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Top 10 Best Real Estate CRM

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Top 10 Best Real Estate CRM: A Comprehensive Guide for Agents and Brokers

Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, group, or developer, maintaining a solid relationship with the client is vital to succeed in this dynamic industry. It would help if you had a magic wand to simplify your workflow, provide valuable insights, and automate repetitive tasks. And that's where real estate CRM systems become helpful. 

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You can consider a CRM system as a personal assistant or a magic wand that does the job no matter what. It is a central hub that stores and organizes all your client information. You can manage appointments, track interactions, and even nurture leads. 

How can you choose the best CRM for real estate with so many options in the market? This blog will explore the top 10 best real estate CRM in 2023. With the right software, your real estate professionals can align themselves throughout the sales cycles and close deals process. 

What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management systems help maintain an online database of clients and save time on manual data entry. It can help you to track interactions and history with your customers. This feature makes it much easier to discover sales opportunities and enhance customer satisfaction. 

What is Real Estate CRM?

It is an industry-specific CRM system that helps real estate agents, brokers, developers, and companies to collect and analyze client information. The best CRM for real estate agents helps cultivate relationships and make data-driven decisions.

What Realtors Can Do With The Best Real Estate Agent CRM?

A customer relationship management system is helpful for lead management and handling the sales pipeline. These are some of the most noteworthy features of the best CRM for real estate; 

Effective Management of Leads 

The best CRM for the real estate agent will help in capturing more leads. They will give you complete visibility of where your prospects are. Plus, you can nurture them with personalization and relevant information. This way, you can build trust and loyalty for your firm. 

Maintenance of Drip Campaigns 

The best CRM for real estate agents makes drip campaigns from a single dashboard easier. With our CRM, you can build and maintain your email, direct mail, or SMS lists for drip marketing campaigns. This way, you can move your leads faster through the sales pipeline with higher conversions. 

Improve Your Follow-Up Capabilities 

Having the best CRM for real estate will enable you to get notifications at the right time. It would make sending follow-ups to your potential clients easier. `You can also develop custom follow-up sequences and ask your team members to follow them for more closed deals. 

Effective Communication Between the Team 

Real estate companies or professionals require effective communication to build strong client relationships. The best CRM for real estate can help store and track communication history. It can consist of complete data on calls, emails, mail, and messages. Thus, real estate professionals can ensure timely and personalized communication with their clients. 

Automation of Workflows 

A realtor has to do a lot of repetitive tasks, such as document generation, appointment scheduling, and lead follow-ups. You can save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency with automation in your workflow. Instead of focusing on minute tasks, it would help you to shift your mind to high-value activities. 

Improvement in Customer Service 

The best CRM for real estate will give you superior customer service by providing a comprehensive view of client information. You can access transaction history, client preferences, and communication records to personalize your interactions better and meet expectations. 

Better Collaboration and Team Management 

Having the best CRM for real estate allows you to collaborate with your team members by centralizing information and tasks. It becomes much easier to share data, notes, and documents and promote teamwork and collaboration with a CRM. 

Pipeline Management 

It allows realtors will visualize the complete sales process with ease. They can identify various deals through different stages of the pipeline. Assign team members to each agreement, discover priority clients, and determine which prospects have higher chances of success. The best CRM for real estate will also allow you to build multiple pipelines for different types of clients. 

Email Marketing 

The best CRM for real estate allows you to launch customizable email marketing campaigns. With a sound CRM system, you can easily send targeted updates to buyers, sellers, and renters. 

Mobile Application

These days the best CRM for real estate will even provide you with mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Whether you are on the go bidding for properties, having lunch, or going to beg, you will still have access to the data present on the CRM. 

Comprehensive Reporting 

Having the best CRM for real estate gives you sales, campaigns, and customer reporting. It can help you to identify your problems and showcase behavioral patterns. You can monitor every piece of information coming from the CRM. 


It would help if you considered integrating digital tools like direct mail automation or social media into your CRM. The best CRM for real estate agents will always let you further extend its capabilities' usefulness. Integrating your analytical, reporting, and forecasting apps with them is possible. 

Technical Benefits of Using a Real Estate CRM

Making a business decision is often challenging if you don't look at its technical aspect. Let us understand why CRM is a sound investment for real estate businesses; 


Modern CRM systems come with user behavior tracking and email marketing. It could be a blessing for your content marketing efforts when talking to buyers or sellers. You can nurture leads with the appropriate marketing information at the correct time. 

