mail offers many discounts that make costs much lower than regular shipping expenses.

Another noteworthy factor is that US Global Mail plants trees and contributes to environment conservation based on how much junk mail it receives. It is a significant step considering the amount of spam items large corporations receive.

Also, this best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats and entrepreneurs prioritizes security. It gives bank-grade encryption to users to protect their accounts. Thus, you can ensure your digital files are safe.

Apart from these features, you can delete or download any file from your account whenever needed.


Prices start at $9.95 monthly for individuals and $29.95 for businesses. You must pay annually.

Internal scans can cost up to $3. However, you might pay an additional 50 c for each page.


  • You can bundle your envelopes or cards to save on forwarding expenses.
  • US Global Mail offers unlimited external mail scans.
  • It offers free check depositing with every plan.
  • You get two-factor authentication to secure your account.
  • It provides free mail recycling and shredding services.


  • US Global Mail only offers addresses in 23 US states and territories and Washington, D.C.
  • You can only store your mailers digitally for 180 days.

6. Earth Class Mail

It is the safest and best virtual mailbox service compared to PO boxes. Earth Class Mail has already processed $3.1 billion in checks and 21 million mailpieces.

Being an industry favorite- it is among the most used services. You can use it whenever necessary to receive confidential documents that demand data privacy. Earth Class Mail stores, manages, and scans items based on HIPAA rules.

It has HIPAA-certified professionals who overlook these activities, ensuring your items are safe and confidential.

The service processes and uploads all mail copies in high resolution. It uses the OCR software to ensure you can access readable documents within the app.

Another feature that makes Earth Class Mail the best virtual mailbox service is its check depositing solution. It allows you to automate the process to save time and effort. Thus, you receive payments faster without visiting banks.

Also, the Earth Class Mail application integrates with Box, Xero,, Google Drive, Quickbooks, and other platforms. You can combine your workflows, simplifying operations and saving effort.

Users can ask the vendor to shred and recycle items. Since this service recycles 100% of spam mailers, it does its best to contribute to environmental protection!

However, this service might not be it if you want an international location. Earth Class Mail only serves in the US. Users can choose from 80+ US locations.


You can avail of mailbox plans or rooms based on your needs, making Earth Class Mail among the best virtual mailbox services in 2024.

The plans suit people and families, whereas the rooms are for corporates.

Mailroom Plans-

  • Startup: It costs $139 monthly for 100 mailpieces.
  • Business: It costs $229 monthly for 250 mailpieces.

Mailbox Plans-

  • Starter: $29 monthly for up to two recipients.
  • Essentials: $29 monthly for up to five recipients.
  • Premium: $79 monthly for up to 20 recipients.

You can avail of the free trial to experience the features before investing in a plan.


  • It offers a mobile application for Android and iOS.
  • You can integrate your account with other platforms to improve operations.
  • It is available in most US states and territories.


  • You may need to pay high over-quote charges.
  • Some addresses that Earth Class Mail offers are PO addresses that cannot receive parcels.
  • Its plans only allow for five items monthly.

7. Traveling Mailbox

It is among the best virtual mailbox services because it offers top-notch features and benefits.

Users get mail filtering, scanning, uploading, shredding, and forwarding services. Thus, they can control what they want to do with an item.

Also, they get an online mailbox that lets them streamline mail management and secure their physical location.

Its 30+ US-based locations offer the same features. Hence, you don’t need to choose a place based on the services.

You can convert correspondences, bills, emails, checks, and letters into online documents to access them digitally from anywhere.

This vendor offers the best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats, online businesses, and others. It uses OCR software to convert mailers into searchable files. Thus, you can access them by entering the name or other details and get quick results.

Also, you get a ScanPAK solution, where Traveling Mailbox sends you prepaid envelopes you can fill with crucial documents and return. It scans and uploads everything digitally within one day, helping you have copies of all significant correspondence.

