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Top 10 Best Healthcare CRM Software

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hipaa compliant crm software

Top 10 Best Healthcare CRM Solutions For Your Healthcare Organization

“With great power comes great responsibility.” is arguably one of the most iconic and authentic lines you have ever heard. Funnily enough, it fits so well for a healthcare organization.

Well…. what's even more potent than saving people's lives?

hipaa compliant crm software

And to shoulder such a heavy responsibility, you need all the help you can get. A robust healthcare CRM is among a healthcare organization's best allies to serve its customers better. With the right CRM solution, it becomes significantly easy for you to manage your healthcare marketing and communication efforts.

But, how do you pick the right healthcare CRM software for your organization? What makes a CRM solution the ideal fit for your unique needs?

Before you rack your brain for the answers to these questions, let us give you a tour of the best healthcare CRM in the market today. Below we have listed some of the best CRM solutions your healthcare organization can get and their significant features.

Read on to learn about the leading healthcare CRM solutions and what they can do for your healthcare business.

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#1 Salesforce Health Cloud CRM

When it comes to healthcare CRM, the Salesforce Health Cloud CRM is often the leading choice for healthcare organizations. It offers industry-specific features that facilitate better communication for healthcare organizations.

Furthermore, Salesforce Health Cloud CRM lets you connect your people, data, and processes using a centralized system. Hence, it is not surprising that leading healthcare organizations like Piedmont Healthcare and United Healthcare use Salesforce as their healthcare CRM.

Another excellent perk of using Salesforce healthcare CRM software is its HIPAA compliance. In other words, using Salesforce Health Cloud CRM enables you to process, store, and convey PHI data with peace of mind. But that's not all.

Below, we list some advantages of implementing Salesforce Health Cloud CRM for your healthcare organization.

  • Optimize and speed up your healthcare communication between caregiving teams. 
  • Salesforce is ideal for pharmaceutical companies that want to streamline their client engagement and pipeline. 
  • Salesforce healthcare CRM offers modules for healthcare providers, healthcare payer management, and med-tech teams. Key features available in Salesforce CRM include 
  • Robust medical records management
  • AI-powered engagement capabilities
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Contact tracing
  • Referral management
  • Customizable data modeling tools
  • Other specialized tools for healthcare
  • Salesforce offers superior integration capability to numerous software solutions, including electronic medical records software tools.  
  • The healthcare CRM solution is accessible via Android and iOS device applications. 

A notable advantage of using Salesforce’s CRM for healthcare is the readily available integrations. For example, Salesforce allows quick integration with automated solutions like PostGrid. You can set up triggered direct mail marketing campaigns that automatically send postcards when the user completes a desired action, such as signing up for newsletters.  

That's not all. The integration-ready HIPAA-compliant direct mail solutions like PostGrid make the entire integration seamless. Some significant benefits of using Salesforce healthcare CRM and a third-party integration like PostGrid include the following.

  • Unlimited Users
  • Detailed API Docs
  • Test & Live Isolation
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Address Verification
  • Data Security
  • Per Piece Tracking
  • Wide Range of Collaterals
  • Enterprise level security
  • HTML Templates
  • And much more.

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#2 HubSpot

HubSpot is a software solution that keeps popping up everywhere there is a discussion about CRM. It offers a well-rounded CRM solution that can meet the needs of most industry verticals. HubSpot is so efficient as a CRM solution that numerous organizations choose it without a second thought.

The most compelling reason to use HubSpot as your healthcare CRM software is its outstanding performance in healthcare marketing. It is significantly easy for marketers to find HubSpot integration for any marketing and communication solutions.

In other words, HubSpot makes it convenient for you to integrate advanced HIPAA-compliant marketing and communication tools. And this includes more than just your usual email marketing solution. HubSpot's healthcare CRM supports automated, HIPAA-compliant print and mail solutions like PostGrid.

Check Out PostGrid's native Print and mail Integration with HubSpot:

You could also say that healthcare organizations can integrate online and offline marketing capabilities into their website using HubSpot. Hence, HubSpot is the best healthcare CRM for implementing multichannel marketing strategies for your organization.

Some other benefits of using HubSpot as your healthcare organization's CRM solution include the following.

