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How Does Address Validation Salesforce Help Increase Database Quality?

Do you have hundreds of customer addresses in your Salesforce account that your staff needs to verify and update?

A recent study shows employees waste half their day handling daunting data quality-related tasks. And 40% of leads have inaccurate data. 

If you want to change that, address validation Salesforce can help you! It lets you cross-confirm addresses at the point of entry and manage data accuracy.

canada address format example

Using Salesforce address verification to check customer data can save time and money! You can use this tool at your fingertips, ensuring every address entering your Salesforce account is error-free. 

It is essential because correct and valid data forms the base of your business!

But why is accurate data so significant?

Your databases fuel every activity within your company, including

  • Shipping marketing mail to prospects
  • Promoting offers to your target audiences to increase sales
  • Sending transactional items to physical addresses
  • Retaining customers
  • Acquiring new leads, and
  • Enhancing brand reputation

You can incorporate a Salesforce address validation API to complete these tasks effortlessly! Read ahead to learn more about its features, use cases, and more.

What Is Address Validation for Salesforce?

Salesforce is the #1 CRM tool globally, but not using Salesforce address verification can slow you down!

Users deal with numerous challenges around data quality. You may encounter many issues, like duplicate entries, ambiguous data, downtime, inconsistency, etc. Nearly 90% of the databases in the world contain replicate records, making solving these mistakes crucial.  

Businesses need valid databases to grab opportunities and make quick decisions! Employing PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API can make your company tech-savvy, responsive, and more successful—without you spending a fortune.

But what is address validation?

It refers to taking manual inputs from different sources and converting them into high-quality data. PostGrid’s address verification API helps identify errors in your mailing lists and sort them—to allow you to function efficiently!

You can install our address verification software on your computer to upload your lists and have PostGrid run a bulk address verification check. Or integrate our Salesforce address validation API into your CRM account to fetch and verify addresses within your existing workflow!

All industries require address validation for different purposes. For instance:

  • The healthcare sector needs patient data verification to market its services to a relevant audience and ship medical documents. 
  • Insurance agencies use address validation Salesforce to ensure they approve policies only after verifying customer information. 
  • Retail and eCommerce companies need this process to send promotional items and transactional mail to their customers, and so on.

What Are the Address Validation Salesforce Features?

You get numerous benefits and features using an address verification solution. They help make your business functions simpler and faster, allowing you to increase your ROI!

CASS-Verified Addresses

CASS stands for Coding Accuracy Support System! It is a certification program by USPS to evaluate address validation services

PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API is CASS-certified. So, all addresses that go through our advanced solutions are valid and deliverable according to the Post Office. It ensures you can send mailpieces to these physical locations without worrying about mail returns or lost items. 

With USPS delivering 425.3 million mail items daily, you can expect some packages and envelopes to go missing. The primary reason for this issue is an incorrect address! 

USPS might lose your items or return them to your address if you don’t mention an accurate delivery destination. Fortunately, Salesforce address validation helps avoid this issue and lets you verify your mailing lists beforehand!

NCOA Processing

NCOA helps you learn whether some customers on your list moved to a different place. It is a primary address validation Salesforce feature that saves you the trouble of reshipping items after USPS returns them to you with an ‘Addressee Moved’ sticker.

NCOA is short for National Change of Address and enables you to update your customer data. PostGrid’s address verification services process your lists through this data file without you taking any extra steps! 

Premise-Level Address Validation for Salesforce

Many addresses have missing street names, apartment numbers, or suite numbers. 

How do you deal with such data and ensure precision?

A Salesforce address verification solution allows you to verify your delivery addresses to the premise level. It lets you combine the CASS database and geocoding results to capture a user’s accurate location and modify your lists accordingly. 

Thus, if your database says a customer named Hayley lives at Suite 859 Hemingway Street instead of 860, address validation Salesforce can make the necessary changes!

ZIP Code Lookup

PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API helps you look up ZIP and ZIP+4 codes. You can benefit from this feature in many ways, like

  • Target customers in specific ZIP codes
  • Presort mail items according to their localities
  • Add missing ZIP codes to mailing addresses
  • Update the company database with critical information to boost business decisions

Use address validation Salesforce to enhance your mailing lists with additional data. The automated solutions screen your customer addresses and add or modify ZIP codes. 

