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Please Note: There is a fee charged for each address on any CSV list you wish to verify. However, the first 100 addresses are free, and any addresses beyond that will be charged a pay-per-address fee. You can instantly verify your CSV file by signing up here.

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Our API Documentation is highly user-friendly and straightforward to implement. Also, it is supported by all programming languages.

Canada Post & USPS Certified

Our address database is USPS (CASS) and Canada Post (SERP) Certified to ensure accurate address data.

Premise Level Data

With the support of SERP and CASS Certified address data, our Software and API accurately validate and correct addresses till premise level with full precision.

Developer Support

We have detailed developer guides, support docs, and API docs to ensure your developers have good support.

Easy Integrations

Integrate our address verification app with popular CRMs, automated marketing tools, data tools, and more in minutes.

SLA & Uptime Guaranteed

We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and exceptional 24/7/365 customer support.


Set up your test account, get access to detailed API docs or dev support.
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$0.05 per Verifications (US & CA)

$0.06 per Verifications (International)


We Include

$0.03 per Verifications (US & CA)

$0.06 per Verifications (International)

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  • Sign up for a free trial and get 100 bulk credits for testing
  • Addresses are both CASS and SERP certified 
  • Detailed API docs or dev support available 
  • Upload and verify upto 200k addresses at a time
  • Dedicated customer support

Our Customers Say It Best

PostGrid's Address Verification API integration with our company's CRM was easy to achieve, and support is excellent and efficient. Once implemented, accessing the address was faster and more straightforward for us to learn and access. It also ensured that the time and resources were not wasted when uploading mailing lists, as per the Local and International Postal Standards.

Enterprise Solutions Architect

After testing PostGrid Address Verification API against our existing address verification vendor, we found that PostGrid provided more detailed and accurate outcomes with fairer up-front pricing. As a result, Our delivery accuracy increased by 40% after implementing their address verification API.

VP of Technology Development

PostGrid is exceptional as their address verification API is so powerful and fixes the issues with our raw address data and helps us find the redundant entries easily- It was a challenging and time-consuming task previously. But now we have everything right in front of us in seconds and the accuracy is commendable.

Information Technology Manager

Very straightforward, fast, and reliable address standardization API. We collect address data from multiple patients, clinical records, and providers and attempt to combine them into one. Addresses are often redundant or formatted differently in this process, which is our biggest challenge. PostGrid makes it easy for us to solve both of these problems simply by appending PostGrid to our datasets.

Project Manager

API response times and data accuracy are excellent. Address matching is accurate and we haven't experienced any outages. PostGrid provides address validation for our eCommerce solution for both domestic and international addresses. Each search option can be customized easily and accurately. PostGrid is a lot more accurate than other free options on the market.

Senior Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Address Verification?

Address verification is the process of verifying the accuracy of a postal address. It involves comparing the information provided against a database of valid addresses to ensure accuracy and validity. Address verification is an automated process available online. And it is widely used by businesses, organizations, government agencies, and more. 

PostGrid provides an online address verification service for timely and accurate mail delivery for both business and residential addresses. Our service includes address standardization, parsing, correction, bulk mailing, delivery point validation, bulk address validation, and more.

How Do I use Address Validation?

Our Address Verification service involves an API (Application Programming Interface) that can be easily integrated into your current systems. Furthermore, companies can configure the Web Service via a few lines of code on a web page, application, or database without the need for software. This process can be done easily by the IT department of the company.

Still, thinking about- What is address verification?  Sign up or Talk to our experts.

How Fast Is Your Address Verification API?

Well, At PostGrid, our Address Verification API delivers results within seconds and in just a few clicks. However, the speed of the process depends on the type of address being verified, whether residential or commercial.

What Are Some Address Validation Use-cases?

If you ask us-  How can our address validation API  help your business? We’ll say that there is a lot that we have in here for you. Our Address Validation API can help customers verify addresses that are accurate, deliverable, and USPS-standardized. Often, it is used for front-end auto-completion, to keep data clean, prevent downstream bottlenecks, and a lot more. PostGrid offers endless possibilities!

Sign up today if you wish to know more about What counts as an address verification?

How Often Do You Update Your Database?

PostGrid updates its database from USPS at least once a month, ensuring compliance and quality of the database. For international verifications, our API updates according to the update and authoritative schedule of the specific country.

How Can I Integrate it Into My CRM or Other Systems?