Content Marketing

60% of marketers create at least one piece of content daily. In other words, more than half the marketers believe in the power of content marketing. The more organic and helpful content you can create for your customers, the more traffic you can expect for your healthcare website.

HubSpot's ability to seamlessly integrate online and offline marketing solutions makes it ideal for implementing content marketing strategies. It involves everything, including content creation, social media marketing, SEO, public relations, PPC ads, email marketing, and more.

Marketing Automation

Another advantage of using HubSpot CRM for healthcare is its advanced marketing automation capabilities. Apart from the standard email and text marketing, you can even automate marketing channels like direct mail using HubSpot. 

Communication Automation

Healthcare providers often have difficulty ensuring efficient healthcare communication with their patients via postal mail. And this is not just limited to sending marketing mailers. Here are some healthcare communications you send with HubSpot as your healthcare CRM.

  • Monthly Billing Statements
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Renewal Declarations
  • Policy Reinstatement Notices
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements
  • Lender-Placed Insurance Letters
  • Notices of Collateral Protection Insurance

PostGrid For HubSpot

With PostGrid's native HubSpot integration, your business can send your patients letters, postcards, and checks. Furthermore, you can choose the ideal mailing model for every situation, including one at a time on demand, through workflow automation or bulk mailing campaigns. Some applications of PostGrid for your healthcare CRM include the following.

  • Automatically sending postcards based on a triggering action (making a purchase, newsletter subscription, etc.)
  • Sending personalized letters and postcards by integrating with your HubSpot CRM.
  • Schedule and send birthday cards to customers.
  • Automatically send welcome letters to customers.

PostGrid's native HubSpot Integration allows you to send letters, postcards, and cheques/checks to your customer list 

  • One at a time on demand
  • Through workflow automation
  • Launch a bulk mailing campaign

On top of that, the integration process to connect PostGrid with your healthcare CRM is easy and simple. You can simply use our HubSpot Setup Guide to set up PostGrid for HubSpot quickly. By using PostGrid's easy integration for HubSpot, you can

  • Avoid numerous hours of manual work
  • Minimize or even eliminate several back-office functions
  • Ensure compliance with all major data security regulations

We are not merely making wild claims about optimizing your mailing process. Take a look at what our client from the insurance industry has to say about PostGrid.

PostGrid’s API has become a big asset in streamlining our company’s communication. We send thousands of mailings every month and PostGrid’s system has made the whole process so much easier for us. They even helped us increase the sending limit of our mailers and they did it all in less than ten minutes!

They say numbers don't lie. The review above should give you an idea of how we enable business organizations to streamline their communications. Furthermore, the minimal time PostGrid takes to implement these significant changes to your business communication is proof of its efficiency.

Healthcare Tracking and Measurement

Efficient ROI is always on top of the list of things every business organization wants. You need efficient healthcare tracking and measurement to optimize your marketing campaigns and obtain efficient ROI. HubSpot CRM for healthcare facilitates a macro-level search of your ROI.

“Over 50% of marketers say keyword rankings and organic traffic are the top ways they measure the success of their SEO strategies.” – State of Marketing Trends Report 2022.

It even offers reporting tools that help you minimize acquisition costs. According to Grand View Research, almost 82% of organizations already use CRM for their sales reporting. In short, HubSpot CRM for healthcare lets you track all significant metrics that can help you boost the ROI. Some of these metrics you can track using HubSpot are as follows.

  • Patient acquisition costs
  • Patient retention
  • Response Time to Inquiries
  • Engagement and Lead Scoring
  • Content Effectiveness
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Campaign Evaluation

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#3 Netsuite CRM

It is natural for your healthcare organization to wish for a 360-degree CRM solution to simplify business management. And if you are also looking for a well-rounded healthcare CRM solution, Netsuite CRM could be the answer to your prayers.

“74% of respondents say that CRM solutions give them better access to customer data, allowing for more personalized service.” – Findstack.

When it comes to personalized services, there is nothing more unique and personal than healthcare services. But that's not all. Netsuite CRM for healthcare offers a single hub for managing your B2B and B2C interactions. It ultimately helps you save money and time on administrative tasks. 

