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B2C Marketing Automation: Why Do You Need It And How To Implement It Effectively?

Every marketing message you send for your business using an automated solution is a B2C marketing automation effort. B2C companies can target these marketing messages to individual customers or as a group. 

You need two things to make your automated B2C marketing message work. First, you need advanced personalization because a generic message wastes time.

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Besides personalization, effective B2C marketing automation also requires data-based decision-making to ensure success. The goal of using marketing automation for your business must be to appeal to your target audience in the most effective way possible. It is precisely why personalization and data-driven decisions are essential for the success of your marketing efforts.

The premise of marketing automation remains the same for B2B and B2C companies. The only distinctive difference that matters is that B2C advertising automation is explicitly for retail or B2C companies.

What Does B2C Marketing Automation Mean?

Using an automated tool to run efficient campaigns is known as B2C marketing automation. Your marketing campaigns will be more effective and efficient if you minimize challenging manual tasks.

There are many similarities between B2B and B2C marketing automation methods. It is tough for people to differentiate between B2B and B2C marketing strategies. But you must remember that the mode of operation and type of audience for B2B and B2C businesses are distinctively different.

Mass-Oriented vs. Highly-Personalized 

Generalized marketing efforts are typical of B2B marketing. The marketing message and content B2B companies use to educate their audience and nurture leads. In B2C marketing automation, the focus is on targeting prospects with relevant and highly-personalized marketing content or messages.

Business-to-business companies have many stakeholders, and they are all involved in the purchase process. You must use a marketing message that all stakeholders will likely find appealing. In B2C marketing automation, you typically target individual customers, which is why your marketing message requires high personalization.

Educating Content vs. Custom Recommendations

The B2B and B2C marketing automation tools can help businesses implement marketing campaigns involving educating content. Although both B2B and B2C companies use educating content, it is more popular and influential in B2B.

B2C businesses typically focus on creating more personalized marketing campaigns and optimizing the customer journey for individuals. Fortunately, you can use B2C marketing automation tools to execute highly-personalized marketing campaigns efficiently.

For example, PostGrid offers direct mail automation software that helps you send personalized marketing materials to your customers. Our APIs help bridge offline B2C marketing automation with offline direct mail capabilities, such as triggered and scheduled mailing, to optimize your marketing efforts.

Besides, you also get access to bulk mailing capabilities that let you send personalized marketing messages to thousands of customers. The Print & Mail API from PostGrid enhances your campaign, while our free template gallery helps you run campaigns efficiently. 

What Are The Most Significant Benefits Of B2C Marketing Automation?

Automation has a long list of benefits; we can only mention a handful here. However, we can tell some of the most significant benefits of B2C marketing automation that can help your beans grow and prosper.

Stay On Top Of The Customer's Mind

Repeated exposure to your brand and its marketing efforts is an excellent way to stay on top of your prospect's mind. Unfortunately, spamming the prospective customer with back-to-back marketing messages can become counterproductive. You can use B2C marketing automation software to create a balanced marketing campaign without spamming your prospects.

For example, you can schedule your marketing mailers using PostGrid and send them at specific periods. It allows you to maintain necessary gaps between communication to ensure that you don't spam your prospects. A B2C marketing automation tool can help ensure the punctuality of your campaigns.

Send Personalized And Targeted Marketing Messages

Personalization is one of the most significant challenges every B2C company faces. If your audience grows, it will be harder for you to personalize your marketing materials. Manually personalizing your marketing messages is not practical. With the help of B2C marketing automation tools, you can change everything. You can even use automation in your offline marketing efforts, such as direct mail.

Advanced automation tools can also help you simplify the targeting of your campaigns. Additionally, the B2C marketing automation platforms eliminate the need for manually tracking users. Create personalized marketing content for your online and offline campaigns using a template. Besides, you also get some nifty targeting features to help you better market your business.

Increase Your Marketing Efficiency

Another reason or benefit of using  B2C marketing automation software is its ability to boost your marketing efficiency. Automation takes care of your various business operations. In most cases, it does a better job than your manual operations. As a result, your marketing team can save much of their time and minimize their efforts in implementing successful marketing campaigns.

Take direct mail marketing, for example. Even a simple task like putting the marketing material inside an envelope can take hours or even days. Apart from taking up your time, it also consumes your vital resources and takes your attention away from the more essential aspects of your business. You can solve all these problems in a single go by using B2C marketing automation tools for your business.

