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Top 10 Best EHR (Electonic Healthcare Records) Software Systems

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10 Best EHR Software Systems to Streamline Your Tasks and Improve Patient Care

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, let providers improve patient interactions and treatment processes. It helps them send direct mail, store patient data, and analyze medical care. 

Healthcare providers can choose the best EHR to automate their functions. This system assists them in completing everyday tasks, including

  • Patient correspondence. 
  • Billing. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Patient retention
  • Medical care. 
  • Compliance. 
  • Staffing. 
  • Care transition. 

Integrating EHRs with different tools can help you unlock more features. For instance, you can incorporate direct mailing, telehealth, laboratory management, and more. 

disruptive technology in healthcare and disruptors

But we understand choosing the best EHR software that suits your unique needs is challenging. It would help if you had a tailored solution that addresses your problems. Your EHR should also allow you to strengthen provider-patient relationships! 

This blog covers the best EHR systems to consider for your firm. It also discusses EHR features and workflows, helping you make the best choice. 

Let us dig in!

What Is an EHR Software System?

Homer Warner introduced computers to medicine in the mid-1950s! From diagnosis to data analysis, we can thank technology for better patient treatment and healthcare efficiency since then. 

EHRs are one such advancement to help providers improve care quality. With a market value of $28.1 billion, they let you focus less on completing admin tasks and extend your services to more patients.

The best EHR software helps you record, manage and share patient databases. They offer a structured platform to report patients' symptoms and create a medical action plan. 

But the top EHR software solutions perform more than record management. They help you manage front-office tasks and ensure patients receive top-notch care. 

The best EHR systems let you use several helpful features to fulfill this goal. They allow you to send medical documents to patients, check insurance eligibility, and create progress charts. These online solutions add value to your organization, helping you expand patient outcomes. 

But please note that EHR is different from EMR. Electronic Medical Records, or EMRs, are digital versions of healthcare charts. They focus on accurate diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. 

But most EMRs belong to single providers with no transferability. Their application and usage are local, restricting the benefits. 

The best EHR software can do much more than EMRs because they are transferable. EHR integrations work with a nationwide patient database. They let patients save their medical information and access it elsewhere when they move. 

How Does the EHR Software System Workflow Function?

EHRs aid the existing workflow of healthcare organizations. They align all activities and improve efficiency for all team members.

Below, we discuss how the best EHR systems affect different medical care teams or aspects.


Acquisition and patient intake are the starting point for providers. It forms the foundation of their business. When patients want to see a doctor, they register at the front office. They fill out their medical history, including present illness, billing details, and allergies.

The best EHR helps you get patients to your hospital, clinic, dental office, or other institution. It lets you get ahead of the competition by staying connected with your audience.

For instance, you can send direct mail postcards and letters to everyone around your organization. The best EHR systems let you launch local targeting campaigns using API integrations.

You may integrate our direct mail API into your EHR to automate mailings. It is as easy as sending emails because there is zero manual effort.

Direct mail is excellent for motivating patients to consult providers. It is personal and trustworthy, making people confident about your services. Integrating this channel into your top EHR software unlocks various opportunities. You can expand your patient base, educate target audiences, and improve your brand image.

Once you get patients, EHRs provide them access to a patient portal. They can log in and view their appointments, prescription, and more.

Front Office

The receptionist or admin executive can use the best EHR software to make patient appointments. Most EHRs offer centralized scheduling to simplify the task and save time.

This system checks the doctor's timings and allocates slots to patients. It considers various intake sources, like reception queries, calls, and online bookings.

But only some patients show up for their consultations. Thus, you can use your top EHR software to send appointment reminders via direct mail. PostGrid makes it swift and easy to find all the details and send mail to the relevant recipients.


Healthcare providers receive notifications about upcoming consultations. They use the best EHR systems to check patients' symptoms, demographic data, and history.


EHRs help providers send the prescription directly to the pharmacy. Patients can pick up their orders from the counter without waiting in a queue.