Besides this, NetSuite CRM for healthcare all-rounder CRM solutions brings everything you need in one place. In other words, you can manage invoicing, financials, and inventory management from a single point using Netsuite CRM. What organization would not want this kind of personalization from their CRM?

Now let's take a look at some of the other benefits you can get by employing Netsuite CRM for your healthcare organization.

Time Tracking

According to a recent Deloitte study, “over 30% of professionals say that manual time entry and data adjustments are two of the most time-consuming processes.”

Hence, advanced time tracking from Netsuite CRM for healthcare saves you from “two of the most time-consuming processes” in healthcare.

Case Management

According to Salesforce, “91% of customers say good customer service makes them more likely to make another purchase.” And what better way to ensure quality customer service than effective case management? Using Netsuite healthcare CRM enables you to manage your patient cases better and provide personalized healthcare services to them.

Knowledge Management

You may not know this, but having an advanced knowledge management system can benefit your healthcare company in many ways. A survey by DestinationCRM found that “47% of Companies That Have a KMS Report Increased Sales.” With Netsuite CRM for healthcare, you get a superior knowledge management system that can potentially save you money.


Any healthcare CRM is incomplete without proper analytic capability. Every organization that ever used a CRM solution, including you and us, knows it. As long as you use a CRM solution like Netsuite, CRM allows you to access detailed analytics to optimize your marketing and communication efforts.


Some healthcare organizations prioritize customization over everything else. If you fall under this group of healthcare organizations, is your CRM solution. However, you can only get the HIPAA-compliant healthcare CRM if you use the Enterprise Plan from

The industry-specific features of Health City Two streamline your caregiving services. Furthermore, Numerous nonprofit organizations, universities, and hospitals are already using's healthcare CRM. So, you don't have to worry about the CRM solution not working out for you because it is already tested.

And if that's not impressive enough for you, maybe this will. The Israeli government uses this healthcare CRM for the nationwide fight against COVID-19. It involves bringing together different agencies, including military and civilian bodies, labs, first responders, and hospitals. offers one of the best communication hubs available in any CRM solution. Because of this capability, Israel's Covid relief efforts could provide all the necessary information to the users. In addition to that, it also shows's customizability helios in handling multiple complex workflows.

Moreover,'s healthcare CRM is available on Android and iOS devices. Therefore flexibility is not an issue with the CRM solution. It even supports offline mode and offers seamless integration with other software solutions.

Here are some of the most compelling features you can get from employing's CRM for healthcare.

Task Management

According to The 2021 Project Management Report from A Rebel's Guide to Project Management, 

“59% of project managers run between 2 and 5 projects.” offers various task management features allowing project managers to run multiple projects without glitches.

Team Communication

Contact management functionalities are a CRM solution's most requested features. According to a CRM Buyer Analysis by Software Advice, 94% of CRM users want to have contact management functionalities in their CRM. With's healthcare CRM, you get advanced contact management functionalities that enhance team communication.

Patient Management

Eighty-two percent of patients consider quality customer service the most crucial factor when choosing a healthcare service. provides one of the best healthcare CRMs that offer several functionalities for conveniently managing patients. It includes streamlining communication via automated solutions like PostGrid for direct mail communication, ActiveCampaign for automated emails, and more.

Customizable Notifications

Every marketer knows how vital it is to have push notifications for their online communication or marketing channels. According to One Signal, Notifications with images and over 60% CTR (Click-through rate).'s CRM for healthcare Offers superior customization, including push notifications with Images and much more.

Workflow Automation

According to a survey by McKinsey and Company, 31 percent of businesses have fully automated at least one of the significant functions. The number of companies depending on automation for their internal Processes only seems to be increasing.

With the help of healthcare CRMs like, it is significantly easier to automate multiple functions for your healthcare organization.

For instance, healthcare organizations can easily integrate automated direct mail solutions like PostGrid With their healthcare CRM for automating healthcare communication Via mail. Similarly, you can use several automated solutions to ensure effective workflow automation.

#5 CRM Creatio

Suppose you are looking for a lockout CRM software suite for your healthcare organization. In that case, CRM Creatio Could be the ideal choice for you. Regarding healthcare CRM software, CRM Creatio is often the choice for leading pharmaceutical companies.