Time-Saving Systems 

You can use the best CRM for real estate for various administrative tasks automatically. It is possible to completely automate tasks like lead nurturing, email marketing, and scheduling. Real estate agents can save time and make their lives easier. You can utilize this time on more direct impact tasks like property showcases and attending events to promote your services. 

Improving the Lead Sources 

If you want sales, it's all about building trust between prospects and salespersons. Repeat customers, referrals, and word-of-mouth could be your business's best sources of leads. The best CRM for real estate helps you build the foundation of word-of-mouth and repeat business with the help of email and direct mail marketing. Using the right CRM enables you to develop and maintain trust with existing customers and boost revenue. 

Getting More Qualified Leads 

The smart and best CRM for real estate agents can analyze different patterns of clicks on emails and newsletters. You can get proper insights on lead qualification signals. This way, many real estate businesses can learn which users are interested in their services. 

But how do you know which real estate CRM to select? What aspects do you need to consider while making a choice? 

Selecting the Right Real Estate CRM for Your Business

CRM software is usually hosted in the cloud or on a local server. It's 2023, and the whole world is moving toward cloud technology. It is more flexible, economical, and scalable than local solutions. 

The software you choose must be reliable for serving home buyers efficiently. It should also help in building long-term relationships with your customers. You will find many options available in the market with different configurations. 

To find the best CRM for real estate, you have to determine your goals of what you will achieve with the CRM system. Ask the following questions to make the best choice; 

  • What metrics will you be measuring with the CRM? 
  • How much budget can you allocate for your CRM system? 
  • What is the level of customization I want from my CRM system? 
  • Does the CRM system integrate with other tools that I'm currently using? 
  • Does the CRM system provide mobile accessibility? 
  • What customer insights do you want to analyze with your CRM? 

Let us guide you to choose and get the best CRM for real estate agents. 

Choosing the most appropriate CRM will help you to improve your business operations and client relationships and drive growth. 

Determine Your Business Goals and Budget 

If you are a new realtor, you must have a limited budget for a software system. First, you have to create a realistic budget that you can spend on the best CRM for real estate. Then, consider the features and functionalities you want to use for your real estate operations. We recommend considering features like lead management, contact organization, email marketing, reports, automation, and integration capabilities. These features are a must when you want to optimize your processes in your real estate business. 

Check the Available CRM Options 

There are a lot of CRM options available in the market. However, it would help if you searched for CRM companies specializing in the real estate industry. These players will offer industry-specific solutions that will be helpful for your business. Start your research by reading reviews, comparing features, and considering factors like ease of use, scalability, and charges. 

Integration Capabilities Must be There 

We understand that you must use multiple platforms and tools for your real estate business. Are you going to ditch them all for a CRM system? 

The best CRM for real estate will give you integration capabilities with your existing tools and platforms. It makes it easier to use popular MLS systems, email marketing platforms, and real estate portals simultaneously. You can streamline your workflow and improve efficiency without compromising on anything. 

Focus on User-Friendliness and Ease of Implementation 

A big learning curve will never be helpful for your team. You must invest more in training and preparing your team to use the CRM system. Thus, looking for a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and intuitive would be advisable. The best real estate CRM will provide adequate training resources, tutorials, and customer support. Your implementation process should be smooth and hassle-free. 

Mobile Accessibility is Equally Important in the Age of Digitalization 

Real estate businesses involve a lot of traveling in their daily operations. Thus, it becomes vital to consider CRM systems that provide mobile accessibility. A mobile app or mobile-optimized interface will give you access to the latest information while on the go. You can manage tasks and communicate with your clients effectively. 

Consider Data Security and Privacy

You must deal with sensitive client information when running your real estate operations. Thus, it becomes vital to consider data security and privacy in your choice of CRM system. 

It would help if you inquired about the solution's take on data encryption, security protocols, backup methodologies, and compliance. It ensures that your data is safe from unauthorized access or breaches.

Look for Demos or Free Trials 

Looking for demos or free trials before making an investment decision is advisable. This way, you will get a hands-on experience with the best CRM for real estate. It makes it easier to assess features, functionality, and user experience. Demos and free trials are the best way to determine if the CRM system aligns with your needs and goals. 

Look at the Price Tag and Scalability Capabilities

These days there are plenty of economical options for cloud-based software. Yet, sometimes you must be more aware of a complex pricing structure. 

Consider all the additional costs you must bear for using its features or user licenses according to your team's growth. If you have bright business expansion plans, then it is vital to consider the scalability options of the best CRM for real estate. 

Now we come to the final part! 

Choosing the best CRM real estate.