Finance Teams

The finance department uses the best EHR to create patient invoices. It also prepares other transactional documents, like receipts or insurance forms.

PostGrid helps finance teams print and ship invoices and other items to patients. Our API integrations assist them in placing orders in minutes. Team members can track mailers and view real-time reports using the dashboard.

Insurance Companies

The billing module creates error-free insurance claims. Your top EHR software offers a clearinghouse to format claims and ensure you receive your payments faster.

Direct mail API and EHR integrations help you-

  • Send claims to insurance companies.
  • Contact concerned people for quick processing.
  • Send payment-due letters to grab attention.

You can use the best EHR software to connect with stakeholders and ensure a steady stream of incoming revenue.


EHR integrations with labs help physicians receive patient data faster. They can get their patient's test reports before a consultation to make an accurate diagnosis.

Patients can also view the test results on the portal. The best EHR helps combine different records to make a mega database for every patient. It allows providers to use the information best for the patient's well-being and treatment.

Are the Best EHR Systems Interoperable?

The Government wants all EHR systems to become interoperable by 2024. It intends to enhance medical care quality and help align the sector nationwide.

Here, we come across the primary question- do EHR solutions offer interoperability?

Luckily, the answer is yes!

HIPAA requires all EHR transfers to stay confidential and protect patient safety. Hence, providers use Directed Exchange, an email-based system, to communicate with others. The senders and receivers should be authorized medical personnel only. 

The best EHR provides you with the DE feature for secure communications. It enables you to manage referrals, attach patient data, and share test reports. Providers can also use Health Information Exchange or HIE. It lets them perform patient lookups across several EHR systems and facilities. 

Your top EHR software returns accurate details. It helps you have complete knowledge before diagnosing a condition. It eliminates errors and provides data-driven clinical support. 

The best EHR software also uses record-matching algorithms. They compare demographic and medical data for all patients. But the formatting and layout differences can hurt the process. It is best to standardize the data to achieve accuracy. 

PostGrid's API integrations can help you verify and standardize patients' delivery addresses. Thus, you can store better-quality data in your EHR system. It also aids the data-matching process to find relevant records faster. 

Features to Look for When Choosing the Best EHR Software System

Along with storing patient data, EHRs put your patient databases at work! They ensure the records help you make clinical decisions, improve retention, and more.

To learn which EHR software is best, understand its modules. Every module is a category that homes various healthcare features.

Below are these modules and features to help you choose the best EHR solution.

Front Office Management

This module includes documentation, scheduling, tracking, and task assignment. It also considers patient feedback and online reputation to increase brand awareness.

  • Online scheduling- Patients can view the physician's calendar online and book an appointment. They can access peak times to reduce wait time. Also, they receive updates and notifications. The admin team can also use this feature to register patients who come to the counter or call them.
  • Patient interactions- Patients interact with the receptionist before they meet their healthcare provider. Hence, the best EHR softwares help make these communications positive and helpful. The EHR and direct mail integrations let your teams send timely mailers to patients. For instance, they can send no-show letters, test results, appointment details, and more.
  • Marketing Advertising your services helps people learn about and visit your organization. It also makes patients aware of their options and avail of the best medical services. The top EHR software lets you send personalized postcards to grab your audience's attention. You can use PostGrid to send Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) items to everyone living in a ZIP code or locality. It helps you launch successful offline marketing campaigns without wasting internal resources or time.
  • Clinical documentation- The best EHR software has tools to create guidelines and patient care plans to improve service quality. It also manages support order entry and healthcare documentation. EHRs do everything from preparing custom forms to ensuring compliance. You can use PostGrid alongside your EHRs to send medical documents to patients in a few easy steps. Our HIPAA-compliant solutions provide your mailings are secure and private.

Provider Support

EHRs help healthcare professionals optimize patient encounters. For example, if a patient consults them, the best EHR can help record crucial details and put them to use.