Traveling Mailbox helps you keep these copies secure and confidential. Its facilities have a 24-hour surveillance system, facial recognition solutions, and other security features.

Every item gets a unique barcode, allowing the vendor to track the mailers as they move through every stage. It is why businesses that want to stay updated consider it the best virtual mailbox service for high security and real-time tracking!


The prices depend on the users’ quota amounts. They can choose from these three plans-

  • Basic: $15 monthly.
  • Extended: $25 monthly.
  • Small business: $55 monthly.


  • It offers a user-friendly application.
  • You can forward envelopes and parcels to any place.
  • Users get two months free on yearly payments.
  • You can roll over the unused scan credits every month.


  • You can only choose from US-based addresses.
  • Premium locations cost an extra $4.95 monthly.
  • You don’t get a free trial.

8. VirtualPostMail

Many businesses need a registered agent to get Government and legal correspondence. It is a significant process when forming an organization. Thus, many choose virtual mailboxes that offer this service.

VirtualPostMail is the best virtual mailbox service for business owners because it provides a free registered agent solution.

They get this service on buying any plan, which also comes with mail forwarding, same-day scans, and check deposits.

However, please check the state rules and ensure they allow you to hire this registered agent type.

The significant disadvantage of using VirtualPostMail is that its registered agent solutions are only in Nevada, California, and Delaware. These are the US states where the vendor has its locations.

Hence, please consider these place limitations before buying a plan, even though it is among the best virtual mailbox services across the country.

However, you can expect VirtualPostMail to open more locations in the US soon because it is currently working on its expansion plans.


The vendor offers most packages for $20 monthly and allows for up to 25 mailpieces. This quantity is adequate for businesses that need virtual mailboxes only to get a registered agent to receive legal correspondence.

However, others might need a higher volume plan. The packages offer check deposits, package forwarding, and physical mailer storage for 60 days.

You must pay an additional 50 c per item above the 25-mailer limit.


  • Extra services include shipment cancellation, check deposits, storage extensions, non-conventional item handling, and domestic shipping.
  • You can upgrade to premium or business packages to receive HIPAA BAA compliance.


  • It doesn’t have a mobile app.
  • VirtualPostMail doesn’t count junk mailers in the 25-mailpiece limit. Hence, you might pay additional fees almost every month.
  • You can only get one address in up to four states.

9. USA2Me

It offers envelope and package forwarding from anywhere in the US. USA2Me provides a web-based manager that lets you handle all incoming items you can scan, forward, or discard.

You can only get one mailing address in Houston, Texas. However, you can ship items anywhere in the country for affordable prices, making USA2Me among the best virtual mailbox services across the US.

Businesses operating globally that need a US-based address can benefit from USA2Me.


The free plan offers all the standard features and lets you pay only for the services you need.

However, other plans cost between $10 and $60 based on the benefits and additional features.


  • USA2Me has an A+ rating. It is a BBB-accredited solution provider, making it the most secure and best virtual mailbox service for business owners.
  • It includes the shipping expenses in the monthly charges for ultimate and premium accounts.
  • This vendor discards junk mail for free.


  • You should pay a setup fee for every account, irrespective of the selected plan.
  • The mail manager is only available via the web. You cannot access your account through mobile apps.
  • You can only select one location, which is Houston, Texas.

10. Incfile

Incfile is best for entrepreneurs or online business owners who want a delivery address in their serviced localities.

It lets you select a virtual mailbox in any of its serviceable 47 US states and Washington, D.C.

You get unlimited mailer scans at a fixed monthly cost, making it the best virtual mailbox service provider.

Users receive emails whenever Incfile uploads a new file to their accounts. It also provides registered agent solutions to help them get, store, and forward legal correspondence on time.

Incfile doesn’t have a mobile application, but its user-friendly website lets you access your files hassle-free!


You must pay $29 monthly, irrespective of your mail volume.