Top 10 Best Real Estate CRM

1. HubSpot 

It is one of the most popular CRM solutions across various industries. Did you know that HubSpot also provides a specialized solution tailored to the real estate sector? The best CRM for real estate agents allows you to centralize and organize all the customer data in one place. 

It means managing contacts, leads, and client information with a single database becomes much easier. You can have a holistic view of your customers with their preferences, communication history, property needs, etc.

Real estate professionals can easily track and manage leads throughout the pipeline without breaking a sweat. You can enjoy excellent features like lead scoring to prioritize prospects according to their likelihood of conversion. 

This way, your agents can easily focus on high-value prospects and streamline their sales process. You will get lead nurturing tools like personalized content creation and automated email sequences. 

The HubSpot CRM also gives you tools to create landing pages, forms, and live website chats. Using these features, you can convert leads directly from your online channels. Having reporting and analytics capabilities is another benefit that will help you to measure and optimize your performance. 

You can generate reports on metrics like email engagement, lead conversion rates, and deal pipelines. It is a great way to look for any scope for improvement and make data-driven business decisions. 

Notable Features by HubSpot 
  • Task automation for repetitive tasks. 
  • Call tracking tools for comprehensive client information.
  • Email templates for saving time.
  • Free option for beginners. 

2. Zillow Premier Agent CRM

It is another leading real estate CRM solution with many tools and features. Consider this a fantastic choice, primarily if you already utilize the Zillow platform. The impressive capabilities and features help optimize your marketing processes and improve sales numbers. 

The smooth integration with the Zillow platform is the biggest strength of this best CRM for real estate. You must know that Zillow is a famous online real estate marketplace that helps in connecting buyers, sellers, and realtors. 

This best CRM for real estate agents allows you to manage and easily track Zillow leads. It is also possible to have easy access to show information, communication history, and vital details within a unified system. 

You can avail of a robust set of features for efficiently managing your leads and contacts with Zillow CRM. There is a central database that can help categorize, prioritize, and assign leads to your team members. 

Notable Features by Zillow 
  • Mobile application for ease of use. 
  • Listing exclusivity.
  • Reminders for timely operations. 
  • Analytics for data-driven decision making. 

3. Salesmate for Realtors 

Salesmater is a robust option specifically tailored to fulfill the requirements of real estate professionals. The best CRM for real estate investors can streamline and improve sales processes with comprehensive features. You can make lead management, client relationship nurturing, and sales outcomes much easier and more positive. 

The intuitive and user-friendly interface could be a key advantage for real estate professionals. Your team can quickly adapt to the system and start using its capabilities. If you are looking for the best CRM for real estate with an organized and clean layout, then Salesmate could be your best bet. It makes it super easy to go through leads, deals, and contacts for real estate professionals. 

Lead management is super effective when capturing, importing, and organizing leads from various sources. You can assign status to each prospect; your agents can prioritize and track their progress with this CRM. 

Notable Features by Salesmate
  • Connection to multiple lead sources. 
  • Multiple communication channels 
  • Automatic follow-up tracking 
  • Sales forecasting for performance prediction. 

4. Agile CRM 

It is a versatile customer relationship management system that can help real estate professionals in various applications. You always get the necessary tools to streamline operations, manage leads, nurture client relationships, and drive successful sales. 

The fantastic flexibility and customization options are the key advantages of this best real estate CRM. Your team can tailor the system to different needs, custom fields, workflows, and automation rules. 

They can also segment and categorize leads based on other criteria, such as property type, location, or buying or selling preferences. CRM makes it much easier to push targeted marketing efforts and personalized communication. You can have better leads and increase your chances of successful conversions. 

There are automated follow-up reminders and tasks to help you remain organized and build strong relationships with clients. You can also ensure the ability to track interactions and communication history with the help of Agile CRM. 

The best CRM for real estate gives you email conversations, call recordings, and notes for your meetings for better operations. You can avail the comprehensive journey of a client to provide more personalized and informed service. 

Integration capabilities with popular communication channels are also there to help you remain connected with clients straight from the system. CRM is famous for its efficient and timely communication capabilities to provide excellent customer service.  

Notable Features of Agile 
  • Unlimited document storage 
  • Effortless collaboration for high efficiency
  • Smooth integration with Google Drive and Zendesk 
  • Listing automation for loading MLS listings. 

5. Streak CRM for Real Estate 

It is another powerful and versatile if you are looking for the best CRM for real estate. Streak CRM is a Gmail extension that helps real estate professionals manage their leads, track deals, and nurture client relationships. All this can be done directly from their email inbox. Effective lead management is the primary feature of Streak CRM. 

