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Top 15 Best Direct Mail Automation Software

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Top 15 Best Direct Mail Automation Software, Platform & Tool

Knock knock! The mailman has arrived at your doorstep with new mail. 

Don’t you feel the excitement? Everyone feels the excitement and anticipation of opening direct mail from their mailbox. It could be personalized postcards, targeted brochures, letters, or special offers.

Whatever it could be, physical mail is an excellent way of cutting through the noise and clutter of other marketing channels. Yet, it takes time and effort to create direct mail campaigns. For this reason, direct mail automation software can help you streamline creating and sending personalized mail.

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You can have great tools and features to play with your direct mail. It gives you the feeling of having your mailroom without paper cuts. 

Direct mail can give you an ROI of 112% higher than online marketing. So, whether you are a small business owner or a marketer looking to add direct mail to your multichannel campaigns, this blog would help you to reach the right customers. 

We understand that you could be tired of managing your physical mail alone. With direct mail automation, it becomes possible to save time and costs. You can eliminate the necessity for manual labor and decrease the risk of errors. It also helps them to avoid additional expenditure on printing and postage. 

This blog will help you find the top 15 best direct mail automation software. We also dig deep into the fundamentals of direct mail automation and how it disrupts US marketers. 

The Growth of Direct Mail in the US

The digital noise makes it hard for marketers to work with customers only through online efforts. A recent Forbes study says that digital marketing efforts are losing charm. With the influx of digital information, People are in confusion. 

Apart from this trend, marketers are also looking for means to integrate their marketing efforts. Direct mail has been an effective marketing tool for over a century now. Yet, digital communications are creating a significant setback for direct mail. 

Direct mail campaign execution requires much time and manual effort with traditional approaches. Yet, direct mail automation is changing the landscape of modern marketing in the US. 

Marketers are equipping themselves with an omnichannel strategy by combining digital and physical channels. They like to use various mediums to compete in a noisy market. Snail mail helps them to engage with consumers and drive revenue growth. It is estimated that the spending on direct mail marketing was around $43.3 billion in 2022

How is Direct Mail Resolving the Problem of Digital Communication? 

In the digitally dominated world, many marketers need to catch up with the influx of data. Direct mail automation can help you to create a seamless consumer experience around physical and digital touchpoints. With emerging direct mail technology, snail mail is becoming more personalizable, measurable, and connected. 

So what’s precisely direct mail automation? And how can it affect your business?

What is Direct Mail Automation?

Direct mail automation help businesses to create and send physical mail pieces such as letters, postcards, checks, and brochures using triggers and predefined rules. This way, you can reach your target audience at your desired scale. 

To give you a quick overview. Direct mail automation can help you in the following ways; 

  • Build stronger customer relationships.
  • Engage with prospects better.
  • Bypass the online clutter with email and other digital marketing mediums. 
  • Enhances the over ROI of a company. 
  • Help you to stand out from the competition. 

Automation makes sending physical mail to customers as simple as sending emails. Software as a Service (SaaS) providers can provide these automation tools for streamlining and simplifying your planning, development, designing, printing, and sending campaigns through USPS. 

With the old processes, businesses must manage entire mailrooms to process direct mail campaigns. You also had to invest in inventory, equipment, and labor to manage your procedures. Automating mailing gives you more control and flexibility over your direct mail campaigns. 

Yet, automation is eliminating the hassle of age-old mail campaigns. You automate manual processes and reduce the need for real estate and operational costs.

The Challenges of Traditional Direct Mail Marketing

Although, many marketers can still achieve a lot with traditional direct mail marketing in this digital age. There are still many challenges and difficulties that you will face with this approach. 

Instead of facing these challenges, many marketers are already pivoting toward digital marketing channels. What problems could you encounter with traditional direct mail marketing? 

The Problem of Costing 

Costing is the biggest challenge you can face with traditional direct mail marketing. It can take a significant investment in printing and postage. Both paper and transportation have become quite expensive over the past few decades. 

