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Best Color Envelope for Direct Mail

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Best Color Envelope for Direct Mail

The success of your direct mail campaigns depends on your open and read rates. Hence, marketers should use eye-catching and attractive envelopes that motivate recipients to open their mail.

Though the primary function of envelopes is to protect mail, they also help grab the viewer’s attention. So, you should employ the best direct mail envelope ideas and focus on your envelope design.

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But, what is the best color envelope for direct mail? Envelope colors play a huge role in their appearance. In fact, colors are always significant in impacting the psychology of customers. 

Bright colors can help get more attention, whereas dull colors can cause people to ignore something. 

A research study states that 92.6% of customers pay attention to colors while buying products. 

We have all seen a single car model manufactured in various colors. Or clothes being available with many color options. It is because colors are significant and change the look of everything. 

Similarly, envelopes with the right colors lead to higher direct mail open rates. In this blog, we will discuss what is the best color envelope for direct mail

Envelope Colors for Direct Mail Campaigns

All major companies in the world have distinct colors that make them unique and recognized. For example, Facebook’s logo is blue, Google’s logo is multi-colored, and Pepsi’s logo is blue and red.

The colors distinguish these brands from the others and create brand awareness. Also, most of these brands’ advertising artworks have the same colors as their logo.

Let us understand what every color stands for:


The color yellow indicates a lot of things like positivity, confidence, and optimism. It also highlights promptness, creativity, and fun.

McDonald’s has a yellow and red-colored logo. The yellow stands for the happiness spread by their delicious food. Also, it is easy to spot yellow in daylight, making it easy for people to locate their stores from far away.

Using yellow-colored envelopes helps you communicate a positive message. Most companies use them to promote their upcoming season sales or announce giveaways.

Yellow is a happy color that grabs a lot of attention and makes people want to read something.

However, avoid using a lot of yellow in your direct mail items as it can get a little tiresome to the eyes.


Orange is a combination of red and yellow and is, therefore, another show-stopper. It stands for adventure, enthusiasm, energy, and success.

But, orange can be an aggressive color, so marketers should use it proportionately.

Nickelodeon, Fanta, and MasterCard are some brands that have orange logos. All these logos are world-famous and do quite well.

While using orange in your mail items, also use other aggressive colors like red around it. This combination maintains a visual balance and makes your envelopes attention-grabbing.

The orange envelope meaning in direct mail is offering useful products and services to a relevant audience. It helps tell the recipients that the letter within has a good deal for them.


Red creates excitement and warmth in people. It is also a color of danger and anger, but it can perform great in marketing.

An excellent proof of red’s success is the brands Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Puma. Customers around the world recognize these brands by the color red.

This color grabs the reader’s attention instantly and encourages them to act fast. Hence, most marketers use it while advertising clearance sales or limited-time offers.

Red also emphasizes passion and movement. Generally speaking, red-colored envelopes are pleasing and compel recipients to open them.


Generally speaking, green stands for nature. You can see this color in abundance in anything related to the environment. It is why most NGOs focused on ‘go green’ campaigns use the color green.

But, green also indicates generosity, health, growth, and power. Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, and Spotify are some famous brands that use green color for marketing.

Using colored mailing envelopes helps you get the immediate attention of your recipients. Also, as green is a bright and relaxing color, it can help you get more engagement.


Undoubtedly, pink is a feminine color and promotes products and services targeting females. It is a color of romance, beauty, and love. Also, it indicates assertiveness, support, and respect.

Barbie, Instagram, and several other brands use the color pink in their logos. Barbie uses pink for feminism, and Instagram uses it to extend its support towards a diverse community.

Pink is an attractive and sophisticated color. Envelopes containing the color pink are more likely to be saved by recipients. Hence, it is the best envelope color for direct mail.


Purple-colored envelopes represent respect, fantasy, and luxury. Hence, brands selling beauty products, chocolates, dry fruits, flowers, etc., use purple in their marketing artworks. Cadbury and Hallmark are among some top brands that use this color.