Real estate agents can create customizable pipelines for tracking their leads throughout sales. You can organize your leads according to stages, such as prospecting, qualification, negotiation, and closing. Real estate agents can view this information with a clear visual representation. It makes it easier for them to prioritize and manage their sales pipeline. 

Real estate professionals can monitor email opens, link click rates, and other digital engagement metrics with this CRM. This high engagement level can help them tailor their follow-up communication strategies. Streak CRM also gives a shared inbox functionality for better team collaboration. A collaborative team environment enables you to deliver better services to your clients. 

With Streak CRM, realtors can create and track deals within the CRM. They can easily associate them with specific contacts and pipelines. Plus, robust reporting and analytics features are convenient for monitoring key metrics. 

Using these insights, real estate professionals can understand trends, evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies, and make wise decisions. Ultimately, they can optimize their sales and marketing efforts with digital support from Streak CRM. 

Notable Features by Streak CRM 
  • Accessible direct from your Gmail inbox. 
  • Installable as a Chrome extension. 
  • Complete performance tracking.
  • Email tracking with A/B testing. 

6. Apptivo 

It also provides comprehensive features tailored for the real estate sector. There are extensive capabilities for managing leads, automating marketing campaigns, tracking deals, and nurturing client relationships with Apptivo. 

The best CRM for real estate allows you to centralize and organize lead management. Your team of real estate professionals can capture leads from various sources easily. Whether the prospect is coming from landing pages, websites, or online forms, Apptivo will manage everything in one place. 

You can automatically load your leads into the system to ensure you get all the potential clients. Then, categorizing and segmenting leads is also easier with Apptivo. You can easily segment them based on criteria such as property type, location, or buying/selling preferences. This segmentation can be vital to your personalized and targeted marketing efforts.

You can also expect automation features with Apptivo for streamlining marketing campaigns and lead nurturing processes. Marketing campaigns can have personalization elements based on specific lead attributes, ensuring the content is relevant to each individual. This way, Apptivo makes your marketing campaigns more effective and leaves a personal impression. 

The best CRM for real estate also gives you a comprehensive view of client information and communication history. 

Notable Features by Apptivo 
  • Access to client data on the go. 
  • Smooth integration with the majority of tech stacks. 
  • Run personalized and targeted marketing campaigns. 
  • Management and sharing of contracts 

7. Bitrix24 

This best CRM for real estate serves as a powerful solution for managing leads, automating marketing campaigns, tracking sales, and nurturing client relationships. Streamlined and centralized lead management is the primary advantage of using Bitrix24. 

To help you understand your client's needs and preferences, the CRM lets you track interactions, communication, and activities with each client. There are plenty of multimedia features within the best CRM for real estate. Your team of professionals can directly connect with clients through video chat, social media messenger, phone calls, or call-back forms. 

If you want complete visibility in your project, it also gives you pipeline management tools. It would help you to keep up with deadlines and remove manual work from your pipeline. Users can access this CRM via web browsers, phones, or desktops. You can set appointment reminders and follow-ups to ensure consistent client engagement. 

There's a deal management feature that allows realtors to track the process of their sales transactions in real-time. Spotting any potential bottlenecks and taking necessary steps to move the deals ahead is possible. 

There are plenty of reporting and analytics capabilities to gather reports on lead conversion rates, deal progress, and campaign effectiveness. Bitrix24 also provides excellent collaboration and communication features that improve teamwork and coordination.

Notable Features by Bitrix24 
  • Video conferencing capabilities.
  • Sales automation for smoother sales.
  • Free version with unlimited users. 
  • Intuitive website builder 

8. Wise Agent 

Agents built this platform for agents for seamless transactions, advanced automation, and time management tools. The best CRM for real estate gives you a central database for your client information in one place. Realtors can manage their contacts, leads, marketing campaigns, and transactions. You will find a fantastic user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface, making the learning curve as small as possible. 

Real estate professionals will love the clean, organized layout with a seamless user experience. Wise Agent could be a valuable tool for brokers, agents, and teams to manage contacts, listings, transactions, and marketing efforts. 

You get one single secure location for organizing all your client and property information. With this database, you can maintain client relationships and enable personalized interactions with each prospect. 

Real estate professionals can feed property details, attach documents and media files, and schedule appointments to the CRM system. The best CRM for real estate allows you to assign tasks, set reminders, and share essential details for effective collaboration. This way, you can ensure everyone is on the same page while managing property listings. 