Zip Code Zones


Country-Specific Verification

International address validation Salesforce is helpful for companies having a global audience. They can use our Salesforce address validation API to cross-check addresses of 245+ countries! PostGrid also transliterates and standardizes your lists according to the destination country’s postal guidelines. 

Here are the benefits of using our global address verification:

  • Expand your global network with PostGrid and get more sales
  • Establish an international brand image
  • Save on reshipping expenses by mailing packages and envelopes accurately
  • Avoid shipping delays and customer complaints
  • Streamline international operations with an accurate global database

International Address Validation API Services

Source: PostGrid

The type-ahead feature ensures PostGrid shows you a list of address suggestions when you start typing. You may select the correct one and complete the process! It is an excellent example of how you can validate your addresses at the point of entry with address validation Salesforce solutions.

Your sales staff can record a prospect’s correct address when talking over the phone in real-time! The Salesforce address validation API helps your reps ensure all leads are genuine and valuable with thorough information, allowing them to follow up and close the deal. 

Our Salesforce address verification prices are the same for national and international addresses. Hence, you can validate lists affordably and conveniently without categorizing to save money. 

Batch Address Verification

You may need to process your mailing lists in bulk to 

  • Run a large-scale direct mail marketing campaign
  • Verify existing customer addresses
  • Acquire new leads in bulk and cross-confirm their accuracy and validity levels
  • Save time and check all lists simultaneously

Bulk address validation Salesforce helps you become flexible with your requirements. You can run an address check for any number of records you want—at any time!

Our API integrations are scalable, accommodating demand surges without technical glitches or other issues. Use our Salesforce address validation to validate addresses on the go or complete the process altogether—based on your requirements and time availability.

DPV Codes

Delivery Point Validation codes help you learn whether your addresses are valid! 

They help you get additional details about which addresses are entirely or partially invalid. Thus, you can identify fakes and correct the inaccurate ones. 

DPV codes allow you to understand the issue with your database quality. This information can help you draft address validation Salesforce strategies to curb the effect and increase efficiency.

PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API adds geocodes, DPV codes, etc., besides the addresses. When you get a verified list, it contains all details you might need currently or in the long run (to draft strategies).

Fuzzy Matching

A survey revealed that 62% of online buyers experienced a failed or late delivery! Incorrect or invalid customer details can make it hard to finish deliveries on time.

The address validation Salesforce solution helps check addresses for minor issues, like 

  • Misspellings
  • Swapped characters
  • Capitalization
  • Incorrect street type
  • State abbreviations

Resolve these errors instantly within your CRM account with address validation Salesforce and store accurate records!

Delivery Address


Quick Processing

PostGrid can validate your mailing lists within a few seconds. It completes all the above steps simultaneously and speedily to help you access precise customer information whenever required!

Easy API Integration

You may use our Salesforce address validation API integration without complicated coding and setups. Our zero-code and native integrations make data flow within PostGrid and Salesforce a breeze!

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Primary Use Cases of Address Validation Salesforce

Address validation has several applications beyond shipping mail items to your customers. 

Find below the most significant Salesforce address verification use cases to consider:

Targeted Marketing Programs

Categorizing your leads according to their ZIP codes, localities, cities, etc., can help you execute targeted marketing. 

This step lets you personalize your communications and design advertising plans focusing on individual customer segments. 

For example, you need a verified address list if you want to retain customers in the upstate area of New York City. Or imagine you want to launch an EDDM campaign in Philadelphia to acquire new leads. 

Using address validation Salesforce to determine buyers’ locations and curate tailored campaigns can benefit your firm!

Salesforce can help you store and access your customer list. But using the Salesforce address validation API ensures this list is error-free, updated, and accurate. Hence, you can plan a large-scale marketing campaign without the risk of failure or inaccuracy!

Store Launches

As discussed earlier, Salesforce address validation helps make business decisions faster. One of these decisions includes launching new stores at specific locations.

Identify the customer density in certain areas or cities and decide whether they are worth opening a store at with the address validation Salesforce API. This automated solution lets you map your data and spot hot and cold business places without intensive research.