The cost could be significantly high if you are targeting a large audience. Moreover, creating personalized copy and design would be an additional expense. You can avoid such problems by using direct mail automation software. 

Limited Targeting Capabilities

Traditional direct mail marketing limits your capabilities to target a specific audience. Although, it is possible to segment your audience depending on their demographics like age and location. 

Targeting specific interests, preferences, and behaviors is still very challenging. 

Marketers often spend resources on uninterested recipients. Direct mail automation lets you combine your online data to help you learn about user choices and behaviors. 

Lower Response Rates 

Marketers often need help with lower response rates on traditional direct mail campaigns. If people don’t expect mail, they can shuffle the unwanted mail into the trashcan. 

It would only result in lower response rates and can hamper your campaigns. Mailing software helps you to target specific individuals with custom mailing lists. 

Slow Turnaround Times 

Traditional direct mail can take weeks to function. You must dedicate time to creating, printing, and sending campaigns to your prospects. It could create a challenge for your business if you are not using any digital channel for marketing. You can integrate digital data using direct mail programs to make your campaigns smoother. 

Difficult to Measure ROI 

It is much harder to measure ROI with traditional direct mail campaigns. Businesses can only have basic metrics like response rate with such an approach. You will find it very challenging to evaluate the overall impact of a campaign. For this reason, many marketers prefer using the best direct mail automation software. 

Latent Data 

It is common for obsolete or inaccurate recipient data to be included in traditional direct mail campaigns. It might create huge latency or wastage of resources. 

Why Do You Need Direct Mail Automation? 

Almost every enterprise from any sector can build direct mail campaigns to grow its customer base and increase brand awareness. Direct mail programs are helpful for small-medium-sized businesses and even international companies. 

Here’s how you can benefit from direct mail automation; 

Saving Enormous Amounts of Time 

Previously, companies had to manage in-house teams for sourcing, buying, and stocking inventory for direct mail campaigns. They must put immense effort into preparing letters, flyers, postcards, brochures, and other media. 

Next comes taking trips to the post office. You must wait in lines, deal with manual processes, challenging weather, etc. Every tiny process becomes a problem with traditional direct mail campaigns. 

Direct mail automation software can help you avoid these complications. You can save plenty of time and send tangible copies quickly. Improve efficiency with mailing software! 

Saves Resources 

Traditional direct mail needs you to invest in expensive equipment and a workforce to manage the mailroom. Direct mail automation allows processing campaigns with just a few clicks. There’s no need to worry about printing suppliers, inventory management, and mailers. 

Delivers Accuracy 

If you are looking for accuracy, manual direct mail management will result in errors. With seamless CRM integration, you can ensure higher accuracy using direct mail automation software. Start fetching addresses, batching labels, and bundling mailing lists.

By using segmentation, you can make your campaigns more personalized and effective. Reducing human errors and ensuring every piece reaches your recipient is possible. 

Reducing Manual Tasks 

Traditional mailrooms require tons of manual tasks to complete a direct mail campaign. It takes effort to plan, develop, and launch direct mail campaigns. You can replace the entire manual process with the help of direct mail automation software. Businesses can automate everything without having to deal with multiple vendors or logistics. 

Automate Any Process

Direct mail automation software can help you do more than automate your direct mail campaigns. You can automate any marketing process, from designing to printing a successful mail campaign. 

Get Critical Insights 

Automated direct mail marketing lets you get proper insights into your campaigns. You can achieve this by integrating QR, promo, or trackable links. It will give you insights into what customers are saying and how well your campaign effort are paying off. 

These were the benefits of direct mail automation; now, you must find the best ways to implement automation. 

Different Direct Mail Formats You Can Automate

Depending on your target audience, the goal and budget of your campaign will determine which format is the best. You must tailor messaging, adapt brand voice, and scale distribution for the best results. 

