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How to Increase Customer Convenience of Your Business With Address Capture?

Have you ever navigated away from an online form because you were too lazy to fill up lengthy address data?

It is one of the most common reasons many prospects and customers avoid filling out online forms. Hence, companies with a significant online presence must ensure an address capture facility in their online forms and mobile applications.

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Address capture is a feature that can significantly improve the customer experience on your website and mobile apps. Hence, businesses of all sizes must consider employing address autocomplete to enhance customer experience and ensure database quality.

This article explains the importance of the address-capturing feature and how it is vital for businesses. We also discuss the process behind address capture and list the benefits of using the address autocomplete API tool for your business.

What is Address Capture?

Address capture, also called Address Autocomplete, involves accurately recording and correcting addresses right at the capture point. It helps business organizations to prevent inaccurate data from entering their business database. As a result, you can ensure a high-quality address database and mailing list for your business.

Usually, the address capture software comes as a part of advanced address verification tools such as PostGrid. Hence, you can ensure the accuracy of the address data of your previous address database and purchased lists with a tool like PostGrid.

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Top Benefits of Using Address Capture For Your Business

There are several benefits of employing address capture software for your business. Some of the most significant benefits of using an address lookup API like PostGrid and its ability to capture addresses in real time are as follows.

Smoothen Your Business Process

As we know, address capture enables business organizations to ensure the accuracy of the address data as the user enters it in real time. Hence, the number of keystrokes required to enter the address data is significantly reduced as the system suggests the address for them.

As a result, it becomes significantly more convenient for the customer or user to enter their address data. Hence, your target audience is more likely to fill out the form or sign up on your application/website when you have an address autocomplete feature.

Better Use of Your Money

Businesses lose a significant amount of their money because of the poor quality of address data. In other words, inaccuracies and poor formatting of address data can negatively impact your business's direct mail campaigns.

An address validation tool such as PostGrid enables you to save valuable money wasted on sending marketing mailers to the No-Stat or Inactive Addresses.

Furthermore, a quality contact database enables you to profile your customers/prospects better. As a result, your company can maintain a level of competitive advantage.

Influence Customer Perception and Enhance Your Service

Automatically suggesting accurate and complete postal addresses to the customer as they manually type it in makes an excellent first impression. As a user, we know how inconvenient it is to fill in the address on an online form.

Hence, the address autocomplete capability can enhance your overall service quality and positively impact customer perception. Improving customer perception of your brand is only an added benefit of address capture tools.

Address capturing eliminates the possibility of misheard or wrongly spelled addresses. It also lets you ensure that handwritten addresses are accurately entered and stored in your system. As a result, you can ensure quality communication with your customers, reducing the return mail rate and qualifying you for potential postal discounts.

Optimized Profiling And Segmentation

An accurate address lookup tool like PostGrid enables businesses to maintain an accurate and consistent customer database. It is significantly easier to conduct a database analysis with such a high-quality address database, and its results are often more reliable.

Advanced address validation and address autocomplete tools add valuable information to residential and business address databases. Hence, companies can better profile their customers or prospective customers.

Better profiling or segmentation of your audience enables you to pitch better and more relevant offers and enhance your campaign's response rate. 

Maintain Consistent Quality Of Your Address Database

Maintaining the consistent quality of your database is essential to ensure your company's quality of services and business operations. Many business organizations may not realize it, but address capture plays a crucial role in organizational strategy.

Postal addresses are not set in stone. People can often move to a new place, and new buildings and apartments can open up in a neighborhood. Furthermore, USPS occasionally adds new ZIP codes or changes existing ZIP code boundaries. It is usually done due to increasing population or improving postal operations.

Hence, companies must maintain a consistent quality of their address database. With an advanced postal address validation tool like PostGrid, you can easily verify your address database within seconds. PostGrid's bulk address verification capability makes it the perfect choice for business organizations regardless of how big or small they are. 

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CASS-Certified Addresses

CASS or Coding Accuracy Support System is a certification system from USPS. CASS-certified addresses are postal mail addresses that are verified against the USPS's official address database.

In other words, a CASS certification means that address capture tools can access the USPS's official address database for verifying your addresses. It also implies that tools like PostGrid work in alignment with USPS's internal system for verifying postal mail addresses.

Hence, companies must ensure that whichever software solution they use for integrating the address autocomplete feature has the CASS certification. Only with a CASS-certified tool can you accurately validate or verify the deliverability of your postal addresses. 

How Does Address Capture Work?

The process behind address capture is relatively simple. As the user enters their address into an address form, the CASS certified address verification tool such as PostGrid reads the data. Usually, the address autocomplete tool also uses the user's location data to provide faster and more accurate address suggestions. 

The tool then compares the data against a verified address database. Most advanced address verification tools suggest the address based on USPS's official address database. USPS has the most prominent and largest address database in the US. Additionally, they may also use additional private address databases for suggesting the addresses.

Tools like PostGrid use USPS's extensive address database to suggest the most relevant addresses to the user. The user can then click on the accurate address suggestion from the address validation tool. And just like that, your customer can conveniently enter their addresses with the minimum number of keystrokes. 


Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with customer convenience. Features like Address Autocomplete are essential for providing customers with an easy and convenient experience on your website and mobile applications. 

Hence, companies must invest in a CASS-certified address capture tool like PostGrid to optimize the customer experience on online platforms. PostGrid enables you to suggest verified postal addresses to your customers as they enter their postal addresses on websites, landing pages, and mobile apps.

Apart from suggesting validated postal addresses to the users, PostGrid also enables you to ensure the quality of your address database. It ensures that only verified addresses enter into your address database. 

As a result, you can optimize your direct mail communication with the customers or ensure accurate delivery of your products/services. It means you can optimize various aspects of your business operations with PostGrid. 

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