  • Patient charts- EHRs create flow charts to summarize patient records for physicians. It helps professionals learn the patient's allergies, lab results, vital signs, and billing details in one look. This feature improves care and efficiency. With mobile versions, the best EHR systems let physicians see all the details on their phones.
  • Custom templates- Providers can feed in all information from a patient consultation in an EHR system. Instead of typing, they can use the voice and handwriting recognition feature. Or they can create and fill out custom templates.
  • Creation of Reports- You can quickly prepare different documents within the best EHR solution.
    Some examples are medication, clinical notes, treatment plans, and post-discharge instructions. Also, print and ship these reports to patients using PostGrid's direct mail API. It lets patients store a physical copy for better reference.
  • Automatic notifications- EHRs can check patient encounters and notify related people. They help patients complete behavioral actions or preventive tests. The best EHR software also lets providers track patient progress and informs them if they need anything from the patients.
  • Prescription- EHR systems help forward medication orders to the pharmacy. They also analyze the dosage and point out drug warnings.
  • Public Health Reporting- EHRs are comprehensive and help you store patient data for state-level registries. It aids in handling population health and reporting immunization.
  • Data segregation- You can tag and categorize patient reports. The best EHR solutions help you only share required information with others to protect patient privacy. PostGrid's direct mail services also allow you to segregate your audiences based on their demographics. This feature lets you understand your patient base in-depth and offer better services.


The billing module helps your staff create and send invoices. It also assists them in handling claims and receiving payments.

  • Insurance processing- The top EHR software lets you prepare accurate claims and send them to the clearinghouse. And PostGrid helps you ship the final claims to the insurer to help them process the payments fast. EHR and direct mail integrations make contacting third parties a breeze.
  • Revenue analytics- You can check your revenue reports to see what is missing and how to improve. Some of the best EHR systems help you compare your financial performance with others.

Patient Experience

Improving your patient experience is critical to your firm's growth and reputation. This module ensures you focus on how patients feel after each encounter. Their feedback is crucial and can dictate how others see your brand.

  • Track symptoms- Patients can view recent visit information and check their symptoms.
  • Book appointments- The best EHR helps patients book consultations online. It also helps them learn the follow-up dates to make upcoming appointments. Integrating EHR with PostGrid ensures all patients get timely reminders. It reduces the churn rates and lets you keep patient treatments running.
  • Virtual visits- Patients can opt for a virtual consultation if they cannot visit their providers in person. The best EHR softwares uses telehealth to bring patients and medical professionals closer.
  • Medication refill- Patients can place pharmacy orders online using the self-service portal. The best EHR stores all the information to help them get what they need without feeding in the details.
  • Online payments- EHRs simplify the payment process for patients and providers. Patients can log into their accounts and pay for a visit or test online.

10 Best EHR Software Systems to Consider For Your Organization

You can look for the features that best suit your business in an EHR system. Though most solutions share common traits, it is best to learn about them in detail. We have highlighted the ten best EHR software for your reference:

Kareo Clinical

It is among the best EHR solutions because a group of healthcare professionals designed this software. Kareo Clinical addresses the problems all providers face and offers an affordable solution!

Its primary purpose was streamlining billing solutions for companies. But, it later evolved into an EHR system to automate all tasks and improve patient care!

Though Kareo Clinical is apt for small providers, it offers many features like

  • Claims submission
  • Coding
  • Revenue management
  • Payment processing
  • Patient interactions

It is among the best EHR systems that ensure you only pay for the features you need.

Kareo Clinical's cloud-based software is easy-to-use because you do not need any installations. You can log into your account with secure credentials and access the features.

This top EHR software offers a mobile-friendly patient portal to help patients view their appointments. Extending such services to people ensure patients visit you often and complete their treatment.

Patients get other benefits, like video conferencing, prescription details, and test results. Providers can register patients during their first visit and continue adding to their records.

All features within Kareo Clinical's best EHR solution are HIPAA-compliant. Thus, you can unlock and use all features without hesitation.

It is a user-friendly platform with no long-term contracts. You can use Kareo Clinical based on your needs and expand later.