These are some of the most common direct mail automation formats: 

  • Letters: This format could help convey gratitude to your customers for purchasing or information regarding your products/services. A direct mail program will allow you to tailor the letter according to the customer’s buying habits. 
  • Flyers: You can reach your target audience to boost your leads with a cost-effective medium. They don’t need any envelopes or covers, so they are ideal marketing materials. 
  • Brochures: If you want a compact version of your branding message. Brochures are a great format because you can fold them in any dimension. Direct mail automation makes it another cost-effective form. 
  • Postcards: This format is great for leaving a personal impression on the recipient. You can customize the design and content to appeal to your target audience. 
  • Checks: Release payments to your clients and vendors with direct mail automation. You can rely on automated check printing and mailing services. 
  • Catalogs: Display your entire product lineup with a printed catalog. It is a convenient medium to show your offerings to the customers. 

Now that you know the best formats for direct mail automation, you must be curious about how to automate your campaigns. 

Automating Your First Direct Mail Campaign

Execution is the key to the success of the entire direct mail automation process. You have to interact with technology to hyper-personalize campaigns and get measurable ROI and campaign analytics. 

Here you can automate your direct mail campaign; 

Start Planning in Advance

You must consider every aspect of your direct mail campaign from the beginning. Marketers should proactively plan strategic direct mail touchpoints and decide the channel’s role in the campaign. 

Ideally, marketers send direct mail with offers or promotions through digital channels. This way, they can expect a higher response rate with more people showing interest. A direct mail platform can help you start an omnichannel marketing campaign. 

Define Triggers 

As a marketer, direct mail automation will let you trigger that will automatically send direct mail pieces. You can tweak this according to campaign plans and direct mail automation software. 

Data points like last login dates, last payment, abandoned carts, and expiration dates can work like triggers to ensure smooth communication via direct mail. You can align your snail mail directly to customer behaviors with direct mail automation. 

Discover and Personalization 

Customers now care more about the experience than just the product or service. Thus, you have to take proactive steps to provide personalization to your customers.

Marketers can merge personalization data to increase response and conversion rates. It leaves a more personal impact on the mind of your customers. 

Consider adding a powerful call-to-action, and you can encourage them to take some action. You must also make robust designs and copies to make your mail more appealing. 


Without visibility into the performance of your campaigns, you are blind. It would also hamper your capabilities to tweak and bring improvements to your mail pieces. 

You can ensure one-to-one tracking with the help of personalized URLs, QR codes, unique coupon codes, phone numbers, etc. This way, you can measure the success of your direct mail campaigns. It was a significant problem with traditional snail mail. 

Attribution Window 

It would help if you defined an attribution window after sending your direct mail pieces. Usually, it should be somewhere between three to six weeks. This window would ensure that your mail pieces are getting enough credits. Using mailing software will be much easier by following these steps. 

Apart from this process, you can follow some best practices to ensure your direct mail campaigns get the best results. As snail mail experts, we often suggest these tips to our clients for optimum results. 

Best Practices of Using Direct Mail Automation Software

Use Digital Marketing Data 

Social media platforms and email marketing can give you rich data points. This data point can help you learn how to use direct mail more effectively. Marketers can rely on these digital insights and analytics tools for improving customer acquisition and retention. 

Use Automation Tools for Maximizing ROI 

If you are looking for social media and email analytics, you can rely on a SaaS automation solution for better customer outreach. Automating address verification, personalization, and trigger-based direct mail can help you increase productivity and ROI.  

Track Data 

A direct mail automation solution would give you complete analytics to track your campaigns. You will be able to conduct split testing and measure ROI more effectively. The smooth tracking would enable you to eliminate all the drawbacks of traditional direct mail. 

What is the Future of Direct Mail Automation?

Despite the rapid growth of digital marketing platforms, direct mail will continue to exist with more innovative technologies. The future physical mail tools will integrate digital programs and tools to create, send, personalize, and track campaigns. 