One of the best selling points of CRM Creatio is its comprehensive CRM database. What makes its CRM database special is the ability to have separate modules for various aspects of your business, such as

  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Segmentation targeting
  • Other automation tools

CRM Creatio helped numerous businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic by ensuring HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication. Furthermore, the healthcare CRM can fully integrate various Business Process Management (BPM) features. As a result, you can modify processes faster while making them more agile and cohesive.

But that's not all. CRM Creatio Lets you deploy the platform on the cloud or on-site. As you can guess, healthcare CRM is available on iOS and Android devices. Another excellent advantage of using CRM creation is that it offers a 14-day free trial to you.

Some of the other notable features you can get by using CRM Creatio for your healthcare organization are as follows.

Lead Management

Did you know that 84% of companies believe a CRM system is highly beneficial in determining lead quality? And it's not enough that you have any lead management system. It would be best if you had an advanced solution that makes generating quality leads and following them up easy and convenient. The healthcare CRM provides features that make targeting leads faster, communicating with them, etc., and more effective.

Time Management

Business organizations often fail to think of time as a resource, just like raw materials and money. Because of this, most business organizations fail to attain their full potential in their internal or external processes.

“49% of people have never conducted a time audit.” – Development Academy.

Creatio's CRM for healthcare allows you to plan your projects and allocate time efficiently to ensure minimum delays and maximum efficiency. As a result, you can provide efficient healthcare service, better planning, and superior employee management.

Budget Planning

It is no secret that the project's success is closely dependent on the overall cost performance and your ability to meet project deadlines. With Creatio, you get access to numerous budget planning features. Hence, the healthcare CRM software lets you plan your project in the most cost-effective manner possible.

ROI Estimation

Return on investment or ROI is a performance measure that lets you evaluate your company's profitability. With Creatio's CRM for healthcare, you can get the ROI estimate of various healthcare marketing efforts. It means you can find investments worth holding on to and differentiate them from the least productive ones.

Analytics With Real Diagrams

Reading analytics can often be one of the most boring things you can do. However, the analytics with accurate diagrams from Creatio's healthcare CRM enables you to understand analytics data with minimum confusion.

Using actual charts can save time in organizing data and merging multiple data sources.

Create Custom Applications And Workflow Automation

Another excellent advantage of using Creatio's medical CRM for your healthcare organization is its ability to create custom applications and workflow automation.

According to Working, “90% of executives believe their automation investments will enhance their workforce capacity in the next three years between the next three years.”

The ability to create custom applications and workflow automation gives you superior control over your business operations. Hence, it is worth considering CRM Creatio for your healthcare CRM software.

#6 Zoho CRM

Zoho is another one of the biggest names in CRM, and the chances are that you have already heard about it. One of the biggest plus sides of using Zoho as your healthcare CRM software is that it comes with HIPAA compliance.

However, Zoho's most common healthcare CRM application is in the life sciences industry. Nonetheless, Zoho's high customization capability makes it easy to use for every healthcare organization, including yours.

Another benefit of using Zoho CRM for healthcare is tracking customer behavior. It means you can serve your patients better by tracking their online behavior. Besides this, Zoho provides social and mobile CRM tools to streamline your healthcare organization's communication and marketing efforts.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM for healthcare can extend its capabilities by using different Zoho suits available in the market. It is also worth noting that Zoho Can integrate seamlessly with other essential applications such as Google Ads, Survey Monkey, etc.

With Zoho, you also get The advantage of trying out their free trial. It even offers a free edition that can meet the needs of smaller operations or healthcare organizations. However, we suggest you go for a paid plan because it gives you access to advanced healthcare CRM features and functionalities.

Some of the other benefits of Zoho CRM include the following.

Mobile Module

One of the best advantages or features you get from Zoho CRM for the healthcare module for mobile. The mobile module lets you search for nearby customers, receive sale alerts, and enhance your lead-capturing capability.

Social CRM Tools

According to Spark Report, 26% of all hospitals in the US actively participate in social media engagements. There is a good reason why healthcare organizations, including hospitals, are prioritizing social media engagements. It is the same reason you should use Zoho medical CRM for your healthcare organization.

Social media office an excellent way for healthcare organizations to connect with their past, current, and potential customers. Using Zoho, you can enable your patients or customers to interact with your social media activities without leaving the dashboard.