Kareo Clinical is among the best EHR systems that help users get a reasonable quote. They consider their client's needs to create an affordable yet valuable package.


  1. Messaging: You can use Kareo Clinical to communicate with patients via text. Its messaging feature is simple to navigate and safe.
  2. Reporting dashboard: The dashboard shows users all the features for quick usage. You can also toggle between the functions based on your preferences.
  3. Third-party integrations: Users can integrate PostGrid with this top EHR software for direct mailing. Kareo Clinical offers easy software integrations to help you add additional features.
  4. No training: The deployment is prompt and straightforward! Thus, you can spend on something other than staff training or updates.


  1. Non-transparent pricing: Users must contact this best EHR software for a custom quote.
  2. No trial: You cannot get a demo without signing up for a program.

AdvancedMD EHR

This top EHR software offers comprehensive features with an easy-to-use interface. It provides multiple integration options and custom templates!

Use AdvancedMD EHR for lab, pharmacy management, patient intake, and more. It can also set up new templates if you need them.

The AdvanvedMD EHR solution is large! Hence, you may need a while to grasp all functions. But it also means the pricing is higher than most of the best EHR systems your firm could use.

Also, staff training is necessary to help members learn the different options and levels. The system charges a training fee based on how much direct assistance you require. It also offers webinars to cover more topics.

But this best EHR software has a per-encounter pricing plan. Though the solution is expensive, you can get it for economical prices if your usage is low! This feature results in some providers paying lesser than the flat subscription rates.


  1. Free updates: You may upgrade your templates and features without paying. The automatic updates do not cost anything. It means you can access more functions over time by paying low prices.
  2. Automated workflow: This best EHR system helps users handle everyday tasks. For example, your front office team can use AdvancedMD EHR for data entry and patient intake. They can also use it for reporting and patient monitoring. Its features focus on patient engagement and experience, making it worth the price.
  3. Innovation: AdvancedMD EHR always introduces innovative and fresh features. Thus, users can benefit from current trends before their competitors. Since this best EHR solution offers free upgrades, users can avail of the benefits effortlessly.
  4. Patient flow: You can use AdvancedMD's best EHR software to analyze your patient flow. It makes checking patient progress and tracking engagement easier.


  1. Time-consuming training: If you want your EHR system to work right away, AdvancedMD EHR is not for you. This solution requires teams to attend training sessions to learn the functions.
  2. Not mobile-friendly: Though it is the best EHR with helpful features, you cannot use it on your smartphone.
  3. Paid integrations: You may need to pay a fee to integrate with its third-party tools.


Cerner's best EHR software supports 50+ specialties. It is apt for all hospitals, labs, primary care centers, clinics, and other organizations!

Three accountants founded Cerner 40 years ago in Kansas City. It has been working well for healthcare providers ever since, making it one of the best EHR systems in the US.

It understands a medical professional's requirements and offers end-to-end solutions to tackle them.

Cerner offers several high-tech features, like ambulatory services. It is part of its self-service patient portal. Patients can access the platform to call an ambulance and register details.

Other features include clinical note creation and documentation. Cerner's best EHR helps providers automate preparing and sending of medical documents. You can integrate with PostGrid to manage print and mail activities in one place! PostGrid also lets users track sent items and download reports.

The auto text, voice recognition, and narrative aspects help you take quick notes. It can also record the patient's voice describing their symptoms and convert it to text.

The software allows users to store test reports, images, and other findings. Thus, they can access a detailed patient log during each visit to create treatment plans and evaluate progress.

This top EHR software helps you manage patient retention and revenue. It helps providers improve their functions and grow.


  1. Strategic advisory: Cerner helps providers understand what works. It analyzes all workflows to assist them in learning their performance. Scorecards and other features help rank your functions and create progress plans.
  2. Flexible: Cerner's best EHR software is flexible, helping users customize the functionalities. They can add or remove options to fit their requirements whenever needed.
  3. Accessible communication: This solution helps medical professionals interact with other organizations or providers. They can transfer clinical notes securely or discuss treatment plans online.
  4. 24 x 7 customer support: Cerner ranks at the top of our best EHR systems list for its excellent support team. Its eService portal is available 365 days a year, 24 x 7. It also offers other ways for users to contact them. Their team is supportive and prompt in solving client queries.