  • Users must only pay a single price monthly, reducing complexities and saving money.
  • Incfile offers addresses in all US states except Illinois, Oregon, and Arkansas, making it the best virtual mailbox service for business users.
  • It offers unlimited mail quantities with scanning services.


  • You can only log into your account using the web browser.
  • Since it only offers a single price, some users with lower volume requirements might find it expensive.
  • It doesn’t receive or forward packages. Incfile only manages letters and large envelopes.

11. Alliance Virtual Office

This best virtual mailbox service focuses on business locations.

It provides digital mailboxes in recognizable places and office buildings, like New York City’s Wall Street. You can use these addresses for all legal purposes, including firm formation and licensing.

Alliance Virtual Office is known for its mailpiece receipt and forwarding solutions. It also offers virtual contact numbers, phone systems, and live receptionists.

You can access offices, co-working spaces, and meeting rooms for your business in many significant cities globally. Hence, Alliance Virtual Office is among the best virtual mailbox services for individual and commercial users.

Businesses that need physical presence despite operating from home can benefit from this solution. They can manage incoming mail in one place and get access to many other services.


The charges vary for every location, starting at $40 monthly. You must pay an additional fee for forwarding.


  • All addresses have in-person pickup options because they are valid locations.
  • Businesses can use the virtual addresses for all official reasons, including formation and registration.
  • You can sign up for addresses in around 1,400 national and international cities, making the vendor the best virtual mailbox service provider.


  • Alliance Virtual Office doesn’t scan mailers. It only offers pickup and forwarding.
  • It can be expensive for users who only need a few features.
  • The base plan that starts at $10 (plus courier charges) doesn’t include forwarding services.

12. Switch

Switch’s best virtual mailbox service focuses more on sending mailers than receiving. It helps import contacts, handle mailing lists, send physical items, and track shipping budgets.

The service lets you add unlimited users, helping you share access with different teams or those working remotely. It saves many Post Office trips because you can ship mailers to any location using the Switch account.

However, there are many better options for sending physical mailers, like PostGrid’s direct mail services. They allow you to design, print, and ship items online, saving time and effort.

PostGrid’s affordable solutions help you send triggered, on-demand, or bulk mailers based on your needs. And you get a lot more for the most affordable prices across the US. You can use this automated solution to mail anywhere globally.


Switch’s services are available for $1.70 per B/W letter. The prices increase based on the mailer count and selected shipping service.


  • You can avail of online notary services.
  • It lets you add unlimited users.


  • Switch doesn’t offer 24/7 customer support.
  • The user must be US-based only.
  • It doesn’t offer inbound mailing or a virtual address, killing the purpose of using it.

13. Sasquatch Mail

It provides mail forwarding services and lets you select virtual addresses in Idaho, Wyoming, Delaware, California, Illinois, and Florida.

Sasquatch Mail offers item scanning and forwarding solutions to let you get your mailers wherever you want to receive them! Also, it provides virtual office services, allowing remote businesses and workers to improve their daily functionalities.

It is the best virtual mailbox service provider that offers free recycling and shredding, helping you prevent junk mailers.

Ex-pats, nomads, and companies that need a low-volume service provider can benefit from Sasquatch Mail.


You can avail of a virtual address at $9.99 monthly. However, you may pay $2 per scan and another $2 for the forwarding postage.


  • Sasquatch Mail is among the best virtual mailbox services because it lets you add unlimited recipients to your digital virtual address.
  • It is a low-cost service that benefits people and businesses needing only a few scans monthly.
  • Its virtual office services work well, helping you get a lease for incorporating a business and other reasons.


  • The A la carte packages can be expensive.
  • Sasquatch Mail offers virtual mailboxes in six US states only.
  • You cannot get an international address because it is a US-only solution.

14. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is the most affordable option for those who want to set up an LLC.

Its registered agent solution makes it the best virtual mailbox service for business owners. It offers a street address and everything else to legally register companies with free legality forms and same-day filing.