Minimize Human Or Manual Errors

It is also worth noting that automation minimizes manual errors in your marketing campaigns. As a result, you can further enhance the efficiency of your campaigns using a B2C marketing automation solution. For example, PostGrid's direct mail automation API ensures maximum deliverability of your direct mail. It saves money by eliminating mailers that never reach the target audience.

Our direct mail automation software is the best example of how automation can do wonders for your marketing efforts. Copying addresses from your database to direct mail is often prone to errors. You can eliminate the chance of such an error using B2C marketing automation software for your business. It saves you money on ink, paper, and postage for your direct mail campaigns.

Close Or Minimize The Gaps In Marketing Analysis

Advanced analytics is another significant advantage of using B2C marketing automation software for your business. It enables companies to understand their audience better and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. As a result, you can formulate more effective marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

That's not all. Accessing the vital data or information you need for a detailed analysis of your marketing campaign is also easier with B2C marketing automation. PostGrid offers a minimalistic and intuitive dashboard from which you can access all the details of your direct mail marketing campaigns. Similarly, you can use various automation tools for your marketing campaigns.

Tracking User Data For Better Personalization

Business organizations can better implement personalization in their marketing campaigns by tracking user data. And there is no better or more efficient way to track user data than by using a B2C marketing automation solution. It lets you access advanced user data, including past purchases and user behavior, to suggest your customers' most relevant products and services.

Thanks to B2C marketing automation and advanced strategies like omnichannel marketing, you can even use offline channels to track user data. For example, you can use a QR code in your direct mail to navigate the customer to your website or landing page. You can use your pre-existing analytics tools to assess user behavior and obtain valuable user data.

Provide A More Memorable User Experience

An underappreciated benefit of B2C marketing automation is its ability to streamline the customer's journey. Automation can affect the customer's complete journey through the conversion funnel right from the moment they receive your personalized marketing message. Simply personalizing your marketing message with the right product or service suggestion can enhance the user experience.

Customized content is the number one way to delight your customers, prospects, and leads. But how you deliver this content also plays a crucial role in deciding the fate of your marketing campaign. The right B2C marketing automation tools and strategies can help you achieve this. The key to making this work is to mix up your marketing approach where you use online and offline communication channels.

For instance, direct mail has a much higher direct mail response rate than most digital marketing channels. With a response rate as high as 9%, direct mail is an excellent initial touch point for your campaigns. You can use a QR code in the mailer and relevant B2C marketing automation tools to navigate the audience to your website. That way, you can boost convenience and provide a memorable user experience.

5 Best Ways To Use B2C Marketing Automation For Your Business

B2C marketing automation allows you to target a diverse audience. There are some specific scenarios or places where it is ideal to use marketing automation for your B2C business. Here are the five most effective marketing automation methods for your B2C or retail industry.

#1 Welcome Letters Or Messages

One of the best ways to use B2C marketing automation for your business is to send a welcome message to your customers. Sending a welcome message is crucial to get on the right path with your new customer and establishing a long-term relationship. Ideally, you should send your customers physical mail as a welcome letter instead of a text or email.

A personalized welcome letter via mail looks more personal and can emotionally impact the recipients. Thanks to B2C marketing automation tools, personalizing your welcome letters and sending them to your audience is just as easy as sending emails. Additionally, most people are excited to open their mail, which is only sometimes the case in text or email messages.

On the other hand, direct mail is slightly more expensive than email. But not by much. Even if you want to avoid using physical letters for welcoming a new customer, you must at least send a digital note. Whether you use physical or digital mail, you can still use B2C marketing automation software to optimize your operations.

#2 Encourage Customers To Provide Ratings And Reviews

There is only one thing worse than having negative ratings and reviews: no ratings and reviews. If you think about it, you can even use negative reviews to your advantage. You can show that you care about your customers by addressing negative reviews. It would be best if you used B2C marketing automation tools to generate more ratings and reviews for your brand.

Your goal should always be to generate positive reviews for your products and services. Moreover, your marketing efforts can only help you so much. Ultimately, you need a quality product/service that deserves positive reviews. But that's a different topic altogether. The B2C marketing automation tools can help you gather positive ratings and reviews if you offer a robust product.

For example, you can send a direct mail postcard to customers using a B2C marketing automation tool. Our direct mail tool even offers a template gallery and editor that lets you design unique postcards. You can include a QR code in the postcards that leads directly to the review page. Moreover, you can encourage the customers to provide reviews by adding a discount coupon.

#3 Minimize Cart Abandonment 

Using the B2C marketing automation tools can also help you minimize the cart abandonment rate for eCommerce websites. Sending an abandoned cart email is a non-negotiable for a B2C eCommerce business. But you can choose different and more effective methods for shipping your cart abandonment message. 