This color can make people feel special and allow them to solve their problems.

Purple is an excellent envelope color for brands that sell high-ticket luxury products. The moment someone sees a purple envelope in their mailbox, they know it’s related to something extravagant.


The color blue is associated with calmness and safety. Blue envelope meanings also include reliability and trustworthiness.

A lot of people state blue as their favorite color, especially men. Thus, all the male boutiques, male grooming product sellers, and salons use this color for advertising their brand.

But, it doesn’t stop on men. If you use it with other colors, you can get a beautiful blend that can work well for other brands.

Blue-colored envelopes are perfect for occasions, like announcing new product launches or discount sales.


Black is one of the most powerful colors, but what does a black envelope mean?

Often, black represents dominance, sophistication, and control. But, it is quickly associated with evil by most people, so be careful with your messaging.

We have often seen black in advertisements by luxury brands like Apple and Chanel.

Use black-colored envelopes to create suspense and mystery and lure people towards opening them up.

Most marketers mix black with lighter colors to create pleasing visuals that can impress your target audience.


White is a peaceful, pure, and innocent color. Mostly, medical-related institutions use this color to promote their brands.

Though white is not always considered a color, it is excellent in evoking emotions among people.

You can use white-colored envelopes for fundraising letters to show that you want to do something good for the world.

Similarly, you can use these envelopes to win over the trust of your audience and invite them to connect with you.


Several companies use brown envelopes for various correspondences. It is a professional color that represents security, comfort, and elegance.

If you want to send out general marketing postcards or letters, brown-colored envelopes are always your best choice.


Unlike the color brown, grey is rarely used in advertising materials. It stands for balance and neutrality.

Marketers can use grey-colored envelopes along with black and white to create pleasing visual effects. Furthermore, you can add some headings on the top of the envelope to complete the look. These headings can also encourage people to open the envelope.

Tips to Choose the Best Color Envelope for Direct Mail

Test All the Colors On Your Mind

Give priority to the colors in your logo. All global brands like Tesla, Nike, Zara, and others use their logo colors to design their marketing artworks.

You can also use other colors if they are relevant to your message. The only way to select the right combination of colors is to test them all.

Split your audience into smaller segments and send different colored envelopes to each. This way, you can record which combination gets the most number of responses.

Pair Colors With an Attractive Envelope Design

The colors that you use in your mail design are not enough to attract your audience. Marketers should also focus on the exterior of their mail.

Choose the perfect layout and design for your envelopes. Also, your envelope colors and design should align with the letter inside.

Incorporate Enough White Space

Use colors that complement one another. Make sure that they aren’t too crowded.

Envelope Styles and Sizes

Marketers commonly use the #10 envelopes. But, you can select other sizes that go well with your letter.

Oversized envelopes always have one of the best response rates. However, they are expensive. So, consider your budget before deciding on anything.

Apart from the envelope size, there are several more things that matter a lot. Choose high-quality paper that makes your envelopes a professional touch. You can also use windowed envelopes to give a gist of the letter to your audience.

As discussed earlier, you can add some headings on the top of the envelope to make people open it. Use a personalized teaser copy that is intriguing and proactive.

Another thing to consider is the envelope seal. Opening an envelope should be a quick, easy, and satisfying process. You can either use self-seal flaps, gummed flaps, or peel-and-seal flaps.


Different people perceive different colors in different ways. But, that doesn’t mean you should underestimate the power colors hold. They also have the upper hand while creating an impact.

While sending direct mail items, marketers focus on everything from the copy to design. But, envelopes are often overlooked, let alone deciding their color. Yet, envelopes can be your game changer. They can help you increase open rates and drive more responses.

So, select your envelope colors and designs carefully. PostGrid can help you print customized envelopes to support your direct mailing campaigns. It can also help you design, print, and send your mail items.

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