  1. Too many clicks: Users may need to click many buttons to finish a job. Since there are many levels, Cerner can be time-consuming to use.
  2. High learning curve: Cerner's best EHR has an intuitive platform and an impeccable training team. But users have a high learning curve that needs time and effort.

Carecloud Charts

It is among the best EHR software for mental health and physical conditions. Its easy-to-use, cloud-based platforms help organizations of all sizes align their tasks.

Carecloud Charts has many patient care and clinical reporting tools. It provides real-time patient data to help you stay updated and make accurate diagnoses. You can get all the information and unlock features via your dashboard.

It is the best EHR software with customizable templates for all users. They let you decide how the platform looks and the accessible features. Thus, your team members can use the same functions, helping you align all departments.

There is also a helpful portal to regulate patient intake. Patients can register themselves and schedule appointments. They can also download and fill out forms to save time at the clinic, hospital, or another facility.

Carecloud Charts' flexible charting features make it among the best EHR software in the US. This option allows you to make instant reports and summarize patient records. You can access the charts quickly and learn the details on their next visit.

These best EHR functionalities help you improve patient care plans and spread brand awareness. They also allow you to store accurate databases for marketing, retention, and other purposes.

One of the best features of this top EMR software is its pricing plan. Smaller teams that do not require extensive support can pay less. The prices depend on the training levels for EHR optimization.


  1. Patient experience management: Carecloud Charts is the best EHR for patient satisfaction. It lets you send feedback forms and remain proactive in solving their doubts. You can integrate PostGrid with your EHR to print and ship postcards to make them feel special. Or you may connect with them on their birthdays and anniversaries to remind them of you and strengthen bonds.
  2. Good value: The prices you pay for this top EHR software match the value it provides. Thus, you only spend on what you need.


  1. Technical assistance: Users must contact the technical support team for issues. The account representatives do not help clients with these problems.
  2. Confusing: Some users may need clarification initially because this best EHR solution has several features.


Allscripts' best EHR software helps healthcare organizations of all types and sizes. It lets them manage admin and financial tasks in an automated manner.

This cloud-based solution assists providers in handling patient care and improving efficiency. Its intuitive platform helps users onboard and use different functionalities.

The Allscripts platform is highly interoperable with many high-end features. You can use the DE feature with record-matching capabilities. These options let you speedily transfer files and communicate with patients and third parties.

This best EHR allows you to manage scheduling and treatment online. The data-driven decision-making system helps providers accurately diagnose a condition. They can also update their calendars and let patients book consultations through the portal.

The post-care notifications help patients know what to do next. For example, you can send post-discharge instructions to your patients via direct mail. Integrate PostGrid into your top EHR software to ship and monitor these mailers.

The notifications also help physicians understand the patient's progress. They can follow up with everyone, showing patients they care for their well-being after the treatment completes.

Allscripts' best EHR systems help you form patient flows to manage retention. For example, highlighting your services enables you to take prospects at the top of the funnel to the middle. Also, imagine patients find it puzzling to choose a provider. In that case, you can send personalized mail to make them confident about your brand.

The EHR helps you learn patient acquisition analytics and take rapid action. PostGrid's API integrations let you use this EHR function alongside direct mail for better results!


  1. Charts filtering: Allscripts offers the best EHR to help segment your medical charts. Thus, you can analyze allergies and drug interactions to create better treatment plans for different patients.
  2. Mobile check-ins: Patients can register on their mobile phones using this best EHR software solution. And providers can also access the details on their phones at the click of a button.
  3. Patient education: Users can send updates to patients to educate them on different subjects. PostGrid's API integrations with your best EHR software let you ship educational mailers. It helps stay in touch with patients and drive referrals.
  4. Intelligent outreach: Allscripts can check your revenue reports and patient base to create advanced analytics. They help you improve your performance and care quality.