Our APIs require programming languages that support REST or SOAP. To learn more about how you can implement it, take a look at our API Documentation.

Can I Install PostGrid locally?

Not at the moment. It requires some coding on the part of the user to use this API. Returns can be saved to a database for future reference. So, if you are still wondering, How can I get ROI with address verification? Get in touch with our Team of professionals – and we will be right there to help you through.

What Is CASS Certification, and How Does Address Verification Help?

CASS Certification stands for Coding Accuracy Support System Certification, which is a program developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to improve the accuracy of address data. Address verification is an important component of CASS Certification, as it verifies and standardizes addresses in a database to ensure that they match the USPS database.

PostGrid's API guarantees delivery of USPS addresses. Addresses can also be validated and corrected accurately by using mailing industry standards. The mailing address in the final API request may differ from the one in your API request and Dashboard.

How Can I Get Customer and Technical Support In Case I Am Stuck?

We provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us whenever you feel stuck or seek more information.

What Is USPS Address Validation, and How Can I Get ROI With Address Validation?

Both businesses and individuals can verify the accuracy of an address using the USPS (United States Postal Service) website before mailing a package or letter. There is no charge for this service.  The verification process involves comparing the submitted address against the USPS addresses database and confirming details like street name, city, state, country, and zip code.

At PostGrid, we provide data that meet USPS standards, ensuring that you receive high-quality information for address verification purposes.

Talk to us in case you have any questions or want to know more about our Address Validation services. 

What Counts As An Address Verification?

An address verification typically confirms the accuracy and validity of an address. This process can vary depending on the source of the address data, the intended use of the data, and the verification standards being employed.

Some common methods of address verification include comparing the submitted address against a database of validated addresses (such as the USPS database), verifying the datasets through a third-party service that uses multiple data sources to validate and standardize the address, or sending a physical mail piece or package to the address and confirming that it is delivered to the correct location.

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How Does Address Validation Help?

There are several methods available to verify an address. One such option is to use address verification APIs. By entering an address into the system, businesses can validate it. To confirm the accuracy of the address, the address is checked against a database of verified addresses. Third-party service providers can also be used.

Also, businesses can verify addresses using the providers’ systems. Maintaining your verified address database is part of the process. It is more time-consuming and more costly, but it offers a greater degree of control.

How to Opt For Address Verification?

You can contact our sales representatives and sign up for our services. Additionally, you can get a USPS address verification API, and the process is simple. Take your first step today!

How Does Address Verification Work?

Based on years of experience in matching and resolving addresses, PostGrid's address verification API uses advanced match logic. It validates US and international addresses at the street level by comparing them to millions of records based on country, state, and zip code information. We have implemented our expertise into the process to identify, detect, and resolve issues encountered over time.

Does Address Validation API Provide Identity Data?

PostGrid's Address Verification API does not disclose any information or identifiable data associated with the address or its metadata. Our Restful API only returns data in response to a customer inputting an address.

What Are Some Features Offered By You?

There are several features that you can avail of while using PostGrid:

  • Verify addresses instantly
  • CSS Certification
  • Restful API that allows you easy, flexible, and accurate integrations to your CRMs or your system solutions
  • Scalable Solutions
  • Premise Level Data

Sign up with us today, and let us help answer questions like Does your address verification offer Geocoding (Latitude & Longitude)? and a lot more.

What is the USPS API?

PostGrid’s API is a compiled set of web-based tools that enables you to opt for address verification, validation, autocompletion, and more. Additionally, it can also help you verify bulk addresses, match datasets for validations, and a lot more. At PostGrid, our API is easy to use, and integrate. You can also sign up for an account or contact our sales team to integrate our API right away!

Can PostGrid Lookup Zip Codes?

Yes! You can use PostGrid to look for ZIP codes. It also helps you verify US Zip Codes without having to highlight the complete address. In case the zip code is not available in the USPS’s database, our API will automatically return the information on that specific zip code. And, if the zip code is incorrect, we will return an error message mentioning the INVALID ZIP CODE.

Can I Use My Native Language for the International Address Validation, and Will the API Return the Address in the Same Language?

Yes, PostGrid offers Transliteration services that allow you to select the desired response language, (although our default language is English). If you require international bulk verification, you can easily customize the response language to match the native language of your end user.

For example, if you're an American eCommerce business operating in Germany or Russia, you can configure your response settings to return respective characters instead of English. However, this feature is only available to those who are making API requests.

Still, Have Questions?

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