The software also provides email marketing features, allowing agents to send professional-looking emails and newsletters to prospects. They can also integrate social media platforms to publish and schedule posts directly from the CRM. 

Notable Features by Wise Agent
  • Lead automation for smoother operations. 
  • Transaction management.
  • Marketing solutions with digital marketing. 
  • Effective time management. 

9. Pipedrive 

It had the primary intention of making the CRM experience simpler for users. The best CRM for real estate allows you to have visual and customized sales pipelines to learn where exactly your deals are in the sales process. You can easily organize and manage your leads, deals, and contacts. There are proper arrangements for Google Calendar synching and task automation. It makes your workflow super smooth and smooth integration. 

There's a centralized storage hub for storing and accessing your client information and communication history with emails, calls, and notes. The data-driven approach of the best CRM for real estate makes it easier to identify trends and evaluate the impact of marketing strategies. 

Exceptional integration capabilities are another advantage of Pipedrive that you want to take advantage of. 

You can integrate a wide range of third-party applications with this best CRM for real estate. Accessing marketing automation tools, document management systems, property listing websites, and more straight from the CRM is easier. Having seamless integration capabilities in your CRM means that there's no need for manual data entry. 

Notable Features by Pipedrive 
  • Seamless synching with Google Calendar. 
  • Contact and communication history.
  • Sales automation with AI-powered features. 
  • Effective property management 

10. Propertybase 

It is an end-to-end real estate platform with the best CRM for real estate agents. You can also rely on their marketing and Internet Data Display (IDX) website software. Realtors using this CRM can store and manage complete profiles of their clients with contact details, preferences, transactions, and communication history. 

You also get a centralized database to have a holistic view of your customers. This way, you can build more personalized and stronger relationships with them. It is possible to integrate the CRM with popular MLS and enable you to synchronize listings on real estate websites. 

You will find it easier to monitor property information with locations, images, specifications, and documents. 

One can process property listings, manage inquiries, and coordinate viewings easily. Propertybase also gives you robust transaction management tools besides contact and property management. 

Notable Features by Propertybase
  • Smooth synchronization with Google and Office365. 
  • Effective listing management 
  • Lead generation tools 

Integrating PostGrid Direct Mail API with Your Real Estate CRM

After choosing the best CRM for real estate with integration capabilities, you will want to send direct mail straight from your CRM with complete automation. Integrating our direct mail API with your CRM will improve its overall efficiency and effectiveness in your communication efforts. 

With PostGrid integration, you can automate creating and sending postcards and letters directly from your CRM. Here's the complete integration process for the best CRM for real estate agents;

Evaluate for Compatibility

You must ensure that the best CRM for real estate supports integrations with third-party applications. Most CRMs will provide you with integration capabilities via APIs or native integrations. 

Set up Your PostGrid Account for Integration

Signup and create your own PostGrid account to gain access to API credentials. It would make the necessary link to enable a connection between our API and your CRM. 

Search the Integration Settings 

Open your CRM and search for the integration settings. It would enable you to manage integrations with external platforms and applications. 

Add PostGrid to the Integration 

Search for PostGrid from the list of available integrations in your API. You can also enter the API keys to establish a connection between you and PostGrid. 

Work on the Integration Settings

After adding the integration into your CRM, you may need additional configuration for a seamless workflow. It would enable smooth data transfer between your CRM and PostGrid API. There could be default mail templates, address formats, and other essential information settings. 

Select Your Mailing Options 

You can select contacts or leads you wish to send physical mail from your CRM. The best CRM for real estate will allow you to select individual recipients or even create a targeted mailing list. 

Final Words 

The real estate industry is highly competitive in the US. You always need the proper marketing and communication tools to retain your client and raise brand awareness. It is not possible when you only use a single channel for marketing. Consider using direct mail automation along with digital marketing tools. You can bridge the gap between online and offline marketing efforts. Real estate professionals can enjoy the following features with PostGrid direct mail; 

  • Incredible Personalization: You can personalize your direct mail pieces by including recipient names, addresses, and other relevant information. 
  • Variable Data Printing: This technology allows real estate professionals to customize each direct mail piece with different information, such as personalized offers, property details, or neighborhood data. 
  • Automated Campaigns: Real estate professionals can create direct mail campaigns triggered by specific events or milestones. 
  • Custom Templates: They can infuse creativity into designing templates for launching real estate direct mail campaigns. There’s an inbuilt HTML editor that can be useful for editing. 

Signup now to automate direct mail with the best CRM for real estate. 

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