Account Management

According to Gartner, 88% of account managers believe that proper account management and exceeding customer expectations is the surest way to grow. There is no way healthcare organizations can deliver such an incredible customer experience without account management capabilities like the ones Zoho CRM for healthcare offers.

Workflow Automation

Another area where Zoho shines as a healthcare CRM software is workflow automation. Zoho offers some of the best workflow automation capabilities in any CRM. It can easily integrate numerous automation tools, such as PostGrid, for direct mail automation.

However, it would be best to carefully choose only HIPAA-compliant automation solutions for your healthcare communication and marketing efforts. The last thing you want to do is risk the safety of Protected Health Information (PHI), which can lead to hefty fines.

Advanced Analytics

With Zoho CRM for health care, you get access to one of the best analytic tools in CRM. Zoho's analytical capability is so good that you can track the individual performance of your marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the analytic tool of Zoho Healthcare CRM is easy to use and offers a simple interface.

#7 Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is one of the best healthcare CRM for organizations looking for a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based sales solution. Although Zendesk Sell offers its services to many healthcare organizations, it is especially loved by pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

The healthcare CRM is also widely popular four is its intuitive user interface. However, what makes Zendesk stand out is the communication tracking, and pipeline visibility features it offers. Imagine a healthcare CRM software automatically logs all the important emails and calls to your healthcare organization.

That is precisely what Zen desk's CRM for healthcare does for your healthcare organization. It tracks all the customer information and the context of your interactions with the customer or patient. In addition to that, Zendesk also facilitates omnichannel communication directly through its dashboard.

In other words, it allows you to combine offline and online marketing channels. You can efficiently use them to get a positive response from your target audience. For example, you can combine direct mail with your digital marketing campaigns to boost your growth and revenue.

As a result, you can easily send marketing or communication messages to patients via any channel, including email, text, and even mail. If you are still not impressed, consider this. The healthcare CRM saves you valuable time and effort by allowing you to use mail and email templates for your communication.

Like most of the healthcare CRM software you saw above, Zendesk Sell provides access via mobile apps on android and iOS systems. Hence, the sales team can't close deals on the go using their mobile device. Thanks to this feature, you never have to lose another quality lead again due to poor CRM capabilities.

Now, let's look at some of the other significant benefits of using Zendesk Sell for your medical CRM needs. 

Geolocation Features

One of the most attractive features of Zendesk Sell's healthcare CRM is its geolocation capability. It allows you to target prospective customers or patients at specific geographic locations. You can find similar capabilities on HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing tools.

For example, PostGrid offers address verification software that you can use to validate patient addresses. Besides ensuring that your communication always reaches the correct address, it also provides a geocoding capability. You can use it to target your healthcare marketing efforts and identify market trends for specific geographic locations.

Lead Tracking

Lead tracking involves determining the sources for your different leads and monitoring the sales. It means the healthcare CRM lets you monitor the position of your prospects in the conversion funnel. Categorizing your leads into distinct groups enables you to develop unique strategies to boost conversions.

Reporting Feature

According to Grand View Research, almost 82% of organizations use CRM for sales reporting. With Zendesk Sell, you get various advanced reporting features and capabilities to help you understand flaws across multiple business processes. Hence, the healthcare CRM lets you optimize different methods, such as marketing, communication, etc. 

Offline Mode

Suppose you are looking for healthcare CRM software that can work without an internet connection. In that case, Zendesk Sell is perfect for you. It means you can add, modify or delete records locally and later synchronize your activity when you are back online.

Sales Management

With a healthcare CRM like Zendesk Sell, you can enable the managers to track the sales process and analyze the productivity of every sales rep. Additionally, you also you can identify the different stages of a cell which takes considerably more time. After that, you can undertake the necessary steps to optimize your sales activity and speed up conversions.

#8 vCita

Using vCita as CRM for healthcare is ideal for smaller organizations seeking a complete business management solution. It is often the CRM choice for small businesses such as medical clinics and healthcare/wellness service providers.