More businesses will continue implementing omnichannel marketing in their campaigns to get better results. Direct mail and digital formats will create a more unified and seamless customer experience. 

Data analytics will also play a critical role in helping businesses to segment and target specific audiences. They can focus on their preferences, needs, and behavior while targeting people. 

Future direct mail campaigns will also include interactive elements such as augmented reality and QR codes to gather recipients’ attention. 

Let us help you to select the best direct mail automation software for your business. There are certain features and qualities that you should consider while hunting for the right solution. Direct mail automation will also appeal to the younger generation, who value physical interactions and trust. They can assure benefits such as cost savings, better ROI, and compliance assurance. 

The future of direct mail automation will consist of cross-functional teams and partners. Together, they could create and execute direct mail campaigns with higher consistency. You can see new formats, designs, and technologies that would help you to stand out from the competition. The recipients will also have higher expectations from direct mail since everyone else will push innovation in their campaigns. 

Intelligent businesses already use storytelling, humor, and sensory elements in their direct mail automation campaigns. It helps them to create an emotional connection with the recipients and improve brand loyalty and advocacy. 

Sustainability is another factor that businesses are considering to become carbon neutral. They are trying to use eco-friendly materials and practices to save the environment. 

How to Select the Best Direct Mail Automation Software?


Firstly, you want to refrain from investing in something that requires training hours. The direct mail automation software should be easy to use and intuitive. Your choice of solution shouldn’t need extensive technical skills. Thus, the software should provide effortless navigation and perform various tasks like designing, list management and scheduling campaigns. 

Personalization Capabilities 

Generic direct mail won’t work in the hyper-competitive world. It will help if you put specific efforts into personalization to leave a more personal touch. With this secret sauce, your campaigns will stand out more.

Ensure that your direct mail platform consists of robust personalization features. It would allow you to customize each mail according to the recipient’s preference and behavior. Find something that enables variable data printing, template editor, etc. 

Easier Segmentation and Targeting 

Your direct mail campaign will include effective targeting to maximize the impact of your efforts. Search for direct mail platforms that provide superior segmentation capabilities. 

It will help you segment your audience based on demographics, purchase habits, and engagement levels. Targeting these groups will help you reach the right people at the right time. 

Smoother Integration with CRM and Marketing Platforms 

You will always expect smooth integrations if you already use a CRM or marketing platform. Search for direct mail tools that easily integrate with your existing technology stacks. You can automate everything with a few clicks. 

Smoother integrations will synchronize your customer data and campaign coordination. It gives you a unified view of your customers from different channels. 

Tracking and Analytics 

Primitive technologies would stop you from getting performance metrics for your direct mail campaigns. The ideal direct mail automation software should provide comprehensive tracking and analytics features. 

Your marketing team must be able to learn about critical metrics such as ROI, response rates, and conversion rates. Using this data, you can make more informed decisions and optimizations for future campaigns. 

Printing and Fulfillment

Virtual meetings will not be the only way to conduct business. Direct mail is a physical and tactile medium of communication. Thus, always consider that direct mail automation software provides printing and fulfillment services. 

You will find some direct mail programs have partnerships with printing facilities. It can save you much time and effort in printing and mailing. Yet, you must evaluate their printing services’ reliability and quality before investing. 

Customer Support and Documentation

No matter how great a direct mail automation platform you use, you can always be stuck somewhere while managing your direct mail campaigns. 

The software provider must provide adequate customer support through email, chat, or phone. Apart from this, ensure you also get proper learning resources and documentation to implement the direct mail software into your business. It would help you to squeeze the most of the software’s features. 

Let us explore the best direct mail software that you should consider for your business. These are some of the most reliable options with high ratings on B2B platforms. 

Top 15 Best Direct Mail Automation Software

PostGrid Print & Mail API 

It is one of the most reliable direct mail programs with full automation capabilities. This solution is the perfect option if you are looking for a Swiss Army knife for your direct mail campaigns. 