For example, you can use direct mail postcards, text, or even WhatsApp messages to convey the cart abandonment message to your customers. Cart abandonment messages are triggered notes or reminders that you can automatically send to your customers. An advanced B2C marketing automation tool detects incomplete checkouts as the triggering action and automatically sends the message.

It typically involves using a message template to create personalized material and sending it to customers when they fail to checkout. PostGrid's direct mail solution supports triggered mailing capability, which allows you to send cart abandonment messages efficiently. You can use similar B2C marketing automation tools for sending cart abandonment messages across different communication channels.

#4 Present Personalized Offers

One of the most common reasons business organizations opt to use B2C marketing automation software is its personalization capability. You could have hundreds or even thousands of target audiences, and the automated solution can still personalize your marketing messages. It also lets you gather valuable customer insights and provide relevant offers.

Personalized marketing campaigns always yield better results than traditional or non-personalized marketing campaigns. As a result, B2C marketing automation tools help boost engagements and generate sales for your business. It would help if you hardly had any more reason to implement advanced automation for your business. 

Personalized direct mail postcards are an excellent example of how you can send tailored offers to the audience using a B2C marketing automation tool. Our direct mail API allows businesses to impact the audience receiving personalized postcards. It enables your brand to stand out and capture the audience's attention without fail.

#5 Cultivate A Loyal Customer Base

Did you know that 59% of brand-loyal consumers in the US stay loyal to the brand for life? Your B2C business will more likely benefit from loyal customers than new ones. More importantly, it is significantly easier to convert an existing customer than a new one because they already trust your brand. With a B2C marketing automation tool, this conversion becomes even more accessible.

Although converting your old customers is relatively easier than converting new leads, it is by no means effortless. Even with B2C marketing automation, you need to have a solid marketing plan for your efforts to bring in the desired results. Cross-selling and upselling strategies can work well for your existing customers.

But before you can try selling more products, you must establish a better relationship with your customers. To do this, you must show that your brand cares for its customers. You can send personalized birthday cards, thank you letters, Etc. It is relatively easy to accomplish this with B2C marketing automation tools, especially if they have a scheduled or triggered response feature.

Top 10 B2C Marketing Automation Tools To Consider For Your Business

Several B2C marketing automation tools help business organizations run optimized marketing campaigns. Each of these tools may serve a different purpose and offer additional functionalities for your business. Here is a list of the ten best marketing automation tools for your B2C business.

#1 PostGrid For Direct Mail Automation

If you want to use an offline marketing campaign for your business with advanced automation capability, PostGrid is your answer. It allows you to design, print, and mail personalized marketing mailers for your business. A free template gallery is also one of the benefits of using PostGrid's direct mail B2C marketing automation tool. 

PostGrid's advanced direct mail API can integrate seamlessly with your website and CRM solution. It allows our automated solution to personalize your marketing mail material with accurate customer details. Moreover, the advanced B2C marketing automation tool can work seamlessly with your other integrations and execute omnichannel marketing campaigns.  

Here are some of PostGrid's most important B2C direct mail marketing automation features.

  • CRM-based personalization
  • Bulk mailing (sent via CSV file)
  • Template gallery
  • Mailings history
  • Standard mail tracking

#2 Zapier For General Automation

It is one of the best B2C marketing automation software for the general automation of your business website. The function of Zapier resembles that of a bridge that comprehensively connects different online tools. For instance, you can use the Zapier integration for PostGrid's API to quickly implement its capability on numerous mobile apps.

Similarly, Zapier can help you with all sorts of integrations for your business website or mobile application. The B2C marketing automation tool supports more than 3000 integrations. Zapier can make it happen if your business needs any online integration. The best part is that Zapier requires zero coding because you can create a Zapier account.

The best features of Zapier's B2C marketing automation tool include the following.

  • It acts as a bridge between integration, websites, and mobile apps.
  • It supports over 3,000 integrations, including Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, Etc.
  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • Zero coding integrations

#3 Drip For Email and SMS Marketing

One of the best B2C marketing automation platforms for your email and SMS marketing is Drip. It comes with a lot of attractive features, including off-the-shelf customer journeys. However, Drip's automation solution has a slight inclination towards eCommerce. It offers specialized integrations for leading eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify.

You can use Drip for sending SMS or text messages for abandoned carts or products. Drip offers very competitive pricing and a 14-day free trial to its customers. Moreover, Drip's interface is much more intuitive than its competitors, and the users make it easy to implement B2C marketing automation for your business.