  1. Impersonal experience: Allscripts is a large organization offering one of the best EHR systems in the country. Hence, you may need to connect with different teams for separate issues and inquiries.

iPatientCare EHR

It helps you customize your workflows, irrespective of your firm size and location. iPatientCare provides the best EHR software for organizations that want customer-centric and tailored solutions.

A group of physicians built this software for other healthcare providers. Their primary goal was to simplify medical care and improve productivity.

Your institution has two options when it comes to deploying iPatientCare EHR. You can opt for the on-premise solutions to connect with your local server. Or use the cloud-based platform, which is more effective and intuitive.

This best EHR solution helps users comply with HIPAA and other data security laws at all levels. Also, it offers various adapters to connect with pharmacies, registries, and labs.

iPatientCare's best EHR lets you integrate with different tools for practice management, direct mailing, revenue cycle management, and more For instance, PostGrid's direct mail API integrations help you automate mailings within the system.

This top EHR software also has several MIPS, eCQMs, and reporting certifications. It's Medicaid management capabilities help you simplify your tasks and save time!


  1. E-prescribing: Sending prescriptions to patients is a critical feature of EHRs. iPatientCare offers the best EHR, making this task easier and faster for all parties.
  2. Lab integrations: Users can incorporate various features and functions into their EHR. This tool ensures all integrations are hassle-free and prompt. You can also integrate PostGrid to send order receipts, documents, invoices, and other documents to recipients via mail.
  3. Different deployment choices: iPatientCare's best EHR helps various organizations use the software based on their needs. They can deploy it anyhow they want and avail of the same features!
  4. Simple interface: This top EHR software offers a clean interface to help new users understand all the functions. It is possible to get started without extensive training.


  1. Not apt for all specialties: iPatientCare might not be the best choice across all healthcare specialties.


It is among the best EHR systems for fully-mobile functionality. You can use the solution on any device, including iPads, iPhones, and Android phones.

ADSC EHR provides a phone application to help providers align their activities and improve medical care. They can view everything on their mobile screens, from patient appointments to test results. Users can also create charts and automate day-to-day tasks using this app.

The cross-platform functionality of this best EHR software allows users to improve their patient experience. It lets you use different templates, create patient reports online, and get notifications. The customizable template designs help you toggle between features and keep the ones you require more often.

This best EHR solution offers the Flow Text tool for handwriting and voice navigation. Providers can use this feature during patient consultations and record all crucial details.


  1. In-depth analytics: ADSC EHR is among the best EHR systems to provide detailed analytics. It helps you download reports and insights to improve your performance. This solution also lets you compare your company with others.
  2. Easy-to-use app: The mobile application is user-friendly, allowing all users to benefit from the features without training. Thus, organizations can save the onboarding cost and use the platform in a few easy steps.
  3. Voice-to-text: The AI voice-to-text feature is one of the best EHR functions for healthcare providers. This top EHR software helps users focus on the patient experience from the beginning and take them ahead of their treatment.


  1. Technical issues: You may face some problems, like glitches and slowdowns. The ADSC EHR can lag on mobile phones when you use it for various functions. Also, it can be puzzling to process large data volumes.


EpicCare is a cloud-based, modular software to help organizations with all specialties. It has several modules to let providers maintain high-quality care and patient experience.

This best EHR solution lets you scale your functions without compromising on quality. Our API docs can help you integrate your EHR with PostGrid to prepare and ship your mailers on time. It benefits you in many ways, including

Users can upload their artwork or use PostGrid's professionally-built templates. Thus, they can finish the design stage in minutes. Also, they can customize the mailers with their brand name, logo, tagline, and contact information. The best EHR software and PostGrid integration benefit users by letting them communicate with patients offline whenever required.