The vendor can work as your registered agent to help you stay compliant in all US states, including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.


Costs vary based on the state filing expenses, entity type, and location. However, they usually begin at $100 monthly. Virtual office services are available for $29.


  • Northwest Registered Agent costs are lower than hiring lawyers.
  • Its corporate guide solutions assist you in filing the required annual reports or documents.
  • You can use Northwest Registered Agent to form a legal firm anywhere in the US, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, making it the best virtual mailbox service this year.


  • It only focuses on new businesses that want to establish legal entities.
  • Its virtual office solutions are limited to ten US states.
  • Northwest Registered Agent might charge for some services that business owners could do free of cost.


This best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats, digital nomads, online businesses, and others offers digital address solutions for competitive rates.

Users can access the mobile application to get high-resolution screenshots of their scanned mailers. Its user-friendly interface is similar to many world-known platforms, like Yahoo Mail and Google.

The good news is that offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days for all parcels.


The prices depend on the location. They range between $7.98 and $29.98 monthly.


  •’s customer support is available seven days. It makes it the most responsive and best virtual mailbox service provider.
  • Its starting rates are affordable compared to other vendors.
  • It provides a free 90-day storage and in-person pickup.


  • It doesn’t support FedEx and UPS package deliveries.
  • You can only get one virtual address in a state. However, you can choose the suite number.

How to Select the Best Virtual Mailbox Service in the US?

You can consider your preferences and requirements to make an ideal choice. Here are the primary factors that affect the decision to choose the best virtual mailbox service for business firms.

  • Available services: You might need more than a virtual mailbox. Many businesses need check depositing, package collection, and shipping services. Some solutions also offer micro-logistics, wherein they unbox and forward all items separately. Also, the registered agent feature lets many firms stay compliant and get legal correspondence. Hence, consider your additional needs before deciding.
  • Integrations: Integrations with Google Drive, Quickbooks, Dropbox, and other software platforms allow you to save time and effort. Hence, look out for them when investing in the best virtual mailbox service provider.
  • Security: You might receive many mailers with sensitive information, like credit cards, incoming checks, tax documents, and personal notes. Select a virtual mailbox vendor that lets you rest assured that these items are secure and confidential. They must follow the necessary security protocols, digital encryption, and physical storage surveillance, to protect your data.
  • Account users: Choose the best virtual mailbox service for ex-pats, remote businesses, etc., by considering the number of users you can add. Some plans only let you include two people, whereas others allow up to 20 or more.
  • Storage period: The span should be adequate to the price you pay to providers. Thus, consider the storage length and other factors when choosing your ideal solution.

Final Thoughts

You can use the best virtual mailbox service provider to get a digital address, forward mailers, and other benefits.

This blog allows you to compare different solutions and choose the best one.

However, you can select a direct mail automation solution whenever you want to send online mailers. You can automate everything, from design and printing to mailing and distribution. Also, you get free address verification, real-time tracking, analytics, and other features!

Also, you can integrate our direct mail API into your favorite tools and platforms.

Contact us to learn more about the best virtual mailbox service providers!

You Might Ask-

  1. Can I receive packages at a virtual mailbox?
    Yes. You can receive parcels if your best virtual mailbox service provider offers this solution.
  1. Are virtual mailboxes and offices the same?
    The primary difference between virtual offices and mailboxes is that the mailbox doesn’t offer physical spaces to hold business meetings. Both offer a virtual street address service. However, buying a virtual office is more expensive because it helps remote businesses and large corporations hold meetings, meet employees, and perform other tasks without having a physical space.
  1. What is the best virtual mailbox service?
    You can choose from many excellent options. However, you can begin with any of the iPostal1, Anytime Mailbox, and PostScanMail solutions.
  1. Can I use my virtual mailbox as a street and permanent address?
    Yes. Unlike traditional PO boxes, you can use your virtual mailbox address to open bank accounts, form entities, get legal mail, and perform other activities.

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