With this platform, you never need to manage your mailroom. PostGrid can work as your virtual mailroom to get everything done, from marketing to communication. Your team can relax and let automation do the work. 

PostGrid’s direct mail software enables businesses to design, create, and print personalized direct mail. With our mailing lists, you can send them to the targeted audience and track the campaigns effectively. 

You can use our platform just like an email marketing tool. For example, you can automatically send a transactional direct mail whenever a prospect triggers something. Instead of using the traditional physical mail marketing approach, we use an intelligent method to save time, money, and resources. Ultimately, your business can enhance the ROI. 

Points that Make PostGrid a Better Choice than Others
  • Highly Targeted: Target a specific audience by focusing on custom mailing lists. Our direct mail automation platform lets you consider customer demographics and preferences. 
  • Cost-Effective: Our direct mail platform is highly flexible with changing needs of your business. You can get the best bang for your money by relying on the solution. 
  • Personalize Every Single Mailing Piece: You can personalize the design and content with our automated direct mail marketing platform. We also use variable data printing technology to let you customize individual mail pieces. 
  • Better for Mass Mailing: Do you want to start a bulk mail campaign for your business? PostGrid can give you the best discounts and a smooth mailing process for bulk mail orders. 
  • Good Brand Recognition: Launch a custom marketing campaign to build brand recognition. With our direct mail software, you can develop a positive image in your customers’ minds. 
  • Easier to Scale: You can send a few hundred pieces or even a thousand with our direct mail program. We are always ready to scale according to your demands. 
  • Build Mailing List: PostGrid lets you build custom mailing lists to make your campaigns super effective. 
  • Improved ROI: By merging our direct mail program with your digital marketing channels, you can improve your ROI from marketing efforts. 
Complete Automation and Tracking of Your Campaigns 

Suppose you are launching a marketing campaign from digital channels. Would you prefer to give some time and effort to start the same campaign via direct mail? 

Replicating the same campaign on a direct mail platform wastes time. PostGrid solves this problem by providing smooth integration capabilities to your existing marketing software. You can have omnichannel marketing with our direct mail automation API. Every campaign will work with smooth automation and give you comprehensive insights. 

Like triggered emails, you can send welcome, confirmation, thank you, birthday, anniversary, feedback, notices, etc. Everything is smooth and simple when you have PostGrid by your side. 

Do you want to learn about more features by PostGrid? 

Features that We Are Particularly Proud of

Create, Print, and Mail in a Few Clicks

You can customize your direct mail in various formats within a few clicks. We and our partners can print and mail your mail pieces within hours. PostGrid helps you eliminate all the tedious work and make your processes smoother. 

Delivery Tracking

We provide real-time reports on the exact locations of your mailers. You can track everything from the time of printing to the final delivery. 

Comprehensive Reports 

Never live in oblivion with PostGrid. Our direct mail automation software gives you instant reports on everything, including printing, processing, and mailing. 

Data Import/Export 

You can seamlessly import or export your data by integrating our platform into your CRM or enterprise system. PostGrid’s direct mail program can help you fetch all the customer data within seconds. Thanks to the power of our advanced technologies. 

Smooth Integrations with Systems 

You can easily integrate our mailing software into your CRM, CMS, enterprise system, or other tools. Ensure all your teams are on the same page to synchronize data within seconds. Smoother integration also helps in supporting complete automation. 

Event-Triggered Mailings 

You can send automatic mail by defining custom events. Trigger a mail by an event, special occasion, discount, anniversary, purchase, or more. Launching these mail will likely target people more interested in your business. 

Campaign Management 

We understand that a business can have multiple campaigns to work with. You can manage all your campaigns with complete control with our mailing software. From creating designs, printing, and distributing the mail, you can do almost everyone in a single place. 