EpicCare is among the best EHR systems because it offers ambulatory and telehealth services. Patients can book ambulances using the online portal or call the hospital. The EHR simplifies ambulance allocation and management for all levels.


  1. Decision-support tools: EpicCare offers several clinical decision-making features for healthcare providers. For example, they can check the patient's medical history for prescription and treatment in seconds. These tools ensure patients receive the best quality care from the organization.
  2. E-visits: This top EHR software solution provides excellent telehealth solutions with high-resolution meetings. Patients can choose between offline and online consultations. The e-visit option allows them to select a time and date to meet with a doctor via video conferencing.
  3. Predictive analytics: Healthcare providers can access their performance data whenever needed. EpicCare helps them perform an in-depth analysis of the current medical trends. It is one of the best EHR systems that let you improve your policies and get more patients to visit you.


  1. Too many tabs: EpicCare provides the best EHR for medical professionals with many features. But its homepage has too many icons that can distract users.
  2. Training: This best EHR tool has multiple levels for users. Hence, your organization needs training and customer support to get started.


NextGen's best EHR software is ideal for small to medium organizations. But many large firms use it daily, including patient intake and monitoring.

Users can use this cloud-based tool to streamline manual tasks. They can help their staff members focus on improving the patient experience instead of completing time-consuming jobs.

You can use NextGen for online scheduling, telemedicine, and care transition tasks. Its top EHR software allows you to customize documentation forms and templates according to your needs.

PostGrid and EHR integrations can help you send your documents or other items to patients without manual inputs. Thus, you can save time, money, and effort. Also, PostGrid ensures that your mailers reach the correct people, avoiding data breaches!


  1. Intuitive templates: You can download and use different templates in a few clicks. NextGen helps users transform its platform into a user-friendly tool for daily use. Users can add or remove functions to use this best EHR software solution. Integrating with PostGrid can help you access more templates for sending direct mail to patients and motivating them to revisit you.
  2. Revenue management: NextGen's best EHR helps you access finance-related features for revenue management. For example, it provides a clearinghouse to process error-free claims and receive insurance payments faster. This software also enables you to prepare invoices, manage income, and create a budget.
  3. Transferability: NextGen lets users transfer test reports, patient databases, and billing details across departments and organizations. This transferability feature helps them improve patient care and boost their brand reputation!


  1. Glitches: You may face technical issues when using the software. NextGen offers one of the best EHR systems with an excellent support team. But it takes time to contact them and resolve the problems.


This best EHR system helps you manage all tasks, from marketing and staff training to patient tracking. Its comprehensive features let you perform all activities under one roof.

athenaClinicals helps you integrate with several third-party tools to expand your features. You can incorporate direct mailing and address verification using PostGrid's API integrations. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes.

This top EHR software tool is best for large-scale organizations because it offers various functionalities. It serves many specialties, helping you align all departments. athenaClinicals also lets you create a master database for all patients, allowing you to access crucial details in a few clicks.


  1. Claims scrubbing: Users can check eligibility and prepare accurate claims using athenaClinicals. Its best EHR makes claims scrubbing and submission a breeze.
  2. Demographic segmentation: You can integrate your EHR system with PostGrid to build segmented direct mailing lists. athenaClinicals help you categorize patients based on their demographic data and medical histories, helping you create better action plans.
  3. Staffing: Users can hire and train their staff members using athenaClinicals. This platform allows them to conduct meetings and send employee updates to improve efficiency.


  1. Learning curve: You may require extensive training initially to learn all the functions.

How Does Direct Mail Marketing in Healthcare Work?

Direct mail leaves behind all other marketing channels with a median ROI of 29%. It helps you personalize your communications and focus on patient satisfaction. 

The best EHR software can help you use patient databases to create tailored mailers. You can use PostGrid's detailed API docs to combine the EHR functions with direct mailing. 

This combination enables you to send marketing, compliance, and transactional items. It also improves your brand reputation with one-to-one patient interactions. 

Direct mail is better than other platforms because it is less intrusive. People can trust and rely on it to receive crucial information. And the top EHR software and PostGrid integrations let you send it through your existing system. There is no need for technical expertise or separate installation. 