Customer Data Analysis

Become customer-centric and offer high-quality services with PostGrid’s API integrations. You can draft new customer policies, understand their needs, and deliver the relevant services or products using our Salesforce address validation services.

Address verification helps you take a geographical approach to administrative, marketing, and selling activities. You can

  • Appoint more sales reps to handle sales in customer-dense areas
  • Invest in location-based marketing
  • Organize local events to appeal to your intended audiences

Boost Team Productivity

Poor database quality costs $3.1 trillion yearly. It also impacts team performance and internal efficiency. 

Companies employ address validation Salesforce to save their staff’s time and effort. It allows the team members to focus more on crucial business aspects than worry about data quality.

Preventing inaccurate customer details and fixing quality issues is a daunting job. It requires hours and weeks of an employee’s time. Yet, manual inputs cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. 

PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API saves you from shipping crucial documents to nonexistent or incorrect addresses. It helps your finance teams ship these items to the correct people without spending their workdays spotting minor errors.

Integrate Offline and Online Marketing Campaigns

Multichannel marketing campaigns help expand your outreach and generate high revenue. 30% of marketers say they can deliver better results with a multichannel strategy!

Companies with active Salesforce accounts can conduct seamless multichannel marketing campaigns and generate high responses!

But what can you do to deal with inconsistent data?

Use address validation Salesforce to maintain consistency across several channels and run successful campaigns.

Consider this example-

Imagine you spend thousands of marketing dollars to launch a direct mail + social media +  email campaign! You use a personalized message on all channels-

“Hi [Nate]. 

I hope you are having a fantastic day. My company has a way of making your day even better! Grab a 10% discount on all products by walking into your nearest store (only [four] blocks down your street) before 20 February. See you there.” 

Avoid risking your reputation and campaign success by employing a Salesforce address validation solution. This campaign might do more harm than good if you have invalid addresses on your list.

But PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API can change the game for your business! It can help validate your customer data in advance, supporting you in aligning your online and offline marketing activities on Salesforce.

Reduce Customer Fraud

Some people enter incorrect names and contact addresses on business websites to prevent revealing personal data. The reason can be endless, from them only wanting to browse your site without providing details to protecting data security. But your business can suffer because of these invalid leads. 

An address validation Salesforce solution helps you identify fakes and eliminate customer fraud. It allows you to filter outdated and nonexistent addresses, helping you compile a list of valid and useable details.

Enhance Customer Experience

60% of customers switch to competitors after a bad experience. It is significant to spot the reasons and take corrective action to avoid losing sales and inculcate customer loyalty. 

Your company can benefit from Salesforce address verification in terms of enhanced customer experience, low wait times, and quick responses. This service empowers your teams to interact with your clients and solve their problems.

When a customer calls your office, your staff can speak to them while accessing accurate details on their computers. Thus, using Salesforce address validation helps eliminate hassles when tracking orders and providing buyers with precise information about their accounts.

Customer Experience


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What Steps Does PostGrid to Complete Address Validation Salesforce?

Address verification involves several steps, like autocomplete and reformatting. Each stage is crucial to make your final results flawless!

Address Autocomplete

The autocomplete stage helps you auto-fill address fields using the address validation Salesforce API. PostGrid combines many data sources to learn the customers’ delivery addresses and help you enter them into your Salesforce database.

It is one of the most crucial steps in Salesforce address validation because it helps you move further with complete addresses. Address autocomplete adds missing ZIP codes, street names, etc., facilitating the upcoming steps!

Address Autocomplete

Source: PostGrid

Address Parsing

Breaking down address components is essential to determine whether every field is correct. Our Salesforce address validation API can parse addresses and map fields without your intervention!

Here are some examples:

  1. 98 New Jersey Street North-West Millinocket 04462 Maine 

Parsed address

Apartment number: 98

Street address: NW New Jersey ST

City: Millinocket

State: ME 

ZIP code: 04462

  1. 3510 Brianstone Industries South Cottrill Lane Missouri 63108 Saint Louis

Parsed address

Company name: Brianstone Industries

Apartment number: 3510

Street address: S Cottrill LN

City: ST Louis

State: MO

ZIP code: 63108

Parsed addresses facilitate data mapping, audience segmentation, order fulfillment, etc. It helps you improve your data quality with relevant filters that can come in handy. 