The centralized dashboard also lets you track the location of each mail piece to avoid all the manual and tedious tasks. It helps you to save resources, decrease investments, and boost your sales. 

Template Design Management 

Our automation mailing software lets you create any form of direct mail. You can explore templates for letters, documents, invoices, notices, thank you, confirmation mail, etc. You can either choose from our vast library or upload your format. The inbuilt HTML template editor will do the job of working with templates. 

List Scrubbing 

You can compare your customers’ data lists with standard USPS addresses. Our address verification API helps you to remove all duplicates and incorrect information from your system. Save tons of money on returned or lost direct mail pieces. 

Tools Integration for Marketing Automation 

Save your teams from tons of repetitive tasks by equipping them with PostGrid mailing software. Automate your marketing efforts via integration with various tools like SalesForce, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, Zoho, GreenRope, Pipedrive, etc. 

Zapier Integration 

You can connect PostGrid automation mailing with over 1600 apps. Zapier integration lets you automate repetitive tasks without coding or programming.  

With PostGrid, you can save the following: 

  • Time 
  • Money 
  • Resources 
  • Efforts 

It is another great option for direct mail automation tool that you can consider. With, businesses can streamline and automate their direct mail marketing efforts. 

The platform will enable you to create and send personalized snail mail campaigns. You can also expect integration capabilities to integrate your CRM or marketing automation tools. It would help you to leverage existing customer data and workflows into your campaigns. 

Automation of sending physical mail, such as postcards, letters, and gifts, becomes a lot easier with Instead of relying on traditional direct mail methods, you can start your campaigns based on specific triggers or customer actions. 

You can also design and customize your direct mail pieces. Include personalized messages, images, and branding elements to make your mail more appealing. Businesses can combine the power of offline marketing with automation and personalization. It improves their overall marketing strategies and helps them gain detailed insights into their campaigns. 

Notable Features of 

  • Variable Data Printing: Individuals can have support for variable data printing with this mailing software. It will allow you to personalize each mail piece with recipient-specific information dynamically. 
  • Tracking and Analytics: You will have tracking and analytics to measure campaign performance. It would help you to learn about response rates, delivery confirmation, and ROI measurement. 
  • Personalization Options: This mailing software also provides good customization features. Users can personalize messages, images, and branding elements. 
  • CRM Integration: Users can integrate with their existing CRM systems for better workflow. This way, they can launch targeted direct mail campaigns. 
  • Design and Templates: You can also expect to work with an intuitive design interface and pre-designed templates. It would help you to create professional and visually appealing direct mail pieces. 

It is another direct mail program that enables businesses to engage with their customers by sending gifts, promotional products, and handwritten notes. However, it is a reliable platform, still needs to be a complete solution for direct mail needs. 

Individuals can track and manage their product sourcing and shipping processes via a single platform. You can expect noteworthy features like account-based marketing, customer management, demand generation, reporting, sales tracking, etc. Managers can use this mailing software to generate leads, streamline customer engagement operations, and track employee activities. 

Administrators can track customer details, configure workflows, and improve customer retention. 

Notable Features of 

  • Intelligent Analytics and Reporting: You can get a complete dashboard to track the ROI of your sending strategies. The mailing software lets you gain critical insights into your mailing campaigns. 
  • Financial Governance and Security: This mailing software lets Users control their budgets, approval workflows, and security settings. 
  • Worldwide Fulfillment and Inventory Management: Sendoso can manage everything in its worldwide fulfillment centers, including its inventory. 
  • Smooth Integrations: You can create and send direct mail from your existing workspace. This mailing software can integrate with CRM, sales engagement, eCommerce platforms, and marketing automation platforms. 


It is another direct mail automation marketing application suitable for sending personalized gift hampers to your team, clients, family, etc. You can use this platform to send out snack boxes as gifts to anyone. Companies can build and customize snack boxes for their prospects, customers, and employees. 