However, the healthcare CRM is primarily suitable for FNB service providers, including fitness trainers, doctors, and educators. One of the significant advantages of using vCita CRM is its ability to integrate with other business tools. The advanced integrations streamline different aspects of your business, including:

  • Bookings
  • Appointments
  • Online payments
  • Marketing

You can also add cool and interactive widgets and coupon management features using vCita CRM for healthcare. In addition to that, you also get a marketing tool kit to boost your engagement with prospective clients and upsell your services.

Another nifty feature you get from vCita Is the ability to automate SMS reminders using customized triggers. You get an optimized healthcare CRM solution when you combine such capabilities with advanced task and team management features.

Of course, vCita offers excellent security features to keep your Health care record according to HIPAA standards. And like the other healthcare CRM software we discussed above, you also get native mobile apps on Android and iOS devices.

Below are some of the most compelling features of using vCita as your medical CRM.

Built-In Scheduling Menu

Using built-in reminders, alerts, or notifications enables you to reduce no-show cases in healthcare by 36%. Luckily for you, vCita CRM for healthcare comes with built-in scheduling meaning. Hence, it lets you streamline your healthcare communication.

You can also send appointment reminders to the patients via mail using advanced direct mail system apps like PostGrid. A communication channel like mail is the best way to ensure that patients do not miss their appointments. PostGrid allows you to schedule healthcare appointments and other communication for your organization.

Some of the healthcare communications you can schedule via PostGrid are

  • Appointment reminders
  • Monthly Billing Statements
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Renewal Declarations
  • And more

Advance Client Portal

vCita's CRM for healthcare comes with an advanced client portal. It allows the clients (or patients) to access specific aspects of your healthcare business using a secure website. Typically, client portal access involves access to documents, updating on progress, and even communicating with the service provider.

Secure Online Payment Support

As you know, security is a significant part of the S healthcare industry. It is not enough that you secure your health care communication. You also need to consider ensuring security for your online payments. With vCita CRM for healthcare, you can provide safe and secure payment support for your healthcare organization.

Contact Management

The healthcare CRM Enables you to find and store contact information for your healthcare organization. As a result, it is easy to find out the necessary details of a patient, such as their name, address, phone number, etc. In other words, they are contact-centric databases that allow you to track all information and communication activities with your patients.

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#9 Zengine by WizeHive

Engine CRM for healthcare offers a digital solution that helps healthcare organizations reach their goals. The CRM solution is ideal for mission-based organizations because it is highly configurable and HIPAA compliant. Hence, it is often used to tailor custom software solutions per healthcare organizations' needs and requirements.

One of the most compelling reasons to use Zengine CRM for healthcare is its grant management features. It allows you to manage benefits and grants for your patients in an efficient manner. It is worth remembering that Zengine is, first and foremost, a grant management platform.

Many nonprofits and wellness organizations use Zengine to improve their healthcare-related outcomes. And what do nonprofit organizations require from their healthcare CRM? They want the necessary tools to collect, track, and monitor data.

The healthcare CRM also doubles up as an active relationship management platform. What does it mean? It allows you to manage fellowships and internships of your healthcare organization efficiently. We understand this might not sound like something too urgent for a healthcare organization. 

But you might be surprised how many of our clients come to us seeking a better relationship management system for their organization. On top of it, the healthcare CRM is perfect for managing your communication with donors, applicants, students, and even volunteers.

In other words, the inbuilt CRM features of Zengine allow you to Communicate efficiently with them and ensure better quality healthcare services. It is also worth noting that this healthcare CRM is entirely web-based. Hence, it does not have any native mobile apps yet. So, if not having a mobile app is a dealbreaker for you, then Zengine is not the ideal choice.

The other features you can get from employee Zengine as your healthcare CRM include the following.

Email Automation

You don't need us to tell you how vital email automation is for your healthcare organization. As a healthcare organization, you are likely using email for sending everything from appointment reminders to lab reports. With Engine, you get easy access to email automation capability as the healthcare CRM comes with a built-in email automation feature.

Project Planning & Management

Organizations waste 1 to 12% of all their resources due to poor project management. The healthcare CRM from Zengine helps minimize resource wastage with its project planning features and capabilities. 

Saving resources also involves saving valuable time and ensuring that you meet your deadlines without fail. But how does a CRM solution help you save valuable time on your healthcare Projects? It lets you better manage your projects by splitting them into smaller modules and completing them on time. 