Address Standardization

95% of companies state that handling unstructured databases is problematic! But you can resolve this issue with data management tools like address validation. 

PostGrid’s address validation for Salesforce lets you reformat addresses against the USPS guidelines. It helps you ship items quickly and avail of postal discounts.

The USPS address format is simple! But it is puzzling to keep up with it without an address validation Salesforce solution daily with hundreds and thousands of addresses.

[Recipient name]

[Company name]

[Street address]

[City name, state abbreviation, and ZIP code]

The Post Office has numerous rules regarding your postal addresses. For instance, senders must leave two spaces between the state and ZIP code. They should avoid punctuation marks and mention the company below the recipient’s name! The Salesforce address validation API ensures your addresses follow these requirements, helping you ship items whenever required.

Editor’s Note:

Google’s address validation API is helpful for some companies having minimal requirements. But it does not offer address standardization or add secondary address units like PostGrid! It may mark your address as incorrect and not always provide help. Our solutions offer end-to-end verification with 100% valid data. 

Verify your address


Address Validation

The validation process helps you know whether the addresses on your list are valid or existent. The address validation Salesforce service looks for suggestions to rectify the problem, if applicable. Otherwise, you get an invalid status on the addresses, indicating they are fake.

All returned addresses have a validity status, helping you find the number of genuine leads in your database. You can use this report to introduce new strategies and determine how PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API helps you avoid incorrect data.

Address Correction

The final stage involves finding the correct customer addresses in the USPS CASS database. Our address validation Salesforce solution helps replace outdated or invalid data with these addresses!

You can download the list of verified addresses in excel format. Or you can save it on your Salesforce account and use the accurate customer details to continue your marketing, communication, and other activities. 

More About PostGrid’s Salesforce Address Validation API

Salesforce helps you combine customer data from various sources and use it for advertising and selling purposes. It allows your staff to coordinate and align tasks to improve efficiency and productivity. 

PostGrid’s Salesforce integration is an add-on, enabling you to ensure your customer addresses are mail-ready and correct! You can integrate our Salesforce address validation API without technical expertise or complex processes.

Here is an example of how our client in the retail industry used our address validation Salesforce integration:

The client used Salesforce for several years to track company performance, hunt new leads, follow up with prospects, etc. They also automated several client communications via this platform. But there was a severe issue—inconsistency and inaccuracy!

PostGrid helped the company resolve this issue within a week! They integrated our Salesforce address validation API into their CRM and verified all the data on the same day. 

The outcome?

  • 18,000+ verified addresses in the past two months
  • Advanced and efficient data entry
  • Data updation every week
  • Accurate direct mailina
  • On-time order deliveries
  • Better marketing results
  • High ROI

How did the client achieve such impressive results in two months?

They employed PostGrid’s address validation Salesforce features that helped them eradicate hurdles, save money, and reduce manual effort. 

Here are the features they highlighted most helpful during our recent meetings:

  • 24 x 7 customer support: PostGrid’s assistance team is available for you all day. You can contact our toll-free number or drop an email. Our team ensures you get the answers to your questions. It also offers technical support to help you with the Salesforce address verification integration and other topics. 
  • Flexible prices: We offer several pricing plans to suit the needs of different companies. You can upgrade your program whenever needed. 
  • Data privacy: US reported 817 data breaches last year, making security a vital concern. Luckily, PostGrid’s address validation Salesforce solutions are secure and private. We comply with all relevant data safety laws, including HIPAA, PIPEDA, and SOC-2. 
  • Seamless onboarding and functioning: We strive to provide exceptional customer assistance and onboarding. Our Salesforce address validation guarantees a 99.99% deliverability rate. Hence, your company can avoid mail returns, improve customer satisfaction, and generate high marketing responses. PostGrid offers one-in-all solutions to help you manage your data and expand your firm. There are no long-term contracts, volume requirements, or hidden fees!

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Your database quality depends on its completeness, accuracy, and deliverability. These aspects can make or break your customers, making it critical to employ the relevant solutions. 

PostGrid’s Salesforce address validation API stimulates your data entry and management tasks! You can access high-quality customer addresses at your fingertips without wasting time and money. 

Click here to learn more about our address validation Salesforce integration to boost business growth and revenue!

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