You can also integrate this mailing software with popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot. It makes it easier to manage campaigns and track results. Sending out a box of snacks could be a unique way to leave an impression on customers. It is an ideal mailing software for sending gifts to someone. 

Notable Features of SnackMagic 

  • International Delivery: Users can send gift hampers to anyone and anywhere. 
  • Customization Options: You can easily add a custom note, video message, postcard, or landing page to the gift hampers. 
  • Integration: It is possible to connect this mailing software with apps like Zapier and Mailchimp. 


If you are looking for another gifting platform, then ReachDesk could be a great choice. This direct mail automation software lets you send personalized gifts and direct mail to your prospects. You can explore various gifting options, including books, wine, food, and more. 

ReachDesk provides incredible personalization options with custom messaging, gift selection, and direct mail. You can ensure that each campaign feels unique and special to the recipient. Integration possibilities also give you peace of mind for easier ROI tracking.

Notable Features of ReachDesk 

  • Team & Budget Management: The mailing software enables you to manage budgets for gifting campaigns and manage team access. 
  • Hyper-Personalization: It is possible to create personalized and branded gifting items with this direct mail program. You can also launch custom direct mail to your customers, prospects, and employees. 
  • Real-Time Analytics & Reporting: Effectively measure the impact of your gifting campaigns with comprehensive reports. Keep an eye on opportunities and performance against peers, and evaluate ROI. 


It is an effective corporate gifting platform and mailing software that helps in B2B marketing and account-based marketing. With this platform, you can send personalized gifts to drive success for your direct mail campaigns. 

The AI-enabled platform redefines direct mail and swag management for businesses. They can take a hyper-personalized approach to drive more account engagement and pipeline. 

Notable Features of Alyce 

  • Gift Tracking & Notifications: The mailing software helps you monitor your gifts’ delivery status. You will receive email notifications throughout the gifting process. 
  • Calendar Integration: Integrate the direct mail program with your calendar. It would help you to keep an eye on the gifting status of the recipients. 
  • Video Landing Pages: It is possible to create personalized video messages for your recipient with direct mail automation. 


It is another automation mailing software suitable for creating and sending direct mail. Anyone from small to mid-size to large corporations can consider this solution. 

Retailers can use ContactPigeon as an omnichannel marketing automation platform to send the right message at the right time. They can deliver personalized and real-time marketing messages across different channels. 

Notable Features of ContactPigeon 

  • Omnichannel Chat: Users can rely on this chatbot to resolve customer issues and promote their products. The direct mail automation platform helps you to engage your audience with chat-derived automation and segments. 
  • Predictive Recommendation Engine: Users can easily generate dynamic product suggestions for cross or upselling. They can depend on customer interests and preferences. 
  • Data-Driven Audience Targeting: As a marketer, you can build and enhance customer profiles with campaign interactions, web behaviors, and eCommerce histories. 


It is a popular end-to-end swag management platform to help you design, create, store, and mail your materials. The mailing software provides a suite of online swag management tools and APIs. It is an ideal platform if you want something that helps in swag mailing. 

Businesses can rely on Printfection to drive more leads, reward customers, and engage employees. They can also create custom kits and integrate them with CRM and marketing tools. 

Notable Features of Printfection

  • Shipping and Fulfillment: The mailing platform allows you to ship your swag anywhere  worldwide. You will get competitive shipping pricing, customs paperwork, insurance, and more. 
  • Online Reporting Tools: You can get complete reports on spending, performance, and ROI with Printfection. 
  • Custom Kitting: Companies can create branded boxes with unique designs and filler options. They can also include multiple items in one kit to create a memorable swag experience. 


Businesses can use RevSend to send personalized and trackable direct mail to their prospects and customers. It is more of a gifting platform that can enhance your sales outreach strategy and improve your existing relationships. Your organization can send personal and meaningful gifts directly to your prospects. 

