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International Address Verification Demo’s

Autocomplete, Verify, Validate, Standardize and Geocode addresses
over 245+ countries globally

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Our Customers Say It Best

PostGrid's Address Verification API integration with our company's CRM was easy to achieve, and support is excellent and efficient. Once implemented, accessing the address was faster and more straightforward for us to learn and access. It also ensured that the time and resources were not wasted when uploading mailing lists, as per the Local and International Postal Standards.

Enterprise Solutions Architect

After testing PostGrid Address Verification API against our existing address verification vendor, we found that PostGrid provided more detailed and accurate outcomes with fairer up-front pricing. As a result, Our delivery accuracy increased by 40% after implementing their address verification API.

VP of Technology Development

PostGrid is exceptional as their address verification API is so powerful and fixes the issues with our raw address data and helps us find the redundant entries easily- It was a challenging and time-consuming task previously. But now we have everything right in front of us in seconds and the accuracy is commendable.

Information Technology Manager

Very straightforward, fast, and reliable address standardization API. We collect address data from multiple patients, clinical records, and providers and attempt to combine them into one. Addresses are often redundant or formatted differently in this process, which is our biggest challenge. PostGrid makes it easy for us to solve both of these problems simply by appending PostGrid to our datasets.

Project Manager

API response times and data accuracy are excellent. Address matching is accurate and we haven't experienced any outages. PostGrid provides address validation for our eCommerce solution for both domestic and international addresses. Each search option can be customized easily and accurately. PostGrid is a lot more accurate than other free options on the market.

Senior Developer

Verify Addresses Instantly

  • Address Validation – Verify, validate and autocorrect addresses in real-time in Tonga and across 245+ Countries globally in accordance with postal standards
  • Address Parsing – user our address validation api to to clean, dedubplicate and standardize poorly formatted addresses
  • Address AutocompleteAutocomplete addresses at the point of entry, ensuring correct data throughout your pipeline using PostGrid address autocomplete API.
formatting street addresses

Bulk/Batch Verification

  • Clean, Verify and Standardize batch addresses to local postal standards
  • Upload bulk list and verify up to 200k addresses at a time
  • All our address data are government postal service certified ensuring a high delivery success rate


  • Location Data – Get latitude and longitude information for any address you send through PostGrid Geocoding API
  • Accuracy Report – Every geocode also includes an accuracy score along with information about how the geocode was determined
  • Global Geocoding Data - Find the geocodes of any address globally
zip code usa

Scalable RESTful API

  • Test and Live Keys – We isolate the test and live environments so you can easily test your API calls
  • Fully Documented API Library – Every endpoint is fully documented using OpenAPI so you can access it from your favorite tools and languages
  • Built to Scale – Our infrastructure is capable of handling millions of API calls at any time

Enterprise Grade Security Features:

Integrates with Your Favorite Tech Stack & Tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Address Verification API?

The Address Verification API or Address Validation API is an address verification & validation software service that accepts an address, identifies address components and validates them to local postal service standards. It also standardizes the address for mailing and finds the best known latitude/longitude coordinates for it. Tonga

How Fast Is Your Address Verification API?

Well, At PostGrid, our Address Verification & Validation API delivers you the outcomes in just a few minutes and a few clicks! Somehow it is also dependent upon what you wish to verify- Does your address verification identify Residential or Commercial addresses?

What Are Some International and Address Validation & Autocomplete Use Cases?

If you ask us- How can our international address verification help your business? PostGrid’s data quality solutions can cleanse data and validate addresses for more than 245 countries and territories worldwide. We source global address and geocoding data, updating it regularly to keep up with any changes. PostGrid offers endless possibilities!

Our international address verification APIs improve address data by validating it against external postal data sources and enriching it with geolocation data. It ensures that your addresses are accurate and up-to-date, which can lead to improved delivery rates, reduced costs associated with undeliverable mail, and increased customer satisfaction.

Some use cases are:

  • E-commerce checkout address capture at point of address entry
  • Shipping address validation
  • Updating Database of Customer Records
  • Capturing right address at point of entry
  • Zipcode API to identify zip codes of a city

Where Do You Get the Data From?

We source our data from a variety of certified data licensors. These include official postal authorities such as USPS, Canada Post, Royal Mail, Australia Post, Deutsche Post followed by commercial data providers like TomTom and DHL.

These licensors provide PostGrid with authoritative and reliable address data for various countries and territories worldwide. Our address databases are updated regularly based on available changes to the official postal databases of each country.

How often do you update your global address database?

PostGrid updates its address databases regularly to ensure accurate and up-to-date records for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The updates happen monthly as per local and international standards. For other countries, the databases are updated quarterly.

These updates are based on available changes and additions to official postal address databases for every country. By regularly updating its databases, we provide our users with the most accurate and reliable address data for their global mailing and communication needs.

Talk to us to get started with international address verification.

How Many Countries are Covered with your address verification?

PostGrid’s address verification service covers more than 245 countries and territories worldwide. It means that no matter where your business needs to communicate, Our APIs ensure your address data is accurate and reliable.

PostGrid’s extensive coverage is made possible through several authoritative sources, including official government postal authorities, commercial data providers, and other reliable sources.

Click here to see our global country coverage for address verification

Book a Demo to let us help you know more about international address verification today!

Can you verify unit/apartment numbers of a building?

Yes, we have premise level data (unit number accuracy) for 18 countries. See the full accuracy level of our data on our global address verification coverage page

Can you do bulk/batch verification by uploading an excel/CSV file?

Yes, you can do bulk address verification using our dashboard. You can simply upload a CSV (Comma Separated Values) .csv file containing all your addresses through our dashboard and we will return the address within a minute. You can verify upto 200K addresses per batch file.

Do you collect any personal data?

With our address verification product, we don't collect or store any address data. You will simply run verification or checks against our address database that we source postal offices that gets updated regularly

What kind of compliance and security do you provide?

We provide enterprise grade security through our platform. We are HIPAA, SOC-2 Type 2, PCI-DSS, PIPEDA, GDPR compliant. We also are audited by third party cyber security firms for penetration testing and we can provide these documents upon signing an NDA.

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