The most attractive features you get with Drip's B2C marketing automation tool are as follows.

  • Competitive pricing with a 14-day free trial.
  • Ideal for eCommerce websites.
  • Email and live chat support. 
  • Send unlimited emails (10,000 contacts).
  • Send 200 SMS messages.

#4 SocialPilot For Social Media Marketing

B2C companies can use SocialPilot for cloud-based social media marketing. It allows you to manage your social media campaigns, including scheduling and publishing social media posts. And the best part is that the B2C marketing automation tool supports 75 social networks, including all major ones like Facebook and even TikTok.

SocialPilot lets you get customer feedback about your company and respond to comments. Another benefit of using this B2C marketing automation tool is its advanced analytics features. You can use it to find what type of content or posts generate the most engagements or responses from your target audience.

Some of the most attractive features of SocialPilot's B2C marketing automation tool include the following.

  • Manage all your posts across 75 different social networks.
  • Schedule and publish your social media posts.
  • Competitive pricing with a 14-day free trial.
  • Off-the-shelf content curation.

#5 ActiveCampaign For CRM, Email, And Support

If you are looking for an all-rounder B2C marketing automation tool, ActiveCampaign could be your answer. It can take care of various aspects of your business, including CRM, email, SMS, Facebook integration, Etc. With ActiveCampaign, you don't need any third-party applications for these added capabilities. 

One of the most popular offerings of ActiveCampaign is its sequence builder for visual automation. B2C businesses can use the sequence builder to map their customer's journey toward conversion. You can even plot when and where you want to use various channels like SMS and Email along the journey. As a result, the B2C marketing automation software helps you streamline your customer journey.

Listed below are the most significant features of Active Campaign's B2C marketing automation software.

  • Centrally manage CRM, email, SMS, and more without using a third-party app.
  • Create an effective sequence builder for visual automation.
  • It comes with a 14-day free trial.
  • It requires fewer third-party integrations because of built-in capabilities.
  • It offers a free and sophisticated onboarding experience.

#6 ConvertKit For Email Marketing

The B2C marketing automation software from ConvertKit is ideal for your business if you want a dedicated tool for email marketing. ConvertKit is better suited for smaller B2C companies new to marketing automation. It offers an intuitive user interface and effectively lets you manage your landing pages and lead magnet forms.

One thing to note about ConvertKit's B2C marketing automation software is that it requires you to program the automation individually. It needs the mapping visualization you can find in more advanced automated solutions. Moreover, ConvertKit only has a few design options for your business email marketing, and you can only use one email list.

Here are some of the most enticing features of ConvertKit B2C marketing automation software solution.

  • It offers a highly intuitive automated solution
  • The tool includes native integrations for Shopify and WordPress
  • Offers a free plan that permits up to 1,000 subscribers
  • It provides live chat and email support

#7 Omnisend For Email, SMS, And Web Push 

Omnisend is one of the B2C marketing automation tools that can seamlessly integrate with all major eCommerce platforms. It has several tools, including website pop-ups, SMS, and more. The device even lets you align your audiences with your social media ads. One aspect that distinguishes Omnisend from other platforms is its gamification capabilities. 

B2C businesses often use their Wheel of Fortune to present attractive prizes to customers in return for something like their email addresses. You can use the B2C marketing automation tool to provide rewards for its gamification, such as discounts, free shipping, Etc. Although the agency also offers advanced reporting, you must pay to access it, and Omnisend offers relatively fewer templates.

The most attractive aspects of Omni send's B2C marketing automation software are as follows.

  • Advanced gamification capabilities
  • It offers a demo and a free trial
  • Paid plans get 24/7 customer support
  • Free 14-day trial period for all methods

#8 Inboundgeo For Retargeting And Direct Mail Campaigns

One of the distinctive aspects of Inboundgeo's B2C marketing automation is that it can detect the location of website visitors using GPS. B2C businesses can then pitch these visitors with direct mail using the address you get from Inboundgeo. The location detection feature can help streamline the customer journey using the right strategy.

Another attractive aspect of Inboundgeo's B2C marketing automation software is that it is ideal for filling crucial gaps in lead generation. However, unlike other advanced solutions, Inboundgeo's address verification capabilities could be more scalable. Moreover, the tool often tends to be on the pricey side for most business organizations.

Some of the most desirable features in Inboundgeo's B2C marketing automation software are listed below.