Notable Features of RevSend 
  • A/B Testing: Companies can test different versions of their direct mail campaigns to optimize results. You can improve your campaigns with this mailing software. 
  • Real-Time Tracking and Analytics: Monitor the delivery status of your direct mail campaigns with complete insights. 
  • CRM and Marketing Automation Integration: You can integrate this mailing software with tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, and more. 


Organizations prefer using Outgage for launching their gifting campaigns and managing marketing workflow. You can choose this mailing platform if you want effective engagement with your audience. It would help you to drive and increase your pipeline. 

Notable Features of Outgage 
  • Measurable Campaigns: Users can track everything in real-time, from shipping and delivery to engagement rates of their campaigns. 
  • Plan & Create: You can use their console to create personalized gifts that perfectly align with your message and budget.


It is an innovative mailing software that enables businesses to send personalized and trackable handwritten cards, postcards, or letters. The company provides direct mail automation, but it isn’t ideal for B2B marketing and communication situations. 

The platform works with the help of eco-friendly and handy technology to deliver mail. Users often use Cardly for sending cards on Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, thank you gestures, weddings, kids, newborns, and romantic occasions. 

Notable Features of Cardly 
  • Plenty of Handwriting Styles: You can choose from over 100 handwriting styles. The mailing software lets you upload your style to create authentic notes. 
  • Online Reporting Tools: This direct mail program allows Users to manage everything from contacts, orders, and campaigns. 
  • Automation: Your business can upload a list of contacts from your HR database or CRM to automate sending handwritten notes.  

A relationship-building platform for sending appreciation gestures to businesses. You can optimize your sales, marketing, customer success, and internal teams with Organizations can send appreciation to their prospects, customers, and employees. 

Notable Features of 

  • Curated Catalog: Users can choose from various gestures, including wine, coffee, gift cards, donations, and more. You can tailor your gestures according to your recipient’s interests and preferences.   
  • Personalized Messages: The mailing software lets you add custom messages and a video to your gesture. It makes your gesture more thoughtful and relevant. 
  • Seamless Delivery: Apart from direct mail, you can send your gesture via email or SMS in seconds. 
  • Compliance Adherence: You can define and manage compliance rules, budgets, and permissions. 


Businesses prefer this direct mail automation software for delivering hyper-personalized, well-timed, and trackable content. It helps them to sync their direct mail with their digital strategies. You can also cut through the clutter with personalization by including the company logo, website image, or recent communication.  

Notable Features of Enthusem 

  • Hyper-Personalization: The personalization elements of this direct mail automation software let you capture their attention and interest. 
  • Real-Time Tracking and Analytics: The mailing software enables you to monitor the status of direct mail. You can gather insights into your campaigns’ conversion rates and engagement levels. 
  • A/B Testing: You can test different versions of your direct mail campaigns. It would help you determine the best iteration for effective results. 
  • Product Sourcing and Samples: Users can choose from various direct mail options, such as letters, brochures, gift cards, and more. 


Businesses use this corporate gifting software to send gifts to clients and employees. You can choose from over 1000s of excellent hampers in the marketplace. Personalization and integration facilities are also available with this mailing software. They will help you with sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping your gifts. 


You can prefer this solution if you are looking for a cloud-based mailroom. Docusend enables you to send documents with real-time insights and control. 

Businesses use this mailing software for managing, tracking, and updating vital files with features like one-click NDAs, document analytics, eSignature, and data rooms. Startups, venture capital, media sales, and non-profit organizations prefer this direct mail automation software. You can also select different plans and pricing options based on your needs. 

Notable Features of DocuSend 

  • Electronic Singing: You can request and collect signatures on your documents electronically with this mailing software. 
  • Customizable Permissions: You can manage the access levels of individual documents. 
  • Multiple Integrations: DocuSend lets you integrate with various platforms such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Outlook, Gmail, and Dropbox. 
  • One-Click NDA: Simplify the process of getting non-disclosure agreements with this mailing software. 

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