Customer Management

Almost 66% of customers expect companies to understand their requirements or needs. That applies to healthcare patients because they trust you with their health and believe that they will receive apt treatment. The efficient customer management features in Zengine CRM for healthcare help you provide accurate and timely healthcare services to your patients.

#10 Real Simple Systems CRM

Real Simple Systems CRM for healthcare behaves how you expect it to behave. It offers an easy-to-use CRM platform that seamlessly integrates various elements of your business into a single suite. The single suit from Real Simple Systems CRM combines the following aspects of your healthcare organization.

  • Customer support
  • Sales
  • Marketing

The healthcare CRM is so intuitive that all its features are easily accessible with just a few clicks. As soon as you start using Real Simple Systems CRM, you can understand why the name suits their CRM perfectly. In other words, you can start using the CRM solution immediately after buying their service.

Simply being HIPAA-compliant is a good enough reason for any healthcare organization or related institution to opt for this healthcare CRM solution. And like some of the other CRM solutions we discussed, it also offers robust customizability features. Hence, you can tailor this CRM solution according to your unique needs.

For instance, you can create custom fields and dashboards for your healthcare website. You can even customize how individual patients or customers view your pages on a personal level. Besides this, you also get a robust analytics feature that helps you make data-driven business decisions.

By saying robust analytics features, We don't mean just advanced insights. Because the healthcare CRM provides you with complete visualization of the data using charts and other diagrams. As a result, the system allows you to streamline your inter-department communications.

Real Simple Systems CRM also has a free version available for you, which can support up to 2 users. You even get a sales weighting and probability feature with this free version. So, if you want to check out the healthcare CRM, you can use the free version.

On the other hand, Real Simple Systems CRM is a purely web-based solution. Hence there are no native applications on mobile on iOS or Android platforms that you can use. However, the healthcare CRM supports numerous third-party integrations that can streamline your healthcare organization's marketing and communication efforts.

The other notable features you get with Real Simple Systems CRM are as follows.

Task Management

Task management is one of the best features you get from Real Simple Systems CRM for healthcare. Only 10.9% of managers practice for more than 70% of their task time. With advanced management capability, Real Simple Systems CRM allows you to enhance managers' productivity with better task management capability.


Real Simple Systems CRM has an inbuilt calendar. The calendar lets you plan different operations and processes for your health care organization. Furthermore, you can also use it for scheduling marketing and communication efforts from your side. Hence, the healthcare CRM can help you streamline processes like patient appointments, patient billing statements, etc.

Case Management

Another reason you should use Real Simple Systems CRM for healthcare is its case management feature. It allows you to target specific customers or patients with relevant healthcare services and products. As you can imagine, it drives better results and conversions and ensures optimal performance for your healthcare organization.


You can improve your sales forecasting by 32% using advanced CRM software like Real Simple Systems CRM. Better forecasting leads to better marketing plans and eventually better results. It is, therefore, apparent why you need to use healthcare CRM software with advanced sales forecasting ability.

Pipeline Management

Did you know that only 22% of business organizations are satisfied with their conversion rate? Poor pipeline management is a significant reason business organizations fail to achieve the desired conversion rate. Real Simple Systems CRM for healthcare gives you access to advanced pipeline management capabilities, which lets you efficiently manage your conversion pipeline.


There is numerous healthcare CRM software in the market that you can use to streamline your organization's healthcare services. Above, we saw some of the most promising CRM solutions that you could use.

Solutions like HubSpot may not provide you with a HIPAA-compliant CRM system. But, it offers greater flexibility and easy integration with HIPAA-compliant, automated solutions like PostGrid. Furthermore, HubSpot CRM for healthcare has every security measure you can get from a HIPAA-compliant provider.

On the other hand, you can also use HIPAA-compliant healthcare CRM like Salesforce Health Cloud CRM. However, you may not get the same flexibility for these solutions. You can get superior healthcare functionality for your organization without compromising the PHI data if you use HIPAA-compliant third-party integrations.

However, you can go further by implementing HIPAA-compliant address verification for your healthcare website. It allows you to ensure accurate data collection from your patients. Furthermore, you also get to access advanced capabilities like Address Autocomplete and geocoding to enhance your healthcare communication efforts.

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