  • Uses GPS technology for tracking user location/address
  • Effectively fills vital gaps in lead generation
  • Advanced analytics for categorizing new and returning visitors
  • Significantly easy to set up

#9 Sendinblue For Email And SMS Marketing

Sendinblue is a worthy inclusion in this list because its free plan has some of the best B2C marketing automation capabilities. It allows users to send personalized SMS messages and emails to customers. However, the free version does not offer features like A/B testing and full automation.

The B2C marketing automation software from Sendinblue's noteworthy features include the following.

  • Isolate or categorize your best and worst customers with a lead-scoring feature.
  • It offers email support for free plans.

#10 Klaviyo For Email And SMS Marketing

Although Klaviyo's B2C marketing automation software is famous for email and SMS automation, it supports over seventy integrations. It offers a robust reporting capability and an intuitive interface. However, the pricing of it is relatively on the higher side, which is one of the reasons why most businesses consider its alternatives.

The best features you can get from Klaviyo's B2C marketing automation software include the following.

  • Robust reporting feature
  • Over 70 ready-to-go integrations
  • It offers predictive analysis

Direct Mail As a Major Component of B2C Marketing Automation

Using B2C marketing automation tools greatly benefits online marketing channels significantly. It is almost shocking how big an impact marketing automation has made on offline marketing channels; direct mail is a perfect example. Direct mail was always a powerful marketing and communication channel, but its ultimate weakness was scalability.

Executing bulk mail campaigns manually without error is impossible and consumes a tremendous amount of time. Using  B2C marketing automation software eliminates this weakness. The only thing direct mail needed as a marketing channel was convenience and the inability to connect with other online marketing channels.

PostGrid's direct mail automation tool eliminates all the time-consuming manual work, including logistics and transportation of bulk mail. Personalization is another time-consuming aspect of direct mail marketing that you can optimize with B2C marketing automation and save you valuable time. And all it takes is integrating PostGrid's API with your website and CRM solution.

With PostGrid's APIs integrated with your system, you get more than just advanced personalization. It gives you access to advanced features like scheduled and triggered mail. The advanced features of PostGrid's direct mail tool help you incorporate direct mail into your online marketing campaigns. 

As a result, PostGrid enables you to combine your online and offline marketing efforts and maximize their effectiveness.

Strategies to Launch a Successful B2C Marketing Campaign

It is imperative to use B2C marketing automation tools to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. But no matter how advanced a device or software you have, it can only do so much with an inefficient strategy to support it. Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies to help you launch a successful B2C marketing campaign.

Define Your Audience 

The most effective and essential strategy you can use to launch a successful marketing campaign is to define your target audience. The right audience can make or break a B2C marketing campaign. Make it a point to research your target audience before formulating your marketing approach and choosing a B2C marketing automation tool.

Curate Personalized Offers And CTAs

You can quickly personalize your marketing message using Variable Data Printing. With PostGrid's direct mail automation for B2C marketing, you can send postcards to your audience quickly. Personalization has a significant impact on the audience regardless of which communication channel you use it. 

Design Attention-Grabbing Marketing Materials

Always make it a point to design attention-grabbing marketing materials for your business for both offline and online marketing channels. You can use the help of B2C marketing automation tools to create artwork for your offline marketing campaign. Our direct mail tool even comes with a free template gallery and editor that helps you design unique marketing materials for your organization. 

On-Time Delivery 

Another effective strategy to launch a successful B2C marketing campaign is ensuring the on-time delivery of your marketing material. With online marketing channels, it is relatively easy to do this. But with offline channels like direct mail, you need a robust B2C marketing automation tool. PostGrid offers advanced features like scheduled and triggered mailing to ensure the on-time delivery of your marketing message.

Campaign Monitoring And Tracking Results

The best way to optimize your marketing efforts is to learn from your previous marketing campaigns. To do this, you need advanced campaign monitoring tools and tracking the results of your marketing efforts. PostGrid's B2C marketing automation tool provides you with advanced tracking capabilities of your direct mail campaigns to formulate more effective ones in the future.

Save Money, Time, And Resources With B2C Marketing Automation

The only problem with B2C marketing automation is that you would want to get more of it. No matter how you look at it, automation saves your business money, time, and resources. It helps you run optimized marketing campaigns with zero manual errors and avoids every risk associated with these errors. 

Direct mail is one of the most complex and challenging marketing channels. PostGrid's direct mail API still eliminates manual errors and maximizes its deliverability. Features like scheduled and triggered mail further optimize your postal direct mail process and avoid wasting resources. Our B2C marketing automation maximizes direct mail deliverability, saving you money, time, and resources.

Do you want to learn more about how PostGrid’s direct mail solutions enable you to conduct powerful & successful B2C marketing automation campaigns? Talk to our experts now! 

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