PostGrid offers its direct mail API to several organizations, including

  • Nursing homes
  • Healthcare financers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Rehab centers
  • Ambulatory services 
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Integrating the best EHR with our solutions ensures you follow HIPAA and stay connected with patients. 

Here are the types of healthcare mailers you can send:

Walk-In Offers

Get more patients to walk into your facility by sending promotional mailers. You can provide a free consultation or a 10% discount for first-time visits. Use your top EHR software to combine patient information with direct mail. It is among the best ways to increase your patient base. And PostGrid assists you with every step, from design to distribution. 


You can send postcards or letters to new patients to book an appointment and highlight your services. Also, you may reach your existing patients to motivate them to complete their treatment. Most people want to visit you but need a reminder to book a consultation. A slight nudge using the best EHR and PostGrid integration can help save the day.

Thank-You Letters

Appreciating your patients makes them feel special and encourages them to revisit you. Automate your mailings with PostGrid's direct mail integrations to strengthen relationships. The best EHR software helps you avail of these features hassle-free!


You can send Explanation of Benefits (EOB), invoices, insurance forms, and more via PostGrid. Our secure direct mail automation services ensure your documents reach the patients on time. 

Expert Content

Sending direct mail within your top EHR software takes only a few minutes. But it helps you fulfill many goals, like establishing credibility and trustworthiness. 

Direct mail helps you provide patients with helpful content, like 

  • Lifestyle tips
  • Clinical research
  • Home remedies 
  • Healthcare myths, and more. 

Add them to your detailed letters or send small-sized postcards with a few pointers to make patients curious. 

Event Announcements

Spread awareness for your fairs, workshops, educational events, and seminars with direct mail. PostGrid's API integrations with your best EHR software let you set campaign dates in advance. Thus, you can reach the right people at the ideal time to maximize engagement. 

Patient Testimonials

Help prospects make an informed decision by sharing your patient stories. Integrate PostGrid with your top EHR software to send postcards with real-life experiences. It helps improve authenticity and get patients to trust you. 

Using PostGrid's Direct Mail Services to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Our turnkey solutions help you prepare and ship effective result-driving mailers. Incorporate our services into your best EHR software to get all the benefits of offline mailing in an automated way!

PostGrid offers a 2-business day SLA for quick mailings. It combines address verification, tracking, reporting, and security to streamline your efforts!

One of our healthcare clients describes their experience working with us as- “Convenient and Effortless.” 

Without extensive training, we help clients print and mail their medical documents and invoices. PostGrid's native and zero-code integrations with your top EHR software make the process fast and smooth!

Here is how PostGrid adds value to your activities:

  • Compliant PDN: Our print and delivery network processes your items in a secure environment. Combining your best EHR systems with PostGrid lets you ensure top-level confidentiality!
  • Secure logs: Secure your activity logs and data with our automated services. PostGrid complies with HIPAA, PIPEDA, SOC-2, and GDPR to help you interact with patients safely.
  • Accurate deliverability: You can send your mail items to the correct destinations by integrating the best EHR with PostGrid. We help you verify all mailing addresses to ensure a 99.99% deliverability rate. PostGrid also has other features to update your database, like autocomplete and fuzzy matching. 
  • Detailed analytics: Log into your account and view the detailed reports through your dashboard. It helps you check your campaign results and improve upcoming programs. 
  • Triggered mail: Grab profitable opportunities and send triggered direct mail to patients. It helps you respond to their actions at the correct time and motivate them to visit you. Our API solutions can make it possible without hassles with your top EHR software system. 
  • Variable fields: Add custom variables to your templates to tailor your mailpieces. We assist you in using variable data printing to personalize all communications. 
  • Template editor: Our PDF and HTML templates have a built-in editor. Create and customize your artwork with our integrations with your best EHR solution. 

Learn how PostGrid and your best EHR integrations can benefit your